🌹She is Cold and
He is a player🔞💚

Episode 15&16


Written by Authoress Buky✍


Jimin sat Angrily as he held the ice bag to his jaw.

Eric stood crossing his arm and staring at him.

Velvet and Maya had left earlier.

“Did you try to force her again?” Eric questioned and Jimin glared angrily at him.

“Force? You guys came in, what did you meet us doing?” Jimin snapped and Eric rubbed his nose trying so hard not to laugh.

“Gosh” Eric said finally laughing

“I have come to like Velvet, seems she is the only woman who has given you tough time” Eric said and Jimin licked his lower lips.

“Tough time?” He muttered thinking of how she had swayed her hips at him, how their body chemistry had blown off.

Jimin balled his fist slowly and Eric smiled.

“I think my Jimin will soon fall in love” Eric said and Jimin threw the ice bag at him.

“You scum bag!” Jimin yelled and Eric dodged the ice immediately.

“do you want to break my head!’ Eric yelled angrily.

“I would have been happy if I Broken something bigger than that you fool!’ Jimin snapped trying not to think of what the idiot had said, LOVE? Was he kidding?.

“Aissh Jinjja!” Eric cursed and Jimin scoffed and stood.

“You, come here, seems you have lacked respect for your senior” Jimin said using his hand direct him to him.

“No, ” Eric replied and Jimin sat again.

“Velvet will be my date to Premier tomorrow” Jimin said and Eric eyes widened.

“What? Did she say so?”


Jimin licked his lower lips immediately, he used to hate the premier but seems he was going to love it.


Maya opened the Van door for Velvet and she came down from the Van.

Maya glared at her

“You don’t need to pretend or keep a straight face, I saw everything” Maya said and Velvet cleared her throat.

“It Is none of your Business” Velvet murmured and Maya laughed.

“I hope you won’t land Jimin in the hospital” Maya said and they heard a car rode into the compound.

Velvet turned same and Maya, the car parked and Kylan walked in.

Velvet felt her eyes itched immediately and Maya scoffed.

“What the heck is he doing here?” Maya questioned and Velvet looked side ways as her hands shook slowly.

“Hey” Kylan called smiling and Velvet felt her heart beating, he was smiling at her, his smile made her fell for him.

“Um, Velvet I will be inside” Maya said as Kylan got to them and she walked away

“What are you doing here?’ Velvet questioned immediately and he pressed his lips together.

“Aren’t you happy to see me?” Kylan asked tilting His and she became Confused, was she happy he came to her or not.

“Don’t push it Kylan” She said rashly and he held her fingers.

She swallowed hard that she was too weak to pull off.

“I came to Check on you,” Kylan said and she took her hands away.

She glared at him and walked into the house.

Kylan smiled and licked his lower lips, one thing was sure, she still has feelings for him.


Velvet walked into the house and Met Maya walking around.

She matched upstairs immediately and Maya knew that she was not supposed to speak with her.

Velvet went to her room and locked The door.

She relaxed her back on the door and breathed out, what was wrong with her?

A message suddenly popped in her phone and she opened her phone

It was a Text from an Unknown number.

💬I’ll send your outfits for tomorrow’s occasion💬 she read and no one needed to tell her who it was immediately.

It was Jimin, how did he get her number?

Oh right, they are business partners

She went to sit on the bed and started typing.

💬i can afford my outfit myself💬 she sent.

A minute later his popped in.

💬You should accept this as you are sorry for breaking my jaw(o‿∩)💬

She chuckled immediately and dropped her phone, not that he would listen to her anyways.


Charlie served Some young couple at the other end of the restaurant when the girl winked at him.

“Are you a model?” She asked and he pressed his lips together staring at her boyfriend who was glaring at him.

“No, enjoy your meal” Charlie said and fake a smile before leaving them.

He breathed out and went to where the staffs were staying.

“Have you seen the new Part timer?”

“No, why?”

“I heard she broke Nike nose”

He kept hearing whispers and sighed, well that was It, he doesn’t have friends,

speaking of breaking of nose made him remember the crazy clingy seat mate of his, Bora.

He scoffed immediately and shook his head.

Glenn one of the staffs walked towards him with a smile.

‘Hey” she said and he nodded coldly.

“What are you doing today? ” she asked raising her lips.

And him knowing what she wanted raised his brows.

“Charlie! is that you?” He heard a familiar voice and both he and Glenn turned.

Lo and behold It was Bora standing before him In the staff uniform and He stared at her again to be sure she was the one.

