December 5, 2023

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✨Episode 31✨

Authoress’ POV

Nurses and doctors were seen running around trying to save Skylar. Her condition suddenly got worse and everyone are scared she won’t make it.

After hours of running and trying their best, she finally gave up.

“Time of death: 11:15 am; 24th February, 1986” the head doctor announced sadly and left

A white cloth was used to cover her whole body and the nurses also left.

Skylar stared at her body covered with the white cloth. She watched as the nurses and doctors left the ward shaking their head.

She was confused on what to do. She didn’t know if she was to continue living or just give up because of the number of people after her life.

She already knows Mira was behind what happened to her. She’s not someone that trusts people easily but Mira looked really friendly so she didn’t think twice before accepting her as a friend.

Thinking about Ella, she concluded she had no choice but to live. She can’t possibly leave poor Ella in the hands of the cruel people in this world.

Besides, the lady she saw in the other world told her she still has a purpose to fulfill here on earth so she has no choice.

With a new determination set in her mind, she went into her lifeless body and the once dead body came back to life.

Andrian’s POV

I received a disturbing call from the doctor about Skylar this morning. He told me her condition worsened overnight but I’ve been too busy to go to the hospital since.

I got into my car at exactly five minutes past eleven and drove to the hospital. I hope Skylar is fine because I don’t want to make Zoey my acting fiance.

“Good day doctor, how is Skylar?” I asked when I got to the doctor’s office.

He sighed repeatedly before finally staring at me.

“Are you strong enough to take in the news?” he asked and I became confused

“What news?”

“I’m sorry to say this but we lost her” he dropped the bombshell

“I don’t understand. You lost who?”

“Skylar Brandon sir”

“Which of the Skylar Brandon?”

“The one you brought here two days ago” he explained and I felt my heart split into two

“W.. what are you talking about?” I managed to stutter after getting a hold of myself

“I know the news is too much to take in Mr Carter but please, you’re not the only person I will attend to today”

“So you mean Skylar is dead?” I asked still unable to take in the shock


I slowly turned around and left his office. What am I supposed to do about the contract now?

“Nurse, please can I see Skylar Brandon’s body?”

“Yes sir. Come with me” she said and led me to her ward

I got into the ward to see Skylar covered with a white cloth from her head to her toe and I instantly felt bad.

I only thought about myself when I said she’s bad luck but now that I think about it carefully, I think I’m the bad omen here.

Ever since she started working for me, she has been in one problem or the other.

First, she was kidnapped and almost lost her life and now, she was poisoned which led to her death.

I sighed frustratedly and slowly opened the white cloth used to cover her body with shaky hands.

A tear almost dropped down my face when I saw her lying motionlessly on the bed. The reason why she’s on this bed right now is because of me.

What am I supposed to tell Avery if she asks of her sister? I stared at her face for a while before deciding to cover her up when I saw her eyes blink.

I looked back at the nurse confusedly but the look on her face shows that she didn’t see anything.

I took my eyes back to Skylar and this time around, I saw her fingers move. It looks like the nurse also saw it because she screamed in shock.

“Get …. t..the doctor” I stuttered

Few minutes later, she came back with the doctor and some other nurses.

“Is it true that she moved her fingers, sir Andrian” the doctor asked to be sure of what the nurse told him

“Y.. yes doctor”

“Okay, you will have to step out of the ward for now” the doctor said referring to me

I just nodded my head and quietly left Skylar’s ward for the waiting room.

Zoey’s POV

I noticed Andrian wasn’t himself this morning but I didn’t ask him anything because I’m really angry at him and myself.

How can he possibly have a fiance I know nothing about?

He left the hospital hurriedly since morning and he hasn’t returned yet. I think I should have trailed him with my car.

Who knows if he went to his fiance’s house? Arrgh!!

Just when things are finally working for me, this had to happen. I dialed Leah’s number so I can explain things to her

“Hello babe” I said into the phone

“Zoey!! How are you doing?”

“I’m not fine Leah. Andrian has a fiance that no one knows of, can you please help me find out who she is?”

“Which Andrian are you talking about?” she asked

“Andrian Carter of course. Do I know any other Andrian?” I asked with an eyeroll

“He doesn’t have a fiance, where did you get that from?”

“He told me himself”

“Wow! I will help you check”

“Thanks girlfriend” I said with a smile and ended the call

I just pity whoever is Andrian’s fiance because she’s going to regret ever knowing Andrian by the time I’m done with her.

Skylar’s POV

I heard noises around me but it was to difficult to open my eyes. I feel really weak.

Looks like the doctors and nurses are trying their best to keep me alive. Well, they shouldn’t stress themselves much because that lady told me my time isn’t up yet and I also have the will to live now.

I got tired of trying to force my eyes open so I just gave up and listened to what was going on around me.

Few minutes later, the doctors left my ward leaving me alone to myself. I tried opening my eyes again but it was still hard.

I was still trying when I heard the door open and close. I began to panic immediately.

What’s going on? Who entered into my ward? I began trying really hard to open my eyes but I stopped when I heard the voice I least expected.

“I’m really sorry Skylar, for the pains I’ve caused you and for all the bad things I’ve done. I’m sorry.

I won’t be able to say it to your face when you wake up and that’s why I’m saying it now” Andrian said

I never thought the mighty Andrian could apologise.

I tried opening my eyes again and this time, they opened with ease and I turned to my side to see Andrian.

“Skylar!” He called out excitedly


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