(when love lasts)

By Prechy Lee


β˜…~~BETTER DAYS~~β˜…

Madison and Rita stepped out of their room using a duvet to cover their body. Everybody was shocked to see a stranger in a gangster room the intruder alert were turn on and the gangsters came running immediately

“Stay here or i will shoot you”One of the gaurd said they were waiting for the gangster to arrive.

“Where are they?”Camila asked, she is one of Oliver gangsters

“There they’re”One of the gaurd pointed at them.

Madision and Rita was feeling frustrated already,they have been telling them they’re are not Intruders if not for their smartness they would have been beaten up by now

“Just listen to us we’re one of y…”

“Shut up”one of the gaurd said. Camila started walking towards them she has seen Madison and Rita before so she knows their room and coming out of there made her suspicious

She looked intently at them before a gasp escaped her mouth she was so shocked that different thought wonder at her head

“How?when? where?”Camila gasped

The rest gangs came and they saw Madison and Rita in a duvet they shook their heads. Clara walked to the front and took a proper look at them,she saw their necklace and their pendant with their first letter name on it M&R

Clara held her head she felt dizzy everyone was like on a frozen mood they couldn’t move nor talk cause of their appearance

“Hey why is everyone staring at us like that?”Maddison asked

“Madison?”Clara called

“Yes”Madison replied

“Rita?”Clara asked pointing at Rita

“Yeah”Rita smiled

“What?I mean how?”Clara screamed and all the gangsters were also in shocked

“I dunno”Madison shrugged

“Ok i think we need to go see the mob doctor”Beverly said

“It’s ok they mean no harm”Clara said and everyone started walking away same goes to the gangsters with Maddison and Rita


“So you mean they grew over night?”Doctor Greg asked

“Yes I’m surprised too”Clara said

“Ok i just need to run some tests for them”Doctor Greg assured


“Doc”Clara called

“Hummm it’s kind of a coincidence they drank some chemical experiment that’s is meant for dogs”Doctor Greg said

“Experiment for dogs?”Rita asked

“Yes”Doctor Greg replied

“That mean we’re going to turn to dogs?”Madison screamed

“Hummm i can’t tell”Doctor Greg shrugged

“Noooo…..”Madison and Rita screamed

“I just wanted to ask you guys how you drank the liquid?”Doctor Greg asked

“I don’t know”Rita replied

“Where was the last place you visited?”Doctor Greg asked

“We went to the hospital yesterday”Clara replied

“Ok”Doctor Greg said

“Madison you remembered we entered the dogs center in the hospital right?”Rita asked

“Yes and what about that”Madison replied

“I showed you a liquid in the tube that i said has a very good scent”Rita said and Madison gasped

“Yeah i remember”Madision said holding
her head

“Do you think it’s the cause?”Rita asked

“Hmmmmm……”Madison held her chin

“Yes now i understand.. i remember the tube was empty when we were leaving and i remembered the taste of our tea was changed”Madison screamed

“You need to go to that hospital to know if there’s any effect or not”Doctor Greg said

“Ok”They both chorused

“Don’t worry guys i will go with them,just go tell boss it’s a false alarm”Clara suggested and the gangsters left leaving them alone

“I think we need new cloths”Rita said looking at her self

“Ohhhh let’s get you guys ready”Clara smiled



“Stop”Viper ordered and Stella halted fear envelope her,she then turned around and saw Viper staring at her

“Wally”Viper called and he immediately rushed in

“Call me Gibson with the rest to come with their tools”Viper commanded

“Yes boss”Wally said before walking away

“Knee”Viper shouted and Stella immediately knee

The men came in with their tools,Whipper, daggers, guns,sword and arrows

Stella stared at those things they came in with,she was already in tears she was shaking profusely different thoughts were running through her minds

They placed it on the floor and they stood behind Viper wondering who amongst those girls they will use it on,Viper stared at Stella who was crying and then he remembered the first day they met

‘i thought you were a brave girl’Viper said to himself

“So which tool do you prefer?”Viper asked and Stella looked at his face she was wet with tears,she then looked at the tools in the floor

“Umm I….I…”She felt something touch her she immediately looked at the direction and saw her mom

“Mom?”Stella called

“Stella what are you doing to your self?”Alexa asked

“I don’t know mom”Stella cried out,Alexa moved to Stella and knelt down before her

“You’re Stella my wonderful daughter,the brave daughter i gave birth to,why are you scared? remember you told me you were fierceless and you ain’t easily moved by anything, remember who you’re,a tigress that’s who you’re”Alexa said in a roll

“Mom that was then”Stella cried

“No you’re still the same Stella”Alexa said before standing up

“Don’t bring out the weak Stella,bring out the brave Stella in you”Alexa said before walking away

“Mom please”Stella stood up and decided to run after Alexa but she was gone

“Noo..momma please wait”Stella screamed before falling on the ground again

Viper was wondering what was happening to Stella same goes to his men,before they heard her calling her mom. Viper shook his head

“What’s your name?”Viper asked,he has never asked about her name since he knew her

Stella heard Viper voice and she raised her head she met his gaze she didn’t looked away she was already boiling in anger when she heard his voice

“Why do you need my name huhhh?”Stella asked

“Haven’t you done enough already?”Stella asked

“I hate you i hate you”Stella spat

“Are you done talking already?”Viper asked coldy

“Well if you’re done… choose any of this tool that i will use to kill you”Viper said pointing at the tools on the floor

“Huhhh?”Stella frown



“So you mean the liquid poured on your tea in this hospital?”Doctor Ben asked

“Yes Doctor”Madison replied

“Am sorry to say this but the medicine cannot be reverse,we just tested the experiment and it worked well so you will just have to remain like this”Doctor Ben said

“I just wanted to know if we will be acting like dogs”Madison asked

“Hummm actually no you won’t act like dog it was only meant for dogs to grow faster that doesn’t mean it can’t be used on other things and there’s actually no side effects”Doctor Ben said

“Thank you”Rita said

“Ya welcome”Doctors Ben smiled

“I guess it’s time for shopping”Clara said

“Yayyyyy”they both screamed

Sorry it’s short,am still in shock of hearing David Ifeanyi Adeleke rumor death. I don’t want to believe it at all please let’s all wish he isn’t dead😭



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