December 2, 2023

( Stand For Love… )


By; Succie from.



“Desiree! Desiree!” Bryan calls her when she was about leaving the house. Desiree halted her feet and it took her some seconds before turning to face him.

“Yes Bryan, what do you want?” She asked.

“Are we okay?”


“Ever since you find out about I and Nadia dating, you have been distant towards me” Bryan said and Desiree looks at him.

She could remembered how she cried her eyes that night, after discovering Bryan and Nadia were dating, she’d have gone insane if not for Paige who tried everything to hold her back. It was her first time falling in love, but she got broken in the most unfixable way.

“Desiree are you mad at me for keeping my relationship with Nadia a secret from you?”.

“Do you love her?” Desiree asked.

“Yes I do Desiree, I love Nadia so much”.

“That’s good to know then. I’m not mad at you Bryan, is your life and you have the right to hide whatever you do from me”.

“I’m glad we’re on the same page Desiree”

Desiree smiles a little and said. I’ll be going to school” And with that she left the house, she tried so hard not to cry, but it seems like her eyes weren’t understanding her, because it kept producing more tears.



“Ma’am you sent for me” Dylan said when he got to the staff room. Their homeroom teacher looks at him and smiled.

“Yes I did Dylan. I just discovered Stacey is no longer a student of Empire High”.

“That’s true ma’am” Dylan said.

“And she used to be your partner for the artwork Competition, right?” She asked and Dylan nods.

“Well I went through your class register and I discovered that no one is vacant to replace Stacey as your partner, so I decided to partner you with a newbie that will transferred to Empire High, she might be far behind from the things we have thought, but I read her credentials and I confirmed she can caught up quickly once she start schooling here”.

“I have no issues in who my partner will be ma’am as long as she’s not bratty”.

“Of she’s not. Rose is a sweetheart” The homeroom teacher said.


Rose enters the staff room, smiling like always.

“Good morning to you ma’am” She said smiling and her eyes went to Dylan who was obviously looking at her.

“Oh Dylan” She said.

“You know him?” The homeroom teacher asked.

“Yes I do ma’am. He’s my friend”.

“That’s means they won’t be any need introducing you both, right?”.

“Is he the one you were talking about, my partner?” Rose asked and the homeroom teacher nods.

Dylan and Rose looks at each other and smiles.



“Vince” Odessa excitedly call him when he entered the house, he just came back from Washington DC.

“What the heck are doing here?” Vince asked.

“I just recently woke up from coma and I decided to come back to you” Odessa said and Vince scoffs.

“Come back to me? Why didn’t you leave the house, just like how your good for nothing son did?”

“Because I love you Vince and I don’t want to leave you alone in this big house” Odessa said.

Vince chuckles and walks closer to her.

“Do you love me and want to keep on living here?” He asked and Odessa nods.

“If that’s the case, I will be needing your help” Vince said and Odessa looks at him.



Rose sits in the bed smiling as she looks at the picture she took with Dylan.

“He’s so cute” She muttered smiling. She touch her heart and she could feel it beating slowly and she chuckles.

“Can’t believe my heart finally loves someone” She said and smiles.

The door opens and Mr. Wilson enters the room, Rose spranged up quickly on seeing him.

“Dad” She said.

“It seems you’re fine now” Mr. Wilson said.

“Yes I’m dad. I’m no longer sick” Rose said not looking at him.

“In that case, it means you’re fit to get married”

“Married?” Rose asked, looking at him.

“Yes Rose, you’ll be getting married to my business partner’s son” Mr. Wilson said.

“Why will you want me to get married to your business partner’s son?”

“Because I want you to Rose. Prepared to meet him soon” Mr. Wilson said.

“I won’t”

“What did you just say?” Mr. Wilson asked.

“I won’t get married to your business partner’s son. I don’t know him, I don’t even want to know him, because I have someone I Love” Rose said and Mr. Wilson without considering his action, slaps her.

Rose falls to the ground and Mrs. Wilson enters immediately.

“Rose” She calls when she sees Rose on the floor.

“Who do you think you’re to give your opinion in my decision, huh!!!. Maybe you’re forgetting that I’m the reason why you’re still living. If not for the money I spent in treating you, you will have been dead!!”

“Wilson, you don’t have to be mean to her, she didn’t plan to be sick” Mrs. Wilson said.

“Then she should be grateful to the hand that fed her. I don’t even need your opinion Rose, so be prepared to be married to Carding” Mr. Wilson said and leaves.

“Mom, I don’t know who this Carding is, but I don’t want to be married to him, I love someone else mom” Rose said crying.

