December 5, 2023


[ 🔥The story of us ]

©️ Spark’s libary 2020

✍️ Written by authoress lenity Faithful.


Tags : love , promise , destiny , family , Life , relationships

SEASON 0NE [Episode 13 🧕]



“Disha beta what happened to sunny ? Mother asked but i just kept shedding tears.

I love sunny, but he thinks I’m having an affair with Varun, I don’t know who fed up with such lies, I’m so confused and fustrated.

Roshni walked over and engulfed me in a hug.

“don’t worry that’s how sunny his, he’ll calm down soon”munni tried to Cheer me up.

If only she knows the situation I’m in. We walked into our room and he just sat down with his bleeding hand while working on his laptop.

What sought of proud arrogant jerk did i get married to ?



“Sir your hand is badly injured and”I groaned in fustration when i heard that voice.

I looked in front of me and and saw a man with a suit case seems like he’s a doctor.

“I don’t need any treatment I’m fine” i said and faced my work.

“sir your deeply injured and if it isn’t treated properly, it might cause an infection, which can cause your hand to get amputated”he said and i stood up.

“if you love your life, get out before i get yours amputated first”I said and the doctor ran off.

“Live now, all of you get the hell outta my room, it’s just a wound, I’ve not been killed”I yelled at them and they left the room in a hurry.

“thank God”I said and sat down.

“sunny please have your medicine, please I’m begging you ” Disha said and i glared at her.

I tried living the room and my vision blured all of a sudden. I could hear Disha scream my name but that was the last thing i remember.



Sunny is just so stubborn, he lost his consciousness and that really scared the living day lights out of me.

The doctor took care of him and gave me some drugs to give to him.

I took a shower and changed into my night wear and room slippers.

aakash bhai had helped me change Sunny’s clothes and i hived a sigh of relief. I got into our room and my eyes nearly came out of their socket.

Sunny busy drinking alcohol and it looks like he already drank two and this was the third wine bottle i ran to him and snatched the bottle.

“Disha give it back ” he said slowly and hiccuped.

Oh no he’s drunk, tears kept rolling down my eyes to see him so emotional.

WHY is he hurting himself ?

“Don’t cry you don’t look beautiful when you cry, that’s why i feel guilty, each time i hurt you” he said and smiled sadly.

“why are you doing this ? you’re hurting yourself” I said while he stared at me.”I said while he stared at me.

“this is nothing compared to how i feel right here ” he said and pointed to his chest while pouting.

what his he trying to say, I gave him a confused look .

“Why did you do it ? why did you follow in my footsteps? I’ll have died happily if you killed me, than you loving someone else the pain is tearing my heart into pieces it hurts Disha” he said and i stared at him in shock.

“why couldn’t you see the fact that for all this while, I was trying to change for you, that I love you ? THAT I’M HEAD OVER HEELS CRAZYLY IN LOVE WITH You”he said and my heart beat increased.

“why did you have to love that Varun ? He asked crying and I glared at him is this why he was avoiding me ? He taught I was in love with varun, I feel so hurt knowing he never trusted me.

.”sunny seriously? Someone told you i loved Varun and you believed that person didn’t you trust me even one bit ? I asked and he rubbed his face in fustration.

“Crystal showed proof Disha, I’m so confused. I love you yes, but I’m mean arrogant, who will like someone like me ? At the long run it’s always Crystal i end up with in the end, i just want someone to love me not for my money, not because we are married but someone to love me for me” he said and i held his hand.

“i love you sunny, not for your Damm Money or looks but because your my man and I just can’t settle for someone else.” I said.

” It won’t be easy I’m behave like a devil some time’s ” he said ” then Mr devil I’ll be your angel” I said and he chuckled.


👠Author’s pov👠

Sunny slammed his lips on Disha and she froze for a few minutes before K!SSing him back as he pulled her closer exploring her mouth in a sweet K!SS.

He lifted her up in bridal style and placed her on the bed as he came untop her, K!SSing her tender neck and giving her love bites.

She Mõ@ɲed his name slowly with her mouth parted as she ran her smooth fingers on his luscous hair.

He helped her out of night wear and losed all ounce of control seeing her Ɲ@kēɗ in front of him.disha lossed all her senses due to the K!SSes and helped him out of his clothes.

He crashed his lips on hers again but this time, the K!SS was craving, tempting and burning.

“sunny ” she Mõ@ɲed as he touched her in places she had never been touched.

He stared at her with love and whispered in her ears.

“I promise, i won’t hurt you, but if it hurts, tell me and I’ll stop” she gave a nod and with one swift move he entered her breaking her virginal wall.

she Mõ@ɲed in pain which soon turned into light sobs.

Sunny stared at her worriedly she looked so soft and delicate.

“I’m so sorry love”he said as he K!SSed her to soot her pain.she calmed down and told him she was ok , but he still looked at her worriedly.

“sunny I’m fine trust me”she said and he began to move slowly then faster driving them both into the hieghts of ectacy.they we’re both in each other’s arms nothing matttered more, they had each other and that’s all that matters.



I woke up and groaned in pain when my phone rang. I’ve got a splitting headache.

I sat up and turned to my left and saw did blood stains appear on my bed ? I closed my eyes and like lightening the memories of last night flooded my brain.

“oh no i just confessed and , did i force her to ” I cut myself and got up from the bed.

I was only on my shorts.

“Disha” I called and she dropped her hair dryer and turned to me but kept staring at her legs.

Did i hurt her that much ? I walked over to her and held her hand.

“Disha I’m sorry, I don’t know what got over me “I said staring at her legs.

” Disha I’m sorry, I don’t know what got into me, it was your first time and maybe i wasn’t gentle.

