🌹She is Cold and
He is a player🔞💚

  Episode 7&8

Written by Authoress Buky✍



“Eric, go and hide all the knives in the house” Maya said in fears and Eric turned to her.

“Bo!? (What?)” He questioned shakily and stared back at The scene

“Velvet is going to Kill Him if you don’t do it, Pale! (Fast!)” Maya yelled and Eric nodded and rushed away immediately.

Written by Authoress Buky

Maya started picking any harmful things.

Jimin was not shock. Because this is what he always wanted, To have a taste of her lips, but this was not a K!SS, he wanted to take it deeper.

Velvet who was boiling raised her hands and hit the back of his head and he yelped standing from her body immediately.

“You stupid Pervert!” Velvet and stood charging towards him.

She kicked his chest hard that sent him flying to the Floor and Maya gasped covering her mouth.

“The Fůçƙ!” Jimin cursed groaning loudly.

“You bastard! How dare you!” Velvet yelled jumped on him and started punching his face.

He grabbed her hands tightly that she couldn’t moved.

“Jimin!” Eric yelled and rushed towards them.

He carried Velvet from Jimin and Maya held her tightly.

Eric carried Jimin up and his eyes widened at his lips.

“Yo..your lips just got bursted” Eric said with a gasp and Jimin eyes widened.

“what!” He yelled and started touching his lips.

He glared at Velvet who glared back at him hatefully.

“You Ɓîtçh!” He yelled and made to move forward but Eric dragged him backwards.

“What! Me? A Ɓîtçh!, what about you, you are a dog! Having female P@ŋties lying around in your room, aren’t you ashamed!” Velvet fired back and it was like The fire was increasing.

Maya and Eric stared at Each other helplessly and Eric made a sign for her to take Velvet out.

“How dare you! What about you, Almost killing yourself over a man who doesn’t even give a damn about you!”

“What?” Velvet questioned her eyes blazing and she balled her fist.

“le…let’s Get out of here” Maya stammered trying to draw Velvet out but Velvet released from her hold and charged towards Jimin and Eric in fury.

She prepared her fist and threw it in the air, before it could get to Jimin Eric blocked it with his face.

Velvet threw her fist on his nose and they heard a slight crack.

Eric eyes widened as blood started rushing down his nose and he closed his eyes and fell straight to the floor.

Velvet breathed out heavily as her eyes cleared, Why did he have to block it!

“Oh no’ she muttered.

Jimin Adam’s apple moved up and down as he watched Derek passed out on the floor.

Maya covered her mouth and almost fainted too, she forgot Velvet was mainly involved in action Series.

“Am waiting outside” Velvet said and glared at Jimin before walking out of the house.

Jimin collapse on the floor immediately shaking Eric.

“Eric!” Jimin called loudly and Maya rushed to them, she placed her fingers on his nose.

“I…I..I’ll call a doctor right now” Maya said in fears and started looking for her phone forgetting it was in the car.

“Then do so! or I’ll sue Velvet right now!” Jimin yelled angrily and Maya ran out of the house.

She met Velvet standing by the car body.

“Why did you do that! Do you know the trouble you just caused!” Maya yelled and Velvet rolled her eyes getting into the driver’s seat.

She gave Maya’s phone to her and twitched her lips.

“Are you getting in or not?” Velvet questioned

“Won’t you say anything about what you did!” Maya yelled taking the phone

“Meet me at home then” Velvet Said and whined up the glass and started driving.

“Hey! Velvet!” Maya yelled crazily as she watched the car drove off and she yelled hitting her legs on the floor.

“That…..” she broke off and fumed.


“did you say they are shooting a commercial together for The biggest clothe company?” Kylan asked Jung and he nodded.

he balled his fist immediately as his jaw moved.

“Why are you been worked up? Is it for the big company, or for Jimin and Velvet been together?” Jung asked and Kylan blinked his eyes slowly.

He ran his fingers into his hair frustratedly, he also don’t know.

“I don’t know” he replied.

“Right now, you have no right to get angry over her, you ended things to be with Neera,” Jung said and Kylan glared at him.

“I think I am slowly regretting my choice seeing the way that bastard looked at her” Kylan snarled slowly and Jung breathed out.


Charlie walked into the class moodily as usual, putting on this cold look.

The guys stared at him like he was a dump, while girls gushed over his face.

🗣Oh my gosh he Is so handsome.

🗣i wish I could date him.

🗣and intelligent.

Charlie ignored them and walked to his locker at the back of his class and he opened it, he saw a gift box and brought it out, he read the message from it and raised his brows.

I love you Charlie, please Accept me he read slowly and He threw the box on the floor and everyone gasped.

He turned to his right and saw a girl covering her face like she was crying and he raised his brows.

