December 5, 2023

🔞 Accidental little bride🔞
(Becoming a celebrity its all she wants but he changed her dreams💃)
✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 23&24


A black shiny limousine stopped right in front of the Pub. The chauffeur came out of the limo and opened the back seat door.
A pair of black shiny shoes could be seen stepping out of the car and then out of it, came a tall silhouette figure, he’s putting on a black shade.
“You can leave. When I’m done, you’ll get informed” His hoarsely voice sounded.
As he walked into the pub, all eyes fixed on him.
His curly short hair, chocolate brown eyes, pointed nose, pale skin, red lip, tall and strong, a face that held roughness of a man, walk that displayed arrogance of wealth. Broad shoulders tampered in perfectly built abs, the black suit is nothing but a fabric that appeared as a pompous invitation for a magnificent show.

That’s Asher Alphonso for you. He rarely visits place like this. Just once in a while.

His dressing code wasn’t for a pub and one might think he came here mistakingly. He walked to the counter top and ordered for a bear. He squeezed his way past the people dancing and went to a corner.
His eyes roaming round the place as he drank from his bottle of bear.

And then she saw her.
She’s illegally pretty that one
would think she fell from the sky. Her moon shadow-black hair, enticing constellation-blue eyes, Her imp-thin body and her puffy heart shaped lips were enough to make one think she’s an angel.

The only angel that mades his heart beat countless times when he’s around her.

“What connection do they share together” He wondered staring at her.

The angel had her eyes closed and was leaning on the table. She was with a tipsy but pretty look. When the rotating spotlight shone on her from time to time, she looked attractive that her face was just like the perfect side profile of a comic books.

His eyes glowed and after a glimpse, he stood up then held the bottle of red wine. He was about walking to her when someone else did and grabbed the bottle of drink from her just when she’s about placing it in-between her mouth.

He watched as she tried grabbing the bottle from him.
She stood up afterward and startled but the unknown man was quick to hold her.
She burst out laughing and Asher wondered what the conversation was.

She tried pushing him away but the man held her tighter to his body.
He grabbed her @$$ and K!SSed her forcefully.

“Fůçƙ!” Asher grunted from where he stood.
“Fůçƙ him, can’t believe he’s taking advantage of her” he huffed and gulped the wine down his throat.

Even with the scene, Asher felt his legs moving towards her.

“I bet that you need a ride to heaven” he taunted when he got to them.

Marcus broke the K!SS. He let go of Charlotte and turned to him.

“Who are you to Ɓụťť in” Marcus uttered angrily.

“She’s drunk. Don’t take advantage of her!” He sneered angrily.
“Seriously??”Marcus rubbed his temples and chuckled.
“Mind your business!” Marcus yelled.
“What about I’ll give you a ride to hell, you motherFůçƙer!” He retorted and punched him hard on his face. Just on punch sent him flying across the whole pub.

His back slammed against a table and he fell heavily on the floor.
Everyone gasped and stared at Marcus who’s all the floor.

👥 What just happened.

“Let’s go!” He said to Charlotte. He grabbed her hand but Charlotte came crashing on his chest.

“Of course! She’s drunk” He muttered and carried her in a bridal way. Charlotte encircled her arms aroumd his neck as they squeezed their way out of the watchful eyes of the crowd.


Asher entered his mansion with Charlotte in his arm. He met with his mother in the sitting room.

“Asher!” Grandma Claire muttered and stood up. She frowned seeing the lady he carried.
“Who is she?” She walked up to Asher who’s about descending the stairs.

“A friend. She’s pretty drunk”He replied.
“Is that so. Why didn’t she go home. Do you have to bring her here?” Grandma Claire asked as she trailed behind him.

Asher turned and stare at her. She gulped down.
“I’ll tell a maid to a room for her” She said instead.
“No! I will do that” Asher replied and continue walking.

“Who’s she?” Grandma Claire thought.

Asher got to a room and pushed it opened. He entered and shut the door behind.
He dropped Charlotte on the bed. She was fast asleep already and reeking of alcohol.

Her hair were shattered all over her face. He moved them away and stare at her pretty face.
Then, a smile slowly crept on his face.

He stared at her red lip which was tempting and irresistible to look away.

Charlotte opened her eyes slowly and that was when he looked away and stood up immediately.

“Who….are….you?” She stuttered and Asher sighed.
“Can you tell my mother to leave me alone, i just wanna pursue my dreams!” She uttered and pouted cutely.

“Don’t drink too much. You look wasted” he said tucking his hands into his P@ŋt pocket .
Charlotte laughed sparingly.

