December 5, 2023

πŸ’šEnchanted By
An Immortal πŸ’›
{ A Tender Cure }

CHAPTER 11 & 12

By Melody.

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

As soon as Elvis fell back on the chair, all the student got on their feet, some of the girls looking stunned.

They began to murmur.

πŸ‘₯ What just happened

πŸ‘₯ Is the guy actually alright?

πŸ‘₯ He’s practising fall and freeze. Haha…

Heaven stepped back slowly and her round milky eyes was surged out.

Her heart was even beating faster than a monitor machine.

” Are you okay, Elvis?” She asked.

” I…I…think I am” He blinked, staring at his body.

Lake smirked and pocketed his arm, walking forward.

” Look at the guy that says he can fight. I haven’t even touched him yet and he fell like a silly branch. Can he even hurt a fly?” He sneered and Elvis glared at him silently.

Lake grabbed heaven’s hand quickly.

” Hey. Let me go!” She yelled.

” You are coming with me silly!” He snarled and started pulling her away.

” Stop, let me go!. I said Let me go. Leave me alone!” She started to sob as she leaped fast along with him.

Lake felt his hand start to burn feverishly in the wrist he held her.

” Ouch!” He screamed and snapped his hands away from her.

She glared at him, pouting her lip.

” Don’t ever touch me. I’m not your girlfriend anymore!. Leave me alone, I don’t ever want you!!” She yelled and ran out of the cafeteria quickly.

He glared at her retreating backs before staring at his palm.

” My hands feels like I dipped it into hell fire. How come?” He thought silently before walking towards the school clinic.

Elvis stared at his lunch and began to repeat the scene that happened just a moment ago.

” Did she…. Did she just control my emotion?” His subconscious thought.

He cleared his throat and picked his spoon.

” Or Maybe not. It could be a new power I just discovered I could do” He said and took his spoon to eat but he realised the food had turned cold.

He pushed his food aside and left his seat. He was about leaving the cafeteria when True started to trip in as well.

She smiled and adjusted the size of her skirt, even tho it was incredibly short.

” Hey, muffin” She winked and Elvis passed her by without giving her a stare.

She raised her palm and he mysteriously got glued to the floor tiles.

He tried to move but he realised she had paused his feet.

He sighed, his brows knitting.

” What do you want now, True?” He asked and she walked up to him.

” How dare you avoid me?” She glared at him.

” I’m sorry” He blinked, looking away. She smiled, licking her lips.

” You look incredibly cute when you apologise” She said and started playing with his jacket.

” What do I want?. I want you, Elvis” She smiled.

” I don’t have a slight interest in girls”

” Should I prove you wrong that you’ll do?”

” Don’t even dare use your powers on me cos it won’t end well” He snarled, his brows knitting up.

” But that’s easier so that you can love me, even if its by force. I really like you, elvis. Even staring at you get me aroused” She pouted.

” Just Unglue my feet please” He glared.

” I won’t unless you agree to date me” She said and Elvis scoffed.

” Why are you so curious. I’m very dangerous, you can’t dare last an hour”

” I love risky, dangerous boys” She smiled.

Elvis sighed, dropping his head.

” Just Unglue my feet please”

” Say yes and I’ll fulfill your desire muffin”

” Give me time to think about it” He said and she held her waist.

” OK, fine. i give you till tomorrow evening. And make sure your reply is definitely yes cos I’m giving you enough time to think” She said and Elvis felt his leg finally move.

” Thanks” He said and walked past her quickly.

Eden walked up to her and true gave her that satisfying smile.

” I think he’s going to say Yes without having to manipulate him” She said.

” Lucky you, True” Eden smiled.

” Yea, Who’s like me?. No one, that’s why I’m unique and always lucky” She chuckled and walked away.

Eden glared at her

” You can’t have everything, True. By the time I get my hands on the curse book, you are so doomed!” Her subconscious mind thought evily.


ELVIS HOME *** 6pm.

Elvis tripped into his home and met Jean on the sofa watching a movie.

He walked past her and quickly stopped.

” Hey um…is there dinner?”

” I seized all the food in the fridge. If you need food, go work for it. You are only permitted to sleep here and go to school” She hissed and stared back at the screen

” Oh.” He smiled hurtfully and started to walk up the stairs tiredly.

