December 5, 2023

❤️ Entangled with
An immortal🤍

{A girl in demon school…}

By Maya (j.A)

~~~~CHAPTER 15&16~~~~


“where did you get that from?“He asked again reffering to what fell from her.

The white furry handkerchief!..

Its belong to him!!

“How did you get that?“his voice thundered again and she jolt in fear…

“I…i picked it” came her shaky voice.

Taehyung was speechless…he lost it but how did she get it.

Se-ra eyes moved to his neck region and she found her self glaring at the tattoo there.

She felt the tattoo held so many memories…its so magnetic and effective…thst she didn’t known when her hand mlbe to her zipper ready to pull it down to expose hers.

Taehyung trace her gaze and he could see it stuck to his neck and her hand on her zipper.

“Don’t even dare…an not a gay okay!“ He scold think he want to seduce him but se-ra is long gone..

“Axel” she heard hoon’s voice and she just to reality.

“Hoon” she called blinking her eyes rapidly as her heart beat fast making her breath so rough.

Taehyung dimmed his eyes in suspect.

“What happened? why are you Here? What is her offense“ he asked in one breath.

“your girlfriend just disobeyed one of the school rules by trying to escape from the school” taehyung said coldly with his hand crossed in His back.

“Axel why?“ Hoon asked and se-ra gulped down nothing looking down in fright.

“I…” she stutterer and go mute.

“Why is a demon after her.. the extent its got into the institute?“ Taehyung asked again and hoon brows creased

“Demon in the school but it not possible”he said not believing him.

“Are you indirectly calling me a liar?“ He frowned.

“Can I go with him…i need to interrogate him” he said trying to change the topic.

“He disobeyed a rule so he will go with the punishment” taehyung said and hoon eyes widened.

“No not the torture room…you cant Ɲ@kēɗ my girlfriend and make your guard punish him” he cried.

“Then he will serve me for a week or two” he said coldly and walk away.

“But…no but its your choice to choose for him” he cut hoon off.

Hoon sighed frustratedly and pinch his brows in anger.

He grab se-ra hand and storm out angrily.

They got to his room and he freed her…

“What is wrong with you…are you really working with anyone?“ He asked and she nod negatively.

“I miss my mom” she cried and hoon angry face fell immediately.

“Are you a baby?“ He scoffed….gosh she is so childish.

“Its okay…you are going to see her when we go out tomorrow”he said and her face cheered up immediately.

“We are going out tomorrow?“ He asked and he nod.

“Am going after a demon but you are going with me…and I also wanna take you on a date” he said and she blushed.

“I have never go on a date I don’t know how it feels like?“ she said shyly.

“Really why?…got a strict parent?“ He asked with a smirk.

“Nop…everyone is running from me..they thought am crazy when I see thing beyond the natural eyes” she said and hoon chuckled..

“So are you happy with me?“ He asked and she nod.

“Am happy someone understand me” she replied and hoon hugged her.

“Can I asked you a question?“

“Go ahead” hoon replied inhaling her scent…he just love her scent.

“Who is your brother to me…why do we have same tattoo…do you guys have a lost sister?“ She asked in one breath and hoon break the hug instantly.

“Tattoo…you got the same tattoo with him?“ He asked shocked .

“Yes..but his own seems so toxic that when I stare at it…it make me nearly take off my clothes to reveal mine too” she explained and hoon jaw dropped to the floor.

“Their couple tattoo still exist…even in her new life she came back with it…does it mean she still love him and didn’t kill him purposely…?

“can I see?“ He asked and she shift from him immediately.

“No…its in a hidden area” she replied and that got hoon laughing.

“Am still going to see it one day..when you become mine” he said and she blushed

“what if you guys find out am your sister?“ She asked and hoon gulp down nothing.

“Nop it not gonna happen”

“you are going to serve master taehyung and you are going to promise me you will stay away from him” he warned.

“Why?“ She asked.

“He can kill you when he find out about your real identity”

“Why but he can have sympathy like you” she blurted.

“He won’t and never..and you are lucku cause am in love with you”


“Because he is a tiger and tiger don’t have sympathy” he replied and her eyes widened

“Wait is he a white tiger?“ She asked

“How did you know?“

“I saw him one day…on a roof” she replied

“maybe that where he lost his handkerchief” she gasped.

So he is the white tiger?..

Paisley sat down thinking weather to go meet one of the dangerous trapped demon to make a deal with it but she have a second thought.

She can’t believe there will another lafy more powerful than her in this institute..

And the worst is that she is now the master’s favorite…

She just can’t sit and watch someone take her position in the school…she must do something.


Hoon got dressed waiting for Se-ra to walk out.

She wall out looking Șëx¥ in her boyish clothes.

“Can I get a good morning K!SS please” he said and she blink rapidly.

“Anio(no)” she replied sharply.

“Why?“ He asked pinning her to the wall.

She stick her gaze to the floor not ready to look into his eyes.

“Look into my eyes se-ra I love those stares” he said as his hand move to her chin and raised it up.

He gulp down staring at her lips..

Just when he lost it and start leaning down to K!SS her…the door burst open revealing taehyung..

Hoon furrowed his brows in anger..

Taehyung is a real joy killer.

“Hey aren’t you supposed to start your punishment already.

“Oh sorry big bro..we are going for a mission right now” he said and sighed feeling angry inside.

“Take someone else with you”taehyung said coldly.

“I can’t “ hoon replied stubbornly.

“Why?“Taehyung asked surprise first time hoon is saying no to him.

“Because its a couple thing….I heard there is a Lū$t demon in town and it really breaking a lot of couple..“ He said and taehyung just nod.

“Why don’t you go with someone else?“ He asked.

“Because the demon only come out when it concerning couple things” he replied.

“Just today…..when be comes back…he will start his punishment immediately” he warned and hoon nod.

He hold the nervous se-ra hand and walk out with her.

“Let try couples moment first or go for the demon first?“ he asked..

“Demon first” she replied.


Maya walked inside the institute…Taehyung is visiting the institute today so she planned in surprising him with her new look.

She cat walked into the institute with her white palazzo and a crop top.

👥”is that goddess maya?“

👥”gawd she really changed”

👥”can’t wait for my dream to come true after I finally graduate from here”

👥“She look so hot that I might ask her out not minding if we are same gender”

👥“Be mine maya”

She smiled proudly as she heard the students gushed over her.

Her eyes widened when she saw some of the females gather at the school big pool

Taehyung was taking slow steps towards the place…

“Taehyung” she called running after him.“

“Damn this human thing” she cursed referring to her heels.

She finally caught up with taehyung.

“Hey maya” he said with a smirk.

“What is with the you like my new look”she asked blushing.

“Not at all…mind if we proceed to the pool I have a surprised for you” he replied not minding if the words sting or not.

Her face fell at taehyung replied but she followed him like that..

They finally got to the pool and her jaw dropped at what she saw.

Hyung min?

What is he doing here.

He lay in the water with his hair sprawled on the water floating on it.

Girls surrounded him as they drool and touch his hot body.

“Isn’t that cute?“ taehyung smirk

“This jerk call this fun?“


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