December 5, 2023

🔞 Accidental little bride🔞
(Becoming a celebrity its all she wants but he changed her dreams💃)
✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 25&26



A searing pain shot through her body. It was unbearable. She tried to open her eyes but couldn’t. Her eyelids felt hot and heavy.

She heard muffled voices as she stirred on the bed. Sometimes, the voices sounded loud and clear and at a time it softened, confusing her.
“Ivy…open your eyes” She could hear faint voices.

After a long while, she slowly opened her eyes and found herself laying in a hospital. Her eyes widened in horror.

She shut them again and try recalling what had happened.

She gasped out.

“Ivy you’re awake”
She heard a familiar voice and soon realized it was her sister. She opened her eyes and turned her head sideway and her gaze met with Mica who’s sitting beside her.

She had a sad look.
“What happened?. Why am i here. Its supposed to be my wedding” She muttered and Mica couldn’t help but sniffed.

“He’s married to someone else now. Please forget about him Ivy” Mica muttered.

Her heart sneaked. It was drumming in her chest, she broke into a cold sweat. She had never thought he will get to marry someone else.

“His son choose me. He can’t marry someone else. Tell me you’re lying” Ivy muttered as tears streamed out of her eyes.
Mica only stared at her. Her silent was an unspoken answer to her.

“He can’t do this to me. His son chose me. He can do anything just for his son” she muttered and sniffed hard.
“Ivy you ……”
Mica was cut short when the hospital door opened.
Asher and Grandma Claire walked in.

Ivy was visible startled when she saw them. The two of them unanimously turned to look at her.

“Ivy” Grandma Claire hurried her pace to her. Asher tucked his hands into his P@ŋt pocket as he walked to her.

“How are you feeling now?” Grandma Claire asked but she glanced at Asher deadly.

“Telling me you don’t want me would have been better”
The tears fell off her eyes but she quickly wipe them.

“I’m sorry baby, I don’t know what came over him” Grandma Claire held her face.

“I held you went to the empire. How could you do that on your wedding day?”He asked calmly and Ivy gulped down.

“Once again, you choose your career over my son. I guessed you’re not the right mother for him”

He added,

“You fainted and i came to check how you’re doing. You’re fine now and i hope you take care of yourself Ivy. Goodbye” he said.

Ivy shook her head. The fear wracked her nerves. Her body trembled.
Grandma Claire furrowed her brows.
“You caused this son and you should stay right here with her. For goodness sake, Karen picked her. You should have waited but rather, you picked that gold digger. She’s only after your money. The first day i saw her, i know the likes of her are of no good” Grandma Claire ranted.

“She’s already my wife and you should treat her with respect mom. I’m gonna take my leave now” He said.
He turned around and hurried away not bothering to spare her another look.

“Ivy, you don’t have to worry. He’s out of his senses. I promise to get you married to him”
Grandma Claire muttered.

“You better. I’m a celebrity and stuff like this can damage my image” Ivy snapped viciously.

Anger surged through her veins.
“You don’t have to worry. Asher is my son. He will do anything i say” She assured her. She pulled Ivy into a hug and stroke her hair.


Charlotte stared at the interior of the room. It was beautiful. Painted with blue and large to occupy a whole family.
She stared out of the window and sigh.

“I’m so sorry for lying at the alter. I did it cuz i was enraged by her betrayal. Look here, we don’t have to continue if you don’t want it. We can stay with each other to convince the public that we’re really in love. After six months, you can file for a divorce. We’ll sleep in separate rooms for this six months. I promise not to interfere with your business and private life. Just be the best mother for Asher for this six months. That’s all i ask for”

Charlotte remember his words and sigh again. She blinked severally and wondered what Tessa might be going through now. She wasn’t given a chance to talk to her sister.

Came a tiny voice as he entered the room. Charlotte immediately left the window side and rushed to him.

“Oh! Karen” She muttered.
“Momma! I can’t believe it. You’re really here with me. You fulfill your promise mom”He pout. Charlotte smile and crouched down to him.

“It’s amazing are you could identify me despite being blind. I love you Karen and I’m doing this because of you”She replied and Karen smile.

“Momma is here now. You won’t be mock by those kids again”She said.
“Promise me, you will never leave me” He muttered.

Charlotte chipped in.

“Promise me Momma” He said again.
“I promise you son”She muttered and hugged him.
“I’m never gonna leave you” She added as she stroke his hair.


Asher was busy with work when his secretary walked in and placed the day schedules on the table.

“Here’s the schedules for today” She said and Asher picked it up to have a look.

