December 5, 2023

[Strings of love ]
# 5 in the DE LUCA SERIES]

♟️ Spark’s libary 2023


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love ,Cold ,Hot , £řøťic , maid , billionaires , Ruthless , Music , forbidden.

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” Her name isn’t Kate bro ” I said and he raised his eyebrows as he drank dri. The glass in his hands.

” What’s her name then ? He asked curiously.

” Her name is Harmony” I said and he chocked on his glass of water and started coughing badly .

” $h|t are you okay ? I asked Worriedly as I rubbed his back .

” Fůçƙ ! ” he said as he rubbed his face .

” Has she told you anything about her lost sister or something related to being separated from childhood ? He asked and I raised my eyebrows in confusion .

” No . Why do you ask ? I asked and he stared at me .

” Because Neomi has a lost sister with the exact same name who is on the run from dragon ” he said and I frowned .

” You think Harmony is Neomi’s twin ? I asked and he sighed .

” I don’t think ,I know . Remember when I said her smile reminds me of my wife ? that was it all along . Oh my goodness” he said and I rubbed my neck still in shock from the whole situation.

” I’m speechless Gio . Are you sure you’re not mistaken ? I know you’re a genius but I don’t want Harmony getting hurt if they end up not being twins . ” I said and he laughed.

” I’m not called the eyes of the Deluca’s for nothing ,I trust my instincts and they never fail ” he said and I bit my lower lip.

” This is Fůçƙed up bro . How do we find out if she’s really Harmony ? Should we get a DNA test done ? I asked curiously.

” Neomi has a twin Amulet which she and her twin sister exchanged when they where kids ,if she’s indeed harmony ,I’m preety sure she would have the one shaped as a star ” he said and I rubbed my forehead.

” Plus Neomi’s sister sings . She said something about her sister being a talented singer ..have you heard your girlfriend singing before ? He asked me .

” Not that I know of . That girl just recently started opening up to me ,she’s always been in her own shell and loves to push me away ” I said and Sergio laughed.

” Neomi was worst bro . When I met the broken woman called Neomi I realized that beneath that pain was a woman who wanted to be loved so bad ” he said and I noticed how his voice broke at the edge .

“Neomi was so heartless she stabbed me to a point of death . She walked down the aisle in a black dress . She was a Rebellious bride who ask me to take a mistress after our wedding . A woman who filed for a divorce after I admitted my feelings for her . But that doesn’t change the fact that I loved her and kept pushing forward even when she refused my feelings .

” I thought it was just an attraction but it was a stronger feeling ,it was something that made me want the whole of her even the broken pieces ” he said and laughed emotionally.

” I didn’t think we would stick together but I gave it a try ,that’s what you should be doing bro , giving it a try ” he said and I chuckled.

” Remind me who’s older again” I said and he burst out laughing.

” Hey Sergio ! ” Harmony said immediately she came outside.

” Hey sister in-law” he said teasingly and she blushed .

” What’s that on your neck ? He asked and I followed his eyes.

” On my neck ? She asked cluelessly and sent her hand to her neck giving us a better view of her star shaped Amulet .

” Oh it’s a gift from my Sister ” she said and I knew she was getting Emotional about it .

I can’t believe she’s the same harmony Sergio and Neomi have been looking for .

” Harmony ” Sergio called and she stared at him in shock then back at me .

” I told him ” i said and she looked at the both of his with an hidden fear in her eyes.

” Don’t call me that in front of anyone” she said immediately and there was something about the serioseness in her face that made me realize she wasn’t joking.

” Escuse me ” she said and went back upstairs.

” You shouldn’t have called her name like that ” i turned to Sergio who shrugged.

” At least we got a reaction out of her bro ” he said and I sighed tiredly.

” I don’t get you ,but I trust you Gio ” I said and he chuckled.

” How was Dylan’s meeting with Royce ? I asked and he chuckled.

” Dylan Fůçƙed the Fůçƙer up big time ,but he’s not saying a word .That guy is anything but innocent ” he said and lit another stick of Ciggerrate.

” I trust Dragon already knows she’s with the De Luca’s ,that’s what’s given Royce hope that he wouldn’t be killed since he believes Dragon would save him ” he said and I rubbed my face.

” I need her to open up to me Gio ,but she has refused to talk . I keep walking on eggshells around her , because I don’t want her running for the hills ”

” Sit her down and try to have a good conversation ,mom called said something about going back home for Dylan’s Engagement ” she said and I sighed .

” So Dyl is really getting married to ivy ? I thought he and Cora where gonna get back together at some point in life . Maybe somethings are not meant to be it’s so sad ” I said and he smiled.

” If Cora wants to stop that engagement she can do it . Because wether Dyl accepts it or not his heart will always belong to Cora . He’s marrying Ivy because she carries his heir ” Gio said and my eyes widened.

” Wait what the Fůçƙ ? I asked in suprise.

” It’s complicated . I just want Dylan to be happy and that Cora is nothing but trouble even if he loves her ” Gio said with a chuckle.

” I thought he would move on ” I asked curiously.

” He wouldn’t , I’ve seen how crazy he his about Cora , if that girl mistakenly Decides on the day of the wedding that she wants him back there’ll be trouble” Gio said rubbing his face .

” $h|t that’s not good . ” I said to which he laughed.

” But I know Dyl is a Responsible guy , he wouldn’t do anything to hurt the woman carrying his child ,but I think things would get super complicated than they already are .

” I would’ve stayed longer bro , but I can’t. Mom shouldn’t know we are here in New York she’d start worrying unnecessarily and complicate the whole issue.

” We are going to the De Luca Estate with Royce , I want you to come with Harmony ” he said scrolling through his phone.

