December 5, 2023

๐Ÿ’šEnchanted By
An Immortal ๐Ÿ’›
{ A Tender Cure }

CHAPTER 13 & 14

By Melody.

โ˜… โ˜… โ˜… โ˜… โ˜…

The mixed potion poured on Heaven’s body and she quickly fell on Elvis arm, looking unconscious.

Elvis was quick to catch her before she’d fall. He started staring at her face closely.

” Heaven?..” He called but She didn’t respond.

” Oh, oops!” True moved back, smiling mischievously. ” I didn’t hurt her. it was just ink” She said.

” Just ink?. And she fell??” He asked.

“Muffin. It’s just her being too fragile. She couldn’t even watch were she was going. I almost fell too” She rolled her eyes.

” True!” Eden called her from afar.

” I’ll be back muffin” True said and walked away quickly.

He sighed hotly and turned back to heaven.

” Heaven?. Heaven!!” He started wobbling her body and her eyes began to move slowly.

” Heaven, are you okay?” He asked carefully until she opened her eyes, staring at him widely.

” My cute Crush is lifting me up in a bridal style!” She giggled and Elvis raised a confused brow.

” Are you…okay?” He asked to be sure she wasn’t drunk.

” Don’t drop me down yet, okay. Carry me home this way, Okay?” She pulled his cheek.

” We are at school, heaven. Everyone is watching us” He said.

” Huh?” She blinked.

She quickly leaned up on her feet without his consent and their nose bumped into each other cutely.

” Ou!. Another sweet coincidence” She giggled, palming her nose.

” I hope you are okay? You fell unconscious in my arm” He said.

” A little but my head hurt a bit tho” She said and he palmed her head. He didn’t like the fact that she was very warm.

” Come. Let’s go see the clinic” He said and pulled her along quickly.

Meanwhile, True got to class and met Eden.

” Guess what?” She asked, bringing up the potion glass.

” Heaven is an Immortal?” Eden asked.

” I think she is. She reacted to the potion”

” But you know the potion can work on other Supernatural being right?”

” She could control the teacher mind at class. What could she be if not Immortal.” True hissed.

” Quickly. Let’s go inform your mom” She snapped and they disappeared into thin air instantly.



Jean left the kitchen after hearing a sound from the door. She opened the door and saw heaven.

She kept an awkward look on her face and scoffed.

” What do you want?”

” Um…Is elvis home?. I came to see him” She said.

” No one by that name lives here” She hissed.

Heaven quickly brought out her phone and checked her recent message.

” But Elvis sent me this address. See” She showed her quickly.

” So you are?”

” I’m heaven. He’s classmate.” She replied.

Jean checked her wristwatch and glared at her.

” What do you want from him. This is eight pm, it’s very late” She said.

” B..but We have something to construct as an assignment. We were paired in class” She pouted, her milky eyes glittering.

” Leave please. Elvis don’t accept visitors, especially girls of your sort” She hissed and tried closing back the door but Elvis blocked her with his arm.

” Elvis?!” She glared at him.

” She’s coming in” He said, squinting his eyes at her.

” This is not your house and you must follow my rules cos I’m older”

” You are in charge of the house, not my life” He said and made his electric blue eyes give a little glitter just to scare her ribs.

She stepped back in fear and scoffed.

” She can only stay here for ten minutes. If she doesn’t leave before then, she won’t come on a visit ever again!” She said and left immediately.

Elvis turned to heaven and opened up the door widely.

” Come in” He said.

Heaven held the strap of her bag and walked in joyfully.

” Thanks elvis” She pressed her lip tightly and stared at his retreating back. He was wearing his bottom P@ล‹ts and a loose shirt.

” He even looks more adorable without uniform” She whispered, giggling from behind.

They both began to take the stairs in silence and her mind kept playing back at the Jean.

She didn’t know why she felt somehow jealous to see her here with elvis.

” Elvis. That girlfriend of yours is really kinda rude” Heaven quickly said

” Huh?” He turned to face her.

” Huh?” She blinked at him, stopping in her track

‘Did he hear me?. No, I don’t think so. Or did he???. I hope he didn’t hear what I said’ Her subconscious mind thought but Elvis read her mind already.

” She is my sister, heaven” He quickly said, turning to continue towards his room.

” Oh, she’s very pretty tho” Her face got red when she realised he actually heard her.

He opened the door to his room and she walked in, her mouth opening widely.

