December 2, 2023

✨✨ DREAM 🖤🖤
{ Diagnosis;
Lovesick… }


Summer Gold R.


“Jocelyn!!!” Oliver shouted and Jocelyn rushed in again


“Kill that ant!!! Kill it!!!” Oliver yelled,pointing to the table

Jocelyn looked at him and scoffed before picking a book

“Are you going to use that??” Oliver asked from the back and Jocelyn dropped it

“How can you be so scared of ordinary ant?” She mumbled

The ant dropped on the floor and Oliver shifted back,Jocelyn immediately matched on it with her shoes

“Did you just did that in my office??” Oliver asked

Jocelyn faced him

“It’s the only way” She said

Oliver scoffed and walked to the table,he dialed a number on the office phone

“Come to the office right now” he said and hanged up again

Jocelyn stood there,watching him closely,he turned back and she looked away

The office door opened and a lady came in

“Sir” she called

“Clean this office again,how the h£ll did soldier ant came in??” Oliver asked and Jocelyn frowned

‘Is he serious right now?’ She thought

“I will clean everywhere,I’m so sorry it won’t happen again” The lady pleaded and Jocelyn bit her bottom lip

“Follow me” Oliver said to her and walked away,Jocelyn followed obediently and he opened another entrance in the office. It’s like a mini room,they stopped at the small sitting room but Jocelyn could see there’s a bedroom too.

‘Does he sleep here sometimes?’ She thought

“Are you done checking everywhere?” His voice made her come back to reality

Oliver sat down and crossed his legs as usual,looking at her as she was standing

“You won’t sit down?” He asked

“What are we doing here?” She asked before sitting down

“That’s right,you don’t have to sit down. Just listen to me,you can take a break when it’s 1pm everyday” Oliver said and Jocelyn smiled

“Thank you”

“No,it’s the normal free time for everyone” Oliver said and she frowned

“But yesterday…..”

“Don’t complain about that” Oliver cut in and she rolled her eyes

“Stop rolling your eyes,I Fůçƙing hate it” Oliver said

“You….” She stopped when Oliver raised his brows

“Nothing” She mumbled

“That’s all, you can go. Don’t forget the meeting by 4pm” Oliver said

Jocelyn left his sight after nodding



Jocelyn was just done working when Oliver came out of the office,she looked up and their eyes met but he said nothing and walked away.

‘Where is he going?’ She thought

At that moment,Kath ran in looking happy

“Hey Joce” Kath called

“Kath” Jocelyn smiled

“Time for lunch,let’s go” Kath winked and immediately grabbed Jocelyn’s hand

“Are we not going to pay?” Jocelyn asked

“Of course not,the bill is on the company,let’s go” Kath replied and they walked out together

They met Xavier and Oliver walking on their way

Xavier winked at her as they passed and Kath faced Jocelyn immediately

“He just winked at you!” She gushed silently and Jocelyn rolled her eyes

“It’s nothing” She said

“Oh please,I’m sure he’s attracted to you” Kath said

“Of course not” Jocelyn denied

They kept on talking as they entered the cafeteria

“Wow,is this really the company’s cafeteria?” Jocelyn asked, looking around

A lot of people are eating on different tables

“So many workers too” She muttered

“Dream isn’t the best for nothing,I know only my team members,not everyone here” Kathy chuckled

They got what they wanted

“Girls!” Cynthia called from their table

Kath smiled and they immediately joined them

“Finally” Jennifer smiled as Kath and Jocelyn sat down

Leah was also there,she looked at Jocelyn and Jocelyn returned the gaze before looking away

“Guys,guess what happened” Kath said

“What happened?” Cynthia asked

“Xavier winked at Jocelyn” Kath said

“Whoa!!!” Cynthia and Jennifer chorused

“Oh come on Kath,I told you it’s nothing” Jocelyn groaned

“He has never winked at me” Kath said and they laughed

“It’s normal,isn’t he a play boy?” Leah scoffed

“Well I know he is,Oliver isn’t any different but they have never Fůçƙed any of the workers here” Cynthia said

“Wow,really?” Jocelyn asked

“Yeah,it’s unbelievable right?” Jennifer chuckled

“One time, a girl tried to seduce Oliver and he fired her right away” Kath said and Jocelyn scoffed

“What are you all talking about?” Albert and Julius joined them

“Wow,it’s the two hot Secretaries here” Albert said with a smile

“I’m Julius” Julius stretched his hand for a shake to Jocelyn

“Jocelyn” Jocelyn said dryly without taking his hand

“Oh wow” Julius smiled and dropped his hand

“You two also work here?” Leah asked

“Yeah,I’m Albert,Nice meeting you” Albert said

“Guys,how about we party tonight?? Just to welcome Jocelyn and Leah?” Kath suggested

“I’m in!” Cynthia said

“Me too,haven’t gone to the club in two weeks so let’s make the guys crazy tonight. Leah you don’t mind right?” Jennifer asked