“I’m not drunk!”
She made to stand up but Asher was quick to stop her. She pulled him by his collar and Asher crashes on her chest as they both fell back on the bed.

She slowly raised her head up.
She was momentarily stunned. She admire his clean, somber eye brows and exquisite nose bridge.

“I’m….not drunk” She muttered and slowly wrapped her arms around his shoulder.
“You’re the ….cutest guy I’ve ever met” She giggle and Asher raised his brows.

“I love your lips!” She muttered and look down on it.
“”I’ll just…Uhm…you should have….”
He couldn’t complete his statement as Charlotte slammed her lip on his.

Asher was dumbfounded as he hesitated in K!SSing her back.
She kept K!SSing him slowly and Asher couldn’t help but reciprocate it. He K!SSed her back passionately as his fingers were lost in her hand.

And that moment, he knew he has tasted the lip before but can’t remember where or when.

“What are you doing?” His inner mind screamed at him.
“Yoy just save her. Are you gonna take advantage of her as well” his subconscious mind said and he quickly broke the K!SS.

“Whats..wrong?” Charlotte squinted her eyes cutely.
“Get some sleep. You’re drunk” He muttered. He covered her with the duvet and rush out. He shut the door and lean on it.


Charlotte opened her eyes slowly as she felt . Her head was spinning and her vision blurry.
Her back lay on the bed. She tried getting up but her head hurts.

“What happened!”she thought trying to adjust her eyes to the sun ray.

Charlotte groaned and snapped her eyes open. She suddenly felt the urge to poke.

She looked around and couldn’t tell where she was.

But that doesn’t seem important at that moment. She saw a door in the room and ran there.

“,My goodness! It’s a bathroom” She said inwardly and throw out.

“How many did i get to drink” She thought as she continued throwing up. She watched her face and came out.

Her eyes moved to the clock not faraway from the bed and it almost went to the size of an orange when she saw the time.
It was past 9am… she’s having a dancing class by 10am.

“Fůçƙ, why am o?” She questioned herself as she hurried to the door but it was lock outside
“Fůçƙ!, Fůçƙ!”

Charlotte taps her forehead in frustration.

“Is anyone there!” She screamed banging the door.
“Open up!” She banging and thought if this is a new modern method in kidnapping someone and she regretted getting drunk at that moment.

She moved away from the door when she felt someone opening it from the outside.

The door opened and some maids walked in with wear.

“This are for you ma’am. Sir instruct you to change into them” The maid said.

“Sir,,,,” She muttered and the maid nodded.
“You can bath there” A maid pointed at the bathroom door.

Charlotte nodded and watch them leave.
“Fůçƙ,, i seriously need to know where i am”
She thought and headed into the bathroom.

Charlotte returned back with a towel around her, she took the wears and put it on.

She muttered staring at her reflection from the mirror.

The jean trouser and a the crop top fitted her perfectly.

“That’s my late wife favourite wears. I can’t believe it fitted you this perfectly”
Charlotte heard a familiar voice. She gasped and saw Asher.

“What are you doing here” She snarled.
“This is my house” he replied and Charlotte frowned as everything drawned on her.

She was in a clue. How come she ended here?

” You’re such an eyesore. How dare you bring me here” she yelled.
“Are you done?. Is that how to say thank you for saving you from some rapist” he said
Charlotte gaped.
“What sort of a shitty plot twist is this” she said.

She was in a state of disbelief.

She forced a smile .

“I know you made that up. Thank you for saving me Mister, can i go now?” She said in a rush and Asher smirked.

He remained uncannily quiet for a moment before he burst out laughing.

“What’s funny” she thought and huffed. She hit her feet. She turned towards the door but Asher grabbed her back.

She fell on his chest.
The whole world paused at a second as they both stared at each other.
“I got to go” She broke the silence.

“S…..sure” Asher muttered looking away from her lip.

He continue,
“I will take you”


“I insist. Let’s go” He muttered and walked out.

A wow escape from her mouth as she stared at the interior of the building.

“It’s beautiful” she thought as they climbed down the stairs.
She saw herself in another world as numerous maids greeted them with their heads bowed.

They got to the sitting room and met Grandma Claire just coming in.
“Oh Asher, thank God i met you. I guessed you’re going out. Can you please stop at Karen school and give it to him?. ” She said giving him a backpack.

“Sure mom” He replied and Grandma Claire gaze moved to Charlotte.

“Why is she still here?” She asked and Charlotte gulped down.
“Mum please…..” Asher muttered.
“And why is she putting on Helena’s clothes” She continued.


“You never allowed anyone touch Helena’s stuff. How come she’s wearing her favorite dress?”

