December 2, 2023


[ πŸ”₯The story of us ]

©️ Spark’s libary 2020

✍️ Written by authoress lenity Faithful.


Tags : love , promise , destiny , family , Life , relationships

SEASON 0NE [Episode 11 πŸ§•]



πŸ§• DISHA πŸ§•

I’ve been waiting for Mr mehra ever since i woke up and didn’t see him on the bed , I put on my yellow slippers as I walked outta his room.

I’m so worried about Mr mehra. Did he go back to Crystal ?

Not now please heavens , not now that I’ve fallen in love with him.

walking to and fro wondering where he went, I heard footsteps and turned to see Mr mehra.

“WHY AREN’T You ASLEEP” he asked and my heart clenched painfully, it’s been long
since he used this tone on me, and as much as I didn’t show, it scares the hell outta me.

“I woke up and you weren’t on the bed so I got worried”I said.

“I don’t need your fake care”he said and I thought I saw hurt flash in his eyes but it left as soon as it came.

He walked upstairs and I sighed. What ever happened to the nice Mr mehra ?


πŸ₯€ SUNNY πŸ₯€

As much as I hate Disha ,I just can’t stop thinking of her. I’m trying to avoid her but seems like even the universe is trying to make me pay for my sins by bringing us closer because dad asked her to join mehra fashion house, and to top it all mom asked her to join from my car.

O gosh and she isn’t helping matters by putting on such a breathtaking saree.

Are they planning to kill me ? I feel like banging my head on the wall.

I walked out with Disha and my body guards tried to follow.

“no stay back” I said and got into the car.

“Disha put on your sit belt I said and she just kept staring at me.

“What the , is there something on my face ? I asked.


πŸ§•DISHA πŸ§•

“Huh no “I said playing with my fingers.

He gave me a confused look and moved towards me oh no what is he trying to do ?

He got even closer he’s seductive clone making me feel I getting sick ? I closed my eyes when i felt him buckle my sit belt.

He raised his head and we ended up having an eye lock, he moved closer to my lips when his phone rang.

“oh $h|t”he cursed and sat up straight, a blush slowly appeared on my cheek.

“I’m on my way Bhai “he said and I knew he was talking to aakash.he dropped the call and started the journey, he started taking a different route.”where are we going ? I asked.

“it’s a short cut”he said with he’s eyes focused on the phone rang and I brought it outta my bag, to see a picture of me and varun eating candy flask, he’s hands on my waist, while starring at me and I’m smiling at the camera on the caller ID.

I turned and sunny was sending a muderous glare at my phone.

but the words he said next had me starring at him in shock.

“pick the call and place it on speaker


πŸ₯€ SUNNY πŸ₯€

What ? She yelled making me glare at her, she looks so frustrate.

.”Mr mehra , it’s my phone, my privacy”she said.

“Pick the phone damnit”and she did exactly as I said.

“hey babe what’s up, Krishna told me you’ll be living rathore group for mehra fashion house, congratulations”he paused for a minute and said in a pain filled voice.

“I love you Disha” he said and i glared at her, she looks so nervous.

I stopped the car and gripped the starring wheel angrily.

“Disha are you ok? HeHe asked her while she looked at me in fear.

“SHE Was BUT SHE ISN’T NOW”I said and he froze.

“don’t you dare hurt her “he said in a challenging tone increasing my anger.

I’ll show this bloody romeo and Juliet who I really am. I smirked.

“Disha take off your shoes”I said and she frowned but removed them due to fear.

” now get out”I said.

“but Mr mehra I “she tried explaining.



πŸ§• DISHA πŸ§•

I flinched and quickly got outta he’s classy car .

“now listen and listen good he began, I want you at mehra fashion house before me, don’t even think of hiring a cab , even if you want to your bag is in my car, make sure you use your legs, I’m pretty sure they’re good means of transportation dont even think of outsmarting me” he said and zoomed off.

“what have I done to deserve this ? I had no option but to run, as i ran, tears kept falling outta my eyes, how can he be so cruel and heartless ?

My legs became sore with tiny wounds .

I t started raining and i became drenched by the rain.

I ran and ran till i could see mehra fashion house from afar.


πŸ’KIARA πŸ’

“Harish why isn’t sunny her yet ? I asked .

“baby he said he’s on his way ,I know you are excited to see Disha but have some patience” Harish said.

“c’mon listen to your boyfriend, after all your in for a big surprise”that Crystal girl said and i glared at her.

I don’t know why but I just hate her and i hope she isn’t seeing sunny anymore.

“oh thanks Crystal doll, I taught your a model ? I think you should first learn how to apply make up on your face and not give someone a nightmare by applying ten bags of make up on your face”I said with a smirk and she froze.

“are you trying to insult me ? She asked angrily.

“oh no sweetie who am I to insult an already insulted woman ? Honey isn’t she looking like a descendant of Dracula ? I asked Richie and he burst out laughing.

