🌹She is Cold and
He is a player🔞💚

Episode 25&26


Written by Authoress Buky✍


Velvet walked into the sitting room and turned go Maya.

“Please order some pizza am hungry” Velvet said and Maya nodded.

“Since we are done for today, I’ll leave” Maya said and She nodded

**Written by Authoress Buky**

She went to her room and locked the door.

She brought out a cigarette and lighted it as she started smoking slowly.

She hissed out the smoke and rubbed her nose as what happened at the beach keep appearing to her.

Somehow she was guilty, guilty for hitting him but at the same time she was proud.

But she noticed something about him, Jimin seemed to be haunted, just like her , but what was it about?

Her phone beeped and she slide it opened, it was a message from an unknown.

💬Let’s meet up today, Kylan💬 she red and scoffed.

“That bastard” she snarled and dropped her phone on the bed.

Suddenly Velvet frowned, she used to be mad and angry when ever she heard Kylan’s name or sees him, but now she just hated it.

She suddenly touched her lips and the rough K!SS Jimin had….

forget it Velvet, she thought and smoked on.

>>>>>>>>>KIM’S HOME<<<<<<<<<

Charlie walked into the house with a deep frown on his forehead, It was time for his part time at the Pizza’s delivery.

He rushed to his room and took off his uniform wears.

He wore a faded jean trouser and a hoodie, he grabbed his phone and rushed back to the living room.

He heard the sounds of things clattering and he frowned.

“Charlie!” He heard Junghae’s voice and he shut his eyes tightly, just when he was happy to know that he wasn’t around.

“What?” He questioned and he saw Junghae on the floor behaving drunk.

“Give me money! Give me money you brat!” Junghae yelled trying to stand and Charlie glared at him on the floor.

“I have no time for your nonsense” Charlie muttered and rushed out of the house.

He was glad that he had to leave that God forbidden school earlier,

“Drake that fool, I should have broken his jaw!” He scolded himself and stopped a Taxi.

He knew it was expensive but he can’t take the public Bus now, he was darn late for the delivery.


Charlie rushed into the Pizza store after he came down from the cab.

He met the manager Brian and he bowed.

“Why did you insist on coming earlier?” Brian asked as Charlie changed into the delivery uniform.

“I wanted to get paid double today” Charlie said and winked.

Brian and shook his head.

“Be fast, The owner of the order is impatient” Brian said.

Charlie picked up the box of Pizza and rushed out, He selected a motorcycle and placed the Pizza into the delivery box.

He wore the helmet and climbed The motorcycle starting it.

He started riding it and tried to forget what happened, And Bora… he blinked his eyes not wanting to think of how rude he had been to her.


Charlie packed the motorcycle and took the Pizza box walking towards The entrance of the big quiet building.

“This place is nice” Charlie muttered and stood in front of the door.

He pressed the door bell awaiting it to open.

He adjusted his delivery helmet and pressed the door bell again.

“Who are you?” He heard a female voice and he looked around,

“Your delivery Is here!” Charlie yelled and The door opened.

He bowed immediately and the smell of cigarette hit him hard than he thought.

He looked up and his eyes widened.

She was the one, Velvet, her eyes was red, and she kind of looked wasted, her lips were plumpy.

“Noona?” He called in worries and took off the Helmet.

Velvet eyes widened when she saw who it was.

“Charlie?” Velvet called and looked at him from head to toe.

“Wh..what are you doing here?” She questioned in a hard voice and tried shutting the door but he rushed in immediately and pressed his lips together.

“your Pizza, you ordered for it” Charlie said and dropped it on The table.

Velvet just watched her kid brother as he looked miserable, Tears threatened to fall off her eyes and he turned to her.

“I..I…” He stammered not knowing what to say.

“Why are you not at school?” Velvet asked suddenly and his eyes lightened, at least she worried about him.

“I..took a day off, I wanted to make money as everyone else, you know to fend for myself” Charlie lied and Velvet coughed slowly.

“You should leave and never show up before me again” Velvet said in a hard voice and his eyes shook.

“Noona were you smoking?” He questioned immediately and she looked aside as his tall height threatened her, He was grown up.

