December 2, 2023

💖💖FIRE 🔥🔥
ICE☄️ ☄️💖💖

♦️☘️He’s bossy, rude☹️ and arrogant 😱

She’s cold hearted and fearless 💃☘️♦️

✨Episode 36✨

Andrian’s POV

I was surprised to see Skylar when I got home because the doctor didn’t inform me she will be discharged. Although, I’ve paid her bills already.

I wanted to ask her if she was okay, but my pride didn’t let me. I just shot her a stare instead and went to my room.

After having a cool shower, I went back downstairs to meet my food on the dining table. Hmm!

I ate the food and went back to my room to sleep but then I remembered the contract. Application for it is going to close soon so I have to tell Skylar about it tomorrow.

How do I even tell her? Arrgh!!! Andrian, you’re so dumb! You should have asked about her health.

It doesn’t even matter anyway. The relationship isn’t going to be based on love. We’re just going to sign a contract and that’s all.

I soon drifted off to sleep.

*Next day*

I woke up early with the thought of how I’m going to tell Skylar about the contract. I freshened up and went straight to work without waiting for anyone.

“Meet me in my office now” I said to Skylar calmly and ended the call

“You called for me sir”

“Yes. Uhhm…. I actually want us to discuss something”

“Okay sir. Go on” she said professionally without even blinking her eyelids.

Why does this girl like behaving like the devil himself?

“Errm….. That contract you told me about has huge requirements so I was thinking if you will be able to help me with some things”

“I don’t understand”

“Okay, I won’t beat about the bush. I need a fiance in order to be qualified for the contract and I want to you to be my fiance”

Skylar’s POV

I stared at Andrian like he had gone nut. He wants me to be his fiance? Now that’s what I call ridiculous.

“I don’t get. How can I be your fiance?” I asked with a scoff

“This is how it’s going to be. You will act as my fiance for 3 months, I’m sure that will be more than enough time to finish the contract.

We’re going to sign a contract that will contain some rules which we will adhere strictly to pending the three months we will be together.” he concluded

“I won’t be able to do that, I’m sorry” I said and turned around to leave

“Please Skylar! You’re the only one I trust as it is now, please” he pleaded

“Do you know the reason why Mira tried to kill me?” I asked turning to face him

“No. Do you?”

“It’s because of you. People think there’s something between us and that’s why they’re trying to get rid of me.

If I agree to be your fiance, the number of people that will be after me will increase and I’m the only family Ella has left as it is. If anything happens to me, I fear she won’t survive”

“Don’t worry about that. I’m going to give you bodyguards that will always follow you to wherever you’re going”

“Still Andrian….” I tried protesting

“Please Skylar, you’re my last hope”

“Fine then. I will have to go through the contract before signing it”

“Sure! Take it and you have my permission to leave every work you have now. Just go through the contract, sign it and bring it back to my office because we have to make it known to the public as soon as possible that were engaged.”

I collected the contract from him and went to my office to go through it.

*An hour later*

“I’ve gone through the contract and I’m okay with the rules so when are we getting engaged?”

“In two days time. You will no longer be my PA once we’re engaged, you will be the assistant CEO so people won’t suspect anything and on no account should you tell anyone that our engagement is a contracted one, not even someone you trust because we don’t know who our enemy is”

“Yeah, I’ve heard you. Is that all?”

“We will be going to the mall tomorrow. Let’s catch the attention of the public with that first before our engagement”

“Alright. I can go home now right?”

“Sure, your guards are ready”

Wow! So fast? I went to my office, picked up my bag and went to the car. Truly, the guards were ready when I got there. All this is just going to last for three months.

After three months, I’m going to go back to being his PA or I might even decide not to work for him anymore because I will be getting a huge amount of money from the contract.

Andrian’s POV

Immediately Skylar left, I received a call from the investigation team. Have they finally been able to get the truth from Mira?

“So, what’s the result of the investigation?” I asked calmly after I picked the call

“We’re sorry sir Andrian but we arrived too late. Someone choked her to death so there’s no way we can continue with the investigation”

“What are you talking about?” I asked already on my feet

“She’s dead sir”

“Dead? How can she possibly be dead with that kind of security?”

“We think the person that killed her is in our midst because there’s no way an outsider will be able to get past the security. We’re going to start investigating her death now”

“Alright, please be fast about it” I said and ended the call

Skylar’s life is in great danger now. I will have to double her security, but who could be after her? I don’t think it’s Mason because he doesn’t have it in mind to kill her.

The only thing he wants is her body so it’s definitely not him. Ahh!! I’m going crazy.

Khloe’s POV

Now that Mira is dead, what is going to be my fate? Why is everything working against me? Why?

Who could have tried to poison Skylar? I’ve thought hard about it but nothing is coming forth.

I haven’t had time to submit my resignation letter to Andrian but I will find time to do that tomorrow.

I just hope this case is settled soon so I can concentrate fully on my modelling work.

“Are you thinking again Zoey?” Leah asked coming to seat beside me

“No Leah, I’m fine” I said with a faux smile

“Okay. Don’t think about it, there’s always a way out of every problem okay?”

“Thanks Leah”

“You are welcome. Should we go to the mall?”

“Uhhm….. No, let’s go tomorrow so we will have enough time to spend. It’s getting late already”

“Alright girlfriend” she said with a link and left


©️ Tricia

💖💖FIRE 🔥🔥
ICE☄️ ☄️💖💖

♦️☘️He’s bossy, rude☹️ and arrogant 😱

She’s cold hearted and fearless 💃☘️♦️

✨Episode 37✨

Andrian’s POV

I took my bath and dressed in a casual Jean and t-shirt. I and Skylar will be going to the mall this morning and from there, we will eat in a restaurant.