“Helena has passed on mom. There’s nothing wrong giving it to her. Please mom, don’t make a fume out of it” He said and turned to Charlotte.
“Let’s go” he muttered and Charlotte without raising her head.

“Does she hate me ?” Charlotte thought as she walked pass her.


Mrs. Emily couldn’t stop crying. Ma’am Gabriella embraced her and she sniffed continuously.

“I’m scared. What if something happens to her” She muttered.

“Nothing will happen to Charlotte. Tessa has gone to the empire to see if she has gone there” Ma’am Gabriella replied.

“You know, from the very first day i saw your kids, i knew they ran away from home. Trust me, you can’t stop Charlotte from achieving her dreams cuz she’s a determine person. It’s best you tell her your reasons for this disapproval. I believe you have a good reason for it cuz I’m a woman and also a mother like you” Ma’am Gabriella said.

“For ones, tell your children what you fear” She added and that made Mrs Emily burst into tears.

“I wish i can. But I can’t. It will worsened the situation”She cried hard.

“I understand. It’s gonna be fine” she stroke her hair.


Asher and Charlotte said no words to each other. Asher kept stealing glances at her.
“I will stop by Karen school before dropping you at the empire” He said and Charlotte nodded without saying a word.

They got to Karen school. He packed and came down.

“I’ll be right back” He said and she nodded.

They kept throwing books, pen, shoes, on him.
“Blind and useless” The kids mock him. They succeeded in deceiving him to the store room.

“I detest blind kids!!” Some said disgustingly and hit his head.

“Why do you have to be this brilliant. I can’t believe I’m being compared to a blind kid by my teachers and parents. I hate you. Just transfer out. Your father got the money” A kid yelled angrily.

“Is it not enough that you killed your mother. Must you caused other kids pains” They said in unison.

“That’s not true. I’m no pains to anyone”He cried out .
“Shut up” One said and slapped him on his cheek.

“You know why your father can’t get remarried, that’s because you’re a bad luck and you’ll eventually kill his new wife!!”

“We hate you Karen!!!”

“We hate you!!” They all muttered.

“What are you guys doing!” Charlotte rushed and covered Karen as they throw books on him.
Since Asher was not forthcoming, she decided to take a stroll round the school.

She was surprised and angry seeing the kids picking on him.

“How dare you pick on a hopeless blind kid” She yelled.
“Do you think you’re much better than him. Yes! He’s blind but much better than you all. He’s smart while you all are not. Karen is not the reason his mother died” She yelled out angrily.

“He’s just a kid like you all. Why blame him for something he knows nothing of. It’s not even his fault he’s blind. I hate bullies so much and i will make sure you all pay dearly for this” she uttered and the kids went on their knees.

“Please ma’am don’t report us to the school authorities. We’ll get expelled and our parents will have us grounded. Please we beg of you ma’am” They all begged.

“That’s what you get for becoming bullies” She said angrily.

“Don’t get them expelled. I’m useless. They’re right” Little Karen said.
Charlotte frowned and turned to Karen.

“No! No!!. You’re not useless. Don’t you ever say that” She stroke her hair.

“I don’t want father to know. He will be more devastated. Please” He cried. Charlotte sighed and turned to the other kids.

” You all can leave” She retorted.
“Thanks ma’am. Thank you so much” They replied and ran out.

“Does kids deserve to pay. How long have you been going through this. Why didn’t you report to your teachers. Why did you let them pick on you!” She asked.

“I’m sorry for not fighting back” He sniffed and Charlotte hugged him.

“It’s gonna be fine child. Don’t shed anymore tears because of this” She said and Karen sniffed hard.

He dipped his hand into his trouser pocket and started rummaging through it for the ring his father gave him.

He brought it out.
“Thanks for saving me. No one has ever found out that i got bullied by those kids but you did today. My father told me to give this to the woman who’s gonna be my momma. Will you be my momma?” He asked giving her the ring. Charlotte gasped out and covered her mouth immediately.

“I will feel much better if you say yes”He kept sniffing.
“Please be my momma” He cried and Charlotte mouth dropped.

“It’s fine! Stop crying. I will be your momma”He said wiping his tears.

“Thank you momma” He said and Charlotte couldn’t help but hugged him tightly.

“I’m here now. I won’t let those kids touch you”She stroke his hair..


Decorative lights and illuminants lit up the extravagant room. Grandma Claire walked in with Amy, the last child of the Alphonso Family.

They were beautifully dressed for the great ceremony. They walked towards Ivy who sat in front of the vanity mirror. She was already on her white wedding gown.