“That is not something you should ask of, it is non of your business!” Velvet snapped angrily, she wasn’t supposed to be pouring their parents pains on him.

She saw the big hurt which flash across his eyes and he smiled slowly.

“Where is your room?” Charlie asked dropping his Helmet.

“What?” She questioned

“Show your room to me” He repeated and she frowned

“Are you trying to act all familiar towards me?” Velvet questioned and He sighed tilting his head.

“I guess I’ll have to look for it myself” Charlie said ignoring her.

It was not just right for her, smoking?

He walked up the stair case and she rushed after him.

“Hey! Leave my house this instant!” Velvet yelled and he hastened his steps opening through rooms.

He Saw a sky blue door and he knew that was it, That was her favorite color.

Charlie pushed the door opened and looked around it, it reeks of cigarettes.

Velvet went in too and scoffed.

**Written by Authoress Buky**

“Have you suddenly grown wings?” Velvet questioned and he saw the ash plate on the floor.

He picked , the lighter and the packet of cigarette.

he raised it up that for some seconds she thought he was older than her.

“I will leave now” Charlie said and she crossed her hands on her chest.

“Give that bag you scumbag!” Velvet yelled and he scoffed.

“I hope you enjoy the delivery” Charlie said and bowed before brushing passed her.

Velvet laughed like everything was a joke to her, she ruffled her hair and rushed out but he was gone.

“Charlie!” She yelled rushing out of the house but his motorcycle had already moved and she dabbed her palm on her forehead.

“That brat” she muttered and went back in.

She sat on the cushion and opened the Pizza, first he is a waiter and now a delivery man?.

She picked a slice and shoved it into her mouth,

“I am going to pull his hair so hard when next I set my eyes on him” she cursed with a mouthful of Pizza and sighed.


Charlie stared at the cigarette pack and lighter and smiled, he was glad he got to have a conversation with her.

He wished they could become real siblings and always fight with each Other and then reconcile.

He threw the cigarette into the Dustbin can and left there, something to finally make his day finally happened.


Kylan smoked slowly as he stared into his phone at the message he had sent to Velvet.

“She didn’t reply?” He questioned and dropped The phone angrily, or it can’t be that Jimin is with her.

No, it can’t be, Velvet won’t let down her guard easily.

His phone started ringing and he stared at the screen.

“Neera?” He muttered and turned the screen off, she should Fůçƙ off.

The door pushed opened roughly and it was Neera, she looked Angry and was fuming.

“Why have you been ignoring my calls since last night!” Neera yelled angrily at him and he raised his brows.

“You are here and you called me? Hold on ,Are you my supposed wife or what?” Kylan questioned and she scoffed laughing loudly.

“Really? Why are you acting so cold and weird towards me? Have I wronged you!?” Neera snapped and he stood facing her directly.

“Ever since I started dating you, nothing ever comes my way” Kylan said his eyes glinting and her eyes shook.

“Bo? (What?)” Neera asked shockingly and he picked his car keys on the table.

“I am heading out” Kylan said and she grabbed his arm.

“What are you trying to do Kylan?!” She snapped And he closed his eyes

“Because of you, I broke up with the woman I love, and you expect me to be fine?”

Neera staggered backward and her heart squeezed in anger and pain.

“You never thought about it, why now? Is it because of Jimin?” Neera asked quietly and he glared at her before walking out of the house.

Neera laughed immediately and ruffled her hair.

“it is time I start dealing with you Velvet for turning Kylan against me”



Jimin stared at the food he prepared on the table and he smiled,

“This will sure calm her” Jimin said as he was expecting the door bell to ring 10 to 20 minutes from now.

Jimin twisted his lips and covered the dishes.

He washed his hands and he heard the door bell ring.

“She really can’t wait?” Jimin questioned and Rushed to the door.

He opened it and he frowned at who he was seeing outside , it Was Neera she looked wasted.

“Neera? What are you doing here?” Jimin questioned and she pushed the door opened , she reeks of Alcohol.

She almost fell and he held her waist keeping her steady.

He shut The door and led her to the Cushion.

“What are you doing here drunk, and don’t tell me you rode here yourself?” Jimin questioned and She pouted drunkenly holding his chin.