I was drunk I’m sorry” I said and she stared at me angrily.

“sorry ? She asked .

“Disha i ” tried calling and she slapped me.

“you’re such a good for nothing fool” she said and stormed into the washroom.

Gosh is her hand made of iron ? Did i say something wrong ? I wondered as I glanced at the washroom for the second time.



” Sunny is really an idiot ” I muttered to myself as i applied vermilion on my head and removed my hair band making it fall to my waist.

I arranged my saree pallu properly. I was dressed in a yellow saree with fine design, put on my silver jewelry the one mom gifted me during my engagement.

I miss my family a lot so i guess I’ll have to pay them a visit today. I wore some red bangles on my hands, wore my anklet and sandals.

I was about to live the room when I bumped into sunny.hes hair looks wet, he kept staring at me with his
to pay them a visit today.

I wore some red bangles on my hands, wore my anklet and sandals. I was about to live the room when I bumped into sunny.

hes hair looks wet, he kept staring at me with his preety eyes and i glared at him.he wasn’t dressed for the office, instead he wore a blue t shirt , white ripped geans, a blue slippers designed with pure diamonds.

He looks so good looking so i removed my eyes before i start drooling.

He’s surely gonna get the silent treatment from me foolish egoistic proud arrogant peaCöçk.

“even the way you’re glaring at me is digging holes in my skin , love I’m sorry ” he said I rolled my eyes.

“I’m sure you’re brain is divided into two” I said and pushed him off the door as i walked out, I could hear him saying she’s turned into a devil and a smile appeared on my lips.



I stared at my wife’s retreating figure in wife is no longer a shy baby, I’m do i pacify her ? I scratched my hair in fustration and dailed the idiots number.

” Hey stupid what’s up ? I asked and he laughed.

“so the president of the fool’s republic finally remembered me” he said teasingly ad i groaned in fustration and picked my watch and car keys

.”are you at home ? I asked

“nope I’m in Vicky’s suit Vicky is here too”he said.

“ok I’m on my way” I said and cut the call as i strolled outta the mansion.

What!!! They screamed in unison.well i did the wrong thing by telling Harish and Vicky about my predicament.

The person that said a problem shared is a problem half solved is a bloody lier.

” Wait i taught you were only arrogant , I didn’t know your brain is incomplete” Harish said and Vicky gave him a thumbs up.

” What the” i tried completing my sentence.

.” Calm down bro this is not the time to yell, I mean what you did was stupid, you told your wife sorry after consummating your marriage, do you know how annoying that is ? Vicky said.

” I still don’t understand what’s wrong with sorry” i said and they both gave me a look like your case is hopeless.



“Disha beti welcome” our chief head of the servants said and i received his blessings.

“namaste ramu ji , how are you” i asked and he smiled at me. I strolled into the luxurious mansion and any servant that saw me hugged me in excitement.

Rathore mansion is built with bothtraditional and modern touch.

The mehra have a bigger mansion but ours have more of the traditional look.

I walked in and as always Karan Bhai was having an argument with his wife pallavi.

“men are the ones spoiling the kids not the ladies,soni and bintu must be punished” pallavi bhabi said whilst the kids hid behind their father, who just chuckled at his cute wife’s anger.

The kids saw me and ran over to me, I was able to save them from their mothers wrath.

“where is Kiara” i asked after receiving lots and lots of hugs.” She’s upstairs with Krishna” mom said and i smiled.



” Sunny you surely need to get a big deliverance” I said making him roll his eyes” I mean who the hell says sorry to someone after such a special night ? I said.

” So what do i do ? He asked tired.

“ask for her forgiveness” I said.

“ok i get it, i should say sorry again ? He asked batting his lashes at me.

now i think this is serious. I took my hands and felt his neck, while he gave me a confused look.

“is he ok ? Vicky asked and sunny glared at us as we burst into laughter.

“guys i can’t bear Disha’s anger Please help me he said and we gave him ideas.

” Take her on a date, buy her chocolates , Clean her hand bag polish her shoes if possible” Vicky said and I burst out laughing.

“I think you both aren’t helping” sunny said and stood up.” Hey where are you running to Mr lover” i asked.

“I need to sleep to hell with your help, she’s my wife I’ll figure out what to do ” he said making us laugh harder.



I got into the room and met Kiara polishing her nails while Krishna was reading a love novel.

“hi girls”I said and they engulfed me in a hug.

“so my sister finally took a break from Prince charming” Kiara teased .

“so how are things with you and jiju ? Krishna asked and I frowned.

“you look angry is everything ok ? Kiara asked.

“after everything he told me sorry” i said and they gave me a confused look.

” D calm down and tell us what exactly happened” Kiara said and Krishna handed me a glass of water.



Vicky and Harish weren’t helping matters at all.

I came back home expecting to see my baby but no, she wasn’t back, I wonder where she went. I took a shower and war a plain white shirt and black goggers and went downstairs and met my grandma playing games on her iPad.

” Hey Grandma” i said and sat close to her.” Grandma have you seen Disha ? I asked and she looked at me.

” she’s your wife, you should know were she is not me stupid”she said and concentrated on her game.

“grandma you see, i sought of got her angry, so she isn’t talking to me” I said and heard a gasp.

I turned and saw aunt and uncle accompanied by munni and aakash I’m surely dead.

I forced a smile and sat properly.

“don’t worry dear, I will help you ” aunt said smiling sheeplessly.
now I’m surely doomed.”

” Guatam sunny is gonna take marriage lessons from me” aunt said excitedly.

“then he should prepare he’s divorce papers if he takes your advice” uncle said.


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