“Of course not,I will be there” Leah said


“Can I bring a friend?” Jocelyn asked

“Yeah sure” Kath smiled

“What’s with Wyatt today? He’s eating alone” Jennifer said and they all turned to see him

“As usual,he doesn’t talk to us every time” Kath rolled her eyes

Jocelyn turned again to look at Wyatt,there was just something off about him

“Wyatt is an introvert,no hard feelings” Cynthia said

“So guys,are you in for the party?” Kath asked

“Nope,we have other plans. Have fun” Albert said



Oliver entered with Jocelyn behind him,holding some files

“Oliver!!” Lucille immediately shouted and stood up from her seat,she almost hugged Oliver

“We are here for business not this” Oliver said and she moved back

“Oh sorry,I was just too happy” Lucille said

Jocelyn was smiling inwardly as she saw Lucille and Shawn,they both look so good like the celebrities they are

Kath was also in

Oliver sat down and Jocelyn sat beside him

“Oh,I didn’t know you got a new Secretary” Lucille said,eyeing Jocelyn

“She’s cute” Shawn smiled and winked at Jocelyn

Jocelyn smiled

“I’m a fan” She said and she almost shook hands with him

Oliver cleared his throat and she sat down back

“Let’s go straight to business,Kath, give them the scripts” Oliver said

“Yes boss” Kath said and immediately dropped the scripts in front of the two

“Wow,TIMELESS LOVE” Lucille smiled

“It’s a college romance movie?” Shawn asked

“Yes” Kath replied

“Wow,it’s my first college movie. I can’t wait” Lucille said happily

“You should bring your managers next time to sign the contracts” Oliver said

“Yeah sure” Shawn smiled

“Tell them all the necessary details Kath” Oliver muttered before standing up

“Come with me” he said to Jocelyn and they went out together

“Interview for the other roles will start in a week,get ready for that” Oliver said

“Sure,are we going to go to the filming locations with them?” Jocelyn asked hopefully

“Why will you be there when there are lots of works to do here?” Oliver asked

“Oh” Jocelyn muttered

‘I suddenly want to become an actress’ she thought inwardly and sighed.



Tyler Walked out of the class with Davian and Shalom,it’s closing time.

“Isn’t it weird?” Shalom asked and the two guys turned to her since she’s in the middle

“What?” Tyler asked

“Jasper and Braxton didn’t come for Davian today” Shalom said

“Oh,come on come on.” Tyler said proudly and Shalom glared at him

“What is that” She asked

“You think they are scared of you?” She asked again

“Of course not,they are coming right now” Tyler said and they turned to see Jasper and Braxton walking toward them

“Don’t follow them If they ask you to” Tyler told Davian

“Can you even fight with this face of yours?” Shalom asked

Tyler chuckled

“Hey Loser,come over” Jasper said

Davian ignored them like Tyler said

“Dude I’m scared” Davian whispered

“Stop disgracing me” Tyler whispers back

“Loser!” Braxton called again but Davian didn’t move

They started walking over to them,the moment they tried grabbing Davian,Tyler pulled Davian back and stood in front of him

Jasper frowned

“What do you think you’re doing?” He asked

“Stopping you from doing $h|t,any problem with that?” Tyler asked

Braxton scoffed and moved closer,he pushed Tyler’s chest

“Who do you think you are?? His savior?!” He yelled and continue pushing Tyler’s chest

Some students started gathering to watch them

🗣 Are they gonna fight?

🗣 What’s wrong with Braxton?

“Stop it” Tyler muttered

“What if I don’t?” Braxton asked and pushed him again

Tyler glared at him angrily and pushed his chest once before kicking his two legs at a time, he lost his balance and fell heavily on the ground

Everyone gasped

“Tyler,are you okay?” Shalom immediately asked

“You bastard!!” Braxton yelled and got up,he almost rushed back to Tyler when Monroe went between them and slapped Braxton heavily on the face

“How dare you cause a scene here?!!” She yelled with authority and Braxton looked at her

“Leave!! You two!!” Monroe yelled

Jasper and Braxton glared at Tyler before walking away

“What are you all looking at?! Get lost!” She snapped at the student watching the scene and they walked away silently

Shalom and Davian also left

She faced Tyler

“Tyler,are you okay?” Monroe asked

“Why would you get in between two boys about fighting? What if you get hurt?” Tyler asked and she blushed

“You don’t have to worry about me….”

“Thanks for interrupting anyway” Tyler cut in and walked away, leaving her

Monroe frowned

“Is he messing with me right now?” She mumbled



“Bunny,how do we look?” Jocelyn asked as she came out of the room with Nancy

They are both dressed for the club

“Cute” Tyler muttered without looking up

“What?!! Cute?!” Jocelyn’s eyes widened and she checked herself again

“A better compliment should be sexy and hot” She said but Tyler ignored them

“Are you mad about something?” Nancy asked

“Are you done? You should leave so I can lock the door” Tyler said

“Are you angry that we are leaving you behind?” Nancy asked

“Why can’t I just come with you?” Tyler asked and they laughed

“Oh bunny,you can’t come along okay? We won’t take too long I promise,you can go out and have fun too” Jocelyn said

“Fine,bye” Tyler said

“One cute smile” Nancy grinned and Tyler smiled at her

After some minutes,Jocelyn and Nancy left in Nancy’s car.



