December 5, 2023

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She’s cold hearted and fearless 💃☘️♦️

✨Episode 23✨

Skylar’s POV

It was evening already so I just laid on the bed after eating dinner staring at nothing in particular.

I don’t like the way I’m lying helplessly on this goddamn bed. I don’t even know how my sister is doing.

Andrian also stopped checking up on me, I don’t even know what I was expecting in the first place.

I stared at the ceiling lost in thought when the lights suddenly went of. Huh?

I became conscious of my environment and instantly sat up. There have been different attempts on my life lately and this might be one of them.

I don’t even care whether it’s one of them or not. What matters is for me to stay safe until the lights are on again.

I slowly got up from the bed because the wound was yet to heal up and then I crawled under the bed and tried to be as quiet as I could.

Minutes later, I heard the door open. Oh God, please save me. How am I supposed to know who is at the door?

It might be a nurse and it might be someone sent to take my life but if it’s someone sent you take my life, how many are they?

For how long will I continue to live like this? I haven’t offended anyone so why does it has to be me all the time.

I clamped my mouth shut and swallowed my cries. I heard movement and shortly, I managed to see a leg beside the bed. Looks like it’s only one person but I don’t know if I will be able to fight in this condition.

“I know you’re in this room Skylar so come out on your own now or you won’t like what I will do to you”

Oh goodness! Why isn’t the light back yet? I can’t stay under this bed forever, I need to do something now that I still have little strength.

I made a sound that distracted him and he left the bed, then I gently crawled out of the bed and went behind him.

I caught him by surprise so it was only a matter of time before I took him down.

“Who sent you?” I asked hovering over him but he kept quiet. Instead of answering, he brought out a dagger and tried stabbing me with it but I was faster than him.

“I spared your life and instead of repaying my favour by answering me truthfully, you tried to kill me? Not to worry. Just get your worthless self out of here before I lose it” I said lowly because strength was slowly slipping out of me

Fortunately for me, he picked up his dagger and ran out as fast as he could and then I lost consciousness.

Andrian’s POV

I’m so confused right now. Zoey is giving me a problem on one hand and on the other hand is Skylar.

I don’t even know how Skylar is doing. I’m not supposed to care since I dislike ladies but I can’t help it.

I kept the files I was working on, picked up my briefcase and left my office.

“Lock my office for me” I told my secretary without sparing her a glance

“Drive me to Katherine C’s hospital” I ordered my driver and got into the already opened car

I arrived at the hospital and noticed there was power outage but almost immediately, the lights came on.

“What happened?” I asked one of the nurses

“We don’t know sir but I think someone tampered with the light and it went off. We had to call someone to do it”

“Really? Is the security of this place that weak that anyone can just tamper with things and go freely? Why didn’t you tell me you needed more security?

What am I even saying? Call the head doctors and head of securities to my office, I will be joining them in a bit” I said and went to Skylar’s ward

On getting there, I noticed the door was slightly opened and my heart started beating faster.

I took in deep breaths before opening the door and I met her lying on the floor unconscious.

I quickly ring the emergency bell and carried her to the bed gently and few minutes later, doctors and nurses came rushing in.

“I’m going to fire every single one of you buy first, treat her” I said in one breath before leaving the ward

Leah’s POV

The stupid fool I sent to get rid of Skylar told me he couldn’t do it. He said she’s a really strong girl and he will never think of going there again.

Can you just hear that? Imagine the rubbish that dimwit sputtered! How can a man open his mouth to say a girl is too strong for him?

Not just any girl, a girl on the sick bed at that! He should just thank his stars that he told me on phone.

Does this mean I have to send someone else to do the job? I don’t think that would be possible again.

Andrian would have doubled the security so it will be really difficult for another assassin to go in.

I guess I will have to wait until she leaves the hospital and this time around, I will come up with a better plan that will end her for good.

Skylar’s POV

I woke up in the morning to see Andrian staring at me. The event of last night came rushing in and I just sighed.

Is that guy from Mason or is someone else also trying to kill me? Thinking about that alone made me weak.

“How are you feeling now?” Andrian asked

I don’t even know how I feel when I heard his voice, it would have been better if he didn’t say anything.

He left me for how many days and now that he heard something happened to me, he came rushing here.

I know I’m not supposed to feel this way because he is just my boss but then, I can’t help it.

I faced the other side of the room and pretended not to hear what he said.

“Is she okay now?” he asked

He’s probably referring to the nurses and doctors in the room

“She’s better now. Just few more days and she will be discharged” a doctor answered

“Alright. Excuse us”

“Yes sir” they responded

I heard the door open and close and I concluded they had left already.

“You have every reason to be mad at me Skylar and I know, but I’m really sorry.”

“I have no reason to be mad at you because you’re just my boss. You shouldn’t care about me” I said still not facing him

“No Skylar, don’t talk that way. I’ve been busy with a lot of things and I promise to make it up to you”

“Don’t make it up to me. I’m just your PA and nothing more so please stop trying to make things difficult for me. I want to be alone” I said with my voice breaking

“I… I should leave?”

“Yes… Please” I pleaded in a whisper

“Okay, take care of yourself” he said and left

A tear rolled down my cheek after he left.

“Skylar, you’re so stupid. How can you chase away someone that cares about you?” my subconscious scolded

But why won’t I chase him away? The whole universe is going to be against us if we go into a relationship.

Besides, he dislikes women and I don’t want to be the one to change that. We should just stick to our professional relationship.

I know it’s going to be hard for me because I have feelings for him and this is the first time I will be feeling this way towards anyone but I’m willing to endure it to avoid bugger trouble and obstacles ahead.


©️ Tricia

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