December 5, 2023

🔞 Accidental little bride🔞
(Becoming a celebrity its all she wants but he changed her dreams💃)
✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
❎don’t copy or repost❎

Chapter 29&30

He was standing right there,shirtless,he had a trouser on. Smokes of cigarettes coming out from him.

“Boss” The voice came as Draco was about placing the cigarette in between his mouth.
“What is it?” He asked.

“This is the necessary information we need for our next operation”
The guard said. In his hands was a file.

“Drop it and leave” he said in his usual code tune. The guard did as expected and left the room

Draco turned and saw the file on the bed. He walked towards it and picked it up.
He opened it and saw some pictures of a girl.
The file also contains her name and home background. He read through everything and drop the file

“The little girl that hurts my Ivy”
“Charlotte” He muttered her name,puffing smokes out from his mouth and nose at a time.

“She look like an innocent doll,how about I do some magic to her body” he smirked.

He dropped the cigarettes into the ashtray and walked into the bathroom.

Master Williams stopped what he was doing immediately he heard the knock on his door.
“Come in” He muttered.

The door opened and a man walked in.
“Good day Master Williams” They both shook hands.

“Did you find anything” he asked as the man made to sit.
“Yes” he replied.

“Her name is Charlotte. She got a younger sister named Tessa. I heard their father is late. They live in BULSALAN VILLAGE with their Uncle, Pedro. Emily has a flower shop which they feed from. The girls came to Manila city recently. Ma’am Gabriella, the owner of Yummy Yummy restaurant took them in. I heard they both ran from their little Village and that’s why their mother came here to fetch them. That’s all I know!” He replied and Master Williams nodded.

“Emily is definitely hiding something”He muttered rubbing his temples.

Tessa stared at the huge mansion in front of her.
“It’s huge” She mumbled and took her lip in. She sigh before moving further.
She rang the bell and a young man came out.

“How may i help you?” The young man asked.
“I’m here to see Lia kim” She mumbled.

“Do you have an appointment with her?” He asked and Tessa nodded.

“Are you Miss Tessa?” He added.
“Yes” She replied.

“Come in” He opened the door widely for her. As Tessa followed him behind, she could still remembered how she got to know Lia kim.


Everywhere was crowded. The press surrounded the place waiting for the arrival of
Lia kim.

Everyone seems to be happy as they couldn’t wait just to see her.
Tessa covered her hair with the scarf. She regretted coming after seeing the way the whole building was crowded.

She dislike, loated and hate crowded places.
She only came thinking Charlotte might come for practice. She needs to take her back home.
Their mother was more than worried.

Suddenly someone grabbed her hand making Tessa gasped. From the red heels she worn, Tessa looked up and saw a woman.

She was putting on a coat with a big hat covering her face. Only her red lips could be seen.

“I need your help” She muttered and Tessa gasped.
Tessa muttered.

She opened her car door and pushed Tessa inside. She entered too and shut the door.

” What the hell is this?”Tessa muttered still surprise at what the stranger did.

“I’m sorry” The stranger said, removing the hat. Tessa gasped out.
“Oh! My! God!. You’re……”

“Lia kim” She interrupt

“I can’t believe this.” She laughed.
“I need your help” Lia kim muttered.

“I didn’t know the
“I didn’t know the paparazzo will be everywhere..” Lia kim breathed out and raised her head up to look at Tessa.

“They sure did make it public. How come i didn’t know, gosh I’m so tired, and I actually felt reluctant about this deal not knowing i will be meeting the whole people in Manila city, this is bullshit” she sighed.

“Okay now slow down Miss lia Kim. I do not know how to make you feel better but i really want to” Tessa said.

“You can. Your…your scarf?” She stuttered.
“This?” Tessa touched her scarf and Lia kim nodded.

“Yes! I can use it to cover my face and walked out of the crowd. You can wear my coat and hat. People will think you’re me but immediately you remove the hat, they’ll be disappointed” Lia kim explained.

“I despise crowded place too but I’ll help ”
Tessa said.
“Thank you.” Lia kim replied.


Tessa entered the training hall where Lia kim was practicing her new dancing moves.

“I didn’t know you own a big Mansion here in Manila” Tessa muttered.
“Sure you did now” Lia kim replied without turning back.

“Wow. Does that mean you own houses in some other countries?” She asked.
“Yes” She replied and grabbed a bottle of water.