Crystal couldn’t even talk as we glared at each other. If she thinks I’m Disha then she’s so mistaken.



Gosh I taught Kiara is like Disha but i was so damn wrong.

I snapped outta my thoughts when Varun saxena stormed in, everyone kept looking at him.

“let the game begin”

“where is sunny mehra”he asked Richie.

” he isn’t here yet Mr saxena I think he’s on his way”sunny secretary said.

varun glared at harish.

“where have that bastard kept Disha ? Varun asked.

“Mr saxena mind your language”Harish said and everyone got distracted by Kiara’s scream.

We all turned to see Disha .u la la she looked like she’ll die any moment, good job sunny.

“Disha”they screamed and tried getting to her but she fainted.

what a lovely sight to behold.”o no get the doctor”aakash ordered some workers.this is such an interesting movie they are acting in front of me.


πŸ₯€KIARA πŸ₯€

Disha was able to regain consciousness And right now I’m boiling in anger after what she just told me how dare sunny do this to her ?

“Love calm down, sunny is a total different person when he’s angry let him calm down first, then we can talk like mature adults” Harish said and I rolled my eyes.

“mature indeed isn’t he your best friend, I shouldn’t have expected better”I said and i taught I saw hurt flash in his eyes. We heard some noise went out just so to see the handsome devil he tried to use his private elevator when Varun stormed over to him and punched him.

Sunny turned and punched him back. and they soon got into a fight and sunny did beat Varun a lot but he was also injured.

” stop it please” Disha said crying and I held her hand.

” you called him over to start a fight with me right ? Sunny asked Disha and I can see he was so heartbroken.

That witch Crystal came over to and held his hand, while sunny and D had an intense eyelock .

“sunny baby let’s go” she said and d kept looking at their entwined hands as she cried is she already in love with him.


πŸ₯€ HARISH πŸ₯€

“You had the ordersity to come into my company and start a fight with me Mr saxena” sunny said glaring at him. Sunny had called the police and they handcuffed Varun.

“If Varun is living , Mr mehra should live too shouldn’t he ? Kiara said and i felt like banging my head on the wall.

shes about to make matters worse.

“I think Mr mehra should be arrested too, for the abuse he caused to my sister” Kiara said and told the coups how sunny made Disha run to the office and he was they left the press kept trying to get answers.

deep down I know Crystal has an hand in this big drama.


πŸ§•DISHA πŸ§•

“Kiara you shouldn’t have said all those to the coups” I said to Kiara and she smiled.

“you love him right ? She asked and I turned to her

” as much as i want to deny the fact, I just love Mr mehra way too much, that it hurts”I said.

“then why are you letting Crystal have him ? Why are you so quiet Disha ? He’s your husband you have all the legal rights on him , it’s high time you show Crystal her place” Kiara said and I’m beginning to see reason with her.

It’s high time I stop being a cry baby , and show Crystal her place


πŸ₯€ SUNNY πŸ₯€

Crystal didn’t come to bail me out of prison and Harish and aakash are so mad at me, they said I should sleep in prison.

Even the heavens know i can’t sleep in this place.

“c’mon you have been released”a cop said and I stared at him in shock, buh how ? I turned to see Disha as she walked out silently and i trailed behind her.

We got home and she helped me treat my injury.

“Disha I’m so…….. “I tried
tried speaking and she glared at me .

” Go to sleep sunny “she said and left.

A smile appeared on my lips, my name sounds so sweet coming from her mouth.

I woke up the next day, since it was Saturday , I had my morning run and came back Just to see Disha in the room, she saw me and Ignored me.

“didn’t you notice my entrance into the room”I asked her and she gave me a seriously kinda look.

She was dressed in a saree but what she said next had me starring in shock.

“I didn’t so what ? Huh should i bow down
and worship you now, my Lord ? She said.

“Disha do not cross your limits ” I said and she rolled her eyes.

“just don’t start your nonsense” she said.

“Disha you” I tried completing my sentence and Crystal made her grand entery .

“sunny baby” she said and tried coming close to me, but disha stood in front of me like a wounded tigress.

Whatever happened in the shy Disha ?



Am I dreaming Disha , Disha stood in front of sunny? Before i could recover from the shock, she seriously gave me another one.

“I want to talk to my husband, so please use the door” now I’m sure i need to see a doctor.

“can’t you excuse us ? Sunny asked Disha and I smirked.”

why should i live the room for her huh” she snapped at sunny.

I’m starting to get scared of this girl.

“be cause I ……..i mean she’s my friend” sunny said.

“what rubbish” I said and glared at him while Disha laughed.

“O ya I get it , she’s a friend who you have free SΒ£X with , or is she your mistress ? Or your both friends with benefits ? She asked in a mocking tone and sunny sighed in fustration.

” what’s the meaning of this nonsense Disha please”he said.

“well it means I’m your legal wife and the earlier you accept that sunny, the better it will be for you and your so called friend.”Disha said and i think I’m gonna faint.


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