We have to make the public believe that we’re deeply in love with each other so I can be qualified for the contract.

I walked downstairs and met Ella and Avery in their uniforms.

“How was your night?” I asked both of them

“Fine” they replied

“Alright. You guys should head to school now so you don’t go late”

Where the hell is Skylar? I wonder what she has been doing in her room since. I was about going upstairs to check on her when I noticed a figure coming downstairs.

“Wow!” I didn’t know when it escaped my lips

She was looking dazzling in just a casual Jean and shirt. If she’s looking this great in just this and a little make over, how is she going to look on our engagement day?

I snapped out of my thoughts when I noticed she was standing in front of me already.

*Clears throat* “Remember we have to pretend to love each other in public. You’ll cling on to me really tight like you don’t ever want to lose me. Got it?”

“Yes” she answered coldly

“Try to smile a little. Are you even a lady?”

“Whatever. As long as I play my part well, you shouldn’t worry about a thing”

I rolled my eyes and we both got into the car heading to the mall.

“Remember you have to act well and not give the public a reason to suspect anything” I reminded Skylar when we got to the mall


The guards opened the door and we both stepped out of the car with our shades

“OMG!! They look hot. Who are they?”
“They must be newly wedded couples”
The people around kept saying different things but I and Skylar paid no attention to them as we kept walking to the mall

“It’s Andrian Carter” I heard one girl scream

How was she even able to recognize me? Well, it’s a good thing! At least, it will draw the public attention to me.

“Yes, it’s really Andrian Carter but who is that girl with him?”
“She’s taller than Avery so it’s definitely not Avery”
“Could it be Zoey?”
“Yes, it might be Zoey because that’s the only female friend he has”
They kept murmuring among themselves while I and Skylar proceeded inside.

I think we will have to take off our shades so they won’t spread false rumors because as it is now, they already think Skylar is Zoey.

“We will have to take off our shades” I whispered to Skylar

“Alright. So when are we taking it off?” she whispered back

“When I count three, we’ll take it off. One, two…. three” and we took it off

“Wow! That was totally cool”
“They look so hot”
“The lady is so beautiful, I wonder if Zoey will be able to win her in a beauty contest”
Different people kept saying different things while I just smiled a little.

If Skylar can play her part well, then I’m going to win the contract for sure. I wrapped my hand around Skylar’s waist to make it look real.

We went to the clothes section and bought different kind of clothes. Skylar played her part well and I was even confused if we were really acting based on the contract or we’re true lovers.

We tried different clothes with smiles on our faces and people kept taking pictures of us. News already got to some media houses and they also came to take our pictures and ask us questions.

“Who is she to you sir Andrian?”
“Is she your girlfriend?”
“But everyone knows you don’t like ladies so how come?”
The reporters kept throwing different question to us and I’m really grateful I brought the guards in with me

“Right now, the only thing I can tell you is that she’s my fiance. If you have any other questions, you can come to my mansion by 6pm. Right now, I only want to spend time with my wife to be” I said to them and went to the jewelry section.

Zoey’s POV

I wore my clothes and applied little make up to my face. I don’t know why I don’t feel like going to the mall anymore.

“What’s wrong Zoey?” Leah asked seating beside me

“I don’t know Leah. I feel like something is going to go wrong at the mall”

“Why should you feel like something would go wrong? You were eager to go to the mall yesterday so what suddenly changed now?”

“I don’t know. Let’s just go so I can at least clear my head”

We got into our car and headed to the mall

“Uhhm…. Leah, why are reporters coming from the mall?” I asked not taking my eyes off them

“Reporters?” she asked and took her eyes up to look at the reporters too

“I don’t know. But they’re leaving already so that shouldn’t be our problem. Let’s just go in” she said and I just nodded my head

We got down from the car and went in to the mall. Most people were busy with their phones and I kept hearing different things like “she’s beautiful” “they’re so compatible”

I didn’t pay attention to them until I heard my name.

“She’s prettier than Zoey. Can’t you see she uses less make up and still looks really pretty?” I heard someone argue

What could they be talking about?

“Come on Zoey, let’s get some jewelries” Leah said pulling me along with her

We got to the jewelries section and started going through the jewelries there.

“This looks beautiful” Leah said pointing to a necklace on one of the show glasses

“You’re right Leah. It really is beautiful and I want it”

“How much for that necklace?” I asked the attendant present

“Uhhm… The necklace has been bought already”

“Huh? By who?”

“One of our customers”

“But I really want it. I can pay double the amount he paid for it”

“I’m sorry ma’am but I can’t sell it for you at even triple the amount” she said leaving me gobsmacked. Who could the person be?

“Oh…here he comes” she said making me look back

I looked behind me to discover it was Andrian. Wait, if I’m seeing things clearly, isn’t that Skylar?

What is Skylar doing with Andrian and why is she dressed that way?

“Good afternoon Andrian” I greeted

“Afternoon Zoey”

“Are you the one that paid for the necklace?” I asked trying to get Zoey off my mind

“Yes. Do you have a problem with that?”

“Not really. Why do you want to buy a necklace meant for females?” I asked hoping I was wrong

“Well… My fiance here says she wants the necklace so I have to get it for her” he said and I felt a loud bang in my head

Did he just refer to Skylar as his fiance? No, I must be mistaken. There’s got to be a mistake somewhere.

“Your fiance? Where is she?”

“She’s right beside me”

“When you say beside you, do you mean Skylar?” I asked with a scoff

“Of course! Who else is beside me?”

“B.. but how come?”

“I don’t get you. We’ll talk later, I still have lots of places to go with my fiance. Come on baby” he said and placed his hands on Skylar’s waist

“Uhhm…. I think we should leave Zoey” Leah said

I didn’t wait for one more second before running out of the mall with tears in my eyes


©️ Tricia

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