(when love lasts)

By Prechy Lee

Chapter 35&36


Mia and Nolan was running in the woods they meant some men and they dealt with them. Nolan killed them in a swift with his gun. They killed all of them and checked their briefcase but nothing was inside

“Fลฏรงฦ™kk where is this briefcase”Mia yelled

“There’s no need to give up let’s go”Nolan muttered before he ran off and Mia followed behind

They stop at a spot after they sited some people which were Mika and Iris,Nolan wanted to run to her but was stopped by Mia

“Let’s go it’s Mika”Nolan muttered

“No stay here”Mia suggested,she wasn’t sure of who Mika was talking to

“Let go of me you can’t boss me”Nolan said before running off and Mia went after him holding him again

“Miaaaa….”He whispered yell. Mika and Iris voice could be heard since they were close

“You know i always wanted to be with you but you betrayed me”Iris yelled

“Betrayed you?ahh you must be joking”Mika laughed

“Guess you don’t like your life”Cassandra said from behind

“Life?i don’t have a life so i won’t be afraid of losing what i don’t have”Mika snapped

“Hmmm….i almost killed your useless sister”Cassandra yelled

“Sis….sister…..you dare not”Mika shouted

“So you still love her after pretending you don’t”Iris smirked

“Sister?who are they talking about?”Nolan asked and Mia frown

“Now am gonna end your life first before killing that ฦรฎtรงh”Cassie snapped and they wanted to attack Mika when Mia came out

“Stop”Mia yelled and everyone turned to her

“Look who’s here?”Iris teased

“Don’t you dare go close to her”Mia threatened

“I promise you am gonna slice your throat off if you dare me”Mia said

“I almost killed you but I didn’t got the chance that’s why I shot your arm”Cassie muttered

“You were the unknown girl?”Mia asked

“Yes,do am end your useless sister life before yours”Cassie grinned

“Am gonna dice you if you dare try it”Mia yelled

“Should I be afraid or what?”Cassie

“I’m warning you”Mia repeated

“Is that a threat or what?”Cassie frown

“I don’t threaten people i only tell them what i can do”Mia muttered

“Mia stay out of this”Mika said

“Stay out of what?after what they did to me i didn’t even realize she was the girl who almost killed me”Mia snapped

“Just let her be”Iris teased

“Ok enough of this $h|ts,who they Fลฏรงฦ™ are they?”Nolan asked

“Wowww pretty boy”Iris smiled


Falcon and Bethany killed all the men and they saw the correct briefcase.

“Finally”Bethany smiled. She turned back to go back to the road when they met two assassin’s

“Oh come on i thought we were done”Bethany yelled

“Umm….guys let shift this fight to another time”Falcon suggested walking passed them when a hand pushed him back

“Where are you going to handsome?”The assassin girl asked and Falcon scoff loudly

“Let’s do this”Bethany

Falcon with Bethany engrossed in a huge fight between the assassin’s,it was quite hard for them cause they were professionals assassin’s. They switched side, Falcon fighting with the girl assassin while Bethany was fighting with the male assassin.

The male assassin was getting in touch with Bethany,he was touching every part of her body which got Bethany angry .

“Touch me one more time and you will regret it”Bethany said with gritted teeth and he smirked

“Watch me”The male assassin teased before touching her Bล™ฤ›@ลกลฅ deliberately and Bethany gave him a low blow

He fell down holding is member he was really in pain. Bethany didn’t waste time before blowing his head off with her gun,the female assassin wanted to bring out hers when Bethany shot her stomach countless times and she fell down in her own pool of blood

“So easy”Bethany smiled

“You’re happy about killing two useless people”Falcon scoff before he walked away

“What’s his problem”Bethany scoff and followed behind


“Am going to free you”Tiger said

“Really?”Scarlett asked with a broad smile

“No way am going to capture you and torture you everyday,now get up and follow me”Tiger said coldly

“Please just let me go”Scarlett pleaded

“Seriously i should let you go”Tiger asked

“Yes”Scarlett replied

“Give me one good reason why i should let you go”Tiger said and Scarlett couldn’t say anything

“You’re an enemy and it’s be long i torture people like you”Tiger smirked before dragging Scarlett roughly

