Love,SΒ£X, Romance, Hatred,Envy


Chapter 1&2

By Prechy Lee


“What are you doing here”Viper cold voice stopped Stella from moving

“I…wa..was… ju….st…tt..walking around”Stella stuttered

“Prisoner’s aren’t allowed to walk freely”Viper reminder her

“I’m sor…”

Viper pinned her to the wall so hard and he brought out his dagger piercing it on her thighs,she screamed out in pain

“I hate those words”Viper said with gritted teeth

“I’m…I won’t do it again”Stella pleaded, blood was already gushing out of her thigs.she was in pain.Viper let go off her

“Get lost before i had you to the strippers”Viper yelled and Stella immediately ran away


Stella is a girl who live with her family.Alexa Stella mom, Maddison Stella junior sister.

Stella father known as Dean,left his family when Maddison was still a baby. He is a Mafia Lord who doesn’t want to be trapped down by his family

Viper is the most fierced Mafia Lord in the region. He took care of his father Mob known as THE BLACK HAND at the age of 16. His father was killed by Dean(Stella father)in the most brutal way,while Viper was held captive along his elder brother Xavier

They managed to escape from Dean prison and took over his father Mob

Now the question is:

Will he ever act like other commoners

Will he become cold

Will he spare Dean family after been separated from them


Will Stella be a fierced girl

Will she be the talk active type

Will she be the scared type

Will Stella be able to tamed his cold ness

Don’t go anywhere,go grab your pop corn while you read with me

β˜…β˜…β˜…THE NEW LIFEβ˜…β˜…β˜…

“stella stella stellllaa”Alexa called angryly

“Mom give me some minutes ok”Stella replied her mom

“How many hours will it take you to get ready”Alexa said annoyingly

“Mom,is big sis not ready yet?”Alexa heard Maddison said

“No she isn’t,she totally delaying us”Alexa replied

“Mom you haven’t told me why we’re leaving this country”Maddison said

“Sweetie i told you now is not the time for that ok”Alexa reassuring Maddison

“Ok,i’m gonna miss this house and my friends”Maddison said sadly

“Ohh sweetie don’t be sad,you will get to have new friends over there ok”Alexa said smiling

“Ok mom”Maddison said

“Come on let’s go have breakfast”Alexa said carrying Maddison

“You’re kind of heavy”Alexa said laughing

“I’m not heavy”Maddison replied laughing

Meanwhile Stella was still battling with her self on getting up from the bed

‘whats wrong with me?I feel lazy’ Stella said inwardly

“Ok at the counting of 5 stella you’re gonna get up 1…2….3….4…..5… get uppppp” She shouted before falling back on the bed

“No this isn’t good for me”she said before remembering her mother was angry over at lazy attitude

“The last thing i want to see is mom getting angry, Bathroom here i come”she said before running towards the bathroom

After what almost looks like an hour,Stella came of the bathroom with a bath robe, looking out her reflection in the mirror

“Ok Stella stop staring and get ready”she said to herself

She then decided to put on a crop top sleeve with a mini skirt exposing her sexy legs and tummy,she didn’t add make up cause she already look beautiful and she hate make up too,she then packed her hair into a bun putting on some cool eye glass

“Wowww Stella you look beautiful”she said admiring herself.if there’s one thing she’s good at is talking to herself

“Ok I’m good to go”she said walking out of the room

Meanwhile Alexa and Maddison was busy packing their things to the car before they saw stella

“Whoaaa sis you look hot”Maddison complimented Stella

“Thanks my sweet pie”stella said smiling

“What’s up with the nick name??you changed it from big baby to sweet pie”Maddison said poutting her lips

“Ohh sweet pie i can call you any name i want ok”Stella said still laughing

“Well I’m gonna call you Boss Lady”Maddison smirked

“Boss Lady??huhh?? that’s hilarious”Stella asked walking towards Maddison

“Then lemme show you what boss lady can do”Stella said tingling Maddison

“Stop it sis,stop it”Maddison kept on shouting while laughing

Alexa who was busy watching her kids not realizing she was smiling watching the bond between them and she cried inwardly wishing if her siblings shared this kind of bond with her

“Ok now let’s go before we miss our flight”Alexa finally speaking up

“Ok mom”Stella and Maddison chorused

“Let go of me boss lady”Maddison said releasing her self from Stella grip before running towards the car

“Sweet pie, sweet pie ohh i want to eat i feel so hungry”Stella said acting childish

Soon they were inside the car and everywhere became silent nobody was ready to utter any word to each other. Stella was busy staring out the window same goes to Maddison who was sitting across the other side while Alexa was sitting at the front sit.

“I’m going to miss this town”Stella said almost as a whisper

“Me too” Maddison replied and they both turned staring out each other

“Do you know the reason why we’re leaving this town??”Maddison asked confused by her sudden change of location

“No sweet pie but I’m sure mom wants the best for us ok”Stella said reassuring Maddison with a smile

“You’re right”Maddison said and sighed before staring out the window again

They all got to the airport and their passports were approved. They entered the plane and it took of few hours later.stella was sitting close to the window so she was still busy staring out the window

“It sure does looks beautiful”Stella said giving the country the last view

“Yes you’re right”Stella heard someone said and she gasped

“Sorry for replying you when you ain’t talking to me,but i have to admit it”Falcon said