“I am not that drunk, it is acting” Neera said and he breathed out and stared at his watch.

“You should leave, am expecting someone, I’ll call a Cab” Jimin said bringing out his phone and she dragged it from him and threw it on the cushion.

“I didn’t come here for you to send me home, I came here to clear my head’ Neera said soberly and he licked his lower lips.

“Look, you have to leave, and I mean right now” Jimin said and grabbed her purse.

“No! I…Kylan that bastard Is still into Velvet, I mean what does she have that I don’t ?!” Neera cried and Jimin scratched his chin.

“Um, maybe the @$$ and B@@bs” Jimin uttered and cleared his throat.


“OK that’s enough, you should leave” Jimin said grabbing her hands and she flung his hands away

She ran her fingers into his shirt and he groaned dropping her purse on the cushion.

“I want you again Jimin, Make me forget tonight” Neera pleaded and he breathed out loudly. he was slowly getting hard, Velvet will be here in 15 minutes.

“Neera, that’s enough” He said taking her hands off him and she raised her gown over her head.

His system weakened the moment he Saw her half Ɲ@kēɗ body.

She was on lacy black ьѓä and P@ŋties.

**Written by Authoress Buky**

He opened his mouth slowly, She unhooked her ьѓä and her brownish Ɲīpplë pointed themselves at him.

“Come here” he rasped and grabbed her @$$, he placed her on the Cushion and started K!SSing her hard.

5 minutes wouldn’t hurt.

Neera raked her fingers into his hair as she twisted her body beneath his.

He broke The K!SS and raised down his shorts, he pulled down her P@ŋties and was about to dig into her when he remembered he forgot protection.

“$h|t” he cursed and carried her on his shoulder.

“Where are you going?” She questioned as he entered his room and he spanked her @$$.

“To the room” he said and dropped her on the bed.

Neera rested on her shoulder and rubbed her clits hungrily,

Jimin got Ɲ@kēɗ and rolled on the condom.

Jimin frowned immediately , she was drunk, it was not his thing to take advantage of women, and Fůçƙing Neera right now was not in his Agenda.

He stared at her as she stroke herself.

“I’ll go get your clothes” Jimin said and she frowned.

“What? Jimin!”

“I am not In the mood” Jimin said

He breathed out heavily and rushed to the bathroom.

He stroke himself until he Cvm

“$h|t!” He cursed when he realized Velvet will soon be here.

He washed his hands and face.

His nose was red, he took back his hair and went back to the room.

He met Neera covering herself looking angry and he ruffled his hair, how the heck was he going to send her home?

“How can you do this to me!” Neera yelled at him embarrassed at herself

“I don’t bring myself that low to Fůçƙ you when you are drunk”

“I said I am in my right senses!”

“I don’t care,, I’ll go Get your dress and leave” he said

He put on another shirt and shorts before rushing out of the room.

He picked her P@ŋties, Gown and ьѓä and went back to the Room.

“Here, put it on” Jimin said tapping her and she opened her eyes.

“Are you really sending me home?” Neera asked and it seemed she sobered up.

“Just do as I say” Jimin said rashly and went out of the room.

Neera bite her inner cheeks, and licked her lips.


Jimin rubbed his face when he went back to the sitting room, why was he even worked up about Velvet coming here when Neera is here? Not that they were dating or anything.

He suddenly heard the door bell rang and his Adam Apple moved for some seconds.

He rushed to the door and pressed a Ɓụťťon, he saw her. Velvet is here, she was really the one.

“$h|t!” he cursed and ran upstairs

He saw Neera still putting on her ьѓä.

“Umm, Actually you can sleep over for tonight” Jimin said faking a smile and she smiled.

“OK” she said and he nodded.

He went out and shut the door, he breathed out and went back to the door.

Jimin opened the door to see her beautiful non smiling face.

To think he was mad at her earlier made him scolded himself.

“Did you have something so busy to do that you had to keep me out here in the cold?” Velvet asked and he smiled immediately.

“Of course not, come in” Jimin said opening the door widely for her and she walked in.

She was putting on Black Leather trousers and Canvas.

And then a hoodie.