“Mother” Ivy muttered happily and turned to face her mother -in -law and her sister – in – law.
They got to her, holding their luxurious gifts box wrapped in a satin ribbon.

Ivy looked at the nicely wrapped gifts in front of her and laughed heartily.
“Mother, sister you’re so sweet. Gosh! All this for me”
She giggled.

“Having a beautiful and influencial lady marry into the Alphonso is a great accomplishment” Grandma Claire muttered touching her cheek.
At that moment, Ivy felt honoured.

She touched the engagement ring that’s placed in her fingers.

“Mother, Gosh! I’m gonna cry now” She said happily and Grandma laughed out.

“Can’t believe Karen actually gave you this ring. He really wanted you as his mother” Grandma Claire said and Ivy blushed.

“Asher is silly. I can’t believe he asked Karen to propose to me. He’s so sweet and so honored to be called his mother”
She smile touching the engagement ring as she smirked evily.

Suddenly, lyra, derrick wife entered and spoke.
“Look Ivy, i made cookies for you”
Grandma Claire was still laughing gleefully when abruptly her lips curled downwards and her eyes furrowed indignantly.

She walked to Lyra and hurled the plate of cookies in her hand.
“You’re pure nonsense, Lyra” She muttered.

“I don’t know if you’re just being stupid or you hate good things. Who give cookies as a wedding gift” Grandma snapped and Lyra recoiled in shock. She sighed in relief.
She knew her mother in law never liked her since she’s considered as being ugly.

“If you don’t have the looks, at least have smarts. Are you that dense?” She growled.
Lyra smile disappeared at that instant.

“Don’t just stand there and use the door!” She retorted. Lyra nodded and rushed out not looking back.

“Mother. That was harsh!”Amy muttered.
Grandma Claire glanced at her before facing Ivy.

“I apologise for her manners” Grandma Claire apologize.
A guard came in always immediately.

“The car is ready. It’s time to leave for the church service” He said.
“Sure” Ivy replied. The maids helped in lifting her gown and assisted her out.

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“I’m here now. I won’t let those kids touch you”She stroke his hair..
“Thanks momma” little Karen said.
Charlotte broke the hug and K!SSed his forehead.

She rested Karen’s head on her chest and stroke his head. She stare at the ring box and opened it. She gasped out loud!

It was made of diamond and it looks so expensive.
“Wow!” She muttered.

“Karen!” Charlotte heard a masculiar voice behind them. She immediately gasped and shut the box ring. She hurriedly placed the box ring inside her handbag.

” …Uhm…hmm.”
Charlotte immediately stood up. She helped Karen up too. Asher entered fully with Karen teacher. He stared at Charlotte and back at Karen.

“You took longer time than expected. So, i decided to take a stroll round the school”
Charlotte broke the silent.

“Oh! my ! God Karen. What are you doing here?. I have been looking all over for you!” The teacher rush to him.

“Tell me! Who brought you here?” She crouched down to him.
“No one! I came on my own” He replied and Charlotte sigh.

“Father! Is that you?” Karen asked staring into pace. Asher didn’t know when he crouched down to him pushing the teacher slightly and hugging him tightly.

His heartbeat could be heard.
“Don’t you do that again Karen. You scared me” He said breathing heavily.

” I’m sorry father” Karen pouted. He broke the hug and glance at the teacher deadly.

“How could you be careless with my son. What if something happened to him, huh?. You know he’s blind yet you let him move about on his own. What if he has gotten lost and i can’t find him!!” He yelled angrily and stopped in order to catch his breathe.

“I’m sorry sir, it will never happen again!” The teacher said with her head bowed.
“It’s all my fault father!. I knew i was blind but yet i left the class. I’m sorry for making you scared” he cried.

Asher stared at him unbelievable. His heart ache at that moment.
He hate seeing him cry.

“Don’t cry son” he turned back to him and starts wiping his tears with his fingers.
“Do you want me to take you home?. Do you wanna go shopping? Do you want me to get your favorite?. Should i get your teacher expelled?. Anything you want, I’ll do it” He said.

Charlotte took her lip in as she stared at the drama. No doubt, Asher loves his son dearly.

“No father!. I just want my teacher to take me to class” he muttered and Asher nodded.

“If thats what you want” he muttered and turned to the teacher.
“Take him to class. Make sure he’s comfortable” He said.

“Sure sir,” The teacher replied.
“Common Karen, i will take you to you class” She said and Karen nodded.
The teacher lead him out. Asher walked out too and Charlotte just trailed behind him. They got to his car and entered.

“Where?” Asher asked finally saying a word to her.