‘ Such a clean, wide room. Even my room isn’t this neat. I wouldn’t let him come to my room, Not ever!’ Her subconscious mind thought.

” Then maybe you should be neat as well” He turned to face her and she got shocked.

‘ How did he read my mind?!’

” I learnt telepathy” He said and she swallowed harder.

‘ I should stop thinking!’

” Yea, You should” He said.

‘ Ugh. I’m still thinking. Stop functioning brain!!!’ She hit her head and Elvis chuckled.

” You are really a funny and adorable girl” He said.

‘ Fลฏรงฦ™. He called me adorable!!’ Her mind screamed madly and when she realised he read her mind again, she palmed her face horribly.

” Come sit here” He said and brought out a chair for her to seat near the Reading table.

Elvis took a box and joined her on the chair.

” Okay firstly, let me apologise cos I already did the assignment practical myself” He said, staring at her guiltily.

” Really?. That’s brilliant!” Her eyes glittered.

” Really?” He said, he thought she would be very upset that he did it without her.

” Truth is, I had no idea of how to make the practical so I came to watch you do it. But since you’ve done it, then it makes it more easier for me” She said and Elvis stretched the box to her.

” You can keep the practical. But don’t ruin it before you reach halfway home cos I know you’re messy” He said and she pouted sadly.

He read her mind again and realised she was being horrible with her mindset.

” I was only joking heaven” He rested his palm on his cheek, staring at her.

” You read my mind again, Did you?” She pouted.

” I couldn’t resist to see how you feel” He said and she dropped the box before hugging him.

” Anyways, Thanks for the practical. I really appreciate” She said before letting go of him.

He stood up and heaven looked at him.

” Let me escort you outside. its already late”

” Wait!. Now??” Her eyes bloated.

” Yea, I already did the practical. What else?”

She bit her lips angrily and stood up.

Elvis tried reading her mind but she was thinking too many things at the same time.

He even became very confused himself.

” Are you okay heaven?”

” Your sister gave me ten minutes to stay here. is it up yet?”

” You want to stay here with me till then?” He raised his brow.

” Um…If you insist?” Her lip pressed tight again. Her heart kept racing anytime she awaited his reply.

” Sure, you can stay, I’ll go get some snacks” He said and left the room.

Heaven looked around and quickly ran to his table, going through his stuffs.

” I need to see if he has a girlfriend, or a crush, or if he’s married or engaged!!” She said all at once.

She saw an old looking ring on his table and she immediately picked it.

” Huh!. He’s engaged??. To who??” Her head panicked.

Elvis suddenly opened the door, holding two cups of soda.

The ring slipped out of her hand out of fear and she got startled.

” Oops. was accidental!” She contorted.

Elvis stared at the ring hoping to see it perform but nothing happened.

He picked it up and stared at it plainly.

” What’s the ring for?” She asked, coming forward.

” Um…its something that My Dad gave to me when I was young” He said and they sat down on his bed.

” Oh, So it’s not an engagement ring?”

” Engagement ring?” He looked at her.

” Um… looks like one” She itched her head.

” It’s a Enchanted ring, very powerful and magical” He said and her eyes glittered preciously.

” Woah. I like enchanting things. Can I wear it?” She smiled and he looked at her.

” I want you ask you something important” He said and her heart skipped.

” Huh?. What’s that?”

” Are you aware that you are my…um…S..soul…” He sighed hotly and looked at her. ” Just forget about it anyways” He said.

” Is it something bad?” She peeked at his face.

” Not really.” He said and picked her hands, interlocking it. ” I wish I can explain everything to you right now but I’m sure you won’t be able to understand anything. But I think you mean a lot to me, heaven.”

Her face burned by his last word and she wished she could hear it a thousand times.

” A thousand times?” Elvis smirked and she looked at him, getting even redder.

The door swung open and she quickly stood up. Jean walked in.

” I said ten minutes!” She said.

” I’m very sorry. I’ll quickly get my bag!” She quickly apologised and picked her bag up before looking at elvis.

” Leave. He is not seeing you off!” She pointed outside the door.

” Okay. Bye, Elvis. See you at school!” She waved and ran out of the room quickly.

Jean closed the door with a loud bang and glared at him.

” If you invite her over again, I’ll spill it to her that you’re not human” She grinned.

” Cos she isn’t too. Now get lost, I need some rest” He said, tucking himself before looking away.

