December 5, 2023

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✨Episode 25✨

Andrian’s POV

What have I done? Did I just have S£X with my childhood friend? What exactly has gotten into me?

I was never like this before so how did everything suddenly change?

I picked my briefcase and left my office.

“Make sure you lock my office before leaving” I said to my secretary and headed home

Throughout the drive home, all I kept thinking about was the S£X I just had. The Andrian I know gets disgusted just by the sight of women but now, I just had S£X with one.

I don’t even know who to blame. Should I blame Zoey for seducing me or should I blame myself for falling cheaply for her trick? This is so frustrating!

The driver got home and parked the car. I didn’t waste a second before taking my briefcase and went inside.

When I got to the sitting room, I noticed everywhere was sparkling and Skylar was sitted with Avery and Ella. So Skylar has done all these within the few hours she arrived here?

I know she’s a bit hardworking but I never expected her to do this when she’s not completely healed yet.

“Good evening” she greeted with her head bowed. Is she shy or what? Whatever!

“Welcome home brother” Avery greeted with a straight face and focused her gaze on her book. She’s probably still upset with me.

“Thanks. Evening” I responded to their greetings after which I headed straight to my room to get rid of the S£X smell on my body by taking a long bath.

Skylar’s POV

After I finished cooking lunch, I swept everywhere and mopped the floor. It’s not my duty because I’m just a cook but seeing how everywhere looks dusty, I have no choice.

When I was done with that, I went to the bathroom to wash the sweats off my body.

I was still in the bathroom when I heard the door open. Ella and Avery are probably back. I hurriedly finished bathing and came out to dress up so I can attend to them.

I wonder what I’m going to say to Ella after disappearing from the house for a week.

When I was done, I went to the sitting room and their faces were filled with shock. I was expecting that too.

“Sis Skylar!!” Ella screamed and rushed to hug me when she finally regained herself

I hugged her really tight too, I’ve missed her so much!

“Where have you been?” she asked pulling away from the hug

What am I going to say to her now? That I was kidnapped and I’ve been in the hospital for a week now? No, I can’t tell her that.

“Sir Andrian said you went on a business trip but I don’t believe him. Why would you go on a business trip without saying anything to me?”

So Andrian lied to her? I guess I have no choice but to continue with the lie

“It was an impromptu trip Ella and that was why I wasn’t able to inform you before leaving” I finally found something to say.

“So you really went on a business trip?” she asked again to be sure

“Yes darling”

“Okay then. I believe you since it’s coming from you. I missed you”

“I missed you more”

“Enough of the drama please. I’m hungry” Avery spoke up for the first time since they came in

“I’ve prepared lunch already so all you have to do now is bath and come for your food.” I said with a sweet smile

“Yes big sis” Ella answered while Avery just rolled her eyes.


I, Ella and Avery sat in the sitting room while I taught them their assignments. Although, Avery is arrogant just like a brother, she’s still fun to be with.

We were almost done with the work when I heard a car drive into the parking lot. I need no one to tell me it’s Andrian and I suddenly felt nervous.

“Good evening” I greeted when he came in

He responded to our greetings with a straight face before going inside. Mean jerk!

I rounded up the assignments and we went to our rooms. I prepared dinner already but I don’t know if Andrian will love to eat.

After few minutes of laying on the bed, I drifted to sleep.

Mason’s POV

I heard Skylar has been discharged from the office but I don’t even know where she lives. This is really annoying?

How am I supposed to carry out my plans if I don’t know where she lives? Geez!

Should I team up with someone powerful so it will be easier for me? But then again, why am I stressing myself because of Skylar?

There are many girls out there that are willing to go any length just to have a one night stand with me but here I am going crazy over Skylar. I guess it’s because I get turned on just staring at her alone.

Andrian’s POV

“What’s up man?” Michael said into the phone

He actually called when I was about sleeping and I had no choice but to answer the call because he’s too troublesome.

“I’m good. You?”

“I’m good too. Is your PA back from the hospital?” he asked making me glare hard like I could see him

“What’s your business with that?”

“Chill man, okay? I was only asking after her. Besides, you said there’s nothing between you too and you don’t feel a thing for her so why getting all worked up over her? Is she back?”

“I don’t know. You can come see for yourself tomorrow” I said and ended the call

Why did I even ask him to come tomorrow? I’m a big fool!

Skylar’s POV

I woke up in the morning at exactly 7:00 am. Ahh! Did I sleep this much? Ohh… I’m late for work!

I quickly ran into the bathroom to take my bath but stopped in my track when I something struck me.

Ella is still asleep which only means one thing. Today is Saturday so I don’t need to go to work. How could I have forgotten?

I slowly walked to the kitchen to prepare breakfast after which I tidied everywhere and mopped the floor before going to take my bath.

Ella already swept our room and took her bath before I got in.

“Good morning big sis” she greeted

“Morning. How was your night?”

“It was fine”

“Alright. I will come and dish out your food now, just give me few minutes to take my bath”


Everyone of us ate to our fill and I packed the plates and washed them.

Avery and Andrian went to their respective rooms while I and Ella stayed in the sitting room watching TV.

Shortly, we heard a knock on the door. Is Andrian expecting a visitor or what?

I sluggishly stood up to open the door and I was surprised when I found a young guy around Andrian’s age standing by the door.

“Good day! How can I help you?” I asked sounding as polite as I could

“I actually came to see you” he said shocking me

“I don’t know you”

“Yeah, I know. You don’t know me but Andrian and your sister knows me”

He came inside after he said that and I turned to look at Ella for an explanation.

“He’s Andrian’s friend” she mouthed

Ohh…that explains it all.

“What of Andrian?”

“He’s upstairs”

“Okay. So how are you doing?”


“Okay. Sorry to ask but is there a kind of relationship between you and Andrian? I know we’re just meeting but I’m dying of curiosity”

“There’s no sort of relationship between us. I’m just his PA”

“Okay. I’ve always admired you from the first time Andrian told me about you, so will you be my girlfriend?” he asked leaving me speechless

I was about giving him an answer when I noticed a figure on the staircase. I turned to have a look and found Andrian throwing murderous glares at both of us. Tell me he didn’t hear a thing.

Leah’s POV

Since my first plan to get rid of Skylar didn’t work, I will have to try something else. I will join hands with Mason and bring her down.

Mason wants Skylar while I want Andrian but I won’t let Mason know I want Andrian. I’m going to lie to me that I just want to do it for Zoey’s sake.

“Good day” I said into the phone after dialing Mason’s number

“Good day! Please how may I help you?” Mason said into the phone. I’m sure he doesn’t know I’m the one.

“Meet me at MC Donald’s restaurant in thirty minutes”

“And why should I do that?”

“Let’s just say because you want Skylar and I also want something. You have just thirty minutes” I said and hanged up without listening to whatever he had to say

Let the game begin!


©️ Tricia

I’m sorry guys for the late post and that’s why this episode is a bit longer. Please bare with me for now.

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