{ Hot Leela… }


By, Naomi Cindy B.


“Mummy!!!!! Argggggggghhh!!!!!” Leela screamed as hellish pains gripped her.

Her blood was gushing out in handfuls as the dog dealt with the leg, but the dog never stopped digging.

Her blood wet it’s teeth and mouth already. It was even trickling down it’s neck.

“Arggggghhh!!!!” Leela screamed again, and Blake came out of the house with a loud grin.

“Tobacco!” He called, and the dog let go of Leela, then he ran to him.

He stroked it’s head before sending it away, then he walked to Leela who was still crying on the ground with her bleeding leg.

He squatted in front of her with a dangerous smirk plastered to his face.

“You think I’m daft? I knowingly left you untied because I have Tobacco on guard, and now you got what you deserve. How dare you try to escape from me!’ he spat, and slapped her hotly.

Her lips bursted and bled immediately, and she cried more.

“I’m so sorry I won’t do it again!!! I won’t try it again I promise!!!”

“No. Ladies like you needs someone to teach them some good manners, otherwise you’d never learn” he replied and pulled her up by the hair.

Not minding her seriously bleeding leg, he began dragging her in.

“Blake please!! Blake!!!” She screamed as he finally took her in and shut the door.

He took her to a room where a giant dog cage is sitting. He opened the cage and threw her in, then he locked it.

“You’re spending three nights and days here. You wanna be treated like a dog? Here you are!” He said and stood.

“Blake!!!!” She cried as he walked out of the room and shut the door.

Alas! Robert’s dream came true.

Leela’s blood began wetting the cage floor as she cried bitterly.

She has to think of a way to somehow escape from this.

Somehow. There has to be a way.

She looked at her bleeding leg again, and she choked on her own tears as they poured out torrentially.



“No! No! No!!!” Robert screamed out, sitting up in bed. He had a terrible dream again about Leela.

Same dream of seeing her in a dog cage. He was breathing shakily as he held his chest. Sweat covered his face completely.

He quickly left the bed and got his phone.

He dialled her line, but it’s off, then he dialled Anastasia’s.

Surprisingly, she picked.

“I’m on to who? Please?” She asked, and he sighed.

“Wait… Robert Bitter Coffee?” She said, recognizing his sigh.

“You must hate me very much” he replied.

“Sure. What do you have to say?” She said.

“Where’s Leela?” He asked.

“She’s currently not around, why?” She asked.

“I had the dream again” he replied.

“The one involving a dog cage? Oh please” she said.

“But my dreams do come tr…

She hung up before he could finish, and he sighed, dropping his phone.

He glanced at the wall, and when he saw his dad’s picture, he began sobbing.

Ten years ago, he dreamt that his dad died in a plane crash, but he didn’t take it seriously cos he wasn’t aware of his talent back then, till it really happened.

He really lost his dad in a plane crash, and since then, he has been having the dreams. The saddest talent he has ever heard of.

He sat on the bed and wiped his tears, then his mind went to Leela.

“Please be fine… I can’t lose you too”



Anastasia has been pacing around the room since she dropped the call with Robert.

She’s definitely not a fan of superstitions. In fact, she hates it more than men, but why is Robert’s dream bothering her???

No matter how much she tried to wave it, she couldn’t.

“Is he a shaman or something? Why the hell is he doing this to me? Does he only dream bad?” She muttered, getting her phone.

She dialled Leela’s line for the fifth time, but it’s still off.

“Her phone is still off. What do I do?”

“Tasia!” Hailey’s voice screamed from outside, and her eyes widened.

“Mum?” She rushed to open the door, and Hailey came in.

“You ruined the date Tasia! You ruined it! Are you even gonna get married? Huh? Are you planning to join a nunnery? Tasia!”

“How did you expect me to put up with that pig of a man? Who the hell picks their nose at every chance then goes ahead to eat with that same hand? What kind of man drinks directly from an alcohol bottle on a date!” Anastasia shouted back.

“Even if the man was fresh and clean I’m sure you’d still have something to say! I’m hungry for grandchildren Tasia! Give me my grandchildren!” Hailey shouted, and Anastasia covered get ears, rushing in

“Give me my grandchildren!” Hailey screamed.




“What do you think?” Jericho came out of his dressing room in his suit.

Asher was waiting in the main room.

“You look good in everything man, congratulations” he smiled, hugging him

“Told you I’ll get married before you” Jericho giggled.

“And you kept to your words, brava” Asher replied, and they both laughed.

“Shall we?” Jericho smiled, leading the way out.

Asher was about to follow him when he got a text from Rana.

She sent another set of nude pictures, looking so hot in everything.

His Ďïčk swelled hardly as he stared, and he K!SSed her Ɓø0ɓs on screen.

“Fůçƙ, can I really do this?” He said, trying to calm himself down.

“Rana belongs to me. Not Jericho” he muttered.

“Dude!” Jericho said from outside.

“Coming!” He replied and pocketed his phone before joining him.

They drove to the hall together, but immediately they got there, Asher made a u-turn, and Jericho came out of the car.

“You going somewhere else?” He asked.

“Sure, I’ll be right back” he replied and drove off.

He went to Rana’s place and barged in.

The dresser she hired was just leaving.

