December 5, 2023


[ πŸ”₯The story of us ]

©️ Spark’s libary 2020

✍️ Written by authoress lenity Faithful.


Tags : love , promise , destiny , family , Life , relationships

SEASON 0NE [Episode 10πŸ§•]




” Chantel I’m fed up , where is the suprise ? Crystal asked for the tenth time as we made our way into the seven star restaurant.

“calm down girl “I said.

“hey the suspense is killing me” she said excitedly.

“suprise”I said and she screamed happily.

“o my word Diego ” she screamed hugging him.

Diego Martinez is also a model, well one of sunny friends.hes Crystal boyfriend and they love each other a lot.

He introduced sunny to Crystal, they both are planning to bankrupt him, poor guy.

“baby I missed you”she said sealing her lips with his.

“we have a lot of catching up to do “he said and i frowned.

These two are very dangerous. I rolled my eyes and something caught my attention.

Isnt that the guy I met at sunny mansion.

O my goodness , what is he doing with DJ K!SS ?


πŸ₯€ HARISH πŸ₯€

I’ve not seen Kiara ever since we fought, and surprisingly she callee up for lunch.although I smell something fishy I agreed.

We arrived at the restaurant and sat down, after placing our order, she held my hand.

“I’m sorry i let Danny upset you”she said and i suddenly feel hot and cold at the same time.

“it’s ok”I said trying to get myself outta the shock I’m in.

“you are not angry right ? She asked.

“no I’m fine”I said focusing on the food.

She picked a salvet and cleaned the corner of my lips and we got into an eyelock .

Why am I getting used to Kiara suddenly ? Why does my heart skip a beat when I’m around her ? Am I sick ?


πŸ₯€ SUNNY πŸ₯€

Today was really hectic, I strolled into my room sluggishly
I feel so weak and untop of that I’ve got a splitting headache.

I sat on the bed and I can feel Disha staring at me from the couch, she was in a pink night wear.

I shut my eyes tight since the pain was becoming unbearable.

“Mr mehra are you ok “she asked.

“go to sleep Disha I’m fine”I said softly.

“but Mr mehra “she tried speaking.

“I’m FINE LIVE ME ALONE DAMNIT”I yelled and then groaned in pain.

“sunny I’m going out”Crystal said catwalking into my room all dressed up.

“what is it baby you look pale”she asked.

“headache” I mumbled.

“o sorry baby, buh I really have to go, I’ll see ya when
I get back”she said and left.

I feel so much pain right now.

“Mr mehra i know you don’t like me, but please I’ll mind my business after this just let me help you please” Disha said and i could feel her sniffing .

Is she crying because of me ? I don’t deserve her tears, I feel so guilty.

“just go to sleep Disha “I said weakly.

“I can’t see you like this”she said.

“I’m mean to you, I’m the cause of pain in your life Disha , don’t cry for this heartless devil”I said with a bitter chuckle.

“I don’t care”she said and Ran her smooth fingers on my head
giving me a massage, I started feeling dizzy and soon fell asleep on her laps.


πŸ§• DISHA πŸ§•

Mr mehra fell asleep on my laps and i just couldn’t resist the urge to play with his silky hair.

Hes just so cute and innocent while sleeping, but in reality he’s a devil.

I kept his head slowly on the pillow and went to prepare he’s dinner.

I came half an hour later with a tray of food and he was not on the bed.

I wonder where he must have gone to.

“what do you want ? I turned to see him behind me, I got so scared and dropped the tray by mistake, making the plates shatter to pieces.

” I’m so sorry Mr mehra”I said and tried picking the plates and ended up injuring myself.

“ouch”I looked up and Mr mehra doesn’t look pleased.

“are you ok ? Mr mehra asked me worriedly as he held my i dreaming ? I’m just so shocked and so i couldn’t answer him.

“listen I’ve told you not to bother about me, but your so stubborn, now look you hurt yourself”he scolded as he applied first aid on the wound.

“ouch”I MΓ΅@Ι²ed in pain.

“is it hurting so much ? He asked as he started blowing air on the injury.

He looks so cute, I don’t know when but I started smiling like an idiot.

“have you had dinner ? He asked.

“no but don’t worry I’ll”I tried completing statement but he left and came back with a tray of food.

He fed me and fed himself.

“huh thanks for helping me with the headache”he said and left.

“even if in reality you appear to be bad and evil, I’ll never give up on you, because I believe there’s still some goodness inside of you” I said looking at his retreating figure.


” Gosh I’ve missed my boyfriend a lot”I said to Diego as he K!SSed my neck and tore off my P@Ε‹ties.

Right now we are in his mansion and about to have a fun filled session.

He took me to the bed and K!SSed me sweetly,soon he went into me and I MΓ΅@Ι²ed softly, he moved faster and faster driving me to the edge and we climaxed together.

“I missed you love”I said K!SSing him .

“I missed you ,in my bed”he said K!SSing my neck. I love Diego with my life and I know he loves me too, I mean that’s what he says right ?


πŸ₯€ SUNNY πŸ₯€

I came out of the bathroom, and my things where already arranged for me on the bed.

I know Disha did it, should I let her in my life ? I’m so confused. I put on my sleeve and a botton flew off .

” oh no”I was about to change, when mum aunt and Disha came in.

“good morning”I greeted them and touched their feet.

“what is it sunny ? Mother asked.”my botton flew out, I need to change”I said.

“let me help”she said and i turned.

“your injured “I said.

“I can do it”she said softly and i let her fix and aunt left to give us privacy.

“huh good morning Mr mehra” she said nervously.

“why what’s so good about mornings ? I asked and she frowned.

” Many things Mr mehra, the world is a good place, with good people, every morning is good and special” she said

” You are so naive Disha …the world is not a good place …it’s a selfish place where only wicked and heartless succeeds ” I said and we got into an eye lock .