Jean smiled and left the room quickly.



The whole school was gathered outside the school for an important announcement from the principal.

True was standing next to her mom at the podium, looking straight on her uniform.

She changes uniform every day and the skirt get shorter on every new pair.

The principal took the mic and smiled at everyone.

” I’m glad all the student are gathered here for this announcement. Tomorrow is going to be a full moon, a good time to be in the outdoors to stare at the sky. I’m personally holding a recreation sleepover feast at school tomorrow night ” She said.

The student mummered excitedly.

” And so with that, everyone should get their pajamas on along with a pillow cos theirs alot to see in the sky. That’s all I wanted to say my good friends, you can return back to class” She said and everyone departed the hall.

Heaven was already leaving when the principal called her back.

” Yes ma’am” She walked up to her.

” Make sure you are in the sleepover tomorrow night. You must be at school” She said with smile.

” Okay, sure ma’am. Won’t miss!” She said.

” You can go sweet darling” She said and Heaven quickly leaped away.

The principal smiled and turned to True.

” Soon, When I get my hands on her powers, we might become one of the witches to become the most powerful” She said.

” I can’t wait mom, thank Goodness full moon is tomorrow. Everything is just perfectly set. Can’t wait to be in control right on my fingertips” True rejoiced.

Soon a teacher was approaching and True stopped talking.

” I’m late for class mom. See you later!” She waved and left.



Megan was sulking through a soda bottle while going through her phone.

She was waiting for Heaven to join her for lunch.

Soon, Dove and his large crews walked into the cafeteria. He was wearing a mask to cover up his teeth.

Megan saw him and looked away back at her phone. He walked up to her and sat next to her on her table.

” Hey” He said and she looked at him.

” What’s with the mask?”

” You didn’t hear the news?” He raised his brows.

” Oh. I saw it on the school blog. I heard someone lost his tooth. I forgot his name again” She mimicked.

” Stop kidding. That was me” He said and Megan chuckled loudly.

” So?. What should I do about that?. I should borrow you an artificial one?”

” Look, forget about that. I’m having a house party tonight at my mansion tonight. it going to be rad, Every student is going to be there” He winked.

” Every student BUT me. Having me at your party doesn’t makes it more fun right?. Cos I’m ugly, you only need pretty girls with high class. And Where as, I have a tight schedule so get lost!” She hissed and walked out of her seat.

She stopped and brought out her hair clip, throwing it at him.

” You can use this in place of your lost tooth” She said and walked out of him.

Dove picked the white hair clip and crushed it in his fist angrily.

” So this is how it feels to be ignored!” He said and bit his lip hard in anger.



Heaven was arranging her books back in her locker hastily.

Two boys were in the corridor, watching her closely. They looked like bullies from the appearance.

She leaned on her toes and closed up her locker before leaping away.

Soon, she felt an arm grab her and they closed her lip, dragging her into the library.

They pushed her to the floor and she sprained her ankle.

” Ouch!. My leg!!” She sobbed, holding her bleeding foot.

Lake walked up to her and she sat up on the floor quickly.

” Little adorable Cupcake,daddy’s girl. I finally caught you red-handed” He said, pocketing his arm.

” Why did you bring me here. What do you want from me!” She yelled.

” Cos of this” He said showing her a piece of cloth.

He quickly leaned down and tied it around her eyes and hands forcefully.

However, Elvis was passing by the library and even tho it was a sound proof door, he could sense danger coming from it.

He kicked the door open and found Lake tying heaven up right on the floor in front of him.

” Lake!” He yelled. “What are you doing to her!” Elvis walked in.

” Oh, Weak branch is here again” He chuckled, standing up.

” Weak branch Huh?” He glared at him and his powers started to build up inside him.

” What’s wrong with your eyes?” Lake blinked, staring closely.

He lost control of himself and his powers took over him.

He pulled Lake in the air instantly and slammed his back at the bookshelf many times.

All The books fell off and he threw him recklessly at the floor.

He walked up to him slowly and picked him up.

” Weak branch?. I’ll show you who’s Weak!” He said and punched him hard on his face until he spat out thick blood.

Lake eyes rolled to the back of his head and He passed out to the floor immediately.

Elvis stepped back and stared at heaven. Her eyes was shielded.

” i just heard my crush voice. Can I open my eyes?. What’s happening huh?. Can I join in the fun??” She asked.


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