He entered the bedroom and met Rana waiting in her wedding gown. She’s all dressed already.

“Baby!” She rushed into his arms, and he started taking off her gown.

“Wait … Ash…

“Don’t give me crap. I’ll have you before you enter the wedding hall” he cut her off and took off the gown fast.

Her P@ŋties and ьѓä disappeared next, and he pulled down his trousers.

“Give me your back. Hands on the bed” he said, and she obeyed.

He held her @ss cheeks before plunging his Ďïčk into her @sshole directly.

“Ash!” She gasped, and his hands grabbed her melons, squeezing them furiously as he began $©®£wing her @ss fast.

Unluckily for them, the dresser forgot her phone, so she came back for it.

Her eyes widened by the door, and she covered her mouth in shock when she saw what’s going on.

With shaky hands, she got her phone and began making a video of them.



Blake entered the cage room with a cigar between his lips, and Leela sniffed, as he bent in front of the cage .

“Goodmorning, sweetheart” he smiled, blowing smokes at her.

“Goodmorning Blake. Can I cook for you this morning?” She asked, and he raised a brow.


“To make up for my mistakes. Allow me to cook you something delicious, please Blake” she begged, and he smiled.

“Are you starting to get back to your senses?”

“I realized I was wrong after thinking about it throughout the night, so please… Let me make it up to you Blake, and I promise to love you back” she replied sweetly, and he smiled again.

“Get me the key Immanuel!” He shouted, and Immanuel came in with the key of the cage.

“I’m so sorry Blake, forgive me” Leela said as he took the key and opened the door.

He drew her out and carried her in his arms. Immanuel hardened her jaws as she watched.

“I love you Leela. If you submit and stay calm, I swear I’ll take care of you, you just have to obey and listen to me” he said, and Leela smiled.

“I understand, I’ll do my best Blake” she replied, and he pecked her lips.

He was smiling as he took her out of the room and placed her on the couch in the living room.

“Shouldn’t I speak to my family? We can’t raise suspicions yunno?” She said.

“Sure” he replied, taking her phone.

He switched it on and dialled Helen’s line.

“Mum” Leela smiled.

“I’ve been expecting your call. How’s your friend doing?”

“She’s starting to respond to treatment, but I still need to stay till she heals”

“Why don’t you send the address? I can make her breakfast” Helen said.

“No need mum, just take care of yourself and my babies” she smiled.

“Sure. You too”

“Bye mum! I love you!”

“Love you too darling”

She hung up and dialled Anastasia, but she didn’t pick.

“Maybe she’s not with her phone” she said, and Blake took the phone from her

“Another time then” he said, switching it off.

“Immanuel, get me the first aid kit” he ordered, and she ran to get it.

He squatted in front of Leela and took her wounded leg.

“Ouch!” Leela winced painfully, and he looked up at her.

“Does it hurt a lot?”

“A whole lot” she replied, and he caressed her cheeks gently.

“I’m sorry, Should I kill the dog?”

“You can kill it for me?” She smiled.

“Immanuel, get rid of Tobacco” he ordered without taking his eyes off Leela’s.

“What!” Immediately gasped after dropping the first aid kit.

“Now” Blake glared

“Sure” she replied and left.

Minutes later, the agonizing cries of the dog could be heard as Immanuel murdered it.

“Done” Blake said, and Leela leaned to him.

She K!SSed him deeply on the lips, shocking him.

“I love you” she said.

“Seriously?” He laughed.

“Should I take it back?” She replied.

“Don’t dare” he replied and concentrated on treating the leg.

He poured disinfectant, and it stung madly.

“Fůçƙ!!!” She cried, and he started blowing air on it from him mouth.

“Sorry sweetheart” he said, and she nodded as he continued the treatment.

“You’re so good in medical” she said as he wrapped bandage on the leg.

“I majored in medicine remember?” He smiled.

He finished wrapping the bandage and stood.

“Where’s the kitchen? I’ll start cooking right now” she stood.

“Are you sure you can manage with your leg? We can shift it till tommorow yunno?” He said, carrying her in his arms.

“No I’ll do it today. I want to eat with you” she replied, and he smiled, K!SSing her before walking into the kitchen.

He gently dropped her, and she started limping around, gathering foodstuffs.

“Need to light the cooker, where’s the matchbox?” She faced him.

“Oh I smoked with it. I’ll go get it” he replied and left the kitchen, then Immanuel came in.

Leela ignored her, but she turned her to herself.

“Don’t think you can snatch him away. He’s coming back to me ok? Ɓîtçh” she said, and Leela smiled like a witch, then she began shedding fake tears.

“What’s up?” Blake came in immediately.

“She slapped me!!!” Leela cried.

“What!” Immanuel gasped.

“What the hell!” Blake faced her.

“Blake she’s lying I…

A thunderous slap made the rest of the words impossible, and Immanuel’s eyes widened.

She hasn’t recovered when Blake grabbed her neck and thudded her on the wall, choking her till she bled.


“How dare you touch her!” Blake barked, thudding her back on the wall again.

“Blake I love you” Leela said from behind, and that fuelled the blind anger.

Blake let her go, and she fell on the ground, then he drew his gun and pointed it right at Immanuel’s head before facing Leela.

“Just give me the order sweetheart. Tell me to pull the trigger”



TB Continued…


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