Charlie swallowed , Bora frowned when she saw Glenn.

“Do you know her?” Glenn asked and Charlie closed his eyes slowly

“What are you doing here?” He questioned

“I am working” Bora replied and smiled.

“It is nice getting stuck here with you again” Bora said and touched his cheeks before walking away and he scoffed.

“Stuck?” He muttered and walked away leaving Glenn confused.

“What the….” She broke off immediately.


Liam focus on his system In seriousness.

He was a man In his early fifties.

“Mr Liam, Your son is here” his secretary Jordan said coming into The office.

“Tell him am busy” Liam replied coldly And Jordan sighed.

“He won’t agree to it’

“Then let him in” Liam said looking away from his system and Jordan bowed before walking out of the office.

Soon Drake walked in with a large smile on his face and Liam sighed.

“Why are you here?”Liam questioned not smiling.

Drake sat on The Chair and sighed

“Dad, I want to ask you for a Favor” Drake said and Liam shut his laptop.

“What? Credit card? Or what?” Liam questioned, Although he lost his wife when Drake was just 12, and he has been taking care of him alone since then.

what Liam was so engrossed in was finding his first son, About 27 years ago, he found out he had a son with prostitute he had met and Fůçƙ at the club.

He shook his head immediately and rubbed his brows.

“No, something more than that, I want to see my Idol, Velvet” Drake said with a smile and Liam scoffed.

“Is that the reason you had to come in here when I am busy?” Liam questioned rashly.

“Common Abeoji”

“Fine, tomorrow is LOVED KING Premier, you’ll be going with me, is that okay?” Liam asked and Drake nodded happily.

“Thanks Father! I’ll leave now!” Drake yelled happily and Liam chuckled shaking his head.

“Just leave already” Liam ordered and he bowed before rushing out.

Liam smiled and wonder how Drake would feel if he knew he has an older brother.

Jordan came back in and Bowed.

“I think I am getting Maggie Location bit by bit” Jordan said and Liam looked up immediately.

“You found her?” Liam questioned

“Not yet, but I got a tip from someone, She is presently at Jeju” Jordan said and Liam blinked his eyes slowly.

“Maggie, who is he?” Liam questioned slowly raking his brain.


It was Dark and Charlie threw his backpack over his shoulder as he walked out of The restaurant before Bora could stop him.

“Charlie!” He heard his name and he shut his eyes tightly,

“Damn that little brat” he cursed slowly and hastened his step.

He felt her behind him and she pulled his bag.

“Hey!” She yelled and he stop and dropped his head frustratedly.

“Why are you so bent on my making my life hell?” Charlie whined and Bora smiled revealing her beautiful sets of teeth

“That is because I love people who are been rude” Bora said and he rolled his eyes.

They were both still in their uniforms.

“Did you really break Nike’s nose?” Charlie asked as he kept walking and she nodded proudly.

“That fool tried Assaulting me” Bora said and he found himself smiling lightly.

“So, do you live around here?” Bora asked and he nodded.

“Yea, what about you?” Charlie asked turning to her and she stopped.

“wow! Me too, my brother and i live here at Gangnam too” Bora replied and Charlie breathed out.

Maybe he finally found someone to open up to.

He suddenly thought of Jimin again and bite his upper lips, maybe he should accept his offer so he could get more closer to Velvet.

He smiled immediately thinking of her.

>>>>>>>>THE NEXT DAY<<<<<<<<


Maya rushed to Velvet’s room with A huge box package in her hands.

“Velvet you have a package!” Maya said opening The door to find Velvet putting on her P@ŋties.

“package?”.Velvet questioned and her phone beeped immediately, It was from Jimin.

💬Hope you have received it?, I am on my way to pick you up💬

She dropped her phone immediately and took The package.

“It is from Jimin” Velvet said and Maya frowned, they opened the box and they found a dazzling silky black gown, Grey pulse and Grey shoes.

“Wow, is he asking you out or what?” Maya questioned and Velvet glared at her.

“No, I am his date for tonight” Velvet said and Maya raised the little strap gown up.

it has a split to her thighs and was flowing on the floor.

“I’ll go get a jacket, it will be cold” Maya said rushing to Velvet’s closet.

Velvet chuckled and put the gown on, she wasn’t wearing a ьѓä so her Ɲīpplës was pointing out.

She stared at herself from The mirror and smiled.

“He has good eyes for clothes” she muttered, why won’t he have when he is a total womanizer.

“what about my make up!” Velvet yelled and Maya rushed back with a fury Shawl,

“Your makeup will be done there, your room is set there for Make up” Maya said and she nodded.