“I thought you won’t ask” She rolled her eyes.
“Alphonso dancing empire” she replied and stared out of the window.

Tessa stared at the huge building. She sighed. Charlotte didn’t come home last night and this is the only place she could think of.

“I’m so worried Charlie . I hope i find you here” Tessa muttered.
“Fůçƙ!” Tessa screamed as she almost fell.
“You moron! Watch it” Someone yelled behind her. Tessa turned angrily.

“Are you crazy?. You bumped into me!” She uttered and her eyes widened when she saw it was Ivy.

“What!” Ivy gasped out.
“Do you know who i am?. How dare you talk to me that way?” She asked and huffed..

“Looking at you closely, i know I’ve seen you before…….” Ivy muttered and gasped out loud.
“Now i remembered. Aren’t you that filthy smell sister. I saw you with her at that concert day. No wonder you look like Gross just like your sister” Ivy snapped out.

“At least I’m not like you. A cheap pretender!”
Tessa snapped back.
“The nerves!”Ivy roared.

“You know what Ivy, even if you’ve everything in the world, it won’t change the fact that you were once from the trash. I don’t get why you pick on poor people when you’re just like them” Tessa muttered and Ivy eyes darkened.

“How dare you!!” She grapped Tessa hair.
“Let go!” Tessa tried removing Ivy’s grip from her hair but she wasn’t ready to let go.

“Want a fight huh?” Tessa screamed out and punched Ivy face.

Her lips burst and Ivy let go immediately.
Tessa slapped her cheek and grabbed her hair.

“You crazy lady! Get away from me!!!. Someone help!!” She screamed out and Tessa chuckled.

“I bet. You thought i was a weakling huh?” She asked.

“Oh my God!! Tessa” Charlotte screamed as she ran to the scene. She immediately pull Tessa from Ivy.

“Fůçƙ you!!” Tessa screamed attempting to hit her again.
“Stop it Tessa! That’s Ivy!” She yelled.
“I’m not blind. I know its her. You should have let me disfigured her ugly face!” She muttered to Ivy hearing and Charlotte smash her head.

“I’m sorry Mrs Ivy” She immediately apologise.
“Shut up!!” Ivy sneered with hatred.
“Yes miss Ivy” Charlotte muttered.
“I apologise again. We’ll get going now” Charlotte added and pull Tessa along.

Ivy touch her burst lip and groaned.
“Arghhhh!!!….i hate them” she screamed and suddenly her eyes caught a ring box on the floor.

She bent and pick it up. She stared at Charlotte who dragged Tessa inside the empire. Her handbag was opened
“It might have fallen from her bag” Ivy thought.

“What’s this?” She muttered and opened the box. She gasped out loud.

“It’s a diamond ring”She screamed inwardly.
“It worth millions. How come she has it. Looks like an engagement ring. Its her fiance rich” She thought staring at the ring sternly.

“I don’t care if she lost it. I’m gonna sell it and make millions out of it” She thought and smile.

She removed the ring from the box and placed it in her fingers.
“It’s beautiful!” She giggled touching it and smiling widely.

“Did Karen gave that to you?” She heard a familiar voice. She startled and touch her chest. She immediately turned to see Asher.

“”It’s just…Uhm…ka….Asher what…what are you…you doing here” she stuttered.
“I came to drop someone and….” he paused.

“Nevermind,,,Are you scared?” Asher voice came in again.
“No!” Ivy laughed touching her chest.

“You startled me thats all” She replied.
“So did Karen gave you the ring” he asked staring at the ring in her finger. It was the same ring.

“Huh?…the..the… ring?” She stuttered again.

“Yeah! I gave it to him to proposed to the lady that i will marry. The lady he chose to be his mother. You know, i was having doubt in you. If you’ll be capable in taking care of my son but he just confirmed it. My son really wants you” He said.
“Huh…. It’s it’s that so?” She asked.
“Yes. I will marry you Ivy. Anything for my son happiness. Thank you for accepting” He muttered and pulled her into a hug.
She was surprised as Asher never hugged her before.
“Hope you become the best mother to Karen” he muttered stroking her hair.

“…uhm….” She stuttered again somewhat still in shock.
“Will you keep stuttering?” He asked breaking the hug.
“No…yes…sure! I will” She replied and Asher smile.

“I should get going. Running late for a conference meeting” he replied.

“Sure” Ivy muttered and watch him leave.

“What just happened?” She muttered to herself. She tried understand everything he said and that was when it drawn on her.
“So,, Karen gave this to her. That ungrateful kid. After all i did for him” She thought and folded her fist angrily.