“Do not put any nonsense in my locker again, am I understood?” He questioned and she sniffed and rushed out of the class in tears.

He dropped his backpack and picked some book before shutting the locker.

“Ain’t you acting too big for your level?” he heard a male voice and he turned to see The school king as called, Drake.

Two guys were behind him.

Charlie licked his lower lips and nodded,

“I am not acting big, I just hate It when you keep forcing things” Charlie replied and Drake balled his fist slowly.

Charlie pushed past him and went to seat at his sit by the window.

No one wanted to seat with him because they believe he was poor.

“A lowlife like you should just lay low and wag your tails between your legs” Drake said loudly and the class started laughing.

Charlie rolled his eyes and brought out his earphone and wore it on his head.

“Drake, Velvet’s pictures for the HOAK FOAM has been released, Oh my Gosh she looks so Fůçƙing hot!” His accomplice Jayson said showing the phone to him and Drake who was glaring at Charlie looked away from him grabbing the phone.

“Wow, I Wish I can speak with her Directly” Drake uttered going through the pictures and went to sit.

“Of course you can, Your Dad is Liam, he can make connections” Jayson replied and Drake chuckled.

“You are right, unlike some people whose father is a drunkard and a gambler, am sure he can’t even attend a fan meeting of her, Or attend her concert and then talking about seeing her, what a joke” Drake said loudly staring at Charlie and everyone started laughing.

Charlie who was not completely into the music chuckled and shook his head, if only they knew Velvet was his step sister.

“Did he just smile?” Some whispered and he opened his eyes and stared at Drake.

“You’ll bite back your words soon” Charlie muttered and Drake balled his fist angrily.

“I wonder how he got in here,” Drake rasped angrily and breathed out.


Eric stood staring at Maya as she prickled her finger nails.

Jimin just sat on the cushion in deep thoughts.

“I…I am sorry about her behaviors, she just tends to have hot temper” Maya said pressing her lips together.

Eric nose was bandage same as Jimin’s side lips.

“Gosh, I can’t believe this” Jimin chuckled and stood walking towards Maya.

“First, give her contact to me” Jimin said stretching his phone to her and her eyes widened.

“What? She is going to kill me” Maya said rejecting and Jimin smiled bending so he could Get to her length.

“I can just tell her I looked into her, I can sue her for what she did to my manager and I, and you know what that can do to her reputation” Jimin grinned and Maya took The phone immediately.

She has Velvet’s number off head, she typed The number and gave the phone back to Jimin.

“You can leave” Jimin smirked and walked into his room leaving Eric and Maya.

Maya walked to Eric immediately and touched his treated nose.

“Are you okay? Am sorry about her” Maya said as Eric moved back.

“Yea, thanks, um….let’s go, I’ll give you a ride” Eric said and she shook her head.

Written by Authoress Buky

“No am fine, I’ll just take a taxi, take care of yourself” Maya said and bowed before going to take Velvet bag which she had left earlier

she went back to Eric and bowed at him before rushing out.

Eric chuckled and shook his head before going to Jimin’s room

He saw him looking into his phone and he shook his head.

“thanks to you, I almost got my nose broken” Eric said shining his teeth and Jimin looked up

“You were supposed to do that, you wouldn’t allow her to ruin my handsome face because you know that your job will be over once that happens” Jimin said with a grin and Eric moved his nose.

“You caused everything, because of you we couldn’t even get to anywhere today!” Eric snapped and Jimin pressed his lips together.

“Why can’t I remember what I caused?” Jimin questioned and Eric scoffed.

“What?, I knew that K!SS, you K!SSed her on purpose, didn’t you?”

“Common, I won’t stoop so low to do that, and that is not my way of K!SSing,” Jimin said and Eric rolled his eyes.

“Gosh I can’t believe I got my nose broken by a woman, just how strong is she?” Eric questioned crazily and Jimin raised his brows and tilted his neck.

“Have you forgotten the dark holes, didn’t you see her action scene there?” Jimin asked and Eric dabbed his head.

“Well, don’t leave the house, I have to get to The agency and get your scripts, see you soon” Eric said walking towards the door.

“Please order some Jangjangmyeon, I am hungry” Jimin whined and Eric glared at him before leaving the room.

Jimin chuckled and touched his lips, her lips was more moist than he thought.

the problem right now is that she hates him, how can he get her? She is not that easy.

He sighed and Rubbed His chin in thoughts,

“I am more than interested in her right now” Jimin muttered staring at her contact.

Right now, he needed a woman, He stood and took off his sweatshirt.

He put on an Hoodie and covered his hair, He wore a face cap and put on a nose mask,

He grabbed one of his dark shades and stared down at his huge leather trousers.

He put on a white sneakers and grabbed his car keys and phone before walking out of the room.

“Eric is really going to kill me if he finds out am out” Jimin muttered.