“You’re Fůçƙing rich kimmy” Tessa muttered and sat on the floor.
“Kimmy” Lia kim chuckle at the funny name.
“I will save that!”She said and Tessa smile.

“She’s so rich” Tessa thought and watch as Lia Kim resume dancing again.

“You’re amazing just like my sister. She’s an amazing dancer”She mutteted.

“Your sister dance?” Lia kim asked.
“Yes. She’s really good at it but painfully, she didn’t get the chance to perform on stage. It has always been her dreams but i doubt now. She’s married now” She said and sigh.

“I can relate. Maybe that’s why I’m not married. “Lia kim said.

“You can also get to fulfill your sisters dreams. I’m more than sure she’ll be happy watching her sister performing on stage” Lia Kim replied.

“I doubt that tho. Dancing is not my calling. I just wanna go to college and live a simple life in our little village” she pouted and Lia kim smile.

“I’m very sure your sister wanted to be a star so she could fulfill your dreams in going to college” She said and Tessa nodded.

“You can fulfill your sisters dream and then yours” Lia kim said and Tessa furrowed her brows.

“I’m on life. Do you wanna join?” Lia kim chimed in and Tessa gasped.

“No! No!!!. Millions of people will be watching. I wouldn’t be able to walk freely if i get recognized as the girl who danced with the famous Kimmy” Tessa said and Lia Kim chuckle. She threw a mask on her.

“You can put that on and join me. No one is gonna recognized you” She muttered and giggled.
Tessa giggled too and wore the mask before joining her.


Mrs Emily was washing the dishes when it fell from her hands and broke into pieces making it the seventh dishes to be broken by her today.

“Gosh!” She grunted.
“You should get some rest Emily” Ma’am Gabriella said. She crunched down and started picking the broken glasses.

“No! No!!. I’m fine. Let me do it” Mrs Emily said and bent down to pick the glasses too.
“You can talk it out If there’s anything disturbing you”Ma’am Gabriella said. Mrs Emily paused and stared at her.

“I might not help totally but i can give some piece of Advice” She said and Mrs Emily gave her a fake smile.

“Stop faking smiles. It’s annoying” Ma’am Gabriella said and Mrs Emily couldn’t help but Chuckles.

It escape Tessa mouth as she saw the viewers from the little dance she did with Lia Kim.

“Who’s the girl with Lia kim”
“She’s amazing”
“Her dancing moves are crazy”

“She’s hot as well”
“The mysterious dancer”
“We love you Kim. Please can we get to see her face?”

“All this comment for me?” Tessa muttered as she scroll down to more comments.

“I didn’t know i can dance this well. I guessed watching my sister dance has made me this prefect” she muttered.

“You’re getting famous already Tessa. We should do this more often” Lia kim walked in looking all dress up.

“I’m heading to the empire. Will you come with me?” She asked.
“No, i should head back home. My mum will be worried” Tessa said.

“Then i should drop you home” Lia kim said but Tessa shook her head.

“No, no!. My house isn’t far from here. You should run along Kimmy” She muttered.
“If you say so” Lia kim replied and they both walked out of the mansion. Lia kim entered her car and waved Tessa.
Tessa waved back and watched as Lia kim drive out.

“She’s friendly. I have an amazing day today” She said and started walking down the road.

She heard someone called behind her but she ignore. The unknown person horn his car for her but Tessa didn’t look back instead she increased her pace.

“Hey Silencer” The unknown person stop his car in front of her blocking her way.

“Hey I’m talking to you” The unknown man said bringing his head out of the window

“Stop stalking me,I’m not really nice” Tessa snapped out.

“I’m Draco” He said and Tessa rolled her eyes.
“I didn’t ask” She replied and faced him.
She used that moment in studying his facial appearance. He’s sexily hot. His crazy eyes and pump pink lip.

His black hair curling down to his face, making him to have this bad boy look.

Tessa immediately look away
“Done checking me out?” Draco licked his bottom lip.

“Shut up” Tessa snapped out Viciously.
“Care for a ride?” He asked.

“Can you just leave me alone?” Tessa said stubbornly and moved away from his car. Draco revised and continue trailing his car behind her.

“Congratulations,you won’t be seeing me any longer” he smirked evily.

“I’m not easy to get rid of Tessa” he muttered loudly and Tessa froze on the spot.
“What the hell. How did he know my name” She whispered.