“But how come they know each other” she furrowed her brows and bite her lower lip.

“Karen isn’t someone who makes friends easily. I guess she’s special or do they have a connection?” She thought and shook her head.

“It can’t be. She’s not even his mother!” She muttered and stared at the ring.

“No wonder you look so expensive. Cuz you’re being bought by the richest man in Manila. I must not allow her see this” she thought and quickly remove the ring from her finger.

She placed it back in the ring box and kept it inside her bag. She smiled evily and walked back inside the empire.


Charlotte took the dish that a customer ordered for. She wouldn’t be going to the empire today since it’s Ivy wedding today.

They were given some break from practice.
“Ah Charlotte, let me do it” Ma’am Gabriella said.

“No ma’am. It’s a habit i learnt when i was growing up. I’m kind of obsessed with doing it all by myself” She muttered and walked out.

She got to the customer and placed the dish on her table.
“Enjoy your meal ma’am” She muttered and smile widely. She turned back and headed to the kitchen.

“Look Charlotte, mum made Chicken laps for us. Let’s eat some!” Tessa uttered placing the plate of Chicken laps on the table.

Charlotte licked her lip and rubbed her belly.
“The aroma is killing!” She screamed out and grabbed a table.

“Wait for me!”Tessa uttered but Charlotte already took a bite and then another and another one.

“This is damn delicious. I don’t know when last i ate Chicken laps. They are my favorite” She said with her mouth food.
“Slow down, you gonna choke yourself” Mrs Emily walked in and drop the bottle of water on the table.

“That’s not fair Charlotte” Tessa stared at the bones from the chicken.

“I will make another for you both” Mrs Emily said and Charlotte frowned slightly.

“Mom….” She raised her brows cutely.
“Is anything wrong” Mrs Emily asked. Tessa and Charlotte both looked at each other and smile.

“You’ve been so sweet and nice lately. The other day you bought us honey biscuits and you even allow Charlotte to become a dancer. Its strange” Tessa mumbled and Mrs Emily touched their cheek fondly.

“You both are my girls and your happiness should be my number one priority” She replied.

“So sweet. We love you mom”They both stood up and hugged her.
Ma’am Gabriella walked past them and smile at the lovely moment. She was holding flowers in her hands.

“Mom” Charlotte called, her eyes so teary and her neck so red.
“Don’t tell me you’re moved. Gosh! You can be so emotional Charlotte” Tessa muttered and Charlotte couldn’t help but sneeze out.

She sneeze again.
Tessa looked around and suddenly saw the flowers that Ma’am Gabriella placed on the table.

“Take them out. Charlotte is allergic to flowers” Tessa muttered.
“My bad!” Ma’am Gabriella replied and walked out with the flowers.

“I told you to always take your allergic pills. ” Mrs Emily said.
“I’m sorry mum. It’s been quite long i have them” she replied cleaning her eyes.

“I don’t know why am the only one who’s allergic to pollens among us” Charlotte muttered


“Mom, stop worrying. I’m fine” She said and Mrs Emily nodded.
“I should go make more chicken Laps for you two” Mrs Emily added and they both nodded. She walked out.

“I’m going to practice in the room” Charlotte told Tessa.

“You keep on practicing for Ivy opening show that i even know all the dancing steps. You look tired. Is it too hard at the empire?” Tessa asked and Charlotte shook her head.

“Since it’s your day off at the empire why don’t we make it memorable?” Tessa added.

Charlotte raised her inquiring brows at her.
“The park. Let’s go to the park” Tessa muttered as a creepy smile appeared at the corner of her lip.

“Don’t say no. I will be hurt sis” Tessa muttered.
Charlotte replied and turned to leave.

“Ahhhhh” She screamed out jumping on one of the chair. Her body was vibrating all over.

“Spider! Spider!!” She screamed in fear.
Tessa searched the floor and saw the spider.
“Let me do it!” She smirked.

“Kill it, hurry!” Charlotte replied really scared.
“You’re so dead!” Tessa said to the spider and crashed it with her shoes. Charlotte suddenly stopped vibrating.

“It’s dead. Are you okay now?” Tessa asked.
“Yeah. Thank you” Charlotte replied and jumped down from the chair. She rushed out of the kitchen.

“I can’t believe she still have a spider phobia!” Tessa muttered, standing akimbo.

Expensive cars of different brands kept stopping beside the church and rich personalities kept stepping out of them.

The church is filled with people, both men and women, all dressed beautifully. The interior is well decorated with balloons and beautiful chandelier light hangling on the ceiling.

