December 2, 2023

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Lovesick… }


Summer Gold R.



“Sweetheart!!” Ariana screamed and jumped on Oliver the moment he entered

“Sweetest Candle” Oliver said,holding her as she hugged him tightly

Ariana smiled,not getting down from him

“I missed you so much” She muttered

“Me too,more than you do” Oliver said and she finally got down from him,they walked toward the living room together

“Son!” Mrs James immediately stood up to hug him

“Wow honey,you look so much beautiful” Oliver said and Mrs James chuckled

“Of course baby,anytime I think about you,I smile so I get more beautiful everyday” She said

Ariana cleared her throat

“Who dares call my wife honey??” Mr James came out

Oliver and Mrs James laughed as they broke the hug

“Evening dad” Oliver greeted with a short bow and Mr James pat his back

“Welcome son” he said

“Where’s your brother?” Mrs James asked

“He had something to attend to,I’m sure he will be here soon” Oliver answered

“Hey brat” Teresa showed up

“Don’t call my son that” Mrs James snapped and Oliver smiled before pushing Teresa’s head backward and she frowned

“Hey! You think you’re too old for me to beat?” She glared

“Of course not,I know you’re a superwoman,super Teresa,your holiness” Oliver asked in a mocking tone

“Sounds like a joke” Ariana scoffed

“You idiot,come here” Teresa removed her slippers and threw it at Oliver but he ducked it

“Sorry sis,you have a lot to learn” Oliver shook his head

“Enough of the dramas,let’s go to the dinning room” Mr James said

“We are going to wait for my baby” Ariana pouted

“Of course I know,he can meet us there” Mr James said

They were still talking when the door opened revealing Xavier with a flower bouquet in his hand

“Anyone looking for the hottest guy in Switzerland?” Xavier asked

“Baby!!” Ariana screamed more louder than the first as she rushed to Xavier

“Oh my muffin” Xavier chuckled,wrapping his arms around her

“Best baby in the whole world” Ariana gushed happily

“Adult baby you mean?” Teresa roll her eyes

“Hey sis,don’t be jealous of me” Xavier said and finally dropped Ariana but she cling unto his arm again,holding him

Xavier walked to Mrs James and handed the flower to her

“For you girlfriend” He winked

“Awwwn,Hubby can you at least learn from my boyfriend? Huh?” Mrs James said and they all laughed

“Hey buddy” Xavier shook hands with Mr James

“I don’t need your shake if you keep making my wife love you more” Mr James said

“Oh come on,I can always teach you more romantic tips” Xavier said and Mr James laughed

“He’s the love Doctor” Ariana said proudly,not leaving Xavier’s hand for once

They started walking toward the dinning room

Teresa was still walking when Xavier suddenly carried her in a bridal style

“You jerk!!!!!!” Teresa screamed

“I love you too little sis” Xavier said

“Little sis? Are you crazy? I’m older than you with two years!” Teresa yelled

“Younger with two years you mean?” Oliver asked

“I swear I will kill the both of you,drop me Xavier” Teresa said and Xavier dropped her

She almost hit him but Xavier pushed Oliver to her and she hit him instead

“Xavier!!” Oliver yelled

“I love you too” Xavier blew him a K!SS and Oliver glared at him

“You should make sure you hit him again” He said to Teresa

“No,as long as my hand met you,I’m satisfied” Teresa flaunt her hair and sat down

“Gosh,I hate everything here” Oliver muttered and sat down beside Teresa

Xavier sat down and Ariana immediately sat close to him

“I was expecting you to buy me candies and ice cream” She muttered sadly

“I totally forgot about that,trust me tomorrow” Xavier said and she smiled

“Of course I trust you,ya the best” Ariana said

The maids started dishing out the delicacies on the table and seconds later,the family were eating

“Xavier,why were you late tho? Is work hard these days?” Mrs James asked

“No,I took a girl home” Xavier said

“A girl or a $lüt” Teresa scoffed

“Of course not,I really just gave her a ride” Xavier said

“Wow really? Who’s the lucky girl?” Mrs James grinned

“She’s totally nothing to him,he only gave her a ride” Oliver said

“I guess you know her” Mr James said to Oliver and he nodded

“But Xavier giving a girl a ride sounds strange” Teresa creased her brows

“She must be special” Mrs James said

Oliver tightened his grip on the cutleries while waiting for Xavier’s response

“Of course she’s different and special” Xavier said

“Wow!! Is my son finally in love?!” Mrs James asked excitedly

Oliver looked at Xavier and their eyes met

“Gosh I’m so hungry,can we talk about this later?” Xavier immediately changed the topic

“Yeah,let’s eat please” Teresa muttered



🗣 Those guys are super hot

🗣 Fůçƙ,just look at those two identical twins

🗣 The one with the sleeveless shirt is so Fůçƙing hot!

🗣 Are they not the S5?

🗣 Their abs!!

“We should have just used the home gym,it’s annoying” Oliver muttered as he came out of the barbell bench press.

