🌹She is Cold and
He is a player🔞💚

Episode 33&34



Written by Authoress Buky✍



Velvet turned slowly as she slowly blinked Her eyes.

She opened it and saw a masculine chin and she almost gasped when she saw Jimin.

She shut her eyes again and opened It, she almost forgot they both spent the night together.

But how was she able to sleep so soundly?

She tried to move but his arms was strongly wrapped around her body and she sighed.

She watched his handsome face slowly, his long lashes, Plump lips which had K!SSed her lips and Ṣūçƙed her Ɲīpplës last night.

His masculine jaw was a die hard for, What Velvet doesn’t get was how she became close to him, She remembered hating him, but now it was different.

She gently tried to remove from his grip, she needed to go back home to get ready for the Audition and then the script reading event.

Velvet came down finally and stretched her hurting limbs.

She stared back at Jimin on the bed and smiled, she climbed the bed and covered him properly not before rubbing his cheek.

She stared at his Glass wall and could view the Nature from their.

She breathed out and picked her phone and car key before rushing out of the room.

She got to the sitting room and before she could open the door the door pushed opened and Eric went in and they both yelled.

Velvet staggered backwards holding her chest and Eric Shut the door hitting his back on the door.

“Wh..wha….Velvet?” Eric stuttered in surprise at seeing her and Stared at her from head to toe, she looked really rough.

Velvet swallowed rubbed her ruffled hair.

“Hey” Velvet waved and looked at the stairs.

“Yo…I mean did you spend the night here?” He asked slowly with wide eyes and she pushed passed him.

“I should go get ready for the audition” Velvet said and rushed out of the door.

Eric held his chest as his breathings hitched.

“Oh no, it can’t be that she killed Jimin right?” he stated and ran to Jimin room immediately.

He pushed the door opened and he found Jimin sleeping.

His eyes widened and he jumped on the bed shaking Jimin

“Jimin!” He called like someone who was about to cry.

“Don’t tell me you are dead, wake up you dimwit!” Eric cried and Jimin held him hugging him.

**Written by Authoress Buky**

“Velvet, Let’s sleep a little longer” He heard Jimin Muttered and he scoffed narrowing his eyes.

At that moment, he was suddenly scared of been K!SSed again.

He pushed from Jimin and hit his arm hardly.

Jimin squealed and open his eyes sitting up looking around angrily with a sleepy eyes.

He turned and saw Eric Beside him staring back into his eyes, he frowned and looked around, he wasn’t dreaming right? Velvet was here, he was holding her to himself.

“where is she?” Jimin asked Eric immediately and Eric frowned.

“You mean Velvet?” Eric asked and Jimin nodded.

“She just left, I thought she harmed you, Did you let her sleep over?” Eric asked with his mouth wide and Jimin flung The bed covers from his body.

He stood from The bed and Eric noticed he was still on his outfits from yesterday and that clearly showed nothing happened between them.

“When you came in, was I sleeping?” Jimin asked and Eric scoffed.

“No, you were eating, you were obviously snoring like a baby” Eric snapped and Jimin ran his fingers into his hair.

“Eric, I didn’t take sleeping tablets” Jimin said and Eric eyes widened.

“what? You meant you slept that Long without you taking your pills?” Eric asked and Jimin nodded.

“Velvet. she was the reason” Jimin muttered and Eric scratched his forehead.

“So are you trying to say that you and Velvet slept on the same bed?”

“Yes, but nothing happened,” Jimin said thinking if he should tell Eric that His mom showed up yesterday.

Eric scoffed and nodded.

“You know what go get ready for the Audition, I will order something so you can eat” Eric said and glanced at Jimin again before walking out of the room.

Jimin sat on the bed and covered his Face, how did he ended up sleeping last night with his sleeping pill? He slept soundly without those scary nightmares.

“Velvet, I think I want you by my side” Jimin muttered and shut his eyes.


Velvet stood under the shower as she rubbed her skin with her shower gel and she shivered.

The thought of Jimin still clouded her head, Why has he been resisting her? they both slept on the same without having S£X?

Why does his life seem dark? Who was his mom? Why was he crying in the middle of his compound?

Velvet sighed loudly and rubbed her Břě@šť and the thought of him when he cupped her Břě@šťs and Ṣūçƙ her Ɲīpplë made her vibrated and she whimpered slowly.

“Why are you clouding my mind this way Jimin?” She Mõ@ɲed frustratedly and took her hands lower to her abdomen.

Then she covered her aching and already wet Çüñť and dug a finger into her self and she Mõ@ɲed loudly her legs hardening on the floor.

She wanted him, she wanted him so Fůçƙing much that she aches, she wanted Jimin so deep in her.

“Velvet!” She heard Maya’s voice in her room and she snapped out of her thoughts and took her finger away from her Pů$$¥.

“hold on” Velvet called and rinsed her body thoroughly.