” To Italy ? She won’t agree with me ,you’re talking as if you are not married to her twin , Harmony is stubborn ” I said and he laughed.

” She’s stubborn show her Deluca’s are more stubborn even if it means blackmailing her again or kidnapping ,which ever one ” He said and strolled out .

” Harmony ” I said immediately I went into the bedroom and she had her hands folded .

” You told your brother my real name ? She asked frowning.

” We agreed to be plain to each other Harmony ” I said and she laughed bitterly .

” That doesn’t change the fact that you told your brother . Did you even stop to wonder if I would be comfortable with you doing that ! ” She fired in frustration.

” If there’s one person who can guarantee your safety from Dragon it’s definitely Sergio Damm!t ” I bursted Angrily and she froze .

” Who…..who told you about …” She trailed in pannick.

” Calm down “I said immediately when I noticed she was getting a pannick Attack.

” Oh my God ! ” She said rubbing her face .

” Calm down Tesoro ” i tried getting close and she pushed my hands.

” I can’t Calm down. Do you have a connection with dragon ? Does he know I’m with you ! She asked in pannick.

” Breath for goodness sake you’re having a pannick attack baby ” i said and she tried to get away from me I gathered her in my arms .

” I can’t breathe …I …I can’t … I can’t Em…elio ” she Cried as her body shook with Emotions .

” io sono qui e nessundo puo farti del male [ I am here and no one can hurt you ] I said as I heard her soft cries .

” You don’t get it Emelio , E fuori per prendermi [ he’s out to get me ].

” I’ve been running for years , He took everything from me , oh my God he’s going to kill me Emelio …” She cried and my heart squeezed with hurt .

” Dragon won’t come bear you Harmony , I’ve lost someone very close to my heart before ,I won’t sit down and watch it repeat itself ,not on my watch Coure mio . Ti proteggero con tutto cio che e in me [ I will protect you with everything in me ]

” It’s not just a promise ,mi amor …” I said and she pulled me Close as our lips met in a sweet K!SS.

” Thanks Emelio ,thank you so much ” she said and I K!SSed her forehead.

” You have to let me in ,please ” i said and she gave a nod .

The rest of the day was spent together , we had lunch and went back to my Estate to see mom off .

” Make sure you come for the Engagement okay” she said hugging Harmony.

” Thanks ma’am Giovanna” Harmony said as they exchanged cheek K!SSes .

” Take good care of her Figlio [ son ] it’s her or no one else ” mom whispered the warning as she hugged me close.

This woman is a total Drama queen . My lips curled up Amusingly as she pulled Harmony in a hug and K!SSed her forehead.

After mom left , Harmony fell Quiet as we sat for dinner .

” Are you okay ? I asked curiously and she smiled.

” I just realized I’ve never had a mother figure in my life , at some point it was my sister Neomi ” she said as her voice broke on the edge.

” What about your birth mother ? I asked curiously.

” Birth mother ? We have never had a mom if that’s what having a Mom feels like . She humiliated us ,she gave us out to Roth . She sold my sister out for money …she sold …mmme off too ” she started saying as pain grew on her face .

” I will never forgive that Woman for all the pain she put me through ” she said and I held her hand softly.

” It’s okay Harmony ,it’s okay ” I rubbed her hands softly.

After dinner she changed into her Nightwear.

” Where are you taking me Emelio ? She asked curiously and I chuckled .

” Your music room ? Are you sure you want me in there ? She asked staring at my face .

” Watch me play ” I said and her cheeks heated in a blush .

I noticed the way she looked around my music room with pure happiness on her face .

” You like it ? I asked smiling.

” Like ? I love it ” she said and I chuckled softly.

I stared at how beautiful she looked as her beautiful fingers trailed the keys of my piano .

” You wanna try ? I asked and she shook her head immediately.

” I don’t know how to ” she said immediately and I smiled.

” What instrument can you play ? I asked and she Ṣūçƙed on her Bottom lip .

” The guitar and I don’t think I still know how to , it’s been years ” she said nervously.

” So you sing ? I added another Question .

” I shouldn’t be asking you though , I should be testing you ” I said and walked over to my collection as I picked out my favorite guiter .

” Emelio …” She trailed .

” I’m here to cheer you on ” I hyped and she blushed red.

I sat down and watched her hang the guitar as she smiled in my Direction .

She started off on the strings softly then took a deep breath .

” This song is for you ” she said and I swear my cheeks heated in a blush as I bit my lower lip.

🎶My love 🎶

🎶My life 🎶

🎶You’re everything I want and ever need 🎶

My heart raced as I stared at her with jaws dropped .

Her voice was so soft melodious and Angelic .

I was spell bound throughout her performance .

I clapped for her with a proud smile on my face and she chuckled.

” Thanks Vita Mia ” she said Sweetly and I froze as she went on her toes K!SSed my lips .

” My life huhn ? I teased .

” Don’t spoil the fun ” she said and I carried her in bridal style .

” We are definitely doing a duet together after all this Dragon madness ” i said as I walked towards my room .

She stared at my room in suprise when we got in and I know why . I had earlier taken off all the pictures of Sophie in my room .

If I want this to work ,I have to start taking positive steps .

” Are you okay ? She asked staring into my eyes Worriedly.

” I’m fine Coure mio ” I said and K!SSed her neck as she blushed red .

” Emelio we need to sleep ” she said playfully.

” Call me that name again ” i said Naughtily.

” Which name ? She asked teasingly.

” Vita Mia’s killing me ” I said and she pulled me close .

” Vita Mia [ my life ] ” she whispered very close to my lips are and I ate into them immediately as she chuckled .


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