He parted her legs with his knees and rubbed his erection against hers. She tried shutting her legs but his weight made sure that she was unable to move.
“This is not right. I don’t want this anymore. Just let me go Mister. When a woman dignity is taken away without her own will ……..

“Ř@pê?” He cut her short. He looked at her with pure disgust and intentionally flinched while his knuckles traced her half opened cheek since she was wearing a mask too and then to her exposed lip. The hands travelled down unƁụťťoning her brouse.
“Dont!”she warned with rage.
“I swear I’ll kill you!” She said with gritted teeth as tears rolled down from her eyes. He gave her a sadistic grin and torned the blouse instead making her gasped.
He licked his lower lip having a clear view of her unfold Břě@šť. He grabbed them recklessly as a disgusting groan escape her mouth.
He moved away from her as he stood up and unbuckled his belt. His trouser dropped down and he pulled down his P@ŋties as well.
“Please” she beseeched as he moved to her. She was really gone for.
How was this huge thing gonna enter her?

He bent down to her and dragged her skirt along with her P@ŋty down in one swift motion. His eyes turned dark while he looked at her ćƖĩť for a much longer time.

She felt embarrassed, humiliated and furious.

“I need a bl0w-j0b and you’re gonna give it to me right now $lüt!” He said and grabbed her hair.
“Ha!!” She let out a loud cry. He tried pushing his Ďïčk into her mouth but she didn’t bulge. She wasn’t gonna let him.
He slapped her so hard on her cheek making her lip burst. She cried out opening her mouth and he pushed his full length into her.

He started mouth Fůçƙing her giving her no time to breath. She shook her head, she cried, she struggled beneath him but she was of no match to him.
She bite on his Ďïčk and he immediately pulled out. He shut his eyes in pains.
He snapped them opened at the next moment and glanced at her.
“You mini devil!” He cursed.
“Do you know how much i paid for your body?” He asked in fury.
“I’m gonna Fůçƙ you mercilessly. You gonna scream out until you loose your voice.
With that being said, he parted her legs and pushed his hard Ďïčk inside her.

Charlotte gasped and woke up.
She felt her breathing stopped. A sharp pain occurred as she saw her environment spinning.

She immediately ran to the drawer and pull it. Her breathing increase with each passing seconds. She search everywhere for her drugs.

She finally found it and without thinking twice, she gulped everything down her throat.
She grabbed the bottle of water on the shelf and drank it all.

“Just calm down Charlotte. It’s just a dream. It’s not happening again”She whispered to herself. She shut her eyes tightly and soon, her breathing came back to normal.

She stood up and wore her slippers. It was late already and she wondered how long she slept.

She left her room and walked towards the sitting room. She climbed down the stairs and caught Asher drinking wine.

“Don’t he sleeps at night?” She thought and took slow steps to him.
“Hey” Charlotte muttered when she got to him. Asher raised his head and stare at her.

“You’re awake?” He asked and Charlotte nodded.
“I couldn’t sleep. Why are you up?” Charlotte asked.

“Same here”Asher replied and gulped the wine down his throat.
“Don’t drink too much. You’ll feel uncomfortable if you do” she said.

He smile making his eyes glowed.
“You care?”He asked surprised and Charlotte nodded.

“Is that why you accept marrying me?”
He asked again without taking his eyes off her.

Charlotte nodded and averted her eyes from him.

Then, a smile slowly crept on his face.
“I love you that’s why i picked you” He said and Charlotte gasped.
“I love you from the very first day i saw you at the rooftop. My heart kept beating each time I’m with you. I don’t know Char, maybe you’ve been the woman I was waiting for. The right mother for Karen. I never knew i will fall in love again after loosing Helena. I see Helena in you and I can’t help but to fall hopelessly for you” He confessed and Charlotte was astonished.

“You’ve been inlove with me?” She asked and laughed sparingly unable to believe.

She was in a state of disbelief.

“I won’t force you to reciprocate. I’ll show you how much i really feel for you” he said.
Charlotte forced a smile.

He stared at her lip and without thinking twice, he pull Charlotte to himself. “I’m sorry. I just can’t help it” He muttered and slammed his lip on her. Charlotte was too choke to reciprocate.

It took her few minutes before she could K!SS him back. As his tongue dance through her mouth, Charlotte was sure he had K!SSed him before.


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