December 2, 2023

✨✨ DREAM 🖤🖤
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Summer Gold R.


Oliver started coughing and that brought Jocelyn back to reality

She gasped and immediately let go of him

“What do you think you’re doing?” Oliver asked in a calm voice but his eyes says otherwise,he was obviously angry

“I’m sorry Mr James…..”

“This is your second time Jocelyn,the next time you have to say that sorry word to me,prepare to be replaced” Oliver said in a threatening tone

“I promise to be careful from now on,I’m sorry” Jocelyn muttered

Oliver rolled his eyes and entered the elevator,Jocelyn joined him. The elevator was almost closed when a guy showed up and Jocelyn raised her views

“Morning boss,I’m sorry to interrupt but…..”

“Meet with my secretary later if you have anything to say,get out” Oliver cut him off

“I’m sorry sir” The guy immediately apologized and moved back so the elevator door closed

‘He’s super arrogant’ Jocelyn scoffed inwardly as the elevator started moving

She was standing in front of him hoping they get to their floor quickly so she can leave that unpleasant state.

Finally the elevator stopped and they walked out together

🗣 Good Morning Boss

🗣 Morning!!

🗣 Good Morning Sir!!

After walking for some more seconds,they came to the calmest side of it all with the beautiful office staring at them but Jocelyn came to her stop first. Her table which is just few inches to Oliver’s office,she could see the office as she settled down,it’s the transparent glass wall separating them.

“Please call me when you need……”

“Go through all my schedules for the day and report back to me” Oliver cut her off

“Oh..okay…..” Before she could finish,he already went into his office

‘Who the h£ll does he think he is??’ Jocelyn thought,glaring at his back as he threw his jacket on one of the couches. He loosen his tie and she watched him pressed something,she was interrupted by the sound which came on her table

She looked down and its the line phone

‘Is he the one?’ She thought and answered it

“Yes sir?” She muttered

“Come in” he said and hanged up almost immediately

Jocelyn sighed and left her table,she walked toward the door and it opened by itself

Oliver was staring out of the window,backing her

“I’m here sir” Jocelyn said and Oliver faced her

“Make me a cup of coffee” He said

‘Here comes the coffee demon’ Jocelyn said inwardly

“Go in there,I prefer it with a lot of cream and milk,any mistake and you’re gone” Oliver said Coldly before sitting down,he raised his brows when Jocelyn didn’t move

“What are you waiting for?” He asked

“I’m sorry” Jocelyn muttered and immediately went through the door where he pointed at

Minutes later,she was done with the coffee making sure she added a lot of cream and milk like he wanted,well it’s not a problem for her,she’s really good in making coffees.

“Here sir” She said and dropped the coffee on the table

Oliver took it immediately and sipped

“Perfect” He commented and Jocelyn rolled her eyes

“You can go and get to work” He added

Jocelyn immediately walked out of the office.

She returned to her table and sat down,there are lots of submitted documents more than expected. Each with different time,she started arranging everything according to the time and in just thirty minutes she was done.

She sent everything to Oliver and rest her back

Almost immediately she got a call,obviously from Oliver. She didn’t mind picking up,she stood up and went into Oliver’s office.

“I got everything,but the most important one is the meeting. But what about the details?” Oliver asked

“Oh right,,,you’re meeting with Ashton and Selene for the upcoming movie sir…”

“Ashton and Selene are chosen again?? What the Fůçƙ?” Oliver scoffed and immediately dialed a number

“Get the Fůçƙ here” he said and dropped the phone

Instantly,Kath rushed into the office


“Why Ashton and Selene again??” Oliver cut in

“Boss,It’s for TIMELESS LOVE” Kath told him the movie name

“Change the main leads right away Kath,Ashton and Selene have an ongoing shoots going on,are you trying to make everything stupid?” Oliver frowned

“No boss,I’m sorry. I should have asked for your suggestion….”

“For the script you sent to me yesterday,it’s total rubbish Kath,are you sure you really edited that $h|t?” Oliver asked

“I did…”

“Cancel it,that script isn’t worth working on. You can go” He ordered

Kath bowed and walked out

Oliver turned to Jocelyn

“Reschedule a meeting with Shawn and Lucille for tomorrow and prepare for the shooting show by 2” Oliver said

“Okay Mr James” Jocelyn muttered

“That’s all,leave” Oliver said and Jocelyn walked out of the office

She sat down by her table and signed

Lucky for her,everything she need is already stored on the laptop so its really easy getting through Lucille and Shawn,she still find it hard to believe that she will be able to meet different celebrities without even trying hard.

Ashton is the most popular actor under dream,Selene is the most popular actress,she’s done numbers of movies with Ashton.

Next to them are Shawn and Lucille,second most popular stars,they have alot of movies together too.

She sent a mail to them both before she focused on the already edited scripts on the table,she began sending them one after the other to Oliver,wishing whoever wrote those scripts good luck coz it’s obvious Oliver is really biased when it comes to scripts writing,he always want the best of all.

More than fifteen scripts are edited on her table,if he accept five out of them then good luck.