The priest stands on the podium behind the alter awaiting the arrival of the bride. The door suddenly opened, and the early son penetrated into the church.

Standing beside the alter is Asher Alphonso and Karen beside him. He has an expression look on his face as he patiently waited for his bride to arrive.

It check the time again and sigh. He nervous and the same time feeling uneasy.

Some years ago, he was at the same alter as he wed Helena and here he is again wedding another lady all for his son happiness

“She will soon be here” He muttered after checking his wrist watch.

“Hope you’re happy with me any where you’re Helena” He muttered and rubbed his temples.

The driver stopped at Alphonso dancing empire as instructed by Ivy. She rushed out of the car holding her big wedding gown.

Mica who was also in the car came down.
“Ivy, what are you doing?” Mica questioned as she trailed behind her.

She added,
“Today is your wedding day”

“My wedding can wait. I just got a mail from Mrs Olivia. She just informed me that Lia kim will be arriving in Manila any minutes from now. And will be coming here. Do you know who she is?
I bet not cuz you know nothing about the entertainment world especially showbriz” Ivy muttered and Mica frowned.

She hates when her sister underrate her.
“But its your wedding!” She muttered.

“Not like Asher will get married to anyone else but I’m not gonna have this opportunity again. Lia kim is the founder, dancer and chief choreography of 1 million Dance studio. A very famous dancer in south korea. She’s insanely popular with millions of subscribers on YouTube. Teacher for trainees at famous entertainment company. And she will be dancing with me at my opening show. Do you even know what it means…. I’m not going to miss it for anything in the world” She muttered, climbing the stairs to Mrs Olivia office.

“You’re crazy Ivy. You’re about getting married to the richest man in Manila” Mica screamed out and Ivy rolled her eyes.

“There’s a difference between being rich and famous. I’m gonna be the first dancer in Alphonso studio that’s gonna be dancing with such a famous star. I can’t miss this opportunity “She muttered. She got to Mrs Olivia office and knocked the door.

She heard a faint come in and pushed the door opened.
“You came” Mrs Olivia spoke from where she sat.

“Yes ma’am, you know I can’t miss seeing Ma’am Lia kim and we’ll be signing our dancing contract as well” She said, all on a rush.

“But today is your wedding” Mrs Olivia asked.
” My wedding can wait. Asher is a patient man” She replied and Mrs Olivia smile. She turned her gaze to Mica who stood behind Ivy.

“She’s my twin sister”

Ivy follow her gaze. Mrs Olivia said no words but smile instead as she continue with her work.
Tessa and Charlotte stood in front of the church. Charlotte stared back at Tessa.

“This isn’t a park Tessa. It’s a church or am i not seeing anymore?” Charlotte asked and Tessa chuckled.

“Its a church Charlie. The same church for Ivy wedding. You know, that moron invited me personally. I forget to tell you that she bumped into me a week ago and gave me an invitation card. That lady is crazy. She think I won’t come. I wondered how come Mr. Asher is getting married to such a crazy lady” She ranted but Charlotte rolled her eyes.

“You should have told me!!” Charlotte gritted her teeth.

“Then you would have refuse to come” Tessa replied.
“Since we’re here already, why don’t we go in and enjoy the occasion” Tessa pulled her in.
“I hate you!!” Charlotte muttered.

“I love you sis. That’s my pay back for eating all the chicken lap” Tessa giggled and Charlotte only rolled her eyes


Murmuring and Whispers could be heard all over the church.
It’s been some hours and Ivy was yet to arrived.
Asher kept staring at his wrist watch as he was extremely tired.

👥 Will she ever get to show up?
👥 I’m getting tired already.
👥 I’ve heard lots of stories about the bridw leaving the groom at the alter. Hope that’s not gonna be Mr Handsome story.

“Ivy is a moron! I can’t believe she’s about to ditch him” Tessa whisper to Charlotte.

Charlotte said no words as she remembered Karen proposal to her.
She swallowed hard feeling uneasy as more whisper came in.

👥 I wish she never comes so i can get married to him

Sweat drip from Asher hair and ran down to his cheek. He was seriously tired of waiting and the murmuring wasn’t helping at all.
Hence he felt like an object of laughter.

Everyone seems to be tired of waiting too. He stared at the crowd and then he saw her. His heart started racing again.
It’s been a while he saw her and he thought he’s never gonna see her again.

Losing his sense of mind, he pointed at her.
“My bride is here” He said pointing at the direction Charlotte sat. Everyone traced his finger and gasped.

“We’re already in a relationship and she’s pregnant for me” he added.

He walked up to her and everyone eyes followed with each steps he takes.

