December 5, 2023

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ICE☄️ ☄️💖💖

♦️☘️He’s bossy, rude☹️ and arrogant 😱

She’s cold hearted and fearless 💃☘️♦️

✨Episode 4✨

Skylar’s POV

Ella returned from school in the afternoon smiling widely like someone who had just won a trophy.

“Good afternoon sis” she greeted happily

“Afternoon Ella. What’s with your happy mood this afternoon?”

“I’m really happy because I will be paying my tuition fee tomorrow”

“T.. tomorrow? Did someone promise to pay for you?” Immediately I said that, she looked at me as if I had gone nuts.

“Weren’t you the one that told me your boss will be paying you today because you had lots of customers yesterday?” she said making me gulp nervously

“I .. errm…. my boss said we will be paid next week. He wants to add the money up and pay us in full. I’m really sorry” her bright mood became dull instantly

“You know I only have until next week before I will be asked to stay back at home and exam is also going to resume in two weeks time.”

“I know Ella. Just be patient okay? I know my boss will definitely pay us the money like he promised” I tried reassuring her

“Okay then. I will be in my room” and with that she left

For how long am I going to lie to her?

I quickly changed my clothes and left for the other jobs I had.

Zoey’s POV

I arrived Starbucks at exactly 7pm but I couldn’t find Andrian. I should have known he doesn’t keep to time.

I ordered for juice to keep myself busy while waiting for his arrival.

He finally arrived thirty minutes later.

“I’m really sorry Zoey. I had lots of things to do at work and I also got stuck in traffic. Please don’t be annoyed”

“It’s okay. How was work?”

“It was fine”

“Okay. So why did you ask me not to come to your mansion?”

“You should know it’s because of that small devil, Avery.”

“What did she do this time?”

“She asked me to promise her that you won’t set foot in the mansion anymore”

“And you promised her?”

“I had no choice Zoey. It’s either that or I walked home from MC Donald and you know how far that place is from my house.

I’m sorry”

“Do you really have to listen to what Avery tells you to do?”

“You know what she’s capable of. I don’t want to get on her bad side for now.

I will find something to do about it so you don’t really have to worry. Within a short time, you will be able to come freely to the mansion like it’s your second home”

“I hope so” I said sighing dejectedly

We chatted for a while before parting ways.

Mason’s POV

I’ve been searching for Skylar ever since I got back and hopefully the investigators I hired will soon find her.

My biggest competitor in this world is Andrian Carter. He always try to show that he’s better than me at everything and if not that he’s not into ladies, I’m sure we will be fighting for the same girl.

I will admit that he’s richer than me but still I’m not going to stop until I show him who the boss is between both of us.

There’s a huge contract that a company wants to award to us and I’m going to try my best to win the contract.

Andrian has been the one winning all this while but this time, I will do everything in my power to make sure I win.

*Saturday morning*

Skylar’s POV

I woke up really early today knowing fully well that I have an interview and that’s the only hope I have for now.

I quickly prepared breakfast and took my bath in preparation for the interview.

“Ella, I’m off to work” I shouted from the sitting room. Ella instantly ran from her room to meet mw

“Have a nice day big sis” she said pecking my forehead

“Thanks baby sis” I waved at her and left the house

I’ve been dressing up and leaving the house everyday so Ella won’t suspect anything. I just hope I get the job.

After minutes of sitting nervously in a taxi, I finally arrived at C. A company.

I paid the driver and proceeded into the company.

When I got to the reception, I noticed few people had arrived for the interview also. I quietly took a seat and waited patiently for the interview to begin.

About an hour later, the interview finally started.

I heard only one person is going to be picked at the end of the interview and if my calculations are right, then I think we are almost 100.

Will I be the lucky winner? But I don’t think that will be possible. There are lots of graduates here, this is going to be heard.

We were given tags that contained our number after which the interview commenced.

The first person went in and came out with a dull face, the rest of us needed no one to tell us that she wasn’t employed.

It continued on and on like that until it got to my turn. I nervously stood up and went inside.

“What’s your name?” the interviewer asked

“Skylar Brandon sir” I answered politely

“Hmm! Skylar Brandon….. We sent you a message on your Gmail but it looks like you didn’t check it. You are not qualified for the interview so I will advise you leave and don’t waste your precious time here”

“Please sir, I can do the job perfectly, just try me out first. If I don’t do the job properly, you can ask me to quit the job” I said with a not so soft countenance

I don’t want anyone to think I’m weak

“I’m sorry young lady but we can’t employ you. I will advice you to leave here before my boss arrives because he doesn’t like ladies”

Having said that, I picked my things and slowly walked out of the company with my head bowed.

I was walking absent mindedly and I didn’t know when I collide with something or is it someone? But I noticed something strange when that happened.

Everywhere became still and for a moment, I thought time stopped. Why did everywhere suddenly go quiet?

I raised my head to check what I hit and I was surprised when I saw a demigod.

A wow escaped my lips instantly. I never knew someone could be this handsome.

I overhead some people saying different things like “she’s finished” , “did she just collide with Andrian Carter?” , ” I’m really sorry for the poor girl”

Who are they talking about? Well, that’s none of my business.

I was still fantasizing over him when two men came to take me away. Huh? What are they doing?

“Leave her” I heard the most beautiful voice in the world say

The men released me immediately and I turned to see the handsome demigod approaching us.

“What’s your name?” he asked calmly

“Skylar Brandon”

“Hmm.. Skylar! Do you know who I am?”

“No” I answered rolling my eyes. Do all handsome guys have to behave like jerks?

“Why are you in this company in the first place?”

“I don’t think any of that is your business” I snapped at him making him chuckle

“You know, I think it would be wise if you answer my questions politely”

“I don’t want to” I said and tried walking away but his guards stopped me.

Who exactly is this guy?

“He’s the CEO of this company so I will advise you to behave yourself” one of the guards whispered to me making me gasp in shock. I’m really finished like they said

“Are you going to answer now?” he asked taking slow menacing steps towards me

“I came for the job interview”

“You’re hired” he said and left

I stood still staring at him until he disappeared completely. Did I hear him say “you’re hired?”

“Ahh….” I screamed happily not finding the number of people staring at me

I’m probably the happiest person on earth as it is now. I can finally pay Ella’s tuition fee.

I wanted to walk out of the company when one of his guards came to me.

“The boss said you should meet him at his house by 6pm today, that’s if you’re really interested in the job.” he handed the address to me and disappeared immediately.

I guess I need to start preparing since I really need the job.


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