“Well anyway I’m falcon and you??”Falcon asked

“Well I don’t tell strangers my name”Stella said coldly

“Ok i understand”falcon replied unhurriedly

“We seems to be heading towards the same direction”falcon said

“Yeah”Stella replied faintly

“Hope i get to see you another time”falcon said smiling

“California is big so stop having a high hope”Stella grinning

“You’re quite right”Falcon replied and sighed

After what almost looks like forever the plane landed and everyone came down, falcon bid farewell to Stella before walking away

“Who’s he??”Maddison asked

“Someone i sat down with”Stella replied

“He’s quite hot anyway”Maddison said smiling

“Sweet pie is becoming naughty”Maddison said carrying Maddison

They boarded a car to their apartment and took their stuffs down before walking into the apartment

“Wowwwww”Maddison was the first to speak

“It looks beautiful and huge”Stella said admiring the house

“I’m gonna check my room”Stella said before running towards the stairs

“Hey wait up sis”Maddison called from behind running after Stella

“Be careful sweethearts”Alexa said and laughed

After hours of touring around the house Stella came down to the living room and she met her mom

“Mom i going to take a walk”Stella said before walking away not waiting for her mom reply

“Ok baby”Alexa replied


Viper was sitting at the basketball court watching them with his friends Brutus, Deathstroke,Diablo and Tiger

πŸ‘₯Wow that guy over there look so hot

πŸ‘₯ They’re indeed good at basketball

πŸ‘₯ I love the one with green eyes

πŸ‘₯ Those girls are so lucky to sit with them

The people surrounding them began to murmur amongst their self.

Ivy is scoffed glaring at Alice and Lara who was sitting with them

They’re Viper Gangster

Ivy,Alice,Lara,Kimora,Caroline, Mia were choosing to go on a vacation with Viper

“Can’t believe those fools”Kimora said irritated

“If only they knew who they’re”Ivy said

“Brutus looks so cute”Mia said who had a crush on Brutus. She has been staring at him

“Yeah he is but my Viper is the cutest”Ivy said smiling.Then suddenly the ball was kicked to the road and everyone eyes followed

Stella was busy walking looking around when a ball hit her she gasped and fell down

‘Who dare threw a ball at me’ she said inwardly angryly

Alice was the first to walked out of the crowd to Stella

“Hey we’re sorry about that”Alice said apologizing

“Your friends ain’t looking sorry pumpkin?”Stella said angryly

“There ain’t my friends,and not a pumpkin,I’m just tryna be nice to you”Alice scoffed

πŸ‘₯ Who’s she

πŸ‘₯ You look hot

πŸ‘₯ I’m sure i haven’t seen her before
They are began to murmur

“Silence everyone”A girl shouted and every where became silent

“Ok we’re sorry,now give us the ball”Gavin said who was amongst those playing the ball

“I’m gonna give it back to you”Stella said smirking then she used her ring on her finger to pierced the ball so hard then it got lessed she walked straight to the net and threw it inside

“Nice shot” she shouted

“Add it to your mark”she said pointing at Gavin

“ohh i almost forgot some thing”she said be walking towards the ball on the floor and then she walked to Gavin and opened his hands before handling him the ball

“What’s your problem?are you dumb?”A girl from the crowd asked harshly

“Yes I am”Stella said coldly

“Ahh she so full of drama”Tiger laughed

“But she’s cute anyway”Brutus said and Mia rolled her eyes

“Let’s go”Viper commanded

“Come on let’s go Alice the good Samaritan”Kimora called

And all of them stared at her,Stella then walked up to her and looked at her before looking at the rest of them

“You don’t understand anything at all cause you look dumb and stupid”Stella heard a girl said from behind

“You might wanna keep you mouth shot Ɓα»₯Ε₯Ε₯ face”Stella said still staring at Viper,and everyone gasped

πŸ‘₯ Ɓα»₯Ε₯Ε₯ face

πŸ‘₯ She look tough

πŸ‘₯why isn’t Gavin speaking up

πŸ‘₯ That’s rude

πŸ‘₯ She deserves it

The murmurs started again.

“Why ain’t you saying anything?”She asked Gavin

“What do you expect him to say?”Stella asked creasing her brows

Viper was busy staring at Stella before their eyes met and Stella started walking straight to Viper

Hey cute boy”Stella called,but Viper walked away. She ran to his front stopping him from walking

“What do you want”Viper asked unhurriedly

“You”Stella replied,Viper frowned

“Your face can’t scare me,White Knight”Stella said and laughed

Alice shaked her head

“Who are you”Mason asked coldly

“Your guardian angel i guess”Stella said and laughed

“Hey back off”Ivy said annoyingly

“What if I don’t?”Stella asked moving close to Viper before she was pushed away by ivy and she started laughing

“What?is he your boyfriend?well I’m not gonna steal him,he’s not my type”Stella said unhurriedly and everyone gasped

πŸ‘₯ Is she dreaming or what

πŸ‘₯ She must be crazy

πŸ‘₯I wish I was her right now

“Ohh really”Viper smirked

“Yes you’re not cool for my liking”Stella said and walked away leaving everyone speechless

“Did she just say you ain’t cool for her liking?”Deathstroke finally speaking up

“Yeah I’m shocked either”Brutus said and Viper walked away

“Hey wait up”Alice called running after stella

“What’s it”Stella asked angryly cause she was still boiling

“I wanna talk to you for a sec”Alice said P@Ε‹ting

“Go away i don’t want to talk to you”Stella said and walked away

“Huh??”Alice asked

“Rejected”Alice turned and saw Lara laughing at her

“Shut up a** hole” Alice snapped and walked away



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