He stopped right in front of Charlotte making her gasped. Including Tessa and everyone.

Asher K!SSed her outright and they all gasped out again.

Charlotte didn’t K!SS him back as she was so shocked. She stay still like a status.

He broke the K!SS and stared at her eyes.
“Marry me right now pumpkin and let’s parent our unborn child together” He said with pleading eyes and shaking voice.

Charlotte eyes widened, her mouth went agape. Her heart raced except for the drumming sensation in her chest.

She blinked her eyes severally and wishing to shook her head but her pounding heart was not helping.

She found herself nodding even when she doesn’t want to.
Then, a smile slowly crept on his face.

Not letting that sweet smile off his face, Asher lifted his hand.

“Charlie” Tessa shook her head as her mouth was also opened.
She carefully placed her palm on his and stood up.
“No! No!! Charlie. What are you doing”
Tessa covered her mouth from the overwhelming shock.
They both turned to the alter and walked towards it.


Ivy kept pacing around Mrs Olivia office patiently waiting for Lia kim arrival.

“You should sit down Ivy” Mrs Olivia said. Mica was already sitted, tapping her feet on the floor.

“I can’t, it’s been hours already!” She snaped out.
“But you said you’ll wait” Mrs Olivia replied and Ivy fake a smile.
“Sure….i will wait” She muttered and started pacing around again.

“Do you think you’ll be able to keep up being a dancer after getting married and taking care of a blind kid. You know you’re just getting started Ivy” Mrs Olivia chipped it.

Ivy bite her lower lip and turned to her as she fake another smile.
“Of course Mrs Olivia. You know, you’re married to Master William but yet you keep up with the entertainment business. The only problem is, you don’t have a child for master Williams. I’m i right Mrs Olivia” She smile sheepishly and Mrs Olivia glanced at her.

“So you see, i will be able to cope perfectly” She muttered glancing at her back.

The telephone started beeping.
Mrs Olivia gulped down and pick her call.
“Sure” She replied and dropped the telephone.

“Lia kim just arrived!” She said and Ivy’s eyes widened.
“Really!” She clapped her hands excitedly.

“But she’s quite tired. She postponed her meeting with you till tomorrow” She said.
“What! But I’ve been waiting. Today is supposed to be my wedding day” Ivy said almost in tears.

“Like i said, she’ll meet with you tomorrow”
Mrs Olivia said going back to work.
“What am i supposed to do now?” She muttered staring at Mica.
“We can still meet up. Let’s leave right away” Mica replied and she nodded.

Ivy turned to Mrs Olivia.
“We’ll be leaving now” She
“Let’s go!” She added and they both rushed out.
The marriage rite kick off afterward. Asher was staring at Charlotte from the corner of his eyes.
“Your name” The priest asked.

“Ch… Charlotte” She stuttered.
“Do you, Asher Alphonso, takes Charlotte to be your wife?” He asked. Asher took a glance at her.

This is the decision he has made and no turning back.
“Yes i will” he replied.

” Charlotte, will you takes Asher Alphonso to be your husband?” The priest said in a loud voice.

She didn’t answer. Her heart was beating so fast. She was sweating profusely. This is her chance to regret him. She raised her face to stare at him but when she met his pleading eyes, she gulped down and played with her fingers.
👥 Is she gonna say no!

“Please Charlie, reject him” Tessa screamed in her head.

👥Why is she taking so much time to answer?.
👥Is she having a second thought?
The priest cleared his throat loudly, then he repeated his question.

“I….i will” She replied. The exchange of rings begin and soon the wedding rituals was over.
“I now announced to you husband and wife. You may K!SS your bride”
The priest said. Charlotte gulped down as she said nothing.
Everything was happening so so fast. Asher move to her and held her face passionately. His gaze focused on her lips as his finger caresses it.

“Stop! You can’t continue with the wedding!!”
A loud voice was heard. Everyone turned their gaze and along the aisle, stood Ivy dressed in her white flowing wedding gown. For minutes, silence assumed the air as everyone await for someone to speak again.

“You can’t marry her” Ivy added taking slow steps along the aisle as she walked up to them and everyone’s gaze on her.

Charlotte eyes twitched a bit as she waits for Asher to speak up.
“We’re already married Ivy and this is Fůçƙing important”
Asher replied. With that being said, he slammed his lips on her.
Everyone gasped out

“What?” Ivy recoiled in shock. Her heart leaped to her throat and her mouth widely opened.

She startled and suddenly felt her vision becoming blurry.
She was about falling but Mica was quick to hold her.

“Are…are you Okay” Mica stuttered.


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