{ Hot Leela… }


By, Naomi Cindy B.


“Fůçƙ! Leela!!!!!!!!!!!!” Jericho screamed.


Leela climbed the couch and jumped on the other side while he stayed in the front.

“You called my name for the first time Mr Armstrong! It sounds Șëx¥ on your lips!” She winked, and he sighed.

“Can you stop doing this to me? I’m already regretting letting you stay. Can I have my peace back?” He muttered, breathing heavily.

“Aren’t you supposed to be Fůçƙing the hell out of me right now? When are you gonna toss my body into the river, Mr Armstrong” she smiled widely.

“Look, you should really stop this ok? I’m frustrated here and you’re only adding to the problem” he replied, and she sighed.

“Was trying to drag you out of your shell, and it’s working” she replied.

“Why?” He asked, sitting on the couch.

“Well… Being all moody won’t help you. It won’t be the end of the world that Rana jilted you. I know it’s not easy, but moving on is the best motto” she replied, coming out from behind the couch.

“Thankfully you know it’s not easy” he replied, resting back on the couch.

“And I’m not a dirty lady. All these was to make you explode and talk to me, and it worked. Lucky me!” She said, hand-picking the mess on the ground.

“You’re crazy” he muttered, and she giggled as she dropped what she picked into a trashcan, then she cleared the kitchen too and used the vacuum cleaner for the rest.

She came back to the living room and was surprised to still meet him.

“You’re not going in yet?” She asked, and he opened his eyes

“Get here” he rolled eyes, and she pouted before walking to him.

She sat on the center table, and he raised her wounded leg to his lap.

A kit was already beside him. He opened it and got cleansing cotton and disinfect.

“Aww, so you have a caring side” Leela teased, and he made to drop her leg…

“No no! I promise not to talk anymore” she smiled, and he hissed before starting to treat her leg.

“You ran with this?” He looked up when he saw the severity.

“I’m a witch actually. a banshee like you called” she smiled, tilting her head to the side in a vampiric manner.

He gave her a blank look, and she bit her lip

“Is it not funny? Was expecting you to laugh” she said.

Without a word, he started applying the treatments one by one.

“You were kidnapped?” He said.

“Blake Gordon abducted me and took me here”


Leela started the story, and it lasted for five minutes straight.

“He R@P£D you?” He asked when she finished everything.

“Almost, but I escaped, and I’m sure he’s somewhere out there, looking for me so bad” she replied.

He dropped her leg after bandaging it, then he stood and carried the kit.

“So how are we gonna leave this place?” She asked.

“Told you I have no plans to leave this Island anytime soon” he replied.

“Then what about me? My mum and siblings, my friend will be worried” she said.

“The treatment is to pay you back for making me loosen up a bit tonight. Goodnight” he replied curtly and went in.

“That jerk” Leela muttered, staring at her bandaged leg.

“Maybe he’s not totally a jerk” she mumbled, hugging the pillow to herself.



Anastasia came down from her black car in front of a G-Global and sighed, adjusting her shirt.

She got a mirror to look at her face. All ok? She smiled and walked in.

She’s having an interview in the company, and if she luckily passes, she’d get hired immediately.

She was directed to the right room immediately she got in, and she met close to thirty people waiting to be interviewed too.

“Robert is not here yet?” She muttered, getting her phone.

“Why the hell aren’t you here yet! The interview is starting in five minutes!” She almost screamed.

“I’m sorry Anastasia, my sis is sick and I have to stay with her. Won’t be able to make it” he replied, and she sighed.

“Anastasia Della!” A lady called by the door, and her eyes widened.

“What! I’m the number one?” She said surprisingly.

“Good luck!” Robert said on phone, and she hung up immediately.

She ran into the room and bowed for the four interviewers.

“I’m Anastasia Della, the only child of my mother. My dad is late though, and I was the best student in my alma mater back then. My best food is…

“Please cut it and sit” one of the interviewers said, and she smiled before sitting gently.

The questions and answers started immediately, and she came out after three minutes.

She sat and got her phone, dialling Leela’s number. It’s off.

“Besides me, she has no other friend in school back then. Ok she helped Nancy to the hospital when she was sick, and Nancy talked to her a number of times before she transferred. Is it Nancy?” She asked herself.

She was still thinking about it when Robert’s call made her jump.

“That scared me!” She held her chest as she swiped the green.

“Know when to call! Dummy!” She snapped.

“How was the interview?” He asked.

“I did well, but I’m not sure” she replied.

“You’re brilliant, so I’m sure” he replied, and she smiled.

“How’s your sis doing?”

“She’s stable now” he replied.

“Congratulations Miss Anastasia Della!” A deep baritone voice boomed from the hallway, and she spranged up.

She turned around to see the guy she met at the bar. Jimmy!

He’s walking towards her, smiling richly.

“Oh my gawd! It’s you!” She gushed.

“Congratulations, you got hired” he said, and she jumped.

“Oh my Jeez! Oh my Jeez! Really?”

“Sure. By the way I’m the manager here” he smiled, extending an hand for a handshake.

Leela took the hand slowly as it it’d break if she takes it fast.

“I hope we create good memories from now on” she smiled, biting her lip

“Sure” Jimmy smiled again.

Is this… What they call … Fate?



Kenji came out looking impatient.

He was supposed to meet Charlotte here for shopping, but she’s not here yet.

He has been waiting since thirty minutes, and the sun isn’t helping matters.

He dialled her line for the fifth time, but she’s still not picking.

“Where did she go?” He muttered, and Nadine came out of a taxi with Rice in front of the store.

“Big sis” he said surprisingly.

“Ken? What’re you doing here?” She blinked.