“An executive meeting to discuss new business” He muttered flipping over the pages.

“Yes sir. The goal is to take over Global Airline currently number three in Philippines and make it number one here and top ten global company in five years. As soon as the announcement is public, to accelerate the airline growth, the board members plan to intensify orders from the USA, India, Korea, Vietnam. According to the financial statement in the business plan, the current assests are 2.024 trillion won, the current liabilities are 0.94 billon won, so the current ratio is as much as 275% and…..”

Asher cut her short.
“Complete the acquisition later. Postpone the executive meeting and lets call it a day” He said and the secretary gasped.

“But sir, the meeting is very important. The delay can cause a huge lose to our company. Moreover, you’ve been invited to a night private party at the Spanish embassy….” She muttered and Asher raised his brows.

“No more questioning. You may leave” he said and she gulped down.
“Yes!” She replied and bowed before leaving.

Asher breathed out.
“I’m now a married man” He thought and rest his back on the chair.

The door opened again and he frowned thinking it was his secretary. He raised his head but surprisingly, it was his brothers Derrick and Rex.

Anger surged through his veins.
“What are you both doing here!” He growled.

“Chill brother, we only came to pay a visit. We’re sorry for not being able to attend your wedding but it was worth it considering the turn round of event that took place. We heard the rumors and it was embarrassing brother. We came to pay our condolences” Rex said and Asher balled his fist.

“No one died so save it. I know you both won’t come here if you don’t want something from me” He gritted his teeth.

Rex and Derrick chuckled.

“You know us pretty well. Rex and i decide to start a business since you didn’t give us a share in mother’s company. We have decided to forgive you for taking a selfish decision. We only need some huge about of money to start ours. Its a ton of money for us but not for you”
Derrick replied.

Asher bite harder on his lower lip as he tried calming down.
“Can you both do me a favour and run far away just like your father?” He muttered angrily.

“We’re nothing like father!” They yelled in anger.
“It’s a waste coming to you. You’re still the same Arrogant and selfish Asher. You care about nothing but yourself and your son. Again, you deprived us from our happiness. We’ll take our leave” Derrick muttered.

“All this wealth you’re enjoying will be ours soon. Keep that in mind” Rex added and they both walked out of the office.

Asher eyeslid already darkened and his eyes so red. There’s only one thing that can caused it. That’s remembering him of his father.


Charlotte stared back at her reflection from the vanity mirror. The outfit was beautiful and it still got mesmerized on how Helena’s outfit fitted her perfectly.

“It’s beautiful” She muttered and check the time. She screamed out as she was already late for practice.

She knew Karen would have gone to school. She sigh sadly since she couldn’t see him this morning. She grabbed her bag and left her room.

She’s gonna use this chance in visiting her mom. Of course, she got lots of explanation to do.

The maids greeted her as she walked and she found it awkward. She only managed to smile at them. Charlotte climbed down the stairs and met with Grandma Claire.

“Good …. good morning mother!”She stuttered and gulped them. Grandma Claire glanced at her with hatred making the atmosphere suffocating to her.

“I’m going for practice now” Charlotte managed to chipped in as the whole house suddenly became too quiet. Only their pounding hearts could be heard.

Charlotte resumed walking but Grandma Claire voice stop her.

“Stop!” She thundered.
A gush of cold wine brushed her and she shivered.
Grandma Claire raised her hand to stop her.

“Looking you closely, you’re nothing but a gold digger. You don’t deserve to be part of the Alphonso family. How did you manage to manipulate your ways into this family huh?. Tell me?” She growled.

Her lip curled up into a sneer. Charlotte lowered her head avoiding her inquiring gaze.

“My grandson wants Ivy to be his mother after Helena but you managed to separate them and crashes his dreams of wanting to have her as a mother. I’ll never forgive you!” She retorted and Charlotte gasped.

“I’m sorry mother. Please forgive me” Charlotte apologize.
“I’m not your mother. I know your type. Look, you want money right?. I want you to file for a divorce. I want you and that bastard you’re carrying, out of my son’s life. I promise you a cheque of Five million naira if you do” She muttered coldly.

“Mother!!” Asher reiterated as he walked to them.
“We just go married” he added in disbelief.

“I want to have another grandson from Ivy and not a bastard” She cast a knowing glance at her. Charlotte sniffed and look down avoiding her gaze.
“I guess you’re going out. I’ll take you”
Asher chimed in.

“A wife and mother responsibility is to be at home, take care of the house and kids. Since you chose this path, i forbid you leaving this mansion” She muttered and Charlotte eyes widened.