After she was done she turned off the shower and Wore a dried robe.

She took a towel and started rubbing her hair as she went out of the room.

“Good morning” Velvet said as she met Maya bring outfits from her closets.

“You sound calm these morning, I guess something good happened” Maya said coming back with a short straight Blue gown.

Velvet chuckled immediately.

“I guess” she said , *something good happened last night, Jimin touched me, and we slept on the same bed last night* Velvet completed in her mind.

She took her hair dryer and turned it on sitting on the dressing table drying her hair.

“So tell me, what is it?” Maya questioned rushing to her and Velvet paused and stared at her.

“Nothing” Velvet said and Maya scoffed.

“Whatever,” Maya muttered.

“Um, I think Jimin got a Rookie Actor’ Maya said and Velvet heart skipped at his name.


“Yes, ooh, I forgot his name,but that kid is an epitome of beauty, I can’t wait to get to the Audition” Maya said gushing and Velvet rolled her eyes.

“I can’t believe she is gushing over a kid” she muttered and kept blow drying her hair.


Jimin came down the staircase fully dressed, He saw Eric opening the door and taking a box.

“You are done” Eric said rushing to drop the food on the dinning.

“Just bring it here” Jimin said and Eric took The food to the table at the sitting room.

He opened it and Jimin stared at It.

“You ordered Kimchi stew and white rice balls, nice” he muttered and the door bell ring.

“Did you order something else?”

“I think it is Charlie” Eric said and rushed to the door, he turned the outside camera and truly it was charlie.

He opened The door and Charlie bowed going In.

“Good morning” Charlie said to Eric.

“Hey, you are here” Eric said as he stared at Charlie, he was putting on suit for his role.

He and Bora had gotten it last night.

“Hyung!” Charlie called with a smile and rushed to Jimin bowing at him

“I was about eating, sit and join me” Jimin said and Eric scoffed.

“I wonder what you used on Charlie and Bora, they are always nice toward you and they act like Villains to me” Eric scoffed and Charlie and Jimin laughed slowly.

**Written by Authoress Buky**

Eric joined them and dished the food.

“That is because you are Eric, and I am Jimin” Jimin mocked and Eric shot him a glare immediately.


outside The company can be seen filled with Reporters and fans as they waited for Jimin and Velvet’s arrival.

“Wow they are really much, Hyung I want to become a big shot like you” Charlie said turning to Jimin and Jimin wore his glasses.

“Then you have to work hard, you have to win that role” Jimin said and Eric smiled staring at them from the rear glass.

Eric parked the car and Body guards Rushed towards them.

Eric came Down and The Van door was opened and Jimin stepped out gratefully same as Charlie.


🗣Oh my Gosh Jimin Oppa!!

🗣you are so hot Oppa!!

🗣who is the guy beside him!he is so hot!

🗣Your Autograph CJ Oppa!!

Fans screamed raising boards struggling to touch Jimin and he only waved and smiled.

The guards tried suppressing them from touching Jimin.

Charlie was nervous and he just stuck close to Jimin that he almost held him.

“Be calm” Jimin whispered to him and Charlie nodded.




Reporters questioned flashing cameras at both Jimin and Charlie.

Jimin ignored them until they were finally inside the company.

Charlie breathed out and stared at Jimin who still kept a straight face.


“You have to be ready to tackle all these to become a public figure, do not answer them and just wave and smile” Jimin said with a smile and wrapped his hand around Charlie’s shoulder.

“These way” Eric said rushing to them, he had gone to park the Van.

Charlie smiled slowly as Jimin walked with him, The staffs started yelling immediately and Jimin smiled taking off his glasses.

He winked at one of the women and her bag felled.

Charlie shook his head immediately.

Eric opened the Elevator and the three got in.

“To where first?” Jimin asked Eric as he let go of Charlie.

“To the Audition” Eric replied and Charlie rubbed his palms nervously, he can’t believe he will have to act that role alone to win it.

Jimin noticed his nervousness and rubbed his arm.

He doesn’t know why, he just cared about Charlie, and a lot.

The Elevator made a stop and it went opened.

They walked out of it and Charlie opened his mouth slowly at the numbers of People.

“Oh my God, The rookies are much than I thought” Eric said and all eyes turned to them.

The girls there started gushing at Jimin and rushing to him,

“You should have let the guards follow us here” Jimin scolded Eric and Eric and Charlie stood at his front.

“Please he can’t sign an Autograph now” Eric said and they grumbled sadly and started dispersing.

Jimin sighed and scratched the back of his head slowly.

🗣Kim Velvet Is here!!*

They started yelling and the three turned immediately, truly there was Velvet, looking hot as Always.

She was holding a little bag and wearing glasses, Maya walked behind her and Jimin turned completely to them.

Velvet got to them and took off her glasses and twirl her hair.

She twitched her lips and Jimin shook his head.

“Hey,” Jimin called speechlessly and Velvet chuckled.

