(When love lasts)

By Prechy Lee

Chapter 17&18

โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…MY FAITHโ˜…โ˜…โ˜…

Denise kept on talking and blabbering while Stella remained calm and quiet. She isn’t the type that like getting in trouble but she was triggered that was the reason why she lost her cool.

“Let me go you punk”Denise shouted at the men who were dragging her

“Just tell your men to leave me or else”Denise threatened Brutus

“Denise can you stop talk…”

“Shut up”Denise cut Stella off and Stella immediately kept quiet

“I’m warning you Mr Villian”Denise muttered

“What are you gonna do?”Mia asked from behind

“And who is the b**tch asking me useless question?”Denise asked ignoring Mia question

“This b**tch has a high rank in this Mob”Mia said and Denise laughed

“High rank?ohhh are you referring to the high rank of $lรผt?”Denise asked and Mia frown

“Hey stop frowning your face it makes look like a frustrated witch”Denise teased

“Mind the way you talk to me”Mia threatened

“Or else what?what are gonna do?”Denise asked

“I’m going to show you what I’m capable of”Mia yelled

“Ohh i know you’re capable in bed you don’t need to show me”Denise laughed

“I’m surely gonna show you”Mia fired

“Enough”Brutus said. He has been quiet because he wanted to know what they’re gonna do.

“But she st….”

“Leave”Brutus cold voice stop her from talking. She glared at Denise who had a smirk on her face and then turned to Brutus who was looking at her before she walked away

“Bring them in”Brutus commanded

“Don’t drag me i will walk on my own”Stella protested and walked away Denise followed behind

They walked inside the place it was indeed big and beautiful but filled with rocks. Stella and Denise stared at each other with a questioning look

“Bring the sticks”Brutus ordered and the men came in with the sticks

“Give it to them”Brutus commanded and they immediately handed the sticks to them. Stella fell down when the sticks touch her hands it was quite heavy for her

“Are you ok?”Denise asked with concern

“Yes I’m fine”Stella replied

‘why am i so weak?’ she asked inwardly,before looking at Denise who was holding the sticks firmly

“Use those sticks in your hands to hit the rock make sure the rocks is broken”Brutus commanded

“What”They both chorused

“Whip them if they think to rest or relax”Brutus deep voice ordered and they were immediately whipped

“Ahhhhh….”They both shouted

“It’s ok we are gonna do it”Denise cried out before looking at Brutus who stared at her with no expression on his face

“Mr Villian”Denise muttered to herself


Madison and Rita were on the floor crying,the maids were unable to console them. Madison was tired of crying so she was mute,she wasn’t speaking neither was she hearing anything

The words that Ivy said,kept on ringing in her head

‘who’s your child?well for your information your children are already held as captive and am not after your money you old fool’

‘that ฦรฎtรงh who’s your sister is a fool same goes to your useless father’

She closed her eyes and let out a deep sigh before opening her eyes. She heard someone sobbing slightly,she turned and saw Rita in tears she shook her head

“For how long we you keep on crying?”Madison asked and Rita raised her head looking at Madison who already stopped crying

“They’re gone Madison”Rita cried loud

“You just have to put yourself together and figure out what happened”Madison muttered

“How?”Rita asked

“I don’t know now”Madison replied then suddenly noise was coming from the living room people were shouting and gun shots were been heard. Rita turned to Madison who had no expression on her face

“What are we gonna do now?”Rita asked in fear

“Nothing just keep quiet and don’t move”Madison concluded and Rita nod her head in agreement

Then suddenly a maid opened their door,she was scared to the point that she started weeping

“They’re here”The maid said before running away

“Wow wow wow seems they’re in good shapes”Lily said smiling

“Don’t care about that”Scarlett said

“What do you guys want?”Madison asked

“You, just stand up and come with us same goes to your sister”Scarlett said and Madison laughed

“I wonder what’s funny”Roman said scratching his head

“Just go back to who ever sent you that we are not coming”Madison said with a straight face

“Wow so bossy like your father”Jaxon said and Madison gave him a hard glare

“What?ohh sorry you don’t know who your father is right?who were told he died before you were born right?”Scarlett laughed

Madison was confused cause she never knew who are father is. She was told he died before she was born. Different thought kept on ringing on her heads

“Just stand up and come with us or we’re going to force you guys”Lily said they remained calm and quiet

“Ok your drama is enough”Scarlett said with gritted teeth before walking to Madison and dragged her hair

“Ahhhhh..”She screamed

“Scarlett let her go,it’s an advice she can report you to the boss”Roman said

“I don’t care”Scarlett yelled

“Just let her go she might be dangerous”Lily said with a concern look. She has witnessed Madison and Rita characters that they’re people they shouldn’t play with.

“What’s your problem?”Scarlett yelled

“I’m just being concern”Lily assured her

“Concern?”Avery asked from behind and they turned towards her,they were all caught off guard

“Let go off her”Beverly said calmly

“Who are you?”Scarlett asked

“Wow seems you don’t know us so let it just remain that way but we know you’re Dean’s gangster”Clara smiled

“Seems this ฦรฎtรงh is now a gangster”Lily laughed

“Well don’t have time for your silly drama just tell your crazy friend to release her”Avery snapped

“Why?”Scarlett asked and they all laughed, Scarlett what’s wondering why they were laughing till something hit her head. She screamed and fell down blood was already gushing out from her head.