“For how long are we going to wait for that guy?”Brutus asked

“Shhhh……it’s been long he did something like this so don’t complain”Deathstroke replied and Tiger came in with Scarlett

“Am going to use the car while you guys use the truck”Tiger said before dragging Scarlett who kept a cold face

“Are you sure he’s ok?”Brutus asked

“Shut up….Diablo let’s go”Viper muttered

“You don’t have to shut me”Brutus scoff

Tiger and Scarlett entered the car following the truck behind. Tiger remained silent throughout but Scarlett kept on murmuring

“Hey if you’re raining insults on me then say it out and stop murmuring”Tiger said and Scarlett scoffed,Tiger turned to her direction and laughed

“Are you afraid of what i might do to you now that we are alone?”Tiger asked and Scarlett looked at him

‘Am still a purely virgin what if he tends to have SยฃX with me?’ Scared asked Hersef inwardly

“No am not”Scarlett replied turning her gaze from him

“You’re supposed to be the one afraid of me”Scarlett said

“Ohhh really?”Tiger asked

“Yes you didn’t tie me hands nor legs so ain’t you afraid of what i might do?”Scarlett asked with a smirk on her face and Tiger laughed out loud

“What’s amusing you?”Scarlett asked with a creased brow

“You’re the one amusing me”Tiger laughed

“You’re a maniac i don’t even know why am talking to you”Scarlett frown and turned out gaze towards the window

“How dare he take me for granted”Scarlett scoff

“Psycho”Tiger laughed

“Hope you aren’t talking to me?”Scarlett yelled. She was indeed angry

“And what if it was you?”Tiger grinned

“Scarlett calm down,am surely gonna kill somebody son someday”Scarlett muttered and Tiger frown hearing her last three words ‘Somebody Son Someday’


“Let’s go, Bethany is with the bag”Nolan said

“Why are you in a hurry?”Cassie asked

“Am not talking to you,if Boss gets to the mob before us we’re doom and the both of you no that”Nolan said pointing at Mika and Mia

“Nolan stay out of this”Mia yelled

“I don’t know the relationship between between you guys,just know that is either you kill them or you get killed”Nolan yelled in frustration

“Yes he’s right Mika and Mia it’s either you kill us or get killed”Cassie said pointing her gun towards them

“Do it, bring out your guns first to shoot each other”Iris muttered but Mika and Mia stood motionless

“Just pull the trigger”Mia said

“Miaaaa….”Mika and Nolan called

“They both thought we almost killed and they’re exacting revenge for it”Mia said coldly

“You both did it”Cassie yelled

“You see”Mia said and Mika sighed

“I think she’s right pull the trigger”Mika said

Iris and Cassandra pointed their guns at them,Nolan didn’t move an inch cause he’s already aware of what they’re going to do. Before Iris and Cassie could pulled the trigger Mika and Mia shot them on their stomach and they fell down groaning in pain

“Let’s go”Mika said after taking away their guns. Mia stared out them for some seconds before walking away. Immediately after they left some men ran to them and helped them

“What took you guys so long?”Bethany asked

“Ask them”Nolan said pointing at Mika and Mia before entering the car

“What is he talking about?”Bethany asked

“Don’t question me”Mia scoff before entering the car

“Why the attitude”Bethany scoff. They all entered the car and they drove off.


Bethany with the rest gangsters drove in and almost immediately Viper drove in too before Tiger followed behind

“Boss”they all chorused before their eyes saw Scarlett with Tiger. They all had a questioning look on their faces because none of them has ever brought a girl from outside the mob inside before.

“You don’t expect me to answer your question”Tiger scoff because he could see the questioning looks on their face

“Bethany”Viper called before walking away and she followed behind

“I wonder when she became close to the Boss”Mia muttered and they walked away leaving her behind


“The jewelries are correct?”Viper asked

“Yes boss”Bethany replied

“Drop it and leave”Viper ordered and Bethany drop

“Ok boss”Bethany bowed and left

“Wally”Viper called and Wally ran

“Bring in Dean’s daughter”Viper commanded

“Ok boss”Wally replied before running off

“Stella…….Stella…… Stella……what really are you?”Viper asked


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