“So, what next?” Velvet asked Maya and Maya exchanged greetings with Jimin and Eric.

Her eyes popped opened when she saw Charlie who moved behind Jimin Nervously.

“Oh my Gosh! Velvet, this Is the rookie actor I talked about!” Maya said loudly pointing at Charlie and They all turned to him.

Velvet twitched her eyes immediately and stared at Jimin.

“What?” Velvet questioned and Jimin wrapped his hand around Charlie who couldn’t look up.

**Written by Authoress Buky**

“This is Kim Charlie, He wants to take a role for my secretary, Leerang” Jimin said and Charlie bowed immediately.

Velvet joined her teeth together and Jimin frowned, do they really know each other? He felt this uncomfortable tension.

“hi” Charlie said and finally looked up.

Velvet balled her fist slowly and raised her brows.

“Maya please take me to the Viewing room” Velvet said and glared at Charlie before walking passed them.

She should punch his nose for taking her cigarettes and she needed to know why he wants to get into the industry.

Maya went with her and Charlie breathed out adjusting his Ɓụťťon.

“What just happened?” Eric asked and Jimin refused to take his eyes from Velvet until she was Gone.

“Charlie, are you sure you don’t know her?” Jimin asked staring at Charlie and he scratched the back of his head

“I’ll go join the crew for my turn” Charlie said with a nervous smile and Jimin nodded.

“You can do It” Jimin said and Charlie bowed with a smile.

“Fighting!” Eric said making a hand and Charlie just stared at him before walking towards others.

“Aissh that rude brat” Eric cursed and Jimin touched his shoulder.

“We should go to the Auditioning room” Jimin uttered and Eric nodded.

They both walked off immediately.


Charlie watched as people sat and he rubbed his palm nervously, first Velvet reaction to know that he was Auditioning was bothering him.

he has to do these, he can make her proud.

“Hey” A heard a female voice beside him and he turned, he frowned immediately at her smiling face.

“Hi” Charlie said trying to recall where he had seen her face from.

“Don’t you recognize me? Last night” She said and he nodded immediately.

“Yea I do remember now, are you also here for The drama Audition?” Charlie questioned and she nodded holding her bag tightly to her sides.

“Yea, I am Genna, you?” Genna asked staring into his handsome face as she brought out her fingers for him to shake.

“Charlie” He said ignoring her hands.

Genna smiled and dropped her hands in Embarrassment.

“I guess you are really good at turning people down, we’ll be good friends, you know” Genna said and he licked his lower lips.

She opened her bag and brought out two chocolates, she handed one to him and he stared at it.

“it’ll reduce your tension” Genna said and he nodded taking it.

“Thanks” Charlie uttered and pocketed it.

Genna stared at him and her hands became wet, she never knew he was these hot.


“I am the 7Th person” Genna said to Charlie and he stared at others.

He check his P@ŋts and brought out the number Eric had given to him Earlier.

“8Th” he muttered and she smiled standing at his front.

Charlie stared at her Brown and sighed, he rubbed The back of his ears nervously, hoping he would perform greatly there.

“I actually resided at Busan with my Parents but now I will be here with my Brother, The Audition brought me to Seoul” Genna said turning to face him and he rubbed his forehead.

Charlie doesn’t want to listen to anything right now.

“That’s great” he said un attentively and she shook her head.

She will make sure to be at his good side.


“Velvet what was that about? Do you know The rookie Charlie?” Maya Asked Velvet as she crossed her arm on her chest staring at the stage.

“he is someone I don’t want to mingle with” Velvet said in a hard voice but the words got bitter in her mouth because she knew it was all lies.

“That means you know him” Maya said and Velvet glared at her.

“No I don’t” She said sternly and Maya knew better than to be quiet.

She cleared her throats and rubbed The back of her neck

Velvet sighed and held her bag tightly, what does Charlie think he is doing? She needed to talk to him So badly.

Been an actor? She sighed and rubbed her forehead.


Jimin and Eric walked into the Viewer’s room and he sighted Jimin sitting with Maya.

“I’ll go join her” Jimin said and Eric held him.

“Someone might take pictures of you two” Eric whispered and Jimin scoffed.

“OK they should, but who? The only people here are Liam subordinates, no one else” Jimin said and turned from Eric and bumping into someone and A phone fell.

Jimin bent immediately to pick the phone and a hand picked it with him, It was a male.

“Ooh sorry” Jimin said standing and handed the phone to him, it was Liam, wow. Liam took the phone immediately.

“Choi Jimin?” Liam called with a smile and Jimin bowed immediately, it was the first time meeting him in person.

“Hi Mr Liam” Jimin said and Liam brought out his hand for a shake.

Jimin shook him and he suddenly felt weird, The same feeling went for Liam.

Eric noticed the Features of the two men and frowned, their eyes and lips.

And just then Liam noticed something, He could see his own eyes of Jimin piercing back at him…


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