He walked towards his white Porsche and opened the car door.

He got in and placed his seat belt and started The car.

“I might see those pretty young Women at The mall” Jimin said and laughed .


Velvet Closed her eyes as she hummed her song, she was on ear phones and was listening to one of her songs.

She didn’t want to think of anything but it kept failing when the sight of Jimin lips on hers kept coming to her head and she yelled removing the earphones.

She threw it across the wall angrily and held her hair.

“Aissh, If only I had hit him directly” She cursed slowly and stood from her bed.

She needed to clear her mind, How can she even work with that idiot.

She changed her wears into A sweat P@ŋts and hoodie.

She did her hair into a bunny and picked her nose mask, Shades and Cap.

She wore a white sneakers and walked towards the door.

Since Maya wouldn’t be going with her, she should be careful.

She went out and decided to shop, yea, everything seems bored to her but shopping relieves her stress.


Maya came down from the taxi after paying him.

She saw the Van outside and was glad Velvet had gotten home safely.

She rushed into the immediately.

“Velvet!” She called loudly but there was no response.

Her phone started ringing and she paused picking it, it was Eric.

She looked around the room as she placed the phone on her ears.

“Hey” she said placing her hand on her waist.

📞You have to come to the Agency now* She heard Him said from the background.

Written by Authoress Buky

“OK, I’ll be there in 10 to 15 minutes” Maya said going back outside and ended the call.


Jimin killed the car Engine and put on his glass shades before going out of the car.

He was sure no one will recognize him.

Jimin walked towards the entrance and Paused when he saw Neera and her manager, he chuckled slowly and shook his head.

“Seems today will be a good day” Jimin muttered and made to walk towards her but stopped the moment he saw someone coming out of her car.

He might have short memories of how people look like in disguise, but he was sure he was seeing Velvet, The way she walked even in the male attire, surprisingly she was dressed up like him and he looked down his body and back to Velvet.

“What is she doing here?” He muttered, the thought of her hitting his suddenly crossed his mind and he shook his head immediately.

He watched as She stopped when she saw Neera.

“This will be fun” He muttered and stepped a little closer.


Velvet Walked out of her car and walked towards the entrance when she heard people chanting Neera’s name.

🗣Oh my God its Neera!”


🗣I love you Neera!”

She saw as they yelled gathering and she turned to see Neera walking towards her and waving at the fans with a smile.

“If only they knew she is a snake” Velvet said slowly.

Some bodyguards were blocking the fans from getting to Neera, while her Manager Lim walked beside her.

Velvet sighed and turned

“Velvet?” She heard Her called and she stopped.

How did she recognize her?,

Velvet slowly turned and met the hateful smile of Neera.

“Wow, she is the one, how can I not recognize my only enemy” Neera said walking more closer to her.

Velvet dropped her head slowly and raised It again, as far Kylan was not with Her, she was okay.

“Yes she is The one, what are you going to do about it?” Velvet said quietly.

“I guess we have a lot of discussion to make, are you feeling so big now that you think you are going global?” Neera questioned and Velvet chuckled slowly.

“why would I feel big when I am already big?” Velvet questioned back.

“I think we should go in” Lim whispered to Neera.

🗣who Is Neera talking to?

🗣who is she?

🗣she looks familiar.

People murmured and Neera and Velvet stared at them and then back at each other.

“How dare you” Neera said and Velvet looked around again.

“should I proof to you how big I am and make you meaningless right here?” Velvet asked daringly and watched As Neera eyes shook in anger.

The little eyes were turning red.

Velvet slowly took her hand to her face cap and took it off, She took off her shades and Nose mask at the same time and a loud scream erupted everywhere.

Neera moved back slowly and watched as everyone screamed.

Velvet smirked immediately.



🗣I love you Velvet!

🗣you look more beautiful without Makeup!

🗣You look so hot!”


Neera body shook as everyone was focused on one person, Velvet.

Velvet Flung her things to the crowd and they fought for it.

People started rushing to her and she winked at Neera

Jimin who was watching the scene rushed towards them immediately.

“how can she be so careless when her manager or guards isn’t here!” He cursed.

They started holding her and touching her, grabbing her roughly. Some were taking pictures.

Jimin rushed to the scene and grabbed her hands immediately, She looked up to see who her savior was.

Neera watched the tall frame and didn’t need anyone to tell her who it was, She balled her fist angrily immediately and Lim started pulling her back to the car.

“That was Jimin right?” Neera asked Lim and he nodded.

Her chest heaved up and down angrily and she rushed into the car in embarrassment.

Jimin dragged Velvet from the Obsessed and Toxic fans and stared down at her.

“we should go in, I’ll be your Guard” He said and her mouth slowly dropped opened.


Buky writes✍✍✍


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