December 5, 2023

💖💖FIRE 🔥🔥
ICE☄️ ☄️💖💖

♦️☘️He’s bossy, rude☹️ and arrogant 😱

She’s cold hearted and fearless 💃☘️♦️

✨Episode 19✨

Andrian’s POV

I went home this morning to take clothes for Skylar so she will be able to change the one she’s wearing.

I don’t even know how I’m going to face her sister. She will definitely ask me about Skylar!

I got home to see a car that is different from my own parked in the compound.

I’m not expecting any visitor so who owns this car? I just hope Avery and Ella are safe.

I hurriedly got down from the car and went inside. I got inside to see everywhere quiet like a graveyard.

“Avery! Avery!! Ella!!!” I screamed but got no response.

I was about going to Avery’s room when I noticed a figure coming downstairs. I looked at the person and discovered it was Ella.

“E… Ella, where is Avery?” I stuttered

“What business do I have with her? Where is my sister?” she asked the question I dreaded the most

Am I supposed to say “your sister was kidnapped and stabbed deeply. I went there to save her and now she’s in the hospital” is that what I’m supposed to say? Absolutely not!

“I’m talking to you mister. What did you do to my sister?!!” she screamed

“Calm down please. Your sister is fine, she just went on a business trip and she will be back before two weeks” I lied to her

“I’m not buying that. If my sister really went on a business trip, she would have informed me first. Tell me where my sister is or I will the police”

“I… I swear she really went on a business trip. Please tell me where Avery is”

“I don’t know where she is” she said and left me standing there

If I get hold of this girl…..

“Look who’s here. I actually thought you were never going to come back. Home is really fun without you, you know so just go back to wherever you’re coming from” I heard behind me and I need no one to tell me it’s Avery.

I looked back to see her stuffing her mouth with popcorn. Now that I think about it, there’s no one to cook for them. What kind of a brother am I?

“Avery, I’m sorry. I..”

“Please!! Hold it right there. Just leave” she screamed with all her strength

“I’m your brother Avery, I..”

“My brother died two days ago. I have no family now so just leave. You left me for two days without informing me, there’s no one to cook for me. I felt really lonely until…. It doesn’t even matter, just go away” she said in tears before running upstairs

Apart from the day our mom died, Avery has never cried and it hurts to know I’m the reason for her tears, what do I do now? She won’t even talk to me.

I didn’t know I was crying until I felt a drop on my cheek. I’m a big time jerk.

I was still crying when I heard footsteps but this time around, it wasn’t Avery’s.

I sprang unto my feet and looked behind me to see it was Matthew. What? How come he’s here?

“Hey buddy, long time” he said smirking

“How did you get in?”

“I’ve been here since yesterday. Besides, I don’t think that’s how to greet a friend you’ve missed except of course you didn’t miss me” he said with an eye roll

“You know I missed you. Come give daddy a hug” I teased him

“So who is the dad?”

“Me of course!”

“I can see. Where have you been since yesterday? The Andrian I know cares about his sister a lot but you just left her to God knows where without assigning someone to watch over her and cook for her.

What if something had happened?” He scolded making me feel more guilty

“I don’t know how it happened but to be sincere, I forgot”

“Really?” he shrieked “what could be so important that made you forget about your own sister?”

“I’m not saying what I was doing was more important than Avery, I just forgot”

“All the same. But what were you doing?”

“It’s nothing. Please help me talk to her, she won’t even listen to me” I pleaded

“I will help you talk to her on one condition” he said with a smug smile

“What condition?”

“Tell me what you were doing that made you forget about Aubrey”

“Matthew forget about it, please… ”

“No, just tell me”

“Fine then! I was with my PA in the hospital”

“Ohh.. what happened to him? Besides, I don’t think you will forget about Avery because of him”

“It just slipped my mind”

“Okay, but you still haven’t told me what happened to him”

“It’s actually a she” I said with my gaze on the floor

“I don’t understand. You mean your PA is a lady?”

“Y.. yes” I stuttered

“And you’ve been in the hospital with her for two days?”


“Wow! I never knew you could fall in love. I will love to meet that girl that was able to captivate your heart. How did she do it? Even Khloe that has been your childhood friend couldn’t win your heart”

“There’s nothing between us”

“Between you and who?” he asked looking lost

“Between I and my PA” I said and he bursted into laughter

“You don’t have to hide it, I’m in support of your relationship with her”

“I’m not in a relationship with her, I don’t even love her” I said unsure of myself

“Are you trying to fool me or you’re trying to full yourself” Matthew asked in disbelief

“I’m serious, there’s nothing between us”

“If you’re right, then you seriously need to go for a check up. You are crazily in love with someone but you’re not dating her, that’s absurd!”

“Enough Matthew! I’ve told you what you want to know so beg Avery for me”

“Yeah, whatever” he said and left

The thought of being in love with Skylar crossed my mind but I shrugged it off. There’s no way I can be in love with her.


©️ Tricia

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