December 2, 2023

(Beauty and the A4…)

Genres: Romance.

Tags; Love, hatred, family, lies, secrets, betrayer.

By: Ghaniyah.M

Chapter 18: The secret

Beauty Pov:

When we got to the Mansion, I hopped out of the car and closed the car door gently, Tatiana brought out the spare key and opened the door, we sneaked inside. We were about to go upstairs when someone called my name, we faced back then the person turned out to be Dad. Tatiana and I both glanced at each other then we bowed her heads down.

“Do you think I am a fool? I knew you are having a concert tonight, Beauty” Dad muttered.

“I’m sorry, Dad” I said.

Tatiana also apologised to him.

“I won’t blame you, I will blame her… Tatian didn’t I warn you not to let her out, what If anything happened to you guys on your way” He yelled.

“Dad, stop blaming her. I was the one that forced her, she didn’t wanna do it” I yelled back.

He slapped me angrily.

“Beauty, you are daring me… I asked you not to go anywhere but you sneaked out, there is a reason why I don’t allow you to sing. Tomorrow, I promised you I will meet the C.E.O of Golden Leaf and told her not to allow you to participate in the upcoming concert” He said, angrily.

“What? Dad, please… this is my only dream, don’t do this to me” I said In tears.

“That’s final” He said and was about to climb the stairs when I held his hand.

“Dad, please “ I pleaded.


He didn’t complete his statement when mom showed up.

“Sweetie, it’s okay… please allow her to sing this is her only dream” Mom said, gazing at him.

“You know this is what caused her sister’s death” Dad blurted out.

“Sister?” I exclaimed.

He rubbed his hand on his hair and went upstairs angrily and Mom glanced at me, she was about to walk away when I called her then she stopped walking .

“Mom, did I have a sister” I asked, staring at her.

“Don’t mind him” She said and left.

“This is going crazy… Did I have a sister, Tatian?” I asked, facing her.

She shook her head.

“I will make sure I find out” I muttered.

I went upstairs angrily. When I got to my room, I lay on the bed and stared at ceiling, my mind drifted to the man that told me I resemble someone.

“So this is what he mean” I thought.

I dozed off.


I groaned as I opened my eyes and met mom sitting next to me, she smiled at me then I rolled.

“Good morning, Princess” She muttered.

“Mom, can you please tell me about my sister” I said, gazing at her.

“Darling, whatever your dad said is not true… you don’t have any sis. Come downstairs and have your meal” By saying that she left the room.

“Why is she lying? They should tell me who my sister is and what happened to her” I thought.

I undressed my clothes and was about to enter the washroom when my phone buzzed. I walked towards the table and picked it up, then I checked the message. It was a message from Adam.

💌Good morning sleeping beauty💌

I smiled as I stared at the message.

“I think he is nice” I muttered.

“And who is that?” Someone said and I turned back.

I saw Tatiana standing in front of the door, folding her arms, I rolled and sat down on the bed.

“Don’t tell you aren’t ready for college?” She said.

I nodded slowly.

“Hmm… so, tell me who is the nice guy?” She asked, gazing at me.

“Tatiana, I hope you slept we…”

“Don’t you dare change the topic… I wanna know the guy” She said and winked her eyes.

“I’m getting late for college” I said and ran into the bathtub.

“I will wait for you here” She shouted.

Hours Later****

I came out of the bathtub with a towel wrapped on my body, I sighed when I saw Tatiana still sitting on the chair, I rolled and walked towards my wardrobe.

“What should I wear today?” I asked, facing her.

“Are you asking me? Ohh, I am sorry” She muttered.

“It’s okay… what should I wear?” I asked.

“Why don’t you dress sexy today… i like that pink shirt gown” She said.

“Ohh! I don’t want that…”

“When will you stop dressing like a nerd?” She questioned.

“When I find true love” I replied.

“Wooh” She giggles

“I choose this” I mumbled.

She glanced at it and frowned.

“Beauty, who do you like among the A4?” She asked and I faced her.

“I only like Adam as friend” I said, dressing up.

“What do you think of Andy?” She asked and I kept quiet.

“He is arrogant, cruel, he doesn’t smile at all every time he keeps a hard face… I don’t like him” I said .

“Hmm” She hummed and I nodded.

“Done” I muttered.

“Let’s go” I said and we left the room.

When we got to the sitting room, we met only mom at the dining table. I was about to leave when she called me.

“Lady, won’t you before going to college?” She asked.

“I’m not eating, I am late” I said and left.

When I got outside, I hopped into the car with Tatiana and she drove off.

Some minutes later, we got to college, I got down of the car. As soon as the students saw me they gasped.

💁🏻‍♀️“So that nerd girl is from a rich background”

💁🏻‍♀️“If she came from a rich background, why is she dressing like a nerd”

💁🏻‍♀️”She looks like someone💁🏻‍♀️

I smiled at Tatiana, I saw Angela and I smirked, I was walking away when someone mistakenly hit me. I was about to fall down when someone held me.

“Who is it?” I thought.


By: Ghaniyah.M

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