🌹She is Cold and
He is a player🔞💚

   Episode 5&6

Written by Authoress Buky✍



Kylan barged into Moonhae office Angrily and Moonhae who was making a call dropped his telephone.

He raised his brows immediately at Kylan who had a hard face on

“How could you do this to me?” Kylan questioned angrily and Moonhae narrowed his eyes.

“Do? What are you talking about?” Moonhae asked and Kylan scoffed.

“Don’t pretend not to know, you know how I have been dying to get The lead role for PASSIONATE K!SS” Kylan snapped and Moonhae breathed out and rubbed his forehead.

“It was not my choice, it was Liam’s choice” Moonhae rasped

“You discriminated me, if not I would have gotten the role instead of Jimin”

“Do you want to know why you didn’t get the role?, fine, Jimin is more known Globally, his visuals are preferable, and Any movie he acts brings more money, do you want to know the last one?” Moonhae asked Kylan whose eyes was getting red.

He balled his fist angrily

Moonhae stood and held the table staring closely at Kylan.

Written by Authoress Buky

“Velvet is the Female Lead, Your Scandal with her destroyed things, it is going to do the same, that is why Liam choose Jimin over you” Moonhae said and sat back.


“You can leave now, you have a commercial to do tomorrow” Moonhae said not staring at him again.

“This is unfair!” Kylan yelled and stormed out of the office.

Moonhae stared at the door after it was shut and he sighed rubbing his forehead.

“That kid” he cursed slowly.



Charlie walked into the house tiredly holding his backpack tightly.

His handsome face shun slowly and his half matured face hardened when he saw his Father, Junghae.

“You are back” Junghae said walking towards Charlie with his phone on his hands and Charlie rolled his eyes .

“Yes” he replied And turned to walk off but Junghae stopped him.

“I have been trying your sister’s number, she is not picking up” Junghae said quietly and Charlie turned madly

“Why? you have no right to call Her” Charlie snapped angrily

Yes, He was Velvet’s step brother, and he knew The wrongs Junghae had done to Velvet.

“Why don’t I have a right? I am her father!” Junghae yelled back and Charlie laughed slowly.

“But your stupid mistakes Caused The death of my Mom and hers!” Charlie yelled painfully his eyes tearing up and Junghae laughed slowly.

“How is it my fault?, I trained you two up, and now She is rich and making It in a big way, but what did she do to pay me back? She dumped us!” Junghae yelled and Charlie shook his head.

“No you did not train her neither did you train me, She got to where she is now by herself”

“What? You?”

“Stop being Greedy Abeoji, Have I ever gotten Allowance from you? No, I clothe myself, school myself, and still feed myself from my part time, did you ever care about what I do!” Charlie yelled angrily as his hands vibrated.

Junghae’s eyes blinked immediately.

“So stop calling her, and let her be” Charlie pleaded.

“She is out there living in a comfortable mansion, and we her family still stays in this trashy home, how can i let her be?”

Charlie balled his fist angrily as his handsome face twisted in pains.

“Do you know what you have always done to us? You only bring pains upon pains” Charlie rasped and stormed to his room.

“you brat! Gosh I can’t believe this!”


Charlie dropped his backpack on his small bed and looked up frustratedly, In his 19 years of age, he acted like he was 30 by handling different part times just to survive.

He could meet Velvet for help but what is the Use when she didn’t want to see any of them? He was also part of her pains, if only his mom hadn’t bare him for that old fool out there, all these wouldn’t be happening, maybe she would have had a better life.



Jimin poured himself a drink from his bar and slowly drank from it, he stared at his cigarette on the counter and looked away from it.

He didn’t want to spoil his night with Kia.

Eric had left him earlier and now he is all alone.

He wished he could sleep, but no, he was suffering from insomnia caused by his childhood and teenage hood.

So he couldn’t sleep without pills

He shook his eyes immediately not wanting to think of anything that would spoil his fake happy life.

He gulped down the alcoholic content and he heard the door bell ring.

He walked towards the door and turned on the little TV camera, and lo and behold, it was Kia.

He smiled immediately something to finally make his night.

He opened the door and Jimin saw Kia standing nervously with her hands clinging to her pulse.

She smiled immediately and he opened It more widely for her to Get in.

“Hey” Jimin smiled.

“Hope I didn’t arrive late” Kia said walking in and he chuckled shutting the door.

“I would say you are 5 minutes late” Jimin said staring at her short gown that clung tightly to her body.

That sight suddenly made him think of Velvet and he shut his eyes immediately.

Kia looked around the sitting room at his pictures and nodded smiling.

“You have a nice Apartment Jimin’ Kia said and he folded his hands on his chest.

Well, these was his public home where he brought women, His own home never had anyone in it except Eric.

“Well, the food order is coming in, why don’t we drink first” Jimin said and she nodded.

He guided her by her waist and he saw her moved.

he led her to The bar and brought out another glass for her pouring a red scotch in it.

She picked it and twirl it before drinking still staring at him.

