December 5, 2023

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♦️☘️He’s bossy, rude☹️ and arrogant 😱

She’s cold hearted and fearless 💃☘️♦️


The story of two completely different people where one is cold hearted and void of emotions while the other is hot tempered and really rude.

Andrian Carter is a rich business tycoon that has everything at his beck and call.

He’s a billionaire at the young age of 20 so wealth and riches mean nothing to him.

There’s nothing he hates as much as he hates commoners and females in this world. He believes commoners are ill fated people who don’t deserve to exist in the world of the rich and he believes females are too weak to exist in this world.

He doesn’t give a Fůçƙ about anyone else except his little sister and he’s bossy towards everyone whether young or old.

Skylar Brandon is that cold hearted human that behaves like she doesn’t have feelings but deep down she’s really soft-hearted.

She lost her parents at a tender age and is left with the responsibility of taking care of her younger sister on her own.

She’s really skillful in taekwando and judo because she practices a lot and watch a lot of movies that has to do with that.

Things became hard for Skylar when she was sacked from her place of work because she refused to have S£x with a customer. Being a dignified lady, she’s still a virgin at the age of 20 and she believes keeping herself for the right man is the right thing to do.

She’s left with no other choice than to go job hunting with her high school results in order to take care of her younger sister.

She happened to come across a vacancy at Andrian’s company but her qualifications were not good enough.

Andrian picks interest in her and decided to make her his personal chef and P. A.

What happens when Andrian is to get married within three months when he doesn’t even has a girlfriend?

He can’t stand the sight of ladies because they irritate him a lot except two. Skylar who managed to catch his attention and Zoey his childhood friend. He’s left with two choices.

He decides to go into a contract marriage with Skylar since she’s the only girl that won’t be after his money and he also doesn’t want to involve Zoey but will he be able to put up with her behaviour?

Can he also control his temper and rude behaviour?

Find out in this intriguing story.

©️ Tricia

Grab your popcorns 🍿🍿

💖💖FIRE 🔥🔥
ICE☄️ ☄️💖💖

♦️☘️He’s bossy, rude☹️ and arrogant 😱

She’s cold hearted and fearless 💃☘️♦️

✨Episode 1✨

Skylar’s POV

Oh my God! I’m late for work again. Why didn’t Ella wake me up?

“Ella! Ella!!” I shouted

“Yes big sis?” she answered running to my room

“Good morning Sister Skylar”

“Why didn’t you wake me up Ella? You know how strict my boss is”

“I’m sorry Sis, I just wanted you to rest because you overworked yourself last night. You’re working your @$$ out day and night because of me and not yourself.

I feel really bad whenever you I see you running around just to take care of me” she concluded in her small voice which melted my heart instantly

“Don’t think that way Ella. I’m working hard so that both of us won’t get thrown out of the house and start begging on the street.

I know you care about me but don’t forget your sister is a super strong lady, I’m not tired okay?”

“Alright my super woman” she said giggling

“That’s my little Ella. Now go downstairs and prepare for school, I will be done before you know it”

Quick introduction about me

I’m Skylar Brandon the first child and daughter of two parents, I have only a younger sister.

Sadly, my parents passed away when I was still really young living me with the responsibility of taking care of my only sister Ella.

I have to do different part-time jobs just to make sure we have something to eat and also to pay Ella’s tuition fee.

I’m really late for work right now and the manager has warned me several times not to come late to work, I just hope I don’t lose this job because it fetches me more money than my other part time jobs.

I quickly finished everything I had to do before going downstairs to meet Ella.

“Ella I think you will have to suspend the food for now, I’m late for work and you know it”

“Alright Sis, I will just pick my bag and we’re good to go” she said running upstairs

Few minutes later, she was back and we went to the bus stop. We took a bus and went to our respective places.

Ella got down at her school, waved at me before I continued my journey to work. Gosh! I’m really nervous.

“And where do you think you are going?” I heard my boss deep voice just when I was trying to sneak in.

I quickly put that cold look on my face before turning to face him.

“Good morning sir” I greeted staring at him without any form of emotions

“What’s good about the morning? Is that the answer to the question I asked you?” he asked angrily

“I’m about to start the day’s job sir”

“Really? By this time of the day? Okay then, no problem about that but just have it at the back of your mind that you won’t be getting the smallest amount for this month.

Just see your work this month as charity. Is that clear?”

“Don’t do that sir, I promise to change”

“I don’t want to hear it. How many times have you promised to change and how many times have you kept to your promise? It’s either you take it like that or you quit this job”

“Please sir, I have a younger sister to take care of and this is the only job we rely on. Just this once and I promise it won’t happen again”

I was still pleading on my knees when a man came to us from nowhere.

“What’s going on here?” he asked

I turned to look at him and I noticed he was a pot bellied man, he reeked of too much alcohol that I thought I was going to puke.

“Don’t worry about her sir, enjoy yourself” my boss answered

“No. What happened, young lady?” he said turning to me.

I’m not supposed to answer him because he reeked of alcohol but who knows, he might be able to help me.

I explained everything to him in detail while he listened keenly with rapt attention.

“Please sir help me beg him not to withhold my salary for this month” I pleaded almost in tears

The only reason why I’m not in tears is because I don’t cry in public. I noticed the man was staring at me LÅ«$tfully.

“Forget about the salary. How much is it?”

“$1000 sir” I said thinking he wanted to give me the money but his next statement almost threw me off balance.

“Let me spend a night with you and I will pay triple of your salary” he said licking his lips

“Sir?” I said, I couldn’t have heard him correctly

“Just a night and I will pay you triple” he said again

I wanted to slap him but I held myself back, I wasn’t brought up that way. Looking at him, I’m sure he’s old enough to be my father. Doesn’t he has conscience?

“Don’t worry sir, I’ve accepted my fate”I said and stood up to walk away but his next words stopped me

“It’s either the one night stand or you forget about your job.” he said and called out to my boss

“Sir?” my boss said scurrying over to where we stood

“I want you to sack this girl from here if she refuses to have a one night stand with me” he said while I scoffed

Who does he think he is to come and sack workers here?

“Skylar please just do his biddings and everything will be okay. I won’t be able to do anything if he wants me to sack you because he is one of our important customers.

Just the one night stand and everything will me fine” my boss said leaving me gobsmacked

“S… Sir!” I stuttered unable to form a sentence.

Did he just ask me to give my dignity to a pot-bellied man for money?

“Choose fast, I have lots of things to do” the man said angering me more

“Boss please, I promise to come early to work from now on. You can even withhold this month’s salary, just don’t sack me please” I pleaded again

“Like I said earlier, my hands are tied so choose one fast” my boss said

I guess I have no choice but to quit this job because there’s no way I would sell my dignity for money.

“I quit the job sir. Thanks anyway” I said and went back home.

When I got home, I locked my door and bursted into tears.

How am I supposed to pay Ella’s tuition fees within two weeks when I’ve been sacked. I have other jobs I do but those ones are just for feeding, clothing and other expenses.

I slowly stood up and went to my bag to take out my high school certificate. It was the only result I was able to acquire after my parents passed away.

I would have gone to college but I can’t sponsor myself and Ella at the same time with the menial jobs I’m doing.

The only option I’m left with now is to go job hunting with my certificate. I know it’s going to be hard to find a good job since I didn’t go to college but I’m willing to try.

I just hope I find favour and get employed with a manageable salary.


©️ Tricia

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