While they were busy exchanging words Rita was at the back of Dean’s gangster,she quickly thought of something to do so she got hold of a vase and drew a chair closer to Scarlett before she stood on it and hit the vase on Scarlett head

Madison and Rita immediately got the chance to run to Avery side. Roman got angry and they began to fight

“Avery take them away”Beverly shouted and Avery quickly took the kids away.

Roman wanted to run after them but was stopped by Beverly. Lily tried her best to escape before chasing after Avery


Denise and Stella were exhausted they were tired. They kept on staring at Brutus who was busy with his phone

“Hey Mr Villian do you want to kill us huhh,can’t you see we are tired”Denise yelled and Brutus raised his head meeting her gaze

“This is more than a punishment”Denise protested. She dropped her stick and started moving towards Brutus,she was being whipped and dragged away by those men

“Let me go i need to teach him a lesson”Denise yelled

“Leave her”Brutus commanded and they immediately let her go. Denise started walking towards Brutus again and she stood in front of him glaring at him

“Are you not going to teach me a lesson again?”Brutus deep voice asked

“Do you really want me to punish you?”Denise asked but got no response. She leaned closer and whispered on his ear

“They’re alot of way to teach someone like you a lesson”Denise whispered on Brutus ear

“Which is?”Brutus asked unhurriedly

“Firstly am gonna ล˜@pรช you”Denise said,Brutus looked at her face and she was damn serious

“Really?well that’s sad to hear am going to be ล˜@pรช”Brutus muttered laughing,he was shocked by her first option and it sounds funny to him

“Take her away”Brutus commanded and those men came from behind

“No need for that”Denise said and walked away


Avery got outside with the kids she sited their motor and started running towards it before she was shot twice on her stomach

“Ahhh…”She screamed,Madison and Rita immediately turned to her

“Are y….”

“Get inside now”Avery said and they immediately got inside the car. Avery searched her pocket looking for her gun

“$h|t who misplaced his or her gun in the middle of a fight”She asked herself before turning to Lily who had a smirk on her face

“The almighty Avery is at my mercy”Lily laughed

“It ain’t funny”Avery scoff

“Oh yes it’s funny i told you I was going to get back at you”Lily laughed

“Seems you ain’t over your drama”Avery teased

“Drama?wow am now an actress,any way am not here to battle words with you just say your last wish and I will surely grant it for you or rather your last prayer”Lily said with a smiled

“Just go on with the killing”Avery scoff

“Wow such attitude ok your wish is my command my regards to the devil”Lily said before cracking the gun.

Avery closed her eyes immediately she heard the gun shot then she heard someone screaming and she immediately opened her eyes and saw Lily on the floor. She managed to stood up and saw Madison holding a gun

Her head was quick to calculate it,she opened her mouth after realizing Madison was the one who shoot Lily. She fell down and started screaming in pain

She was in pain,she held her stomach blood was gushing out non stop, she then closed her eyes

“Miss…”Madison called before running to Avery who didn’t opened her eyes again

“Come help me”Madison said and Rita came down from the car running towards them.

“Is she dead?”Rita asked

“I don’t know just join me let’s take her to the car”Madison said before they started dragging Avery

“Can you drive?”Rita asked Madison who was in the driver sit

“I will try,just be my eyes and be giving me direction ok”Madison said

“I don’t want to die”Rita faked a cry

“Just do as I say and stop talking”Madison said before igniting the car


Stella fell down but was whipped she immediately stood up and started breaking the rocks but it was unable to break even when the sticks was hard and strong.

Denise turned to Brutus and saw him staring at her. She dropped her stick and ran to Brutus before jumping on him. Stella eyes widen when she saw what Denise did,she got to the chance to rest but her body was weak then she passed her out.

“Mr Villian please set us free”Denise pleaded she was sitting on Brutus lap

Brutus was suprise to see her pleading. His body was reacting to Denise who was sitting on his lap

“Please”Denise talked sweetly

“Why”Brutus asked

“Am gonna ล˜@pรช you”Denise grinned,she wasn’t in her right senses anymore

“Then do it”Brutus smirk thinking she wasn’t going to do it but to his suprise Denise K!SSed him.

He was shocked,he didn’t K!SSed her back neither did he pushed her away till she stop K!SSing him he pushed her slightly and found out she has fainted

“Take them away”he ordered and the men took them away. He stood up and started walking till he bumped into someone

“Watch it”Brutus shouted

“Am sorry”Mia apologize,he didn’t know who he bumped into he stared at her before walking away

“$h|t”she was frustrated she saw everything that happened in the labour room


“Slow down”Rita screamed at Madison who was having fun driving. Rita saw the rest gangs

“Stoppp….”Rita shouted and Madison stopped crashing into something Rita immediately came down and started vomiting,she was having a running stomach before of the crazy ride

The gangs ran to the car and saw Madison on the car they were surprised that Madison was the one driving the car when her head didn’t reach the front mirror. Madison saw the questioning look on their faces

“She was my eyes”Madison pointed at Rita who was still vomiting

“She’s in the back”Madison continued

“Get down”Beverly said and Madison came down from the car moving to the back

“What happened?”Clara asked

“Ask her when she awake for the now let’s save her life”Madision said

“how rude”Clara scoff and Rita chuckled softly



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