December 5, 2023

💖💖FIRE 🔥🔥
ICE☄️ ☄️💖💖

♦️☘️He’s bossy, rude☹️ and arrogant 😱

She’s cold hearted and fearless 💃☘️♦️

✨Episode 12✨

Andrian’s POV

Gosh! I need to be careful around that Skylar. Imagine her flipping a guy like me without stress, is she human?

I stared at her as she entered my office with a cup of coffee.

She came to my table, dropped the coffee and left my office without saying a word. She couldn’t even apologise.

“She already did at home” my subconscious mocked.

Yeah, whatever! But that doesn’t mean I still won’t punish me. Y would she flip the almighty Andrian?

“Come to my office now” I said into the land phone and grinned mischievously.

She came into my office with that cold glare again.

“Bring me that file”

“Which file?” she asked looking confused

“The file on this table”

“But…” she wanted to say but she kept quiet

She gently walked up to the table and picked the file for me.

“Go and bring the file for the sales department”

The file was in her office but I purposely didn’t ask her to bring it along when she was coming.

I continued like that for a while but when I noticed she wasn’t even affected by what I was doing, I asked her to leave.

Skylar’s POV

This boss of mine is really something. I understand if he’s still angry I flipped him this morning but is that the only punishment he could think of? Geez!

I sat down in my office and continued the work I had for the day.

*Lunch time*

I rounded off my work and went to prepare the boss’ coffee.

I have to tell him about Ella’s tuition now. It’s now or never!

I took the coffee when it was ready and headed to his office.

“Drop the coffee and leave” he said without taking off his eyes from the files on his table.

I dropped the coffee and stood back at my former position.

“What are you doing?” he asked with his eyes boring into mine when he noticed I wasn’t going to leave

“I have a favour to ask sir” I said looking as bold as I could but deep down, I was really nervous. What if he doesn’t give me the money?

“What’s that?” he asked snapping me out of my thoughts

“My sister needs to pay her fees or else she won’t be allowed to take part in the upcoming exam so I was wondering if I could get a part of my salary in advance” I said looking at the floor

“I don’t get you. We never discussed anything like that when I employed you.

If you were a qualified worker, maybe things would have been different but I only employed you out of pity so what you’re asking for is totally impossible” he concluded and focused on his work

“Please” I said almost in a whisper but I’m sure he heard

“Just leave, please” he said without sparing me a glance and I slowly turned around and left his office

Ella, forgive your sister. Maybe if I had pleaded a little more, he would have helped me but I don’t want to look vulnerable and helpless to him. I’m really sorry Ella! I will have to find another way out.

Andrian’s POV

After Skylar left, I stopped what I was doing and closed my eyes for a while going into deep thoughts.

I still remember the way she said “please”.

Geez! Why can’t I just concentrate and forget about Skylar?

I took my eyes back to the document I was going through but I heard her voice in my head.

“My sister needs to pay her fees or else she won’t be allowed to take part in the upcoming exam so I was wondering if I could get a part of my salary in advance”

Ahh! I’m going crazy.

I picked up the landline in my office and called my manager.

“First thing tomorrow morning, pay Ella Brandon’s school fees. She’s Skylar’s sister so there’s no need for you to stress yourself”

“Alright sir”

I hope my conscience is clear now and I can focus on my work.

Mason’s POV

Since Skylar wants it the hard way, I’m going to give her what she wants.

I wanted to make things easy for her by doing what I want to quietly but I can see she doesn’t want it that way.

My boys said they are unable to find out where Skylar lives exactly and I wonder why it’s like that.

They’ve never failed any job I give to them but it looks like Skylar is playing a dangerous game with me.

“You said she closes around 6:30 at work so make sure you are there by 6:15 and follow her closely. Find out where she lives without failure, is that understood?”

“Yes boss”

“Good, you can leave”

Skylar’s POV

Finally, I can leave this goddamn company and go home. What am I even talking about?

I think staying in my office is better than going to that hellhole.

I picked my things and got into the car that will take me home as usual.

The driver started driving but I was feeling uneasy like I was being watched or something.

My eyes unconsciously landed on the mirror of the car and I noticed a car was trailing us. They were really discreet but I’ve undergone different trainings so I know when a car is trailing someone. I guess that’s why I felt uneasy.

“A car is trailing us. You can handle it right?” I said to the driver

“Yes ma’am”

Huh? Why is he being so polite? I shrugged it off and focused on the matter at hand.

My driver increased the speed of the car and they also increased theirs but they didn’t make it too obvious so people won’t suspect them.

We drove that way for a while until we finally lost them.

“That was close” I said letting out a deep breath

“Do you know them ma’am?”

“No, I don’t. I only noticed they were trailing us”

“Okay, but that means they were after you. I mean, who would want to trail a mere driver?”

“That’s true but I have no idea of who they might be”

“We should inform boss about this tomorrow”

“Is it really necessary?”

“Of course ma’am! You are his PA”

“Okay but can you please drop the formalities? I’m sure you’re way older than I am”

“I might be older than you are but I’m just a mere driver while you are the PA to the boss so you see, I have to show you some respect”

“I don’t think that’s necessary. My name is Skylar and I will prefer it if you call me that”

“Alright ma’am, I mean Skylar. But I can only call you that when the boss is not with us”


We took another route and finally went home.


©️ Tricia

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