December 2, 2023

💖💖FIRE 🔥🔥
ICE☄️ ☄️💖💖

♦️☘️He’s bossy, rude☹️ and arrogant 😱

She’s cold hearted and fearless 💃☘️♦️

✨Episode 27✨

Andrian’s POV

I sat down dejectedly as Zoey left my office. How could I have let myself loose easily and fall for her S£duction?

I know I should be blaming her for seducing me but I can’t just do that. It’s not like she forced herself on me so we’re both at fault here.

“Get me Zoey now” I said into the intercom and sighed tiredly

What the hell am I supposed to tell her when she comes?

“Zoey, I understand your plight and I promise to think about us being lovers. I just need time, that’s all”

How can I think of saying that? That’s absurd! Okay, how about this?

“Zoey, I’m really sorry about what happened and I promise to make it up to you in anyway I can. Ask for anything, anything at all apart from us being lovers please…. ”

Wow! That’s totally cool! I think I will go with that.

“She’s hear sir” my secretary announced and I suddenly became nervous and sweaty.

“Let her in” I said after clearing my voice

She came in with her eyes all puffy and red, she must have been crying all through.

“Zoey, I’m really sorry about what happened and I promise to make it up to you in anyway I can. Ask for anything, anything at all apart from us being lovers please…. ” I said everything I rehearsed without mincing words

I just hope she accepts my apology this time.

“Don’t you get it Andrian? I want your love and nothing else. I want us to be in a relationship, I want to be in your arms all day long? Is that one thing too much too ask?” she said already in tears again

“Alright, stop crying. I will think about it” I said avoiding her eyes

“Are you sure?”


“Okay, thanks. I will get going” she said and left my office

I’m in a really deep mess!

*Lunch time*

Aubrey came in with my coffee as usual with a cold and emotionless face. She dropped it on the table and turned around to leave as usual but I stopped her.

“Skylar, I’m so… Nevermind, you can leave” I said and she left dejectedly without saying a word.

I can’t believe I almost said sorry to Skylar. I’ve only said that word to two people ever since I was born and that’s Avery and my mom. Ohh…. It’s three now because I said sorry to Zoey also.

Since when did I become this soft man? Saying sorry to just anyone? I’ve really changed a lot.

Once I get out of this mess I’m into with Zoey, I will avoid females like a plague because they are no good.

“You won’t be getting out of the mess with Zoey anytime soon” my subconscious reminded

Damn it! Just why am I getting into trouble?

Zoey came in not too long after. Talk about the devil!

“Won’t you go out for lunch Andrian?” she asked

“No, I’m busy” I answered within gritted teeth

“O.. kay. Can I ask for something?” she asked lowly

“What’s that?” I asked with my gaze focused on her. It’s not everytime you get to see the shy Zoey.

“A.. K!SS” she stammered like it was her first time saying it

“Zoey, I’m busy right now. Besides, I told you I will think about us going into a relationship. I haven’t concluded on that yet”

“I know. I just thought…… Nevermind, I’ll get going” she said and wanted leaving but I called her back out of guilt

“It’s just a K!SS and nothing more” I said sternly

She came closer to me and K!SSed me hungrily like she has been dying to do that. Shortly, I heard the door open.

Who the hell will come into my office without my permission? I took my eyes to the door and the only thing I saw was a the back view of a woman and the tip of her dress. I need no one to tell me it was Skylar.

I think things just got worse.

Skylar’s POV

I went to Andrian’s office to show him a contract I saw about a company but when I got there, his secretary wasn’t in so I just went in.

I had already opened the door when I remembered I didn’t knock but it was too late so I just raised my head and met with the greatest shock of my life.

Andrian and Zoey were K!SSing and smooching. Like seriously? I thought people said Andrian is not interested in women so what’s this?

I didn’t realize I was crying until a tear dropped down my cheek. Andrian was about raising his head to look at the intruder so I quickly ran away before I get caught.

I went to my office and closed the door fiercely before sliding down the door with tears in my eyes.

Why am I even crying? There’s nothing going on between I and Andrian. Since when did I become this way? How can I cry over a guy I know little to nothing about?

I wiped my tears and stood up with a stronger determination. I’m not going to let Andrian get to me from now an. I’m a new Skylar!

Mason’s POV

A new contract is out and this time, I have to sit tight. The person that gets to win this huge contract will undoubtedly become the richest businessman in the world.

The contract consists of billions and I wouldn’t want to lose it for anything in the world.

Sadly, the rules of this contract are really strict so there’s no way I can bribe my way through but I’m going to give it my best and make sure Andrian doesn’t win this contract.

For now, I will have to forget about Skylar. I can always have my way with her later but this contract is different.

Leah’s POV

I still can’t believe that good for nothing Mason didn’t meet with me the day I called him. He isn’t even happy that someone as special and classy as me is willing to become his accomplice. Rubbish!

Should I call him again? No, I won’t do that! He will think I’m a jobless person, besides, I won’t stoop so low.

Getting rid of Skylar is not really as easy as I think. I’ve been thinking about how to get rid of her but nothing is coming forth.

Should I pay someone in Andrian’s company to poison her or should I just ask someone to finish her off?

Asking someone to get rid of her is not going to be easy. She lives in the same house with Andrian so that is impossible.

Is there any other thing I can try apart from food poisoning? Nothing is coming forth so I will just go with the poison since I’m left with no other option.

That won’t be a problem because I have friends in Andrian’s company. I just need to pay them handsomely and the job will be done.

Get ready for your doom Skylar. Your life is about to be cut short on earth. Goodbye and R. I. P. in advance.


©️ Tricia

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