December 2, 2023

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Lovesick… }


Summer Gold R.



Nancy was in the kitchen trying to cook,well she’s just trying coz she knows not how to. She have the instructions and procedures on her phone while checking every minutes.

She suddenly heard the door bell and she walked out of the kitchen,she got to the door and opened. Her heart almost jumped out of her chest when she saw Tyler

“Tyler!” She called excitedly and Tyler smiled

“You look quite happy to see me,can I come in?” He asked

“Are you kidding me? Come in of course” Nancy said and Tyler entered

“Jocelyn isn’t back yet,but she already called that she will be home soon……”

“Do you want to join me in the kitchen?” Nancy cut in

“Kitchen?” Tyler asked looking surprised

Nancy grinned and grabbed his hand,she dragged him into the kitchen and Tyler coughed

“Are you okay?” Nancy asked

“What are you doing? I’ve never seen you cooking” Tyler said

“It’s not a sin to try right?” Nancy said and Tyler laughed

“Seriously” He muttered,watching as she continued

“You’re trying to make pasta? Just pasta?” Tyler moved closer

“Yes of course and chicken,it look nice right? I followed the right procedures” Nancy pointed at her phone and Tyler cracked

“Are you making fun of me?” Nancy frowned

“Of course not,I can’t wait to have a taste of it” he said and Nancy smiled

“Just wait for it” She winked

Minutes later,the food was done.

“Tyler come here” Nancy said and Tyler walked to her

“Open up” She said,trying to feed him

Tyler opened his mouth and ate the food from her hand,he started chewing

“How’s it?” Nancy asked curiously

Tyler shook his head and went to grab a bottle of water

“It’s bad?” Nancy asked

“Why don’t you just taste it first” Tyler said

Nancy also ate from it and her eyes widened

“I did it!!!!!” She screamed

“Yes you did” Tyler smiled

“I deserve a hug” Nancy muttered with a pout

Tyler moved closer to her and she immediately closed the space between them,hugging him tightly.

“You smell so good” Nancy mumbled against his chest

Tyler kept quiet,she kept hugging him for some minutes before she finally moved back.

“Let’s dish out the meal,I’m sure Jocelyn will be surprised” Nancy grinned


“So you live here?” Xavier asked looking at the apartments

“Yeah,it’s obvious I’m not rich” Jocelyn said and Xavier chuckled

“Which floor is yours??” Xavier asked

“You think I’m going to tell you?” Jocelyn scoffed and opened the door

“I deserve a thank you at least!!!” Xavier shouted as she got down from the car

Jocelyn ignored him and started going in

“Bun Ɓụťť!!” Xavier called again and Jocelyn turned

“Coffee pervert,shut up and leave” she snapped

Xavier smirked

“You look so Fůçƙing hot,should I just follow you in?” He asked with a naughty smile

“I hate you!” Jocelyn yelled and he laughed

“I love you too,goodnight sexy Ɓụťť!” Xavier said again before driving off.

“Silly” Jocelyn scoffed and went in

She got to the apartment and it was empty

“He’s with Nancy again” She muttered and dropped her bag before leaving the apartment.

She got to Nancy’s apartment and pressed the door bell,Tyler opened the door and hugged her immediately,lifting her up

“Stop showing off your strength you jerk!” Jocelyn hit him and he laughed before dropping him

“Welcome barbie doll”

“How was school?”

“Amazing for a first” Tyler smiled and they went in together

“Smelling something in the air” Jocelyn said

“Surprise!!!!” Nancy shouted when they entered the dinning room

“Who prepared these?” Jocelyn asked

“I did” Nancy grinned

“Bet it tastes bad” Jocelyn scoffed

“I was shocked too sis,it taste really nice” Tyler said

“Have a taste” Nancy said




“Yes Claire!” Leah answered from her room and came out

“I’m starving already,let’s eat” Claire said

She’s her best friend and they both stay together,Claire is a chef.