It was finally lunch time after so many classes,most of the students groaned tiredly as the teacher walked out of the class and the class became disorganized.

Almost immediately,numbers of girls surrounded Tyler,introducing themselves to him.

“You look so cute”

“I love your dimples”

“Your lips are pretty”

“Can I touch your face??”

“Smile please I want to see the dimples again!”

Tyler never stopped giving them his charming smiles each time a girl comes.

“Frustrating” he exhaled after another girl left

“You seems to be enjoying the attentions tho” the guy sitting next to him said for the first time since the day started

Tyler faced him

“You talk?” He asked sounding surprised but the boy never responded again

Tyler was about saying more when Jasper and Braxton came over,Braxton pulled the guy up with his shirt

“Let’s go,loser” he said

Jasper shot Tyler a glare before they dragged the guy out of the class leaving Tyler in confusion.

“Don’t be surprised,you will see more of that” A tiny voice said behind him and he turned to see a cute girl looking like a barbie doll

“I’m Shalom” She smiled,stretching her hand for a shake

“Tyler” Tyler smiled,taking her hand

“Cute name” Shalom said

“So,what was that for? Are they bullying him?” Tyler asked

“Well yes,Davian is unluckily their everyday prey” Shalom replied with an eye roll

“Wow,is he here on scholarship?” Tyler asked

“Of course not” Shalom laughed

“So why would they bully him?” Tyler asked

“They are just like that Tyler,trust me and nobody never make any attempt to stop them so you don’t have to worry” Shalom replied

She stopped talking when Monroe walked to them

She didn’t say much before Shalom walked out of the class

Tyler turned to Monroe who shot him her prettiest smile before sitting on the desk

“Hey hottie,I’m Monroe,the president’s youngest daughter,in other words my dad owns this school” she said proudly and flaunt her hair

“Nice meeting you Monroe” Tyler let out a short simple smile and made to stand

Monroe grabbed his arm and he looked at her

“Are you seriously leaving me here? I’m trying to be nice,return the energy” She frowned

“Not interested” Tyler pulled her hand off and walked out of the class.

Monroe turned and glared at his back

“Who the h£ll does he think he is? He should be glad I’m interested in him” she hissed

“His loss” Ophelia said

“He’s hot” Madeline smiled

They are Monroe’s best friends

“I will get him,don’t worry” Monroe scoffed and they left the class together.


Tyler walked into the cafeteria and different murmurs started

🗣 Heard he’s a new student in grade twelve

🗣 Should I just switch class??

🗣 He’s insanely hot!!

Tyler saw Gianna waving at him and he smiled,almost walking to her but the moment he saw Ariana sitting down,he turned

🗣 Senior sit with us!!

🗣 Here,join us here please

🗣 Senior!!

The junior girls kept screaming

“Tyler” Shalom called,she was sitting alone.

He immediately joined her

“You became popular on your first day,a medal for you” Shalom said giving him a spoon

“Is this the medal used here?” Tyler asked,ignoring the spoon and Shalom frowned

“So you’re savage too?? Hello,I’m not crushing on you okay? I don’t do crushes” She rolled her eyes

“I’m not crushing on you okay? I don’t do crushes” Tyler said mimicking her tiny voice and Shalom hit his arm making him laugh

🗣 His dimples are Fůçƙing deep!!

🗣 Oh my gee,he laugh like an Angel!!

“What the Fůçƙ?? They think you laugh like an angel” Shalom said trying to control her laughter

“What do you think? I have such an angelic smile right?” Tyler said in a flirty voice and Shalom frowned

“I have an angelic smile too” She rolled her eyes

“And a satanic frown too” Tyler chuckled and Shalom hit his head with a spoon

“Ouch” Tyler Mõ@ɲed and rub his head

“Oh sorry,I mistook you for my invisible buddy” Shalom rub his hair

Ariana was glaring at Tyler from where she’s sitting

“Ari?” Gianna called her attention

“He must think he’s better than everyone else right now,crap” Ariana hissed and continue eating

“Oh come on,He’s done nothing wrong. Don’t hate on him” Gianna said

“Are you supporting him or me,I won’t be surprised if you’ve started crushing on him like those dumb girls too” Ariana scoffed and got up

“Meet me in class when you’re done,I lost my appetite” She said and walked out of the cafeteria

Tyler’s eyes followed her

“That’s Ariana,most brilliant brain here. Bet she’s gonna hate you” Shalom chuckled and Tyler faced her


“Because you’re gonna be her rival…”

“Rival? I don’t do that” Tyler said

“She want to be the only brilliant one,how petty. Ion like her” Shalom rolled her eyes and Tyler chuckled

“She’s cute” Tyler muttered

“If you think she’s cute,then what about Monroe?” She asked

“Why asking about her when you’re cuter than them both?” Tyler said and Shalom’s cheeks turned red

“For real?” She asked

“Yeah” Tyler muttered

“Thanks,but who do you think us cuter between Monroe and Ariana?”

