(When love lasts)

By Prechy Lee

Chapter 19&20


They took Avery to the mob and was handed to their mob doctor Dr. Greg. Madison and Rita was handed to Oliver.

“Are you ok?”Clara asked Avery who opened her eyes

“Yeah am quite fine”Avery replied

“So what happened?”Beverly asked from behind the gangsters immediately walked in when they heard Avery was awake they were curious to know what happened

“Can’t you see she isn’t in the shape to answer that”Clara snapped

“I can talk ok”Avery assured Clara and she scoff

“Ok go on”Hailey said

“Umm incase you don’t know Lily has been my sworn enemies for years,so she shot me twice when i was trying to escape with those youngsters”Avery said calmly

“So who saved you?”Paxton asked

“Dean’s daughter saved my life by shooting Lily so i don’t know what happened after that”Avery said and they all gasped

“Seriously?”Silver shouted

“Yeah”Avery replied

“Now it makes sense why those two were in the driver seats”Clara said

“You mean they drove the car?”Avery asked in shocked

“Yeah Madison was the driver while Rita was her eyes cause she can’t see the road,you know she small”Clara replied

“You have to rest,we will take our leave now”Hailey said and Beverly scoff

“Do you have a problem with me?”Hailey asked Beverly but she ignored her question and walked away

“Dammnn”Hailey shouted



“Hey”Some one called from behind and Brutus immediately turned

“Go on”Brutus commanded after the girl walked to him

“Umm ummm..”She trailed off

“I know you want something Emily”Brutus smiled. Emily was one of $lΓΌt in the mob infact she’s top notch.

“I’m kinda of umm”Emily bit her lower lip,she was kind of shy in saying it to him.

“Horny right?”Brutus asked

“Yeah”She smiled

“Well am not in the mood for that so go meet someone else”Brutus smiled before walking away

“Whyyyy”She screamed after Brutus was out of sight she indeed wanted him

“Umm i think i will go meet Viper instead he can’t reject me”Emily smiled before heading towards Viper chamber


“What’s wrong with me?”Mika asked herself she has missed Diablo alot,she just wanted to see Diablo

“Mika Mika Mika”she screamed untop of her voice before running towards the roof top

She sat at the floor enjoying the cool breeze before looking at the star that was shinning beautifully she then remembered her mother words when she was young


“Mom why are we looking at the star”Mika ask

“We are looking at the star cause it’s beautiful and you can make a wish even when you see a shooting star”Liliana replied

“Can i make a wish?”Mika asked smiling broadly

“Yes you can”Liliana laughed

“Ok i wish to be with you forever”Mika wished raising her hands up to the sky

“No you can’t wish that”Liliana snapped

“Why?”Mika asked

“Cause you can’t live with me forever you will surely get married some day”Liliana laughed

“No i don’t want to get married i want to live with you”Mika said sadly

“When you see someone you love you won’t remember this words you said to me”Liliana teased

“Momma”Mika shouted and she laughed


A tear escaped Mika eyes and she quickly wiped it off,she looked at the star again and closed her eyes before she raised her hands up

“Trying to make a wish?”Diablo asked from behind. Mika immediately opened her eyes and turned her head towards Diablo direction. She stare at him for some while before she looked away ignoring Diablo question

“Ok you ain’t gonna talk to me?”Diablo asked sitting close to Mika on the floor

“Boss you don’t have to sit on the floor”Mika shouted when she saw Diablo sitting on the floor with her

“It’s ok i only came here to make a wish”Diablo muttered staring at the sky

“Ohh ok”Mika replied shortly

“So what are you doing here?”Diablo asked

“Umm i just came here to receive some cool breeze”Mika replied

“Hmmm ok”Diablo said

“Yayyyyy….. a shooting star”Mika shouted pressing Diablo hands

“Quick make a wish,it’s the faster way to be answered”Mika said smiling she immediately closed her and started making a wish. She turned at Diablo and saw him staring at her.

“What?you didn’t make a wish?”Mika asked and Diablo shaked his head

“Whyyyy”Mika asked

“Stop asking me questions”Diablo deep voice snapped,reality stroke Mika she was too excited that she forgot who she was sitting with

“Ohh am sorry”Mika apologize before sitting down again

“Go on am leaving”Diablo said before standing up and he left. Mika sighed out



“So let’s negotiate”Madison suggested

Oliver wants Madison and Rita to be the mob advicer cause they’re smart. Madison was smart enough to call for a negotiation

“Do you agree with us or not?”Rita asked and Oliver laughed

“Smart kids”Oliver teased

“Ok you’re going to be my chiefs advicer in this Mob then tell me your negotiation”Oliver muttered

“We will be your cheifs advicer so you will be paying us weekly”Madison smiled

“Paying you guys”Oliver laughed

“Are you in or not?”Rita asked

“Yeah name your price”Oliver said

“5000 thousand dollars”Madison said

“What?”Oliver asked

“Any problem with that?”Rita asked and Oliver laughed

“What are you guys going to be doing with such money?”Oliver asked

“We’re girls so what do you expect”Madison laughed

“So it’s a deal?”Rita asked and Oliver scratched his head

“Deal”Oliver muttered

“Good boy”Madison smiled



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