“Smells great and would taste great as usual” Leah smiled as she joined Leah on the table

They started eating

“How was your first day?” Claire asked

“Nice” Leah replied,chewing the food slowly

“Just nice?” Claire asked

“Yeah,the fact that my so called boss is a Fůçƙ boy is annoying enough” Leah scoffed and Claire laughed

“For real?”

“Yeah” Leah mumbled

“But you enjoy working there right?” Claire asked

“Of course,it’s an interesting job. And don’t worry,I have my own plan” Leah smiled knowingly



Xavier drove in and the guards immediately opened the door for him,he came out and went in directly.

He could hear the guys from the cellar,obviously having fun.

Xavier turned toward the direction of the cellar

“Hey Xavier!!” Gary called loudly

“So I’m not Oliver today” Xavier chuckled

“Of course not,Oliver is in already” Henry said

“Oh,he’s back?” Xavier asked

“Yeah” Gustavo murmured

Xavier joined them and poured himself a drink

“Where are you coming from tho? Definitely not from office” Gary said

Xavier chuckled and gulped down the whole drink in the glass

“I took Oliver’s secretary home” He finally said

“What? Oliver’s secretary? Why?” Henry asked

“She’s not just his secretary,we had one silly encounter once. But damn she’s Fůçƙing sexy,just my type of girl” Xavier said and the guys laughed

“I’m not surprised,you just want to get into her P@ŋt” Gustavo said

“My wish,she’s crazy” Xavier shook his head

“Really? Crazy??” Gary raised his brows

“I would have received one hard slap from her but thank goodness Oliver have my face so she slapped him instead” Xavier smirked

“What?!!!!!” They shouted

“You’re such a devil” Gustavo said,laughing

Xavier touched his cheek

“I’m so proud of myself” he muttered

“Should I just return the slap? How can you be proud of yourself for that?” Oliver came in and Xavier chuckled

“So,your secretary is hot? Can I see her?” Henry asked and Oliver scoffed

“Do I look like I care??” He muttered

“Whoa!!!” Gary clapped

Oliver’s phone started ringing,he groaned when he saw the name

“Who’s it?” Xavier asked

“Savannah!!!” Oliver shouted and they all burst into laughter

“You’re in deep $h|t because of Xavier again” Gustavo shook his head

“Do you think she’s pregnant?” Henry asked and Gary hit him on the head

“It takes weeks to detect pregnancy you fool!” He snapped

“Oh sorry” Henry laughed

“Stop talking about pregnancy,,he used protection right?” Oliver Faced Xavier

“No I didn’t” Xavier shook his head


Oliver stood up

“What did you just say?” He asked,moving slowly toward Xavier

Xavier chuckled and got up too

Oliver rushed toward him and Xavier took to his heels

“You idiot!! I Fůçƙing told you to use protection!!” Oliver yelled,running after Xavier

“I’m sorry brother,I was in a hurry and I forgot totally!!” Xavier replied without waiting

“I should have known you’re a total jerk!! You idiot!! Take full responsibility for whatever happens!!” Oliver shouted

“Oh come on,I didn’t even released inside her,trust me!!!” Xavier shouted

Oliver stopped running after him and exhaled loudly

“Why…why didn’t you just…say that before” He said,P@ŋting

Xavier also fell on the couch tiredly

“Gosh,can you two ever change?” Henry shook his head

“It’s always his fault” Oliver said

“I admit it,but seriously I didn’t even enjoy her hole,brother do you have any recommendation?” Xavier asked and Oliver threw his shoe at him

Xavier tried ducking but the shoe met him directly on the forehead and the guys laughed

