December 5, 2023

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She’s cold hearted and fearless 💃☘️♦️

✨Episode 26✨

Skylar’s POV

I stared from Andrian to Michael not knowing what to do. Why should I even be like this because of Andrian?

“Uhhm…. I will need time to think about it” I said facing him

“Sure, you can do just that”

“Alright. Which drink do you prefer? I will still cook but you should at least take something before then”

“I think I will take whiskey” he answered with a shrug taking a seat at the same time.

“Okay” I headed to the mini bar to take a bottle of whiskey and a glass cup. I gently placed the bottle and glass cup on the table before him.

“What would you like to eat?” I asked politely

“Macaroni and cheese with fried chicken” he answered

“Alright. It will be done in few minutes” I said and left for the kitchen

*45 minutes later*

I dished out the food and took it to Andrian’s friend in the sitting room.

“Enjoy your meal” I said and walked away before he could say anything else

*In the evening*

I left my room and headed to the kitchen to prepare dinner. I’ve been in my room since because I’m trying to avoid Andrian and Michael.

I prepared a light food for dinner and went back in to call the kids.

Avery is not arrogant to I and Ella anymore. It’s a good change though but I don’t completely trust her to have changed. The same blood flows through her and Andrian’s vein so it’s hard to believe her.

We sat down round the dining table after I dished out the food and all of us ate to our fill. I packed our plates to the kitchen and washed them when we were done.

“Meet me downstairs now! You have just two minutes” Sir Andrian ordered through the intercom just when I was about sleeping

What exactly is his problem and who the hell does he think he is to order me around anyhow he pleases? Hmmph!

I wore my slippers and sluggishly went downstairs.

“Within how many minutes did I ask you to come downstairs?” Sir Andrian asked when I got to the sitting room

Why am I even including sir in his name? He’s just too grumpy and arrogant

“There’s no way I could have gotten here within two minutes” I said staring directly at his eyeball

“You don’t look me in the eyes when talking to me” he said making me huff

I took my eyes to the floor to avoid any argument because all I want to do now is sleep. Why did he even call me here in the first place? As if he heard my thoughts, he spoke up

“Why didn’t you dish out my food?”

“You were in your room and I wasn’t sure if you would eat or not”

“Really? Why didn’t you come to my room to ask me? A total stranger came and you prepared a delicious meal for him without my permission and you’re telling me you were not sure if I your boss would eat or not?” he said and I rolled my eyes

Here we go again. His bossy and arrogant attitude is back. Is he jealous I cooked for his friend or what? Whatever!

When he noticed I wasn’t saying anything, he continued.

“I want to eat Mole Poblano so go to the kitchen and prepare it for me. If you don’t know how it’s done, check your phone. Call me when you’re done” he said and left

He’s got to be kidding me! This is almost 10pm and he’s asking me to cook a meal of about six hours for him? He must be the devil himself.

I angrily stomped to the kitchen to start cooking, not like I have a choice anyway.


I finished cooking the meal at exactly 3am and informed him the food was ready.

“I’m no longer hungry, just dispose the food” he said and hung up

I know he has no human feeling but isn’t this too much?

“You’re stronger than you think Skylar. Don’t think about this night, instead, think about the greater days ahead. Just go to sleep like nothing happened and you’ll be fine” I kept saying to myself until I finally slept off

Thank goodness tomorrow will be Sunday so I will have time to rest properly.

*Monday morning*

I woke up this morning feeling really nervous like this is going to be my first day at work. It’s probably because I haven’t been there for a week now.

I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast after which I went back to my room to get ready for work.

“Bye Ella. Make sure you focus on your studies and make me proud. I love you” I said and K!SSed her forehead before releasing her to go.

“Wait up Ella! Let’s make use of my car to school” Avery said shocking everyone of us including Andrian

“Thanks but I prefer taking the bus” Ella said and tried walking away but stopped on her tracks when she heard the word she never imagined could proceed out of Avery’s mouth

“I’m sorry Ella. I know I’ve never treated you right but can we start over again? I need someone I can call a friend, please” she added making me gobsmacked

Okay, this is weird! It’s either something is wrong with Avery or….I don’t even know. It’s just too much to take in.

Andrian had to sit down on a couch because his feet was wobbling, he didn’t believe his own sister would ever apologise to anyone.

“It’s okay then, let’s go” Ella said after staring at Avery for a while and they both got into the car heading to school

I left Andrian on the couch and got into the car that is to take me to work. I arrived there not to long after and the familiar feeling washed over me.

The company hasn’t really changed much, I guess I will blend in.

I greeted the few workers I met on the way to my office before finally getting there. I opened the door to see everywhere sparkling and neatly arranged.

I got in and sat on my swivel chair before going through the things I’ve missed. I have to know when Andrian arrives so I can give him his morning coffee.

Few minutes later, he finally arrived and I took his coffee to him and headed back to my office.

Andrian’s POV

These few days of Skylar’s return has been hell for me. I’ve been resisting the urge to just grab her and K!SS her.

I don’t know if it’s because of what happened between I and Zoey on Friday or it’s something else.

I sat down quietly in my office and shortly, my secretary informed me Skylar was here.

She came in, dropped my coffee and left without saying a word. That has been the usual routine ever since the night I asked her to prepare mole for me.

I know what I did was wrong but my ego won’t let me apologise. Why should I even apologise? I’m her boss and I pay her so why should I apologise for something like that?

I set out to work and sipped the coffee at interval. Few hours into the work, my secretary called to inform me Zoey wants to see me.

I can’t see her yet, the scene of what we did just keeps replaying in my head.

“I don’t want to see anyone for now” I said and wanted to hang up but my secretary stopped me

“She said she’s going to create a scene here if you don’t let her in”

“Fine, fine, let her in” I said giving up

“Good morning Andrian”

“Morning” I replied coldly without raising my head from the file I was handling

“Please look at me Andrian, I promise not to take much of your time”

“Say whatever you have to say, I’m listening”

“No, I want you to look at me. Please” she pleaded again and I had no choice

“Fine. What is it?”

“I just want us to talk about what happened on Friday. I know this isn’t the right place to talk about it but Avery asked me not to come to your mansion again”

“Let’s just forget whatever happened between us on Friday. Please Zoey”

“Andrian… What are you saying? You mean you just used me?” she stuttered and I was starting to feel guilty already

“No Zoey, I didn’t use you. I only want us to forget it because we’re best friends. I wouldn’t want something that will ruin our friendship”

“We can be more than just friends Andrian, we can be lovers. Please Andrian… I’ve always loved you and I still do. Just consider my feelings”

“Zoey, what you’re asking for is impossible. Just let’s forget what happened”

“I should forget that you slept with me Andrian, is that it? Don’t you care about how I feel? Are you this inconsiderate?”

“Zoey… ” I was saying but she cut me off

“I get it. To you, I was just someone you had a quickie with. It’s fine” she said in tears and left my office

What have I gotten myself into?


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