She decided to fix herself for The cameras.


“Wow you look totally hot!” Maya screamed and Velvet rolled her eyes, She did a little make up herself with her red lipstick lips shining.

The heels was also amazing, she left her hair down And held the shawl around herself.

“I think They are here” Maya said and Velvet breathed out and nodded.

She walked out of The house with Maya and she frowned when she saw a Limousine line up in front of her house, There were about two cars before it and she needed no one to tell her that it was the guards.

“I’ll meet you there!” Maya yelled and she nodded.

The limousine door was opened and a Guard was standing outside it.

he bowed as she entered and The door shut.

she saw Jimin immediately and her lips slightly parted with the way he was staring at her with wants.

“Hey” Jimin said with a charming smile.

The only thing he did on his body was his hair which he gelled backwards.

She sat beside him and the car started moving.

His black suit was killing and he looked rather more matured.

“you look hot” Jimin said staring at her and she felt her cheeks reddened.

Her pointed Ɲīpplës made his mouth watered as he wonder how it will feel when clung to his teeth.

“Thanks” she muttered.

“You are really Ungrateful, you didn’t even thank me about the dress” Jimin uttered and she scoffed.

“I didn’t ask you for it!” She fired and he breathed out.

“Gosh” he cursed slowly and stared at her exposed Thighs, she was hot, as hot as ever

Jimin picked her fingers and raised It to his mouth and K!SSed it before she could react and she gasped.

“What the heck are you doing!” She yelled taking her hands off

“Why do I feel like I’ll be doing this regularly?” Jimin asked and she scoffed.

“In your dreams!.”


The screaming of fans can be heard as Celebrities came down from their cars and walked through the red carpet.

Reporters camera’s won’t stop flashing as they all came in

“And The next we have, Gabby and Nolan!” The MC yelled and a white car stopped in front of the red Carpet and the two came out of the car.


🗣you are so hot Gabby!!

Screams were heard and they smiled waving at The fans.

Nolan held Gabby’s fingers and they went into the Venue.



The screams went loud than before as Kylan and Neera came down from their cars holding hands.

They waved and Kylan blew K!SSes

🗣Neera! I love you!”

Neera chuckled and kept waving until they were in.

Soon a Limousine stopped and Body guards rushed to it opening it.

“And we have, JIMIN AND VELVET!!”

🗣Aaargghhh!! The screams became deafening as Jimin came out first.

He reached his hands for Velvet who dropped her leg first and she took it going out of the Limousine completely.

🗣oh my gosh Velvet!

🗣you are so hot CJ!


🗣i love you both!

🗣your Autographs please!

Some fans started trying to cross the Line and The bodyguards rushed moving them backwards.

Velvet forced a huge smile waving and Jimin waved too blowing K!SSes.

The screams didn’t stop even when they got in.

Velvet took her hands from Jimin’s own immediately she Saw Kylan and Neera staring at them, Neera immediately K!SSed Kylan’s lips and her mouth folded almost angrily.

“Velvet” Jimin called and she pressed her lips together.

“When is the program starting? You are the host” Velvet said and Jimin scoffed.

“in an hour time” Jimin replied, Some other celebrities could be seen greeting each other and smiling.

“Should I show to you your make up room?” Jimin asked and she nodded.

Jimin glared at Kylan who was not paying Attention at Neera and took Velvet’s hands walking Away with her.

They got to a room and her Name was written boldly on it, VELVET.

He pushed the door opened and went in with her.

Velvet shook her eyes slowly and shut her eyes.

Jimin held her shoulder looking into her pained eyes. And her shawl fell off her shoulder.

“How long will you let that Jerk keep making a fool out of you!” Jimin snapped and she blinked her eyes.

“Stop it please” She begged trying not to break down in front of him.

“That jerk out there is doing perfectly fine without you, can’t you see!”

“Mind your damn Business!!” Velvet yelled and Jimin licked his lower and smiled shortly.

“Sorry for not minding my business” Jimin said letting go of her and she held His hands.

“Don’t” She whispered and he suddenly felt himself getting emotional and he shook his head.

what was he even thinking? This is not right, this Is not what he planned.

Velvet at the moment was so desperate, desperate to clear her own head,

Jimin slowly dropped down his head and she closed her eyes waiting for his lips to land on hers but she felt him stopped.

She opened her eyes and he let go of her shoulder.

“Your make up Artist will be here soon, I’ll come back to pick you up for the photos” Jimin said coldly and left the room.



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