“Shhhh, stop crying dear” Mrs. Wilson said hugging the crying Rose.



“Rose” Dylan said going to her.

“I’m sorry I called you out so late, is just that you’re the only person I know here in Chicago” Rose said as tears off down her eyes.

Dylan quickly sits beside her.

“Why’re you crying Rose? Who made you cry?” Dylan asked.

“My Dad, he wants me to get married to his business partner’s son”.

“What?” Dylan said, feeling heartbroken.

“But I don’t want to get married to him Dylan, My dad is a cruel man and he’s going to do what he wants. He wants me to see him, but I don’t want to Dylan. I don’t want to get married to someone I don’t love” Rose said crying.

Dylan sighs and hugs her.

“Cry all you want Rose, let it all out” Dylan said patting her back softly.

Rose hugs him back, crying on his shoulder.

“So she’s the girl you ran all the way here to see!!!” Barney yells. She has actually followed Dylan, after he ditched her off.

Rose and Dylan broke the hug. Barney went to where Rose was and slaps her.

“What’s your problem?” Rose asked.

“You’re my problem!!!! Why’re you hugging my fiance!!!” Barney screams and tries to slap her again but Dylan held her hand.

“Let go of my hand Dylan!!!”.

“She’s your fiancee?” Rose asked as more tears falls down her eyes.

“Rose I….”

“I don’t deserve your explanation” Rose said. She took her bag and ran away, as more tears falls down her eyes.

“Rose!!” Dylan screams trying to go after her, but Barney held him.

“I won’t allow you go after her Dylan. I’m your fiancee so you should be with me”.

“I thought I made it clear to you, that I don’t love you. I don’t love you Barney, why can’t you get it stucked inside your empty skull!!”

“But I love you Dylan, and we’re still engaged to each other”.

“If that’s the case then, I’m calling off this stupid engagement!!!” Dylan shouted and Barney’s eyes widened.

“You can’t do that Dylan, your parents won’t allow it”.

“Is my life and not theirs. I don’t care what they will do to me anymore” Dylan said. He took off the ring he was wearing and threw it on the floor.

“Let’s never crossed part with each other” Dylan said leaving, but Barney blocked his part.

“Please Dylan, don’t call off our engagement. I-I-I promise to be good from now. I won’t tell on you anymore, please don’t call off our engagement” Barney said crying.

Dylan ignores her cry and walks away.

“Dylan!!!!!” Barney screams out crying.

Dylan got to the parking lot of the millennium park, but Rose’s car was no longer there. He tried calling her, but she kept ignoring his calls.

“$h|t” Dylan said stamping his foot on the ground, running his hands through his hair.



“What if we fail?” Ashely asked feeling so nervous.

“Come off it Ashely, stop creating negative thoughts, I have no doubt you both are going to pass the audition. You rap your so well and Carding sings so well too, is a perfect combo to win an audition, right Carding?” Paige said.

“I’m also nervous too”. Carding said.

“Holy $h|t, Why can’t you both be like me? I’m always confident in anything I am doing”.

“Unfortunately we’re not you Paige” Carding said.

“How about you both rehearse again? Your audition numbers is 345&346, they’re still in 177 so there’s still a lot of time. You both should practice again if you’re loosing your confident” Paige said and Carding smiles at her.

Ashely and Carding were about rehearsing when Carding’s phone rings. He looks at the unknown caller, before picking up.


“Hello Carding”

“Mom” Carding said and Paige looks at him.

“Carding, I’m sorry for what I did, and I have made a decision to live with you”.

“You will?” Carding asked as a smile formed itself on his face.

“Yes I’ll son. I’m choosing you over your dad”.

“You don’t know how happy I am right now mom. Thank you so much” Carding said smiling.

“Where’re you son? Can you come pick me up so we can go to the house you rented?”.

Carding smiles.

“Alright Mom I’ll be there in a jiffy” Carding said and ends the call smiling.

“Is everything okay?” Paige asked.

“Yes Paige. My Mom has finally come back to her senses, she no longer want to stay in my dad’s mansion”.


“Yes Paige. Is a good thing I didn’t give up on the house I rented. I’ll be back Paige, I will just pick her up from the mansion and come back” Carding said smiling.

“Alright Carding. We’ll be waiting for you” Paige said. Carding K!SSed her and leaves.

“I thought his mom never wanted to leave his dad?” Ashely asked. Paige looks at her and sighs.



Carding excitedly enters the house and sees his mom sitting on the couch.

“Mom” He said smiling.