πŸ₯€ HARISH πŸ₯€

” Nisha stop it ok, this is my personal life and you have no say in it” I said whilst running my fingers in my hair fustratedly.

Right now I was having a heated argument with Nisha about Kiara, she knows what I’m planning to do and is trying to dissuade me.

“bro listen to me , you love Kiara already, give this relationship a chance and don’t let your massive ego ruin you” she scolded.

“your wasting your time Nisha Taneja”I said and she glared at me.

“Harish Taneja you love Kiara and the earlier you realize the better it will be for you “she said.

“Nisha This is the last time we’ll talk about this ok”I said and she glared at me angrily Then someone interrupted us , isn’t she the girl I met at outside sunny’s mansion and she had the nerve to say she loves me.

I threw her out and i surely don’t regret it Kiara is the only one I love, what no no not love right ? I asked myself


πŸ§• DISHA πŸ§•

“Come with me “Mr mehra said and went into the house.

Oh God ….😩

Vanessa and everyone else were using sticks to bring down mangoes from the huge tree at the garden .

And I decided to help …I was successful in bringing down enough but …then I slipped from the tree .

Everyone looks so worried he had actually saved me from falling, which I’m thankful for. I tried walking but I strained my leg a bit.

Mr mehra noticed it and i was shocked to my bones, when he picked me up in bridal style and moved to our room.

He placed me on the bed and looked at me gosh his eyes are just so pretty.

He bit his lower lip for a while and sighed.

” Disha what do get from being stubborn ? He asked and tucked my hair behind my ears.

“I’m sorry Vannessa wanted mangoes soI ” I tried explaining and he cut me off.

“decided to become a super hero and get them , is that being heroic or pure foolishness ? He asked and I glared at him. I could see it in his eyes that he’s trying to tease me, the nerve of this man .


πŸ₯€ SUNNY πŸ₯€

I would have plucked the mangoes and come down successfully if you didn’t interfere”she said and I chuckled.

“just accept it, your lazy and delicate”I said and her eyes widened she looks so cute.

“I’m not delicate, you are rude arrogant and self centered selfish man”she said and i smirked.

“so what if I’m like that ? that’s who I am and you can’t change that fact”I said and tried living the bed.

“that’s what you want to show everyone but this is not the real you Mr mehra I know”she said and i turned to her making us get into an eyelock.

This girl how can she understand me so much, it’s barely a 3 months since we got married.



Sunny has refused to talk to me ever since we fought, it’s been weeks now, and he smiles at that pathetic ugly Disha.

He’s surely falling for that dirty girl. I don’t know why but I feel like everything is falling outta my hands” I said.

“let me warn you crys, the earlier you get rid of that Disha, the faster you accomplish your goals or else that little brat will throw you outta the mansion and sunny’s life . ” Chantel said and I’m getting even more fustrated.

We are both in Diego mansion.

“baby don’t stress yourself I’ve got just the right thing to cause a doupt in their relationship.”Diego said and I smiled as he dropped a picture of a famous business man and took a sip of his wine.

“VARUN SAXENA” just what need to create a doupt on sunny mind.he said and I smirked.get ready to loose sunny disha !


πŸ§• DISHA πŸ§•

“Mr mehra you Disha cheated” I said and he laughed.

“hey I didn’t cheat I was just rolling my eyes ok” he said and i frowned.

Right now we are all in the living room playing cardssuprised right ?

Well Mr mehra and my relationship has improved a lot these few weeks.

he hasn’t yelled at me for so long now, we discuss like best friends and he even eats the food I cook.

This new side of him has really made me so crazy lately. Am I in love with him ? I wondered whilst starring at him as he argued with Roshni.

“Disha bhabi I know Bro is so handsome, but while starring at him so much, your beginning to look like a dangerous woman ” Vicky said and everyone laughed.gosh this is so mehra stared at me teasingly, this man is really something else.


πŸ₯€ SUNNY πŸ₯€

Disha has really taught me a lot ever since we became friends .

I’ve been avoiding Crystal for sometime now and I seriously don’t regret it.

I trust Disha and she’s promised never to break my trust and I believe she won’t.

I’m making plans of calling things off with Crystal .

It was late in the night when I received a text from Crystal saying we should meet at the terrace I wonder why

? I glanced at Disha who was sleeping close to me and K!SSed her forehead and left.

She better have a valid reason for ruining my sleep.”sunny baby she said and tried K!SSing me but I stopped her.

“what do you want ? I snapped at her” it’s high time I chase her out of mehra mansion.

“it’s about Disha she’s not who you think she is “she said and I could feel anger in the pit of my stomach.

“She’s a fake , a lier, a cheat….” Crystal trailed .

“ENOUGH” I yelled at her.”I don’t wanna hear anything anymore, your days are numbered in this house”I said glaring at her.

I tried living.

“she’s having an affair with Varun saxena, her lover before marriage, the CEO of saxena Corp”she said and I turned.

“what do you mean ? I asked stupidly.

“o sunny darling, she’s fooling all of you, she doesn’t love you, you and I know you are unlovable, no one can bear your anger sunny it’s always me at the end”she said trailing her long fingers on my cheek.

“look at these”she said showing me pictures of them.

“sunny what did you sunny what did you expect, you have a mistress, so she also….has him ….Sunny how can she love you ? You’re both different ….y…’ she trailed

“crys please”I said.

I can’t believe i got fooled by her innocence, her smile .

why Disha ?

Just when I started falling for you.

Just when I thought I could open up …

I got into my car and went for a long forget Disha, forget the world, and all the lies.

After all I don’t deserve her . How can she love me or choose me over Varun after everything I did to her .



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