“I was supposed to shop with Charlotte” he smiled.

“With your money again?” Nadine smirked.

“I don’t care” Kenji rolled eyes.

“Are you sure she’s not after your money?”

“She’s rich so why would she?” He replied, and Nadine scoffed.

“Be careful, girls can be wicked. Take Rana Gill for example” Rice said, and they all laughed out loud.

“So why isn’t she here yet?” Nadine asked, looking around.

“I dunno” Kenji replied and stretched his hand to Rice’s hair, taking out a leaf.

“Thanks* Rice smiled, brushing her hair back.

Kenji made to dial Charlotte’s line again, but he was interrupted by Quentin’s call.

“Hey Q!” He picked.

“You need to see this! Charlotte is with the popular Marcus guy!” Quentin said quickly, and his eyes widened.


“Come to the restaurant beside the school!”

He hung up and pushed Rice out of the way.

She staggered on Nadine as he ran to the road and stopped a taxi which took him out of the place.

He got to the resturant and met Charlotte truly, but not with Marcus as reported.

She’s alone, smiling as she typed away on her phone.

“Charlotte” he said, and she looked up. She looks shocked to see him.

“Babe!” She said a little bit exaggeratedly.

“You kept me waiting” he said, and she hugged him.

“I’m sorry,I had to meet Marcus for something important. He’s my cousin yunno?” She said, breaking the hug.


“Yeah, let’s go” she smiled, pulling his hand along.



Leela removed the cooking gloves from her hands after cooking breakfast, then she inhaled the sweet aroma from all the dishes on the dinning table.

“Hmmn! Yummy!” She smiled, rushing to Jericho’s room immediately.

She knocked on his door.

“Hey Jericoco, breakfast is ready!” She said loudly, but no answer came.

“Jericoco!, Breakfast is…

He opened the door before she could finish, and he has a deadly glare on his face.

“Jericho” he gritted his jaws.

“I prefer Jericoco” she winked.

“Banshee” he replied.

“Ok, Jericho” she said, and he hissed as he followed her to the dinning.

“So if I didn’t come, you’d have been starving yourself because of a lady? C’mon Jericoco… I mean Jericho” she said and bit her lip to suppress her laughter.

“I really hate you” he muttered, taking a fork.

“It’s mutual, Jericoco” she replied, and he slammed his palms on the table.

“Sorry, Jericho” she smiled, and he heaved before eating a forklift from the pasta. He hesitated before eating another.

“It’s good, you don’t need to tell me” she smiled.

He kept on eating without looking up, and she sighed before going for the door.

She opened it and stepped out for the first time since she got here.

She walked the rocks till she got to the shore of the river. She stood on a rock and stared at the river from there.

If only her life could be as peaceful as this river.

She’s hopeless right now. No hope of going home or getting to call her family anytime soon, no hope of leaving this island.

She sighed and smiled sadly, then the bright smile returned to her face. Nothing beats staying alive, that’s her life motto.

So far she’s alive, nothing will take her smile away from her. She has been trying to sieve all she went through with Blake out of her memory, and maybe she’d forget it all before leaving this island. She’s looking forward to that.

She sighed again and got a stone to throw in the river, but surprisingly, a car drove into the island, stopping beside the castle.

“OMG!” Her eyes widened.

“Oh mah gawd! am I leaving this island today? Gosh!!!” She screamed, running to the car, but she stopped when the last person she was expecting came out of the car.


“What the hell” she muttered, and immediately their eyes met, Rana’s eyes widened.

She stood for some seconds before walking fast to her, meeting her on the rocks.

“What the hell are you doing here and why the hell are you wearing the clothe Jericho bought for me!” She shouted, and Leela sighed.

“What are you doing here too? After all you did?”

“A little mistake won’t make me lose him to someone like you! Never! I’m here to apologise and I’m sure he’s gonna take me back! That’s how much he loves me duh!” Rana laughed.

“There should really be a trophy for shamelessness, and I’m sure you’ll be winning from generations to generations” Leela laughed too.

“How dare you talk to me that way!” Rana raised her hand on her, but someone held it.

“Jericoco?” Leela turned to see him standing there.

An hand is stuck in his pocket, and the other is holding Rana’s.

“Jericho” Rana muttered, and he threw her hand off.

“What right do you have to come here and even try to hit my girlfriend” he said, and Leela’s eyes widened.

What the hell is he saying??? Who’s the girlfriend???

“Girl… girlfriend?” Rana stuttered shockingly.

“You think I’ll still stay in a corner and cry over your folly? Nah… I don’t do $h|ts like that” he said and suddenly slipped his arm on Leela’s waist, pulling her to himself.

‘Ok… Maybe I’m the girlfriend’ Leela thought.

“Jericho, I’m actually….” Rana said and looked at the waist he’s holding.

Her words got stuck, and she started crying.

Jericho seems like he’s lost for words too, cos he’s not talking.

‘Ok is this suspense really necessary?’ Leela thought.

“Jericho I know it’s not true, you’re just using her to make it seem real, right?”Rana said, and Leela smiled knowingly.

‘Ok it’s hightime I add some spice’ she thought and suddenly jumped on Jericho, wrapping her legs on his waist tightly as her arms went to his neck.

“Bite me, cupcake” she whispered, and Jericho took the challenge immediately.

He held her waist and pushed her head to himself, K!SSing her deeply like that.

Rana’s bag fell from her, and she started shifting backwards in shock.

Leela broke the K!SS, and they looked back to see she’s still standing.

“Another bite, Jericoco” she smiled, facing Jericho again.

Their lips returned to each other, and Rana finally fell on the rocks, then she started rolling down, towards the river.



TB Continued…


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