“Carding” Odessa muttered and Vince came downstairs. Carding’s smiles disappeared when he saw Vince.

“What going on here?” Carding asked.

“I told you Odessa, that our plan of luring Carding back to the mansion was going to push through” Vince said and Carding looks at his mom with surprised.

“You tricked me?” He asked and Odessa quickly looked away from him.

“I can’t believe you will do this to your son. I’m leaving” Carding said and tries to leave, but Vince’s men enters the living room and got hold of Carding.

“What did heck are you all doing? Let go of me! Lemme go!!!” Carding screams trying to break free from the grip of the strong men holding him.

“Lock him, and don’t let him out of your sights” Vince said.

“Why’re you having me locked up!!!”

“Because you will be getting married very soon and I won’t want you to run away”.

“Married? I thought you never wanted me as your son!!” Carding yells.

“But now I do since you will be useful when you get married to my business partner’s daughter”.

“You have no right to tell me who to get married to!! I Love Paige, she’s the girl I Love!!!”

“Take him away” Vince orders.

“Let go of me, let me go!!!!!” Carding screams as he was been taking by the Vince’s men.

“Vince will you love me now that I did what you want?” Odessa asked smiling.

Vince looks at her and walks away, Odessa takes in her lips sadly.



Ashely checks her wrist watch and sighs.

“Why is Carding not coming back? It’ll be our turn soon” Ashely said.

Paige brought out her phone from her bag and dials Carding’s number. It was ringing but no one was picking.

“He’s not picking up” Paige said worriedly.

“345&346 your up next”

Both Paige and Ashely had a voice from the public speaker.

“What should I do Paige?”

“Go ahead and do your audition” Paige said.

“What about Carding?”

“Is better one of you audition, than none of you did. If you don’t audition, Carding will blame himself for it”.

“Is 3445&346 not available”.

“Go ahead Ashely”.

Ashely nods before entering the auditioning block.

Paige sighs and continues calling Carding.

“Where’re you Carding? Why’re you not answering your phone” She muttered worriedly.



Dylan have been hearing it hot from his parents for calling off the engagement with Barney.

“Is my life, so I have every right to do what I want!!!” Dylan yells back at them.

“Your life huh!!!! Do you know the amount of shares will be losing because of you, huh!!” Mr. Cromwell yells at him.

“If you so determined in keeping the shares, then get married to her yourself!!!” Dylan yells and Mr. Cromwell eyes widened.

“I’m not your business card so if you want to keep the Reyes’s shares to yourself, then get married to their daughter yourself and take her in as your second wife” Dylan said.

“How dare you talk that way to your dad!!!!” Mrs. Cromwell yells and tries to slap Dylan but Dylan held her hand, shocking them the more.

“I have enough with the both of you. I let you used me anyhow you wanted, but not anymore. I won’t let you both control my life again!!!” Dylan yells at them.

“What is even the point of staying with parents that never considered me their son. I have it from the both of you and I don’t want to live with you both anymore” Dylan said.

“Really? Go ahead then!!! But just know that the moment you step out from this house, you’re no longer our son!!” Mr. Cromwell yells at him.

“Thank you very much then” Dylan said and leaves the house.

“Dylan!!!!!” Mr and Mrs Cromwell screams at the same time.



“I’m sorry miss, but you aren’t allowed here” The security man in charge of the gate said.

“I just want to see Carding, so lemme through” Paige said. And when the security man was proving stubborn, Paige push him away, gaining access into the huge compound, which was guided by three men.

“Who’re you?” They asked.

Paige ignores them and tries to enter the house, but they block him.

“Move!!!!” She yells as tears falls down her eyes.

“You aren’t needed here” One of them said.

Paige punch his face, she kicks the other man and flip the third over her shoulder.

“Carding!!!” She screams entering inside the living room and came across Odessa and Vince.

“Where’s Carding!!! What have you done to him!!!” Paige yells.

“Carding is back to being the son of this family, so you should forget about him” Odessa said.

“I can’t believe you’ll trick your own son, just to please this devil!!! And as for you, you never wanted him, so why do you want him now!!!!”.

“Because he’s getting married soon” Vince said.

“What?” Paige muttered as thick tears falls down her eyes.

“You’re aren’t the right one for Carding, so take your useless self out of my house” Vince said. He snapped his fingers and more men enters the living getting hold of her.

“Let me go!! You can’t force him to get married to someone he doesn’t love!!! You can’t use him for your own achievement just because he’s a weakling!!!!”.

“Carding!!!!!” Paige screams out crying as she was being taken away by Vince’s men.


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