She raised her fingers stopping Asher.

“Do you have a problem with it?” Grandma Claire asked and Charlotte couldn’t help but gulped down.
A part of her really wants to end the marriage right now but when she remembers the wish she made to Karen, she felt so weak.

She burst out in tears as she ran upstairs.
“Charlotte!!” Asher called trying to stop her but she already out of sight.

He glanced at his mother.

“I’m doing this for you. She’s nothing but a gold digger!”
Grandma Claire muttered.

“Just stop it mom. That woman is my wife. I understand you despised poor people and gold diggers but she’s nothing like him. She’s only being considerate. I’m sparing you right now because you’re my mother and you went through same trauma i did but please mom, stop it cuz you might just push me to the end and i wouldn’t be able to control it” he uttered and walked out .

Grandma Claire sneered in rage.

“Why?. Do you feel for her. She’s a woman and you know how desperate they’re to marry into the Alphonso family. She’s nothing but a gold digger” She snapped viciously.

“The sheer arrogance! Gosh, I hate her so much!”

She crossed her arms over her chest and turned her head coldly.

Asher kept banging the door but she was not opening. He could only hear sniffs.

“Charlotte! Open up” He muttered.
“I’m fine. You don’t have to worry” She sniffed from inside.


Everywhere was crowded. The press surrounded the place waiting for the arrival of
Lia kim.

Everyone seems to be happy as they couldn’t wait just to see her.
Tessa covered her hair with the scarf. She regretted coming after seeing the way the whole building was crowded.

She dislike, loated and hate crowded places.
She only came thinking Charlotte might come for practice. She needs to take her back home.
Their mother was more than worried.

Suddenly someone grabbed her hand making Tessa gasped. From the red heels she worn, Tessa looked up and saw a woman.

She was putting on a coat with a big hat covering her face. Only her red lips could be seen.

“I need your help” She muttered and Tessa gasped.
Tessa muttered.


The whole place looks so scary for a little boy to be there.

His tiny legs and hands were chained.
“I want to meet moi mama!” He cried out. She only laughed out staring at his pathetically.

“I’m gonna be your momma soon. You should start calling momma. Isn’t that fabulous right?”
The evil lady laughed.

He crouched down to him and touched his cheek.
“Your momma is gonna go through all the pains i went. I wont spare anyone of them for making me this way. I won’t!!”she screamed scaring the little boy.

Asher screamed, waking up from his sleep. He was breathing so fast. He put on the light and grabbed a bottle of water.

“It just the same nightmares” He muttered and climbed down from the bed.
“I should check on Mother and Karen” He muttered and tied his robe. He wore his slippers and walked out of his room.

Charlotte burst into tears when she saw her mother. She has sneak out of the mansion just to see her.
It was late already and everyone might be sleeping in the mansion

She sniffed uncontrollable and rushed to her. Mrs Emily let out a sigh and stroke her hair. She hugged her passionately before pulling apart.

“I thought you’ll never show up after getting married without my concept” Mrs Emily said.

“I’m sorry mum. I didn’t know what to do. I was confused”
She cried.

“You aren’t pregnant, are you?”She asked and Charlotte shook her head.
“Then you have to leave him. You made a thoughtless decision by getting married to him. You can still leave him and focus on your career” Mrs Emily said and Charlotte mouth dropped.

This is the first time her mom is choosing her career over something.

“But i promise Karen. I can’t leave him. There’s something unique each time I’m with him. What if am destined to be his mom”Charlotte asked and Mrs Emily shook her head.

” Quit being stupid. The Alphonso family isn’t for you. They’re two different worlds. Sometimes, destiny can be so wrong and you wouldn’t realized until it messed up with you badly. Those family isnt for you. I’m your mother Charlotte and i feared this day will come but now, am afraid cuz it’s worst than i thought. Getting married to Asher is an abomination that shouldn’t have happened. I’ve always force you in obeying all my rules and yelled at you when you don’t. Charlotte, not anymore. You’re old enough to make decisions for yourself. I’m only here to guide you so you wouldn’t make my same mistake.
When you found out, it might be too late. Your heart will be shattered and crumbled. Its still early to leave him. We can all go back to the village where we have been living a simple life” Mrs Emily said.

“Mom. What are you saying” Charlotte choke on her sob.

Someone called cutting her short.

The voice was so familiar and it was both recognize by Mrs Emily and Charlotte. They both turned immediately and gasped.

“Master Williams”

Mrs Emily and Charlotte called respectively.


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