“Monroe,she’s pretty” Tyler muttered

“Wow,crushing already??” Shalom smirked

“They are not my type and I’m not here for that” Tyler replied

Jasper and Braxton came in with Davian,Davian’s face was all bruised from the beating.

“What the Fůçƙ did they do to him?” Tyler muttered

“The usual,they beat him up” Shalom said

“But why!” Tyler almost shouted

“Keep your voice low if you don’t wanna end up like him” Shalom whispers

“What?? Me?” Tyler touched his chest

“Hey new boy,you were saying??” Jasper asked and all eyes turned to Tyler

“Oh no Tyler,just apologize to prevent trouble” Shalom whispers

“And why the Fůçƙ should I do that? I can’t remember doing anything to them” Tyler said

“Just do it If you love your cute face” she said

Tyler scoffed

Jasper and Braxton walked over to them

“You said something” Jasper said,glaring at Tyler

Tyler glanced at Davian who was looking pitiful before turning to Jasper

“You heard what I said or not?? If you don’t,then Fůçƙ off” he said and Jasper’s eyes turned dark

“What did you just say?!” He shouted

“Wow,I see you have a problem with your ear,should I move closer and tell you?” Tyler asked calmly

Braxton released Davian and pulled Tyler up with his collar

🗣 No,not my crush

🗣 Please don’t hit his face

“Don’t provoke me” Braxton said

Tyler chuckled and pushed him off,he adjusted his shirt

“I should be telling you that,don’t provoke me.” He smiled and tapped Braxton’s shoulder

His smile turned to a frown immediately and he walked out of the cafeteria

🗣 Wow,what was that?

🗣 He deserves a good Fůçƙ for that

Jasper and Braxton were both glaring at his back angrily but didn’t move.


“Fůçƙ!! Fůçƙ!!”

“Oh gosh!!!”

“Xavier yes!!”

The Ɓîtçh Mõ@ɲed loudly as Xavier Fůçƙed her deeply and hard in the office room

He shoved two fingers inside her pu$$y along with his Ďïčk and she gasped out breathlessly

“I’m dying!!”

“Fůçƙ it!!”

“Don’t die yet,I’m not done with you” Xavier said

He dig deeply into her hole and curl his Ďïčk inside her,she almost jumped off the bed as her whole body vibrated,he started thrusting roughly


“Oh my gosh!!”

“Xavier please!!! Slowdown”


She tried shaking her thighs but Xavier held her down,Fůçƙing her mercilessly

After few minutes,he pulled out of her and the Ɓîtçh went down on her knees. He came all over her face with loud groan

“I love you Xavier,so much” She said

Xavier smirked

“It’s normal,but don’t sink deep into it. You’re not my type” He said

The Ɓîtçh started putting on her clothes

Xavier walked back into the office and almost immediately Leah came in

“Boss” She called

“I didn’t call you…”

“It’s past two” She cut in


“It’s time for the filming” Leah said

“Oh right” Xavier muttered

The Ɓîtçh came out of the office room and Leah scoffed

“So,later?” She asked and K!SSed Xavier cheek

“Leave” Xavier said

She smiled and walked out of the office

Xavier turned to Leah

“Let’s go” He said and led the way

They walked to the filming hall and the filming was going

“Welcome boss” The workers in there immediately bowed

Oliver and Jocelyn turned back and Xavier winked at Jocelyn

Jocelyn smiled beside Oliver

“Stop smiling unnecessarily,it’s annoying” Oliver said and Jocelyn immediately stopped smiling

“I’m sorry” She muttered

Oliver rolled his eyes and turned his gaze back to the filming.



Jocelyn groaned tiredly as she finally submitted the final documents

“Fůçƙ” she mumbled

Her whole body ache from too much work,she would have thought Oliver is doing it to punish her but he’s more than busy too.

She checked the time and sighed,she got up and started packing her bag. She looked up and saw Oliver still busy

‘When is he going home?’ She thought but cared less anyway.

She walked info the office and Oliver looked up

“I just sent the documents,please confirm so I can leave” She muttered and Oliver nodded

“You can go” He said shortly before turning his face back to the laptop

Jocelyn almost rolled her eyes as she walked out of the office,she grabbed her bag on her table and left.

Two minutes after she left,Oliver checked the time and was surprised that it’s that late

“Does she have a ride?” He muttered and immediately got up

He somehow felt guilty for making her work extra time even on her first day,he left his office with the hope of meeting her

No sight of her,he was almost going into the elevator when he saw her,he would have walked to her but Xavier got to her first so he stopped

“Hey bun Ɓụťť” Xavier grinned as usual and Jocelyn looked at him blankly

“Wow wow,you’re not gonna roll your eyes? I guess you’re tired,want a ride home?” Xavier asked and Jocelyn immediately nodded

“You can ride me after that….” Jocelyn glared at him and he laughed

“Just kidding,let’s go….” Xavier saw Oliver and he stopped

“Hey brother” he waved and Jocelyn also turned

“I will see you later” Xavier winked

Jocelyn gave him one short bow too before leaving with Xavier

Oliver scoffed and also turned back


TB Continued..

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