He was all sweaty and his workout shirt was sticking to his chest showing off his abs which made him look so sexy. A bandana was tied around his head too,in a word he looked really hot and handsome.

His biceps are so enchanting to watch since he was wearing a sleeveless jersey with a big letter O at the back

“Working out without seeing some @sses is boring” Gary said and the boys laughed aside Xavier who was on the treadmill using the earpiece and obviously couldn’t hear them.

“Can you just be serious for once please?” Oliver scoffed

“Stop talking as if you’re in anyway different dude,I’m far more better than you. Haven’t Fůçƙed in months” Henry said

Oliver and Gustavo looked at him with a shocked face

“Two girls came out of your room this morning” Oliver said

“Does that mean we Fůçƙed? We were doing some exercises all night” Henry uttered and Gary smack his head hardly

“Oliver turn back,a Fůçƙing sexy girl is checking you out,bet she won’t reject you for a one night stand” Gustavo grinned

“I’m not interested” Oliver said coldly

“Whoa!!!!” The three guys said loudly

“I want to be like you when I grow up” Henry said

“You didn’t tell me you were planning to get younger and not older” Oliver scoffed

“Shut up” Henry laughed and dropped the dead lift

“Dude,that was only ten. You’re so lazy” Gustavo said and Henry frowned

“You want me to lose all the strengths to Fůçƙ?” Henry scoffed

“You need more power and ability to do that dude,the rate of doing the work is very important……..”

“Shut up!!!!” Oliver and Gustavo yelled and Gary blinked

“Do I look like a science student to you? You’re boring” Henry said

Gary bit his lips and moved away from them,he joined Xavier on another treadmill next to him

Gustavo took a bottle water and uncapped it

“No water for the wicked” Oliver said and grabbed the bottle from him

“Are you crazy?!” Gustavo snapped but Oliver cared less,he was already drinking

Just then,they started hearing some murmurs

“Is that not your secretary?” Henry asked and Oliver immediately stopped drinking the water,he turned and it was Jocelyn coming into the gym with Nancy.

The guy’s eyes followed them instantly from every angles,they are both wearing the same set of wears but different colors.

A seamless one shoulder crop top with short leggings and matching sneakers too. Nancy was wearing the blue color and Jocelyn the purple color of it. Their hair packed in a ponytail

🗣 Wow,they are so sexy

🗣 The one with the round sexy @ss

🗣 Why so hot?

“The S5” Nancy whispers to Jocelyn and she turned her head toward their side,the boys eyes are on her,her eyes met with Oliver’s own and she immediately looked away.

“Fůçƙ I’m nervous” Nancy groaned

“Shut up Nancy and let’s do what we are here for,you forced me remember?” Jocelyn scoffed

“What are you planning to do?? Treadmill for me” Nancy grinned

“Squats” Jocelyn said and Nancy bashed her lashes

“That’s going to be crazy” She said

“I love doing crazy things” Jocelyn smirked

Xavier turned and they made an eye lock contacts,he smiled at her and she returned the cute smile before turning back for Nancy

“Seriously,you can tell them apart now?” Nancy asked her

“I always use my sixth sense when it’s about them” Jocelyn chuckled

“Wow,are those two friends?” Henry asked

Oliver rolled his eyes and kept quiet

“I guess they are,I’m jealous” Gustavo touched his chest

“Is she the intern Gary was talking about?” Henry asked,referring to Nancy

“Obviously” Gustavo muttered.

More eyes pierced into Jocelyn the moment she began the squats,the movement of her @ss up and down was making some guys grow up crazy bulge in her P@ŋts

“Oliver,can you introduce us to your secretary?” Henry tapped him

“Fůçƙ off, gosh!” Oliver snapped and Gustavo chuckled



The jeep drove into the compound,Mr James and his wife are waiting outside already with his luggage. The guards immediately rushed to open the door and Mr Johnson came out of the car with his son Rowan.

“James” Mr Johnson called immediately as they shook hands

“You’re here just in time” Mr James smiled

“Of course,good morning Mrs James” Mrs Johnson greeted

“It’s so good to see you Mr Johnson” Mrs James smiled

“Oh,please meet my son.” Mr Johnson said

“Oh wow the one who just returned from the state?,come on boy” Mr James smiled as Rowan bowed respectfully

“He’s so handsome” Mrs James smiled

“I will be leaving him here,please….”

“Oh no no,don’t worry about that. He’s free to stay here” Mrs James said

“He will be starting a new school on Monday so he’s kind of nervous” Mr Johnson smiled,tapping Rowan’s shoulder even though he doesn’t seem interested in whatever is going on

“Wow,name of school?” Mrs James askrd

“Golden high school” Rowan replied

“That’s great! You can make friends with Ariana,she attends golden high” Mrs James said

“Perfect,Boy I will see you later” Mr John said as the guards opened the door for him and Mr James for their business trip

The car drove out of the compound

“Come in Rowan,don’t worry about the bag,a guard will do that” Mrs James smiled at him

“Thank you ma’am” Rowan muttered and followed her while a guard carried the bag behind them also

“Call me Ariana and drop the bag in the room next to hers hers” Mrs James said to a maid the moment they got to the living room

“Yes ma’am” The maid bowed and immediately carried the bag and went upstairs.