He got to his room and sat down on his bed. He picked the summoning ring and threw it on the floor,hoping it would work.

The ring scribbled on the floor and then Lucy appeared from it.

” Lucy!” He quickly stood up.

” Elvis. You summoned me again” She smiled.

” I have lots of questions, Lucy. Like, a lot!” He said and she smiled.

” Let start from one, I have just a little limited time on earth to speak with you” She said

” Okay, firstly. I found one other Immortal existed in my school. Her name is true and she’s kind of dangerous and tempting” He said and Lucy smiled.

” She’s also an half witch, those are the kinds that hunt down powerful Immortals like you in order to kill you and take your powers. You have to be extra careful” She said.

” Half witch?. Then Half Immortal, How’s that possible?”

” Remember when the previous powerful Immortal was killed?. Yea, the witches shared his powers among their clans and now, they became half Immortal. All they need now is one more powerful Immortal to sacrifice in order to be a complete, strong, and very powerful clan”

” Woah…” He breathed hot hotly.

” And that’s you, elvis. You are their next target. One reason you have to be careful around True and her crews cos if they find out who you are, I’m sorry, but you might become like the previous Immortal” She said and he sat back on his bed.

” Everything happening in my life is so tiring. Do I have to fight those half witch people?”

” Someone has been choosen and prepared to do it on your behalf. That will be discussed later.” She said and he raised his brows.

” Strangely today, I was able to control my powers in school. I’ve never done that before”

” You think you were behind it?” She smiled mischievously.

” Wait. Was it someone else?” He asked and the ring began to scribble again.

He quickly stared ar her for answers before she would disappear.

” She might be the one. Your guardian, Your messenger, your amour and…..your soul mate” She said before she got swallowed up in to the ring.

He stood up and picked the ring up, staring at it.

” She?. is it…. Heaven?” He gasped, his eyes surging out.



Heaven stared at the mirror and did a guilty face.

” You can open your eyes now, megan” She said and Megan opened her eyes, staring at herself in the mirror.

” What the heck is this!” Megan screamed.

” The makeup isn’t that much tho” Heaven pouted,biting her lip.

” It is!. I even look more uglier than how I did!. How could you heaven!”

” I’m so sorry. Let’s quickly wash it off” She said and they went to the toilet, rushing to the sink.

They washed it off and Megan realised the eye liner had caused a scary dark spot under her eye bag.

” Oh no, it’s worse!” Megan panicked.

” I’ll quickly clean it off!” Heaven said and used a face cleaner. The black spot lengthened all over her cheeks.

” Heaven!. You just ruined me!. Now I look like the real Wednesday adams!” She screamed.

” Sorry!” Heaven bit her lips cutely.

” I’m done here!!.” She picked her school bag. ” if Dove doesn’t like me then that’s not the end of my world!” She said but heaven stopped her.

” Let’s do this one more time. I promise to make you look natural, I swear”

” You always promise and fail!”

” I promise to fulfill this one this time, I promise, I promise!” She said and Megan sat back on the chair, folding her arm.

” Just go ahead and ruin my face again. I’ll manage it to whatever level of ugliness I look” She snorted and Heaven laughed before bringing up the face powder.



Megan walked into the class looking very classy in her new hood crop top and mini skirt.

Her chubby thighs got exposed making her look more sexy enough, and her long brown hair was down, shinning all over.

She was also putting on a light lip gloss and the pancake on her face only made her look lighter.

She was also putting on a white sneakers and small soaks,giving her that gayish look.

She got in, receiving stares from everyone and she became uncomfortable and shy.

She stared at Dove and saw him whispering something to Lake. She knew it was something not worth hearing.

She scoffed and took her seat carefully.

” Hey pretty” Dove winked at her and she blinked at him, her heart flying away.

” I wasn’t talking to you megan, the other girl behind you” He scoffed and the class all laughed.

She pouted and stared at her thumb sadly.

” This is my worst humiliation!” She sobbed and left the class quickly.

” Megan!” Heaven pursued her. She stopped before glaring at Dove.

” I just wished you loosed one of your front tooth” Heaven smirked and left.

” Ha. Two dummies” Lake smirked.

” Dummies still have a little sense left in them but this two are off!” Dove chipped in and stood up to return to his seat.

He suddenly slipped on nothing and he fell on the floor.