Nancy and Jocelyn came out of the car looking like hot cakes,Jocelyn was putting on a set of red one shoulder crop top and a ruched short bodycon skirt which hugged her big @ss and wide hips so tightly, with a high heel. She look like a complete goddess with her crazy body shape.

Nancy put on a tied backless crop top and shirt too just like Jocelyn

They both look hot

The moment they entered the club house,different eyes followed them,especially Jocelyn who doesn’t seem to care as the guys stared at her @ss

“Easy baby,some guys are dying already” Nancy teased

“Coffins are available” Jocelyn smirked and Nancy laughed

Some guys neglect the Ɓîtçhes beside time just to stare at her but they only walked deeply into the clubhouse

“Joce!!” Kath suddenly called,waving her hand from where they are

“Kath!” Jocelyn gushed amd Nancy frowned

“Don’t scream her name that way,I’m getting jealous already” She said

“Oh sorry bestie” Jocelyn said and Nancy smiled

“Wow,Jocelyn,you look fire babe” Jennifer said

“Turn around turn around” Cynthia said

Jocelyn chuckled and turned around,not without shaking her @ss

“Fůçƙk!!!” The girls screamed

Only Leah was quietly glaring at her

“Meet my best friend,Nancy” Jocelyn said

“Wow,she’s pretty.” Kath said and they all introduced themselves.

They called the bartender to get them drinks and they started drinking

A loud pop music came out and the girls screamed

“Let’s dance!!!” Cynthia shouted and they all got up

Their wine glass in their hands as they danced to the music

Almost immediately,two guys appeared in Jocelyn’s back

They glared at each other angrily

“I saw her first dude,get lost” The first one said

“Are you insane? Do you own her?” The second one snapped

The girls chuckled and Jocelyn faced them

“Are you two good physically?” She asked

“Yes” they both answered

“If you don’t want the good in my sentence to turn worst,then go back to where you’re coming from” She said and continue dancing

The guys immediately walked away

“That was hot babe” Nancy said


Outside,The S5 all came out of their cars. They all dressed like hot bad boys,Oliver and Xavier are wearing different outfits this time and they look so hot especially Xavier who have a flirty smile on his face

“I’m Fůçƙing three girls tonight,no cap” Gustavo said

“Me too” Gary smirked

“You will die young” Henry laughed

They walked into the clubhouse together and immediately the attentions fell on them

🗣 It’s the S5!!

🗣 OMG,they look so hot

🗣 I’m wet,Fůçƙ!!

🗣 The twins!!! Which one is Xavier please I want him!!

The girls leaving their partners just at the sight of them

Xavier was the one who saw Jocelyn first and his eyes almost popped out of the socket

She was dancing with the girls,Nancy held her waist while Jocelyn twerk Crazily,her @ss making dangerous moves

The boys also saw Jocelyn

“Who the f*k is she?? My Ďïčk ia dancing already” Gustavo said

“Don’t go there” Xavier immediately said

“Don’t tell me she’s Oliver’s Secretary” Gary said

“She is” Xavier smiled

Oliver was quiet,his eyes not leaving Jocelyn as she kept on twerking.

“Tonight is gonna be crazy” Gustavo grinned and three girls surrounded him immediately

He walked away with them for a drink

Some girls also dragged Gary to join them as they started grinding on him

Henry also vanished once,in a minutes,two girls are also flirting and making out with him at one corner of the room.

Xavier and Oliver didn’t even look at the Ɓîtçhes flirting with them,their eyes are only on Jocelyn as they drink together

All of a sudden,A guy started approaching Jocelyn.

Xavier and Oliver got up at the same time without each other’s knowledge

The guy tried spanking Jocelyn’s @ss

Xavier and Oliver held his hand at a time and the guy looked at them

Oliver and Xavier also faced each other with a blank expression before turning back to the guy

“You wanna die young?? Fůçƙ off” Xavier said and the guy walked away

Almost immediately,Jocelyn turned and was surprised to see them behind her,their hands still down as If they were gonna spank her

But somehow,she recognized Xavier and she frowned at him

“Are you crazy?” She asked

“It’s not what you’re thinking bunƁụťť…..”

Jocelyn grabbed his left ear

“Come with me” She said,dragging him away

“I swear it’s not what you’re thinking….ouch my ear….Bun Ɓụťť wait…”

He kept screaming as Jocelyn dragged him away

Oliver swallowed and walked back to his seat

A girl immediately got on his laps and began K!SSing him,he tried reciprocating but suddenly Jocelyn and Xavier came back in and they began dancing together.

He almost lost his breath watching them dancing closely,Xavier’s hands wrapped around her waist while she grinned her @ss slowly against his Ďïčk.


TB Continued..

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