“Don’t talk to me for one week or I’m going to kill you” Oliver said

Xavier immediately rushed to him

“You know I love you,you can’t do this to me” Xavier held him like a kid

“Get lost” Oliver pushed him away and went in

“That arrogant twinnie” Xavier muttered

“You need this” Gustavo gave him a glass of water

He immediately took it and drank it all

“Fůçƙ,I’m so tired” Xavier said and turned toward the stairs

“See you guys tomorrow” he winked and went upstairs



“Where’s dad?” Teresa asked as Mrs James dished out the meal

“Office” Mrs James replied

“I miss your food mom,but you should let the maids do it,I don’t want you to stress yourself” Teresa pouted like a kid

“I miss cooking for you,Oliver and Xavier too. I wish you all are still here” Mrs James said and Teresa chuckled

“But I’m still better than those dummies,they never bother coming here unless being forced. Who do they think they are?” Teresa scoffed and Mrs James laughed

“Your father told me he would like to have a family dinner with you all tomorrow,so you should call your brothers and tell them about it” Mrs James said

“Trust me on that mom” Teresa smiled and started eating while Mrs James watched her,she kept stroking her hair

“I’m no longer a kid mom,come on” Teresa groaned

“Says who? You’re just twenty six,a baby” Mrs James said

“So what about Oliver and Xavier,what will you call them?” Teresa asked

“You all are my babies okay?” Mrs James said

Just then,Ariana came in grumpily

She sat down

“No greetings at all?” Teresa snapped

“Not in the mood” Ariana rolled her eyes

“Seriously?? I told you this little girl took after that arrogant Oliver,Xavier took after me seriously,what the h£ll?” Teresa scoffed

“Are you okay?” Mrs James asked

“School is annoying to go these past two days,I hate everyone in that school” Ariana hissed

“Oh,did something happened?” Teresa asked

“Nothing important,I’m just totally pissed” Ariana muttered and got up

“You’re leaving without eating?” Mrs James asked

“I will just go with snacks,sister when are you leaving?” Ariana asked

“In few minutes,why?”

“I’m riding with you so hurry up while I wait in the car” Ariana let out a dry smile before going out

“That spoilt brat” Teresa mumbled

“I’m sure she’s just in a bad mood” Mrs James said

“Yeah I know she’s not like this,I wonder what happened in school” Teresa said and stood up

“I need to go mom,see you tomorrow night” Teresa K!SSed her cheek before going out

She met Ariana in the Car scrolling through her phone

The driver drove out of the house



“Thank you sis” Ariana said as she got down from the car

Tyler also came down from his bike at the same time,he removed his helmet and his eyes met with Ariana’s own

The female students are already drooling.

Ariana rolled her eyes and walked away

“Ari!” Jasper ran after her

“T for Tyler!” Someone called from the back and he turned to see Shalom running after him

“Hey cutie” Tyler smiled and they did a fist bump before walking toward the class

They got to class and it was almost filled up,

“Hey Tyler!!!”

“Morning Tyler!!”

The girls greeted from several angels and Tyler winked at them making them scream

“Flirt”Shalom scoffed and Tyler chuckled

Shalom walked to her seat and Tyler sat beside Davian

“Hey dude,are you okay?” He asked and Davian nodded

“Your face” Tyler said

“Don’t worry about me,nobody cares about my face anyway” Davian said

“Says who?” Tyler asked and Davian looked at him

“So what are you going to do about it? You’re only going to become another prey” Davian said

“Oh come on,just trust me okay. I can handle those two,” Tyler said

“Fine” Davian said

“Good,just do as I say from now” Tyler said and Davian nodded

Almost immediately,loud murmurs filled the class. Tyler and Davian turned at a time and a guy came in with cute smiles all over his face

🗣 Wow,Jaxon??

🗣 Don’t tell me he’s back!!

🗣 Oh my God it’s Jaxon!!

🗣 He look more handsome!!

