December 5, 2023

💖💖FIRE 🔥🔥
ICE☄️ ☄️💖💖

♦️☘️He’s bossy, rude☹️ and arrogant 😱

She’s cold hearted and fearless 💃☘️♦️

✨Episode 16✨

Andrian’s POV

When I got to my friends place, he was almost close to getting Skylar’s location so I just sat quietly and waited for him to finish.

“I’ve gotten it” he announced making me spring to my feet

“So where’s the location?”

He explained to me that it was a mansion in a forest not far from here.

Why would Skylar go to such dangerous place? Did something happen to her?

Of course not! How will something happen to a girl that is up to ten guys? Imagine the way she flipped me over, I don’t know when I will ever get that scene out of my head.

I know she will be fine wherever she is. Besides, who knows? She might be with her lover or something. That thought alone drove me crazy and I became angry.

I just got into my car and drove straight to my mansion.

But on a second thought, what if she’s in danger? Aish! This is crazy.

I turned my car and headed to the forest after calling five of my bodyguards to meet me there.

I don’t know how to fight so my bodyguards will do that if she happens to be in danger.

After driving for some minutes, I finally got to the forest and I made sure I tread carefully so I won’t miss her. My bodyguards already met me and they are behind me.

I drove towards the direction my friend described to me and not too long after, I saw two people running towards my car.

What’s this? Hope they are not robbers? Even if they are, my guards will handle them.

I continued driving with the thought that they will move to another side of the road but they turned a blind eye.

Suddenly, the one at the front fell to her knees. I figured out she’s a girl with the way she was dressed.

Okay, this is weird! What’s going on?

I turned off the engine and got down from the car with my bodyguards behind me.

We walk towards them and I discovered the man was holding a dagger. Huh? Does he wants to kill her?

I whispered to my bodyguards to skillfully collect the dagger from him and tie him down.

They nodded and were done few minutes later.

I moved closer to the girl and found out it was Skylar. Okay, this is the height of it.

What the hell is going on? Wait! Isn’t that a dagger stuck into her stomach? No, it can’t be!

I squatted beside her and my eyes widened when I saw there was really a dagger inside her.

“O.. pen the car door” I stuttered

My guards knew I was referring to them so they opened the door without hesitating.

I carried her bridal style and put her in the backseat.

I wasn’t in the state to drive so I asked one of my guards do it.

For the first time in five years, I was really scared. The question is why?

I dislike women a lot and Skylar is no exception so why does it break my heart to see her like this?

The most confusing part is that I carried her myself. I could have just asked one of my guards to do it but I did it myself instead, something I’ve never done to anyone before.

That aside, I will think about it later. For now, I just hope Skylar survives this because she had lost a lot of blood already.

Mason’s POV

Why hasn’t the stupid guard returned with Skylar yet? Isn’t he man enough to catch just one girl?

“What about you? Are you a woman?” my subconscious mocked

Fůçƙ off! I’m different from them. They are trained guards while I’m just me.

It’s really hard to believe that this was the same Skylar I knew years back. I mean she’s totally different.

If not for the fact that she didn’t change much, I would have said this is her look alike.

Besides, she said it herself that we attended the same highschool so what other proof do I need?

But this silly guard, where the hell is he? My body aches so much and I regret not calling him back when he ran after Skylar.

Am I ever going to survive this?

Zoey’s POV

I wore a sexy and revealing cloth and went to Andrian’s mansion but the surprising thing I noticed was that Andrian’s car was not in the garage.

It’s late already and he always comes back before this time so why isn’t he home? Maybe something happened to his car.

With a positive mindset, I went inside the house to see everywhere silent like a graveyard.

“Good evening, anyone home?” I screamed but got no response

I repeated it once more before finally going to Andrian’s room. I’m the only female friend he has so I definitely know everywhere in this mansion.

I opened his room door but no one was there. I checked the bathroom and closet, still nothing.

Okay, this is creepy! Does this mean no one is home?

I gently shut the door and walked back downstairs to see a little girl around Avery’s age.

“Who are you?” I asked her

“Good evening ma’am but I think I should be asking you that question because I live here” she answered in her small but cute voice

“You live here but I own this mansion so tell me why you live in my house” I snapped

“With all due respect ma’am, sir Andrian is the only mansion of this mansion that I know off so you should quietly leave while I’m still nice” she said boldly

What? Such nerves! How dare she?

I was about walking up to her when I heard the voice I dreaded the most.

“What’s going on here?” Avery asked coming downstairs

“Uhhm….. She suddenly came from upstairs, I don’t know how she came into the house” the girl answered

“Really, Zoey? So you now sneak into our house like a thief? I never knew you could stopped so low. Didn’t my brother warn you not to ever step your foot in this mansion?”

“Does the mansion belong to you? It belongs to your brother, not you so stop behaving like any of his things are yours” I snapped at her

“Ohh… Really? Just wait and see!” she said and went back inside while I just stood there waiting for her to return.

She came back minutes later with a land phone. Huh? What does she need a land phone for? Does she wants to call Andrian or what?

This girl never ceases to amaze me with her foolishness.

“Hello! Are you around?” she asked

After the person she was talking to answered her, she continued

“Good! I need you to come and throw this thrash in my house outside. You have just five minutes to be here and I need about three of you” she ordered and hanged up

“Let’s see who the boss is” she said and sat on a couch with her legs crossed.

Okay, what is she up to?

After about three minutes later, the door opened and three guards came in.

“Uhhm…. we’re here ma’am” one of the guards said

“Yeah… I called you to come and throw this thing out of my mansion” Avery said to them

“Which thing ma’am?” the guards asked obviously confused

“Can’t you see an intruder here? Fine, I meant Zoey. Throw her out because she’s no longer welcomed here and don’t you ever open the gate for her again.”

The guards stared at each other confused not knowing what to do. I think I like how things are turning out.

“If anyone of you take a step closer to me, then be ready to loose your jobs. Just one phone call to Andrian and your job is gone” I threatened them

“I don’t need a phone call to fire you. I’m your boss so I can do as I wish anytime so choose wisely. Will you listen to me or Zoey?” Avery asked leaving them in a really tight corner.


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