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~ CHAPTER 57& 58 ~


♣︎ DX LTD CO ♠︎

Darren called Giselle into his office and asked usual she came in with her head down

” You called me boss ” she said and he smiled which she didn’t see because her head was down

” have a seat please ” he said and she gulped before moving to seat in front of him.

” have you had breakfast ” he asked

” no sir ” she replied already thinking that he’s not okay.

” Let’s go get some food then ” he said and she raised her head to look at him

” no I’m fine sir ” she aid trying to be polite, rolling her eyes inwardly

” I insist “he said and she grimaced

” fine ” she grumbled

As they walked out of his office, eyes turned to them and employees started mumbling

‘ what’s she doing with the boss ‘

‘ I wonder ‘

‘ Boss doesn’t associate himself with women ‘

‘ yeah maybe she seduced him ‘

‘ What a sl*t ‘

That made Darren halt

” who said that ” he asked but no one answered

” make me repeat myself and no one gets paid for two months ” he said and the woman who spoke earlier came out obviously shaking

” I.. I’m.”

” kneel ” he said coldly and she gulped

” what did I say about repeating myself ” he asked and she knelt immediately .

” now apologise to her ” he said and she crawled towards Giselle making her contact with her

” I never said you could look at her ” he said and she bent her head slowly

” I.. I’m sorry miss.. ” she stuttered

” its fine its not a bad thing to brainless.. just don’t show it every time ” Giselle said and she scoffed

” did you just scoff ” Darren asked

” no..I’m sorry boss ” she said

” Han give hand me her file ” Darren said to Han who had been standing there all along. He took a look at the file with a grave look on his face

” it says here that you aren’t even punctual to work and you still have the guts to talk trash ” Darren said handing the file back to Han

” you know what to do Han ” he said before leaving with Giselle.

They got to the eatery and ordered a meal. They were both quiet through out the whole thing.

” um.. boss why did you do that back there ” she asked and he stopped eating

” anyone who disrespects my secretary disrespects me ” he said with a nervous cough

” Okay ” she said with a smile

” and by the way they’ll be a ceremony holding by the end of this month in Hong Kong and you’re coming with me ” he said

” um.. excuse me that’s no way to ask a lady out ” she said with an eye roll

” I’m not asking you out you’re going there as my secretary ” he stated and she smiled

” sorry boss I’m going there as a date with someone else ” she said with a wink

” its an order ” he said and she smiled beautifully

” I’ll be taking a leave for a few days ” she said

” No that..” her phone rung immediately

” excuse me I have to take this ” she said and left

” what the Fůçƙ just happened ” he muttered.



” Big sis !” Lisa yelled running towards sayge to hold her hands

” Baby sis ” sayge said flatly

” I missed you big sis ” Lisa said and sayge shoved her aside

” Where’s you bestie get away from me ” sayge said

” you didn’t miss me ” Lisa pouted

” we were never away from each other so what do you mean ” sayge said

” I mean your old character ever since you got home that day you changed alot.. you started staying in your room all day and even sleeping without me ” she said and sayge sighed

” I’m sorry okay ” she said hugging her lightly

” Yeah I forgive you ” she said

” where did you go last night ” Lisa asked wriggling her brows

” that’s not your business ” sayge replied and just then Ashley came she has transferred already

” Hey cutie.. hi sayge ” she said with a cute smile

” What’s up Ashley ” sayge replied returned the smile

” Hey don’t smile at my bestie like that ” Lisa said taking Ashley away while sticking out her tongue at sayge.

” he.. she’s gone I should head to class now ” sayge said walking to the class immediately she got in, she was greeted by her friends

” Hey baby ge ” Trung said and she smiled happily

” good to have you back ” Sebastian said while Irish and lola hugged her playing with her cheeks

” ahhhhh” she screamed trying to break free from them.



” I want you to keep an eye on her its almost time for the ceremony and we must make sure she doesn’t find the Launasora ” A woman in wearing a big hat which covered half her face said

” Yes I will ” Martin said

” you’ll be disguised as the guardian in order to make things fall through understood ” she asked and he nodded

” good ” she said before laughing elegantly and Martin smirked


Dongsoo sat in the pool with a glass of wine In his hands as memories of last night flashed through his eyes.

Just then a guard walked towards him

” young master someone’s here to see you ” he said

” Who Is it ” he asked

” it’s a female ”

” Huh?”

” she says you’re her fiance ” the guard said and dongsoos face hardened in anger

” I’ll be out soon ” he said and walked away

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