December 2, 2023

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✨Episode 59✨

Andrian’s POV

After Skylar left, I lay in my bed and just stared at the ceiling. She said I should forget about our relationship if I can’t tell her what’s wrong and she isn’t someone I can lie to.

If I try to lie to her, she will figure it out immediately and that would only worsen the situation.

But then again, am I brave enough to tell her Leah is pregnant for me? If I tell her, there’s a possibility she will end things with me but if she hears it from someone else, the outcome would be disastrous.

Just what exactly am I supposed to do? I stared at the ceiling lost in thought when I suddenly heard the door to my room open.

Skylar?? Did she change her mind? I will be so happy if that’s it!

“We need to talk” she said avoiding my gaze

“About what?” I asked sitting up

“When was the last time you checked up on Avery?” she asked and it came like a shock to me

I wasn’t expecting it to be about Avery, I thought she wanted talking about us. When she noticed I wasn’t saying anything, she decided to continue.

“You shouldn’t abandon her like that, you’re hurting her feelings and making her seem less important.

I noticed it wasn’t like that before I came here and now that there’s nothing between us anymore except the contract, can you please spend time with her like you used to?

The only family she has left is you so you shouldn’t make her feel alone. Please… ” she concluded but I just stared at her

The only thing I was able to hear among what she said is that there’s nothing between us anymore.

“Are you breaking up with me?” I asked stuttering a bit

“Was that the only thing you heard?”

“Why are you breaking up with me?”

“It’s simple. You don’t want to tell me what’s bothering you meaning you’re keeping secrets from me so I see no reason why we should be together”

“I didn’t say I won’t tell you”

“Fine then, tell me” she said facing me

“I will tell you later, not now”

“Okay then. We can continue the relationship after you tell me. The most important thing is that you need to apologise to Avery and spend more time with her from now on. I will take my leave now” with that said, she stood up and walked away

How am I going to tell her about Leah’s pregnancy? I’m really scared because if she ends things with me, I don’t think I will survive it.

I took in a deep breath and went to Avery’s room to apologise just like Skylar said.

Leah’s POV

I stared at the glass of wine in my hands with a smirk on my face. Andrian thinks he’s wise? Well I’m going to show him that I’m wiser.

Zoey will be leaving for Paris tomorrow so I will be able to do whatever I want.

The reason why I changed my mind about waiting for three months is because I heard that Andrian will be getting married to Skylar.

As long as I’m alive, I’m going to make sure both of them never get married. I will disturb Andrian every second with my calls.

I know once Skylar hears about my pregnancy, she will have no choice but to end things with Andrian and I will step into the picture.

Everything is just going on smoothly and I guess it’s because of Mira’s death. She’s like a sacrifice that paved way for me and I’ll forever be grateful to her. I kind of miss her though!

Skylar’s POV

*The next day*

I said a quick prayer and took my bath before going downstairs. I planned to go to the company today but I’m trying my best to avoid Andrian so I won’t be going today.

If he doesn’t tell me what’s wrong, I don’t have any plan of talking to him anymore.

When I got downstairs, Avery and Ella were dressed for school already and were about leaving.

“Ella! Avery! How was your night?” I said making them turn back

“It was fine sis Skylar. Good morning” they chorused

“That’s great then. Have a nice day at school!”

“Bye” they waved at me and left

Few minutes after they left, I saw Andrian coming downstairs dressed for work already. I paid no attention to him as I just focused my gaze on my phone.

“Good morning Skylar” he greeted

“Morning” I answered not looking up from my phone and I heard him sigh

“Can’t you just forget about it already?” he asked but I kept quiet and pretended not to hear

“Fine. I’ll tell you when I return from work” he said but I still didn’t say a thing so he just left for work

I’m even beginning to have second thoughts. Should I just forget about whatever it is and move on with my relationship with him?

But from the way he’s acting, I think it’s something important and something that might affect our relationship. It’s better to solve it now than for it to cause problem for us later on.

Our wedding will be taking place tomorrow and it’s making me feel kind of nervous and scared at the same time.

I know I told Andrian to make the papers fake but I actually wish they were real cause I will love to spend the rest of my life with him.

Well, that doesn’t matter! If we’re meant to be, we can always have the real wedding after the contract expires.

*Evening time*

I’ve just been sleeping since morning after Andrian left from work. Although I ate breakfast and I’ve eaten lunch but apart from that, I’ve been sleeping.

I waited patiently for Andrian to return from work so he can tell me whatever he has to say.

When I waited but didn’t see him, I decided to go play with Ella and Avery.

We talked, laughed and made jokes. During those times, the only thing I was thinking about was Andrian.

Is he okay? Or could it be that he’s waiting for me to go to bed before coming home so he won’t be able to tell me what he wants to?

“Sis Skylar, we want to sleep now. It’s late” Avery said jolting me out of my thoughts

“Yeah, I’m feeling sleepy” Ella said with a yawn

“Alright girls, sleep tight” I said with a smile and covered then with the duvet before going to my room

After few minutes of laying in my bed without sleeping, I heard the sound of a car. So Andrian finally decided to come home huh?

I walked to the top of the stairs and waited for him at a corner there.

When he got inside the sitting room, he looked up and made sure everywhere was clear before he started tiptoeing up the stairs.

I shook my head and waited patiently for him to get up the stairs before coming out of my hiding place.

He was shocked and startled to see me but I remained indifferent

“Are you avoiding me?” I asked after staring at him for a while

“I… I’m n.. not avoiding you” he stuttered looking everywhere but me

“Fine then! You’re not avoiding me! Let’s go to your room because you have something to tell me” I said leading the way

Seeing he had no choice, he followed me!

“So, what is it you want to say?” I asked and I saw him swallow hard

I don’t think I will like whatever it is he wants to say.

“Errm…. L… Promise me you won’t end things with me after I tell you this” he said staring at me pitifully

“I already ended things with you but whatever it is you want to tell me will determine if we’re going to get back together or not. I can’t promise you anything” I said looking away from him

“It’s fine then. It’s my fault anyway so I should face the consequences of my action”

“Be fast Andrian, I’m feeling sleepy” I muttered sitting on his bed

“L.. Leah is pregnant for me” he said and I felt my head spin for a while before the sleep finally disappeared


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