(When love lasts)

By Prechy Lee

Chapter 25&26


Stella was shocked when she heard what Viper said she has already made up her mind of dieing but her mind was still on Madison thinking if she’s ok

Brutus walked in and saw what was going on he shook his head after seeing Emily on the floor who already passed out before his eyes jamb Stella who kept on a straight face

“So you’re going to kill her after keeping her alive?”Brutus asked

“She dare shout at me”Viper replied coldly and Brutus laughed

“I thought her sister is the only person who can talk freely”Brutus grinned

“Well just let her be Viper torturing her daily is far more better than killing her”Brutus suggested

Viper kept on staring at Stella he was already boiling he would have killed Stella a very long time ago if not for his brother Xavier. He closed his eyes and his childhood friend kept on popping on his head


“So you mean you don’t have friends apart from me?”Viper asked

“No i don’t,girls แนขลซรงฦ™s to hang out with”Stella replied

“Seriously”Viper laughed

“What’s funny about what i said?”Stella asked

“Girls like you always move out with other people like you,the same age and they gist and talk together but yours is a different case”Viper grinned

“I know,i once had some friends but they went genuine they came close to me because of you”Stella said and Viper was speechless

“Me?”Viper asked touching his chest

“Yes,because they know we’re friends and they kept on asking irrelevant questions about you and me it’s so annoying”Stella said irritated

“I only have one girlfriend”Viper said

“And who’s that?”Stella asked holding her chest

“The person is you”Viper smiled

“Me?”Stella asked

“Yes you’re the only girl i have as a friend”Viper grinned and Stella hugged him

“Thanks”Stella smiled


Viper opened his eyes and looked at Stella who was staring at him, curiousity took over him he decided to ask questions about her

“I will ask you again what’s your name!”Viper asked

“Stella”Stella replied

“You mean Stella is your name?”Brutus asked

“Yes,Stella William’s”Stella replied rubbing her palms together

“What about your sister?”Brutus asked

“Why do you need her name?”Viper asked turning to Brutus

“Why do you need her name either?”Brutus asked and Viper shook his head

“Crazy”Viper muttered

“Who did you ju….”

“Her name is Denise”Stella answered and Brutus stop on his track

“Denise?”Brutus asked

“Yes Denis and Denise are twins”Stella replied. She just need to answer their questions so she will leave here in peace

“Ohhhh”Brutus said

“You can go”Viper muttered

“Thank you”Stella immediately ran out of the room

Stella was running without looking back then suddenly she bumped into Diablo and he caught her before she fell down,they kept on staring at each other without saying anything

“Humm..thank you”Stella released herself from his grip

“Watch where you’re going to next time”Diablo said before he walked away and Stella started running again

She was totally lost,she doesn’t know the direction to the slaves quarters neither to her room. She kept on walking and walking that her legs was hurting her badly it was becoming dark

“For how long have i be walking?”Stella asked herself before she sat down on the floor

She was already feeling weak and exhausted till she heard some people talking she managed to stand up and walked to the direction of where the voice was coming from

She then entered the room and saw group of boys and girls smoking and drinking,she already knew those girls were strippers from their dressing and she turned her back and decided to walk away till she heard someone voice

“Where are you going to?”Roberto asked. He is one of Viper gangsters infact all the boys on the room are Viper gangsters. Stella turned and saw him smiling at her

“Ummm…..i came here by mistake so am just going to go out “Stella faked a smile

“And who gave you the permission to go out?”Roberto asked

“Just let her go Roberto”Falcon said from behind and Stella turned to him

‘ Falcon ‘She said in her head

“You can go”Falcon waved her hands to her but she didn’t move neither did her eyes left falcon body

“You’re always killing my vibe you man beast”Roberto complained

“You heard him you can go”Roberto said but Stella wasn’t moving

Falcon started walking towards her and got to her he looked at her before dragging her hand leading her out of the room

“Are you Viper gangster?”Stella immediately asked and Falcon halted before turning towards him

“Yeah…what were you doing in there do you know what would had happened to you if i wasn’t there?”Falcon half whispered

“I was lost i have been walking in circles for hours”Stella replied

“Ok i will take you to your quarter”Falcon said before walking away and Stella followed behind him


Denise was in a panicked state she has been waiting patiently for Stella ever since she was gone. Her mind was saying different things to her. She shook her head before falling on the floor

“Should i go and look for her?”Denise asked herself

“Yes Denise great idea”Denise said. She stood up and dust her self before walking out of her room

She walked outside to her suprise they was no gaurd to be found anyway. She smiled and then she tiptoe and got to the big door she opened it and went out

She started walking hoping she will see her somewhere. She saw a girl from her look she a stripper. Denise walked to her

“Hey hold on”Denise said and the girl turned

“How may I help you?”The girl asked

“Can you take me to the boss room?”Denise asked and the shift back before shaking her head as a ‘NO’ sign

“Ok what about the second in command?”Denise asked and the girl started walking.

Denise followed her till they got to the place,it was a big door,music were being held cause they were actually throwing a party at mob

“There’s the room”the girl replied before walking away

“Ok thanks”Denise said before opening the door. She entered the living room and started scanning the room if she would find him

She started walking round the room till she heard some noise like a Mรต@ษฒ

“He’s having SยฃX?”Denise asked

“Should i go and come back later?”Denise asked herself

“Nahh I should do it now or never”Denise said

The Mรต@ษฒ was becoming louder, Denise traced the noise till she saw a door she immediately opened it and saw three girls untop Brutus body,she turned around and intend to run out but she stopped and face them

“What are you do…..”

“Now get out all of you out”Denise yelled at the girls untop of Brutus

“Are dare you barge in here and chased us out”One of the girls yelled

“Hey miss stripper don’t make me do you something you will forever remember in your life now get out put on your cloths and evacuate this room now”Denise screamed and the girls was afraid they putted on their cloths and ran out of the room

“Are you crazy are dare you Fลฏรงฦ™ around when my sister isn’t back yet”Denise yelled and Brutus smirked

He jumped down from the bed he was on his shorts,Denise kept on staring at his chest that she didn’t know when he came close to her

“Like what you see?”Brutus asked

“Never”Denise pushed him away

“Where’s my sister?”Denise asked

“Aren’t you afraid of what I might do to you?”Brutus asked

“Why would be afraid?”Denise frown

“You came to my room unannounced and you chase out those girls I was gonna Fลฏรงฦ™ what makes you think I can’t do same to you!”Brutus asked

“You dare not”Denise yelled

“just watch me do justice to your body”Brutus said before capturing her lips

He wanted those lips off hers right from the time Denise K!SSed him. He pinned her hands in the wall and broke the K!SS before looking at face. Denise closed her eyes tightly

“Looks like you enjoyed my K!SS?”Brutus asked

“Just let go me”Denise muttered

“Then free yourself from me”Brutus smirked. Denise tried her best to release herself from his grip but she can’t cause Brutus was far more stronger than her

“You can go,today i will pardon you for barging into my room”Brutus said before releasing her hand

“She already left a long time ago maybe she is lost and lastly your lips are sour”Brutus grinned as Denise frown before walking away

Brutus ruffed his hair he’s not ready to have anything with her but she keeps on coming close to him



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