Mrs James left Rowan in the living room and minutes later,Ariana came downstairs looking as arrogant as always.

She was just wearing a ɓȕϻ short and crop top,her hair flowing behind her with a stick of lollipop in her mouth

Rowan’s mouth went open as he stared at Ariana until she got to the living room,she frowned at him

“Who are you?” She asked,crossing her arms


“Oh Ariana meet Rowan! Your dad’s best friend’s son. He just returned from America and he will be staying with us for some weeks,heard he’s starting golden high school on monday” Mrs James said

“You should have allowed him answer the question mom” Ariana groaned and Mrs James chuckled

“Rowan,meet my daughter Ariana. I’m sure you two will get along so well so I will leave you” She said and left

“Hi” Rowan smiled

“It’s better if you don’t talk to me at all Mr Rowan Johnson,I hate your voice” Ariana said and Rowan looked at her in shock

“Ariana!! Take Rowan on a walk round the neighborhood!!” They heard mrs James from afar and Ariana groaned, stomping her feet on the floor

“Mom!!!” She screamed

“Please baby,come on!”

Rowan smiled and Ariana glared at him,she grabbed her phone angrily

“Follow me” She eyed him hatefully and went out

‘She’s Fůçƙing hot’ Rowan thought inwardly as he walked behind her

His eyes stuck on her @ss which was shaking as she walked,she’s actually the sexy type,she’s got a perfect body shape.

Rowan and Ariana walked out of the mansion together,none of them said a word to each other.

“What is this estate called?” Rowan finally asked and Ariana turned to him

“I thought I said we shouldn’t talk to each other” she said

“I can’t do that Ari,let’s be friends” Rowan smiled

Ariana scanned him from his head to his leg and then back to his face

“Are you insane? How dare you shorten my name?! What the Fůçƙ is Ari!!” She yelled

“Oh…I’m sorry” Rowan muttered

Ariana glared at him

Just then a bike stopped beside them and they both turned,Tyler removed his helmet and glanced at Ariana and then Rowan.

“What are you doing here?” Ariana asked

“Do you own this place too?” Tyler asked and Ariana roll her eyes

“Do you live around here?” She asked and Tyler looked at her with a surprised face

“Are you seriously…….”

“Rowan,you can go back home alone right? As you can see,He’s here for me,so I will see you later” Ariana waved at Rowan and before Tyler could blink,she already got on the bike

“Are you crazy?” Tyler asked in a whisper

“Shut up and give me the helmet” She whispers back

Tyler scoffed and handed the second helmet to her,he also used his own

“Go” Ariana said and Tyler rode off,leaving Rowan standing.


“Are you sure you’re in your right sense? Did you get shot in the head?” Tyler asked as he stopped the bike in front of an ice cream parlor

Ariana got down from the bike and took off the helmet,she used her fingers to rearrange her hair while Tyler stared at her

“Don’t feel big,I only used you to leave that guy” She rolled her eyes grumpily

“Are you saying you used me?” Tyler frowned

“Yeah and you dumbly fell for it” She smirked

Tyler also got down from the bike

“Buy me ice cream,I will pay you when you take me back home” Ariana said

“Are you insane?? Are we that close for me to……..” She grabbed his hand and started dragging him in before he could finish



Jocelyn arranged her hair while staring at her face in the mirror of the restroom,after she was done,she went out. The moment she returned to the gym room,she bumped into someone and she looked up. She was totally shocked to see Richard,her ex boyfriend

“Jocelyn?” Richard called

Jocelyn roll her eyes and made to leave but Richard blocked her way

“What do you think you’re doing?” Jocelyn glared at him

“What,can’t we at least say hello to each other? Or are you here with your boyfriend?” Richard smirked

“Shut up and get the h£ll out of my sight!” Jocelyn yelled and that got the attention of the S5

“What,you don’t have to shout. I just want to say hello….”

“I don’t need it……”

“Why? Is your new boyfriend here??” Richard asked and tried touching her

“Touch her and you’re dead” A voice said from behind

Jocelyn turned to see Xavier glaring at Richard angrily

Oliver who was about walking to the scene stopped immediately

“Seriously? You’re her boyfriend? Are you playing with me right now?” Richard asked

“Are you surprised she got someone better than you?” Xavier asked and Richard scoffed

“You don’t have to pretend being her boyfriend…..”

“She’s my girlfriend” Xavier cut him off and Jocelyn blinked twice in shock

“Then prove it” Richard smirked

“Hey Richard…..” Before Jocelyn could finish,Xavier grabbed her waist and slammed his lips on her own

Jocelyn’s eyes widened immediately

Oliver swallowed hard


TB Continued..

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