December 2, 2023

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♦️☘️He’s bossy, rude☹️ and arrogant 😱

She’s cold hearted and fearless 💃☘️♦️

✨Episode 8✨

Skylar’s POV

When we got to the mansion, the driver took us in and showed I and Ella our room.

The mansion is wow! I didn’t get the chance to look at it properly the first time I came here but taking a close look at it now, it’s really beautiful and screams money.

I wonder how much boss used in building this big mansion.

Ahh! I almost forgot that boss asked me to prepare dinner before he arrives.

“Ella, stay in here and finish up your assignment. For no reason whatsoever should you leave this room, have I made myself clear”

“Yes big sis” she answered and I left the room

I proceeded to the kitchen after that. The driver already told me where it was.

I got there and noticed a time table on the wall. They’re going to take pasta as dinner.

Thank goodness! I was thinking about what to cook and they just made it easier for me.

I turned on the gas cooker and started cooking. There were other equipments for cooking there but I just decided to go for the gas cooker because I can’t stress myself, at least not today.

Few minutes later, I was done with the food. I untied the apron and left the kitchen heading to my room when I saw a girl about Skylar’s age.

Who is she?

“You there, come here!” she ordered

I looked around the sitting room to see who she was referring to but I noticed I was the only one.

“Me?” I asked pointing to myself

“Of course dumb head or how many of you are in the sitting room?”

I swallowed hard and walked closer to her. It’s my first day here and I wouldn’t want to cause any trouble.

Besides, from the way she talks and the clothes she’s putting on, it seems like she’s a rich girl.

Probably the boss’ sister because I heard he heard a little sister.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” she asked when I got to her while I just stared dumbly at her without emotions

“When I’m talking to you, you keep your head bowed!”

I bowed my head immediately.

“Sir Andrian employed me as the new maid”

“What?” she shrieked

“Why will brother employ a new maid without my consent? Are you sure you didn’t bewitch him?

You know what? Just get lost! Don’t cross paths with me in this house. Is that understood”


“It’s “Yes Young Miss to you”

“Yes Young Miss”

“Good! You can leave” she said and I started walking away when she stopped me again

“Have you prepared dinner?”

“Yes Young Miss”

“Get me my food before you leave” she ordered and sat at the dinning table

I dished out her food and took it to her before going to the room I’m to share with Ella.

This girl is definitely going to make my life miserable.

Andrian’s POV

Oh $h|t! I forgot to tell Skylar about Avery, I wonder what she would have done to the poor girl.

I hurriedly finished with what I was doing and drove home speedily.

I got to the sitting room and expected to see the worst but I was shocked when I saw Avery eating at the dining table.

Okay, this is weird. The Avery I know doesn’t cease to make trouble and there’s no way she would have accepted Skylar just like that.

She raised her head to stare at me for a while before returning her gaze to her food.

“Do you really have to disrespect me all the time Avery?” I said through gritted teeth

“Welcome Your Royal Majesty” she said with her head bowed mockingly

“Is that what I’m supposed to do?”

“No but….”

“You make me sick. I’ve been eating peacefully in this house before you came but now I can’t even breath properly. I will just be in my room” she took her food and went to her room.

Skylar came down just after Avery left, I’m sure the noise attracted her.

“Welcome home boss”

“Yeah. Get me my food”

She went to the kitchen and brought the food almost immediately.

“What of your sister?”

“She’s upstairs”

“Alright, you can leave”

Skylar’s POV

Does he have to be grumpy all the time? He didn’t even permit us to eat, he’s just to arrogant.

“Big sis, I’m hungry” Ella said when I got back to our room while I quickly thought of what to say to divert her attention

“Don’t you want to know why we’re here?”

“Oh, that! I almost forgot. So, why are we here?”

I explained everything to her without leaving out any single detail.

“You went through all that just for me?”

“Come on Ella, it’s nothing. The most important thing is I now have a good job and you can always pay your fees at the right time”

“Thanks Aunt Skylar”

“You’re always welcome Ella. Let me get dinner”

I tip toes to the kitchen hoping not to find anyone there and thankfully there was no one.

I quickly dished out the food and proceeded to our room. I had already gotten to the stairs when I heard a voice behind me.

“What do you think you’re doing sneaking like a rat in my house?”

I slowly turned back to see boss staring keenly at me.

“I went to the kitchen to take food and I wasn’t sneaking, I was just being careful”

“Careful indeed. Just get lost because your presence irritates me.

Let me make this known to you. I brought you to this house as my cook so do your job properly and avoid crossing paths with me. Have I made myself clear” his voice was stern

“Yes sir” I went to my room and started eating with Ella.

*Next Day*

I woke up as early as possible and started sweeping the house. I made sure everywhere was sparkling clean before preparing breakfast.

After I was done with that, I woke Ella up to prepare for school and I also started getting ready for work.

We were done within thirty minutes after which I dished our food and we ate hurriedly before the boss and his sister came down.

It turns out that Ella and Avery attend the same school and I’m grateful for that. At least both of them will go to school together and also return home together.

“You?” Avery said pointing to Ella

“Why do I have to be surrounded by annoying people? I’m off to school” she said and walked out of the sitting room angrily.

Wait! Won’t Ella follow her to school? As if reading my mind, the boss spoke up.

“Your sister will have to go with the boss from now on. Avery doesn’t like sharing her things with anyone so your sister will have to go on her own”

I quickly gave Ella some money and bade her farewell before going to work with the boss in a separate car of course.

The rest employees were glaring at me when I got to work probably because I came with the boss but I didn’t pay any attention to anyone of them.

I went to my office and began the day’s work after delivering the boss’ coffee to him.

“Come to my office right now.” the boss said and hanged up

I stood up and went to his office immediately to avoid getting fired.

“Give those files to my secretary” he said without looking at me and I guess I’m used to that already

I picked the files and left his office but I bumped into someone on the way. Thankfully, the files didn’t fall off this time.

I raised my head to discover it was the lady from last time.

Now that I look at her properly, she’s beautiful but I bet she will be really rude.

“Can’t you stop crossing paths with me? Do you want to get fired?” she asked while I just stared at her confusedly

Is she the boss’ fiancee or how will she fire me?

“I’m sorry ma’am” I said for peace to reign and tried walking away but she pulled me back and slapped me

“How dare you try to walk away when I’m talking to you, huh? Have you gone nuts?”

I stared icily at her and left without saying a word. I don’t want to pick a fight with her because this job means a lot to me but I don’t think I will be calm if this happens again.

“Skylar, Sir Andrian sends for you” someone came to my office to call me

This is strange! Usually, he calls with the landline so why is it different this time?

I guess I have to find out myself. And with that, I left for his office.


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