Some students rushed to hug him and he gladly accepted all

“Who’s he?” Tyler asked

“Jaxon,he’s Monroe’s cousin but they don’t really get along. He stopped coming to school since eleventh grade,rumors said he returned to his parents in New York but I guess he’s back now. As you can see,He’s the girls favorite,your real rival” Davian explained

“What the Fůçƙ is that? Rival? I’m not in that with anyone” Tyler scoffed

“I’m just saying,but looking at it,you’re more handsome” Davian smiled

Tyler chuckled

“You’re finally talking” He muttered and looked up again to see Jaxon in front of Gianna,they are both talking and smiling,just when he was about leaving her,he pecked her cheek and Gianna blushed

“Is he her boyfriend?” Tyler asked curiously

“Of course not” Davian scoffed

Tyler’s eyes didn’t leave Gianna until Jaxon came closer,staring at Tyler blankly

Tyler also looked up and their eyes met,Tyler also gave him a blank stare.

Jaxon said nothing and went straight to the back seat.

Gianna turned back and waved at Tyler

Tyler smiled and winked at her

Monroe saw the drama and immediately let out a loud hiss

The teacher came into the class and there was silence.



Jocelyn entered the general kitchen and met Kath with Jennifer getting a drink

“Hey newbie” Jennifer called with a bright smile

“Hi” Jocelyn replied

“I’m Kath and this is Jennifer,we are both editors” Kath introduced

“Oh,I’m Jocelyn. Nice meeting you guys” Jocelyn said

“Yeah,you can join us for lunch later,I will call you” Jennifer said

“I don’t mind,thanks” Jocelyn nodded

Leah also came in with Cynthia

“Oh! Jocelyn right?!” She asked loudly

“Yeah” Jocelyn replied dryly and Leah rolled her eyes

“I’m Cynthia,best typist you will ever find across the world” Cynthia said

“Oh please!” Kath and Jennifer coughed

“Come on guys” Cynthia laughed


When Jocelyn got back to her table,Oliver was already in his office. She dropped the drink she got and entered the office

“Good morning,Mr….”

“Are you seriously just coming?” Oliver cut in

“No,I was in the kitchen” Jocelyn replied and Oliver let out a scoff

“You should always be there until it’s your free time,are you even serious at all?” Oliver asked

Jocelyn closed her eyes and exhaled trying to control herself,she opened her eyes and smiled

“Okay” She muttered and Oliver frowned

“Okay???” He raised his brows

“What else do you want me to say? You clearly told me that the next time I apologize for anything,I will be replaced” Jocelyn said and Oliver stared at her blankly

“What?” He muttered in shock

“You can’t remember??” Jocelyn asked

“Fine,you can apologize anytime you want” Oliver said

“Thank you,then can I say something?” Jocelyn asked and Oliver nodded

“You really don’t expect me to sit down there waiting for you like I’m a kid or something,I wanted a drink so badly,should I have asked for your permission before getting a drink? I’m not a door keeper either,I came here as soon as I saw you in the office,you don’t have to yell at me just because I’m your secretary and finally,I’m sorry for saying everything I just said sir” Jocelyn said and bowed

Oliver blinked twice,did she just said all that to him?? Nobody have ever tried to question his authority….”

“Are you seriously talking to me right now?” Oliver asked

“I already apologized,you said I can apologize for anything” Jocelyn said dryly

Oliver said nothing,his eyes not leaving her

“Oh,that’s a soldier ant over there” Jocelyn suddenly said

“Where?!! Where!!” Oliver shouted and got up immediately

Jocelyn almost laughed out seeing his reaction

‘Wow,he’s afraid of soldier ants??Time to deal with him’ she thought and smirked inwardly

“Oh,not an ant,I must have made a mistake. I apologize for that too” She bowed and Oliver frowned

“I’m sorry” Jocelyn muttered

“Don’t apologize again!!!” Oliver yelled

“Okay” Jocelyn muttered

“Leave,you can go. Don’t come in unless I ask you to” Oliver said

Jocelyn walked out of the office immediately

As soon as She left,Oliver saw the soldier ant curling on his table and he almost lost his breath

“Jocelyn!!!!!!!!!!!!” He shouted


TB Continued..

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