He stood up, holding up one of teeth in his palm. He looked very terrible.

” What the heck happened to my teeth!” He cursed and the class woahed and later bursted into laughter.

Some started taking pictures.



Heaven got to the toilet and met Megan crying.

” Meg. You don’t have to cry on behalf of some stupid guy!”

” It’s not that. No one ever thinks I’m pretty. They all say I’m ugly and it’s breaks my heart.” She sobbed.

” But you aren’t. I swear, you are beautiful. Why can’t you adore yourself even if others don’t”

” Cos if a popular guy says I’m ugly, then I’m ugly!”

” Well If that’s so, then I’m ugly too cos Lake has told me to my face countless times that I’m dumb and horrible”

” But you’re not ugly. infact you’re the most beautiful girl in academia. You should be happy” Megan pouted.

” That means popular guys prediction are wrong. We are both beautiful in our own way. Even if it’s not in the outside, but inside you, you worth a thousand beautiful faces, megan” She said and Megan gave a sweet smile.

” Thanks for encouraging me heaven but I’ll just pretend I’m okay”

” Pretend??”

” Whatever” She rolled her eyes.

“Go rock your new looks, meg. Don’t look at the critics. You look spectacular!” She said.

” You’re right. I would adore myself no matter what they think about me. I’m beautiful and I’m sure my Mr perfect will find me soon” She said and the bell was rung.

” Lesson started. let’s go to class before we get punished!” Heaven said and they ran out of the toilet together.



The teacher dropped the marker and faced the student quickly.

” I would be pairing all of you in the practical” He said.

” I’m pairing with Elvis, Sir!” True quickly said.

” No, I’m doing the pairing!” He said and she quickly manipulated his mind.

” True, you’re pairing with elvis” He said and Elvis turned to glare at her.

He quickly manipulated the teacher mind as well.

” Elvis. You wouldn’t pair with true anymore”

” What!” True gasped.

” Did he just change his mind?” Eden scoffed in disbelief.

All the student were getting confused why he kept changing his mind.

πŸ‘₯ What’s happening to the teacher

πŸ‘₯ He should just pair us and let’s leave her

πŸ‘₯ He’s just being drunk!

Eden also tried manipulating his mind.

” Elvis. You would pair with Eden rather” He said and Elvis got startled.

” Wait, Eden has powers too. Woop, this is kinda serious” He said and he quickly manipulated the teachers head.

” Elvis. You are pairing with heaven and that’s final for now!!”

” Better” He scoffed silently, resting his back on the chair.

” Huh?. Me?” Heaven blinked from the back seat.

” Which heaven?” Lake sprouted.

” The girl sitting next to you.” The teacher scoffed. ” You two will work out the biology practical assessment together” He said and Heaven bit her lips victoriously.

‘ Lord, I’m being paired with Elvis. Best day of my life ever!’ Her subconscious mind thought.

Eden stared at true.

” Our powers aren’t working on the teacher. Why?” True said worriedly.

” But that’s so impossible. Unless someone is also manipulating him too” She said and they both stared at Elvis.

” He looks normal. He can’t be an Immortal or guardian”

” Not until we inject the sacred potion on him and see if he is or not” Eden scoffed with a frown.


Elvis left the chemistry class, waiting for heaven to come out.

Soon, he saw her leave with Megan.

” Hey heaven!” He waved and she whispered something to Megan before walking towards him.

” Hey crush!. We were paired together in biology practical” She said, her facing beaming with smile.

” Yea. When should we get the practical done, should we wait after school or do it tomorrow morn…”

” I’ll come over to your house tonight” She quickly said.

” Wait…what?”

” I can’t wait after school. I would visit your home and get it done” She shrugged.

” Oh..O…kay” He reminisced and they started to walk out of the corridor together.

True brought out the potion and stared at Eden.

” If he react to this mixed medicine, then he’s not human” She said and walked up to them from behind.

Heaven started to feel the chills and she felt the urge to hold Elvis again.

She bit her lips fearfully.

She couldn’t stop herself from touching Elvis. She had this weird feeling to protect him from something.

” Elvis” She quickly called, grabbing his wrist.

” Huh?” He turned to her.

True tried spilling the medicine on her but heaven quickly stood in front of him.

The medicine poured on her and she slowly passed out on Elvis body.


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