“You look more good in red lipstick, can I have some taste of it?” Jimin asked his brows twitching.

“sure, why are we here if not that” Kia said and he dropped his glass, He walked closer to her and took her glass from her holding her chin.

He K!SSed her immediately and it was like she has been desperately waiting for it she grabbed his sweatshirt and slammed her waist on his.

Jimin smirked immediately, she doesn’t seem innocent as he thought.

He took his hands to her @$$ and grabbed it carrying her up.

Her gown shifted upwards and he took her to the cushion.

He laid her on it and quickly took off his shirt as she did same with hers, she was almost Ɲ@kēɗ except for the fact she was just putting on a red lingerie.

He stood and took off his shorts and bent to her ripping her P@ŋties and she gasped immediately taking her hair backwards.

“They should have given us this role in the drama” Jimin said mischievously and she laughed breathing heavily.

“That means exposing our body to the world” Kia replied and he bent carrying in a bridal style.

She wrapped her hands around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder.

“I don’t have a boyfriend you know” Kia said as he entered his room and he dropped her on the wide bed.

He reached for his wardrobe and brought out a condom packet.

“I don’t care if you have a boyfriend or not, We came here to have fun, not for relationships” Jimin said bluntly and Kia eyes burnt immediately.


“No more buts, Like you said, Let’s have fun” He winked and tore the packet with his teeth and rolled it on his huge Ďïčk.

Kia swallowed and her lips went dried when he was in between her.

He K!SSed thigh and stopped immediately, he never Ṣūçƙed a woman before.

He drove himself into her forcefully and she cried out scrapping her nails on his shoulder.

Jimin held her hands above her head and drove her roughly as she Mõ@ɲed and cried at the same time.


Jimin watched as Kia moved her legs tiredly and he scoffed, she was not really his type.

“You were really hard on me” Kia said covering herself up and he shrugged, he would have managed a week with her, but damn she gets tired easily.

“You can leave” Jimin said coldly and and she frowned.

“What? I mean I thought we…”

“There is no we Kia, I’ll go bring your clothes” He said and walked out.

Kia felt her heart breaking and tears slowly ran Down her cheeks, she thought they had something special.

Soon Jimin came back in and threw Her things on The bed.

“I’ll be waiting outside” Jimin said and went out.

Written by Authoress Buky

Yea, that was how he does his things, if you can’t handle him, he dumps you that night, but If you can , a week.

He went back to the bar and poured himself a drink.

He started drinking and brought out his phone, a notification popped in immediately and he opened it.

Velvet Model ads at HOAK FOAM he red and went into the pictured.

And there she was, In a black lingerie, up and down, her hips, well shaped thighs and long legs made him want her even more.

He licked his lips and chuckled.

“She’ll be a nice catch” he muttered and stared at her hot face, her smoky make up made her look dangerous, but beneath those eyes, he could sense sadness, just like him.

A message entered and he opened it, It was from Eric.

💬You and Velvet will be meeting tomorrow💬

He smiled immediately and started typing.

where are we meeting?

💬At your Condo home,💬

“Yes!” He yelled balling his fist into the air.

he heard footsteps and he turned to see Kia walking towards him with her bag.

She was not smiling, instead she looked hurt and heartbroken.

“Good night Kia” Jimin said faking a smile and Her mouth folded.

“Yea, good night” she whispered and he watched her as she walked to the door, She turned and he waved at her.

She opened it and went out slamming the door hard.

Jimin laughed and went back to the room, he took out the bed spread and spray was perfumes in the room.

He he took out his sleeping medication and swallowed two pills.

He dropped his phone at The bed stand and laid on the bed closing his eyes slowly so the drugs could kick in.



Jimin heard his mother Mõ@ɲing and he peeped at The door, His 10 years old self covered his mouth immediately.

There, A man banging her, This wasn’t the first ,not the second time he’ll come across this.

He rushed to his room immediately and touched his bruised face, Got this whenever she comes back with any man.

Soon his door opened and she walked in.

She was only in her night wears and he moved back in fears.

“Mom” he whispered and she held a whip with her.

“I see you have seen my body too many time, why don’t you see it completely now” She grinned and he moved back In fears.

“Mom..” He just stammered

“You have no idea how much I hate you! I hate you for coming to me!” She yelled and whipped him angrily and he yelled painfully.

She dropped the whip and took off her night wears.

“You should know that your mom is a wĥõrë, why don’t you sleep with the wĥõrë” she smirked and he covered his face immediately.

“What are you doing mother!” He yelled standing and she grabbed him throwing him on his little bed, She tore his clothe.

“Mom please don’t! Don’t please! Mom please!”…


“Mom please! Please don’t! Don’t!”

“Jimin!, get your self together and wake up!” He heard a loud voice and he blinked his eyes opened immediately.

He sat up and moved back in fears rubbing his arm.

“mom?” He called slowly and looked at his sides to see Eric on the bed.

He was sweating badly, his hair fell on his face that it was hard to see his eyes, He breathed heavily and grabbed the sheets to himself.