Jimin shut the door and cleared his throat.

To him, he felt tonight Was the biggest mistake he’ll make.

He stared at the staircase and led her to the Dinning.

“Um About Earlier, I am sorry about it” Jimin found himself saying as she sat and she stared at his Grey eyes.

Why was she feeling uncomfortable?

“It was nothing, We will be doing it more often anyways, as you have said” Velvet said and he smiled.

He opened the dishes and her eyes roamed the table, the settings was nice

“Did you cook all this yourself?” She asked and he nodded.

“I don’t cook much, I only cook when I want to” Jimin said pouring her wine and she nodded.

She picked The cutleries and started eating slowly, she paused and stared at his eyes which was waiting for her to compliment him.

“How was it?” Jimin asked sitting opposite her.

“Bad” Velvet said but she lied, apart from her mom’s home cooked food, these was the best.

“I know you are lying” Jimin said standing.

He stood beside her and took her cutleries from her and she gasped letting It go, she swallowed slowly and he stared at her, Velvet blinked her wavering eyes and cleared her throats.

“What are you doing?” She asked and Jimin chuckled fetching from her plate and took it into his mouth.

She watched his jaw moved slowly and she licked her lower lips.

“You are really a liar’ Jimin said dropping her cutleries and went to sit opposite her again.

Velvet rolled her eyes and grasped the glass of wine, she shook it before drinking from it.

She dropped the glass and stared at Jimin who was staring intently at her.

“I really admire you Velvet,” Jimin stated and they started hearing footsteps from the staircase.

Jimin eyes widened immediately and Velvet turned.

“Do you have a visitor?” Velvet asked He stood.

“Wel..Damn it” he cursed and rubbed his forehead.

“I decided that I can’t spend the night Here” Velvet frowned at the Female voice she was hearing and stood.

And there was Neera , staring at them, She was not a fool, Well it Is time to set Velvet to her place.

Velvet turned to Jimin who just shut his eyes frustratedly.

“first was Kylan, and now Jimin, I stand out where you don’t Velvet” Neera smirked and Velvet felt her jaw moved angrily.

Her eyes stung and she laughed slowly.

“Velvet it is not what you think” Jimin said going to her and she smiled.

“Why? ” Velvet almost asked as she couldn’t believe she was hurt.

Neera picked her purse from the cushion and smiled.

“Well thanks for tonight Jimin, I hope you call me more often” Neera said and winked at him.

She smirked at Velvet and walked out of the house.

Jimin stood in front of Velvet and saw her cheeks red, he suddenly felt guilty that it surprised him.

“Velvet.” He called and she picked her bag.

“I thought it was reasonable coming here but it was just a waste of time” Velvet said trying to walk away but he grasped her hands.

“Please, let’s just pretend like nothing happen and have dinner” Jimin pleaded and she flung her hands away.

“Pretend? The fact that you disrespected me by calling her here to Fůçƙ her and then you invited me over for dinner, what are you trying to scheme, the man who has the two top women celebrities on his fingers?” Velvet fired hurtfully and Jimin went speechless.

“That was not what happened Velvet, why would I do that?”

“And why would I believe you! You are good at acting so there is nothing you are not capable of”

“Velvet please!”

“Is there more acting to be done to disrespect me?” Velvet questioned getting more annoyed and angry.

“I..I didn’t call her, she…”

“Just stop talking! Gosh I didn’t come here to have anything with you, so don’t act like you are trying to get into my P@ŋts by acting towards me!” Velvet yelled and Jimin shut his eyes immediately.

“Velvet I never for once disrespected you ” Jimin said sincerely and she laughed her eyes itching.

“Don’t stop me” Velvet said and made to walk passed him but he grabbed her hands and pushed her to the wall, she gasped and her bag fell off her hands.

her wide eyes roamed his Grey eyes

“I mean it, I didn’t call her here, I respect you a lot to do that Velvet” Jimin said quietly and she pushed him away and picked her bag.

“Look at you, acting again, thanks for The dinner” Velvet said and walked passed him leaving the house angrily.

Jimin opened his mouth slowly and he ran fingers into his hair.

“Jimin what Is wrong with you!”…


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