“Did you have that nightmare again?” Eric asked and he nodded swallowing hard.

His Adam apple moved and he stared at his glass wall, it was morning.

“Gosh” He cursed and laid his face on his palm immediately.

“Should I set your Therapy appointment?” Eric asked worriedly.

“No, it is not working anyways, it only gets worst” Jimin muttered and threw The bed spreads off him.

He came down from the bed and ran his hair backwards.

“But you can’t continue like this, This might get you in a bigger harm” Eric said and Jimin went to his glass wall staring into his green garden from there.

He crossed his arm on his chest and sniffed.

“I am already in the bigger harm, I am what she made into today” Jimin said laughing and Eric Throat moved in a hard way.

“Why are you always laughing and joking around when obviously you are not okay!” Eric yelled at him and Jimin turned to him and smirked his lips twitching wickedly.

“I am happy, I am happy, that is what got me to where I am today” Jimin kept laughing and Eric shook his head pitifully

“Get ready, Velvet will be here in 30 minutes” Eric said and walked out of the room.

Jimin knew he was mad, his laughs wiped off immediately and he rubbed his nose.

Be didn’t want to think of that woman.

He took off his wears and pushed the bathroom door opened

Written by Authoress Buky

He stood under the shower and turned it on.

He hissed as the warm water hit his body and he ran his hair backwards.

“Miss Velvet is coming in today, she is my Delicious target” Jimin said and smiled.


“Why did you have to agree going to his place?” Velvet scolded Maya as she rode along the road.

“You hate people coming to your houses, so I had to do that” Maya shrugged and Velvet threw her head backwards angrily.

“You are so annoying!” She snarled.

How can she face Jimin again after what happened yesterday?

How can she face that bastard after being weak in front of him.

“your photos for HOAK FOAM is out” Maya said and stared at Velvet dark eyes through the rear glass.

“That’s good then” Velvet said

“You didn’t have a sleep last night did you?” Maya questioned

“I have no reason to sleep after that bastard Saw me weak” Velvet said and Maya raised her brows.

“Why did you think Jimin did what be did at the Agency?” Maya asked

“I don’t know, but I realised I was grateful he did that, he saved me some how” Velvet said coldly and Maya smiled.

“I have a good feeling about your projects with him” Maya said and Velvet rolled her eyes.

“Project my foot”

Maya suddenly rode into a big penthouse.

“Is this his place?” Velvet asked and Maya nodded.

The penthouse was standing so big and Alone in the Forest around it.

Maya parked The car at the parking lot and came out of The car.

Maya saw Eric Rushing to them and she Bowed immediately same as him.

“Good morning, he is waiting” Eric smiled and Maya took her lips in.

“Yea, ” Maya replied shortly and rushed to open the Van door.

Velvet came Down from the car and Put on her sun shades to cover the bags under her eyes.

“Welcome Velvet” Eric said walking to her and she faked a smile.

“Thanks, I really don’t know your name” Velvet said and he smiled.

“Eric, his name is Eric” Maya replied before Eric could and he turned to her.

She blushed and looked away.

“I didn’t ask you” Velvet muttered

“ok this way” Eric said and led them towards the house, he opened the door and got in.

Maya went in first before Velvet who just held her phone.

They heard footsteps and they turned to See Jimin rushing towards them with a smile.

Maya held her chest immediately and almost yelled, he was looking So hot in normal wears.

His long hair that covered his face made him more Hotter.

“Welcome Velvet” Jimin said walking towards her.

He loved what she was wearing, bumshots and a net socks under it, maybe because of the winter, Then a hoodie.

She rolled her eyes beside her shades and almost walked passed him.

He grabbed her hands and draw her back, he took off her glasses and he saw her dark bags under her eyes.

Eric Eyes widened immediately.

“Jimin!” Eric called

Velvet hardened her cheeks immediately

“You didn’t sleep last night?” Jimin asked and she chuckled angrily.

“Who are you to ask me that?” She fired and Maya and Eric watched helplessly.

“are you uncomfortable towards me after your behavior towards that scum?” Jimin asked and Maya shook her head immediately.

She rushed to them and held Velvet’s Hand that was shaking already.

“You should seat” Maya said and dragged Velvet whose eyes was not leaving Jimin who was laughing mischievously.

Eric hit him from behind and he groaned.

“Hey!” He yelled angrily.

Velvet went to his cushion and was about to seat when she noticed something immediately.

She stood and stared at the cushion, lo and behold was a female red P@ŋties and she made a disgusted look.

Jimin noticed her staring and his eyes widened at what he saw.

Eric staggered backwards like he had an heart attack and Maya almost fainted.

Velvet picked the P@ŋties with her fingers and held it irritatedly.

“give it to me!” Jimin yelled and rushed to her, she raised it up laughing loudly and he grabbed it that she fell on the cushion and he fell on her body, their lips joined together immediately and Velvet body frozen.

“Eric, go and hide all the knives in the house….”
Buky writes✍✍✍


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