December 5, 2023

[Strings of love ]
# 5 in the DE LUCA SERIES]

♟️ Spark’s libary 2023


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love ,Cold ,Hot , £řøťic , maid , billionaires , Ruthless , Music , forbidden.

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” I’m sorry melio ,I can’t be a man’s second option , I’m sorry” she said and removed her hands from my then walked into the bathroom immediately she shut the door , I heard her crying badly and my heart squeezed with hurt .

I hated myself for being the cause of her pain .

I left the room and decided to let her be for the time being .

After last night ,I know what I want from her it’s not just about the fact that I want her in my bed , that girl doesn’t know how much she controls my Emotions .

She pulls me towards her like a moth to flame . And with the outburst and our heated argument I don’t know where we stand right now .

I want to move on from the painful memories of Sophie ,but they keep coming back to hunt me ,those times we spent together ,our lovemaking all the sweet memories together .

I don’t want to hurt harmony and at the same time I can’t let her go ,I just want her to understand that I can’t just get up one morning and move on .

You told her she should know Sophie would always matter ,do you know how that would hurt ? You’re trying to tell her she would remain a substitute because your heart would always remain with your late Fiancee.” My mind mocked.

” I didn’t mean it like that ” I said out loud as I rubbed my forehead.

” Then why do you still wear the ring ? Why do you still have her photos everywhere ? You might have taken steps to move on mentally but physically you haven’t .

” Infact you’re suffocating her with your ex ” my mind added and I cursed under my breath .

Did I give her the impression that I will never move on from Sophie ? I wondered as I stared into space .

She must have felt so terrible while we made out last night , seeing my ring over and over again .


I felt so terrible at that moment . Not too long she joined me in the sitting room clad in casuals .

I’d make it up to her ,I want to get to know someone else other than Sophie ,I want to open up and learn to love her right .

She doesn’t deserve to be any man’s second option and I’ll make sure she knows that .

” When are we going back home ? She asked and I noticed her swollen eyes.

” Harmony …” I said and she looked away.

” When are we going back home ” she asked and I noticed the tears trailing her cheeks.

” Not until we are good ” I said and she sighed.

” We are good ,there’s nothing wrong ” she said and I held her hand.

” Picolina” I Called sweetly.

” I’m not …” She trailed and I K!SSed her Temple.

” I’m sorry ” I said and she stared at me shocked .

” Huh ?”

” I said I’m sorry ” I said again and she raised her eyebrows as her beautiful pink cherry lips dropped open .

” Did you just apologise or I’m dreaming ? She asked and I bit my lower lip with a chuckle.

” I said I’m sorry ” I said and K!SSed her cheeks as she blushed red .

” You hurt me Emelio , and I guess I hurt you too with my words and I’m sorry ” she said and I smiled.

” I’m sorry for Blackmailing you into this Harmony and I’d definitely understand if you want to back out after what I put you through ,I know you’re not comfortable with Decieving my mom ” I trailed .

” It’s okay” she said and I smiled.

” I want this to be real , like I want the both of us to date for real . I want you to confide in me ,trust me and I want to see where this takes us . I’d be damned if I don’t take this opportunity at happiness ” I said and she looked suprised.

” Emelio I..” she trailed .

” Don’t try to talk me out of this please ,I know it’s scary since I’m connected to the underground world which you are trying to run away from ,but let me help please” I said and she rubbed her face.

” I’m scared you’d get hurt Emelio ,the man I’m on the run from isn’t an ordinary person ” she said and I’ve never seen her so shaken with fear .

” Who’s he ? I asked and her eyes widened.

” Please Emelio. .” She said nervously and I K!SSed the corner of her lips trying to ease the tension.

” Are you trying to seduce the answer out of me ” she asked and I chuckled.

” should I ? I asked and she laughed.

” Please don’t ,I can still feel your naughty fingers all over me ” she said and my jaws literally dropped,this girl is crazy .

” What ? I asked as my face heated up . Jeez

” Are you blushing ? Seriosely Emelio awwwwwwwwn” she cooed sweetly and I laughed.

” I’m not blushing ” I said looking away.

” Oh please it’s very obvious you where blushing , because I said you had your hands all over me ” she whispered softly.

” I didn’t even tell you how you had your fingers in my …” She trailed .

” Harmony ” I said in shock as my heart beat crazily against my chest .

This girl just makes me feel so different it’s like I’ve never had any form of intimacy with a woman in my life .

My cheeks heated in a blush when I remembered how badly I was mo*ning during our make out .

I Groaned as my bulge tightened down there .

” You shouldn’t be telling me that , unless you want a replay ” i said and she laughed.

” Let’s have breakfast together ” I said and she smiled.

” I’m sorry ,I ruined your attempt at trying to be a romantic boyfriend ” she said and I laughed as I sent my hands to her waist .

” I deserve it ,after all I got on the tigresses neck ” I said and she smiled.

” Picolina” I called Sweetly.

” I’m not little in anyway Emelio ” she said frowning and I pulled her into my hands.

” You’re still a baby you know , couldn’t even take my fingers last night ,I was so scared I’d rip you apart if I tried to sleep with you ” I said and she bit her lower lip shyly .

” I’m hungry” she said changing the topic immediately and I laughed.

We both went over to the kitchen to fix something to eat .

” What do you wanna eat ? She asked and I smiled.

” You’re being all wife material right now ” I said hugging her from behind.

” Oh please I’m everything but that ” she said as I K!SSed her Temples.

I winced as she Naughtily rubbed her @$$ against me .

She turned around and I chuckled.

” You’re definitely Dangerous ” I assisted her as we cooked something to eat together.

” Where are going ? She asked when I made to leave the dinner table.

” Hmnn” I asked and she smiled.

” Let’s do the dishes together” she said and we both went to the kitchen.

She stared at me as I tried to do the dishes .

” Emelio are you sure you have done this before ? She asked curiously and I gave a nod .

” Of course ,do you doubt me ? I’m a talented cook and dish washer so chill ” I said and she burst out laughing.

I chuckled and froze when I mistakenly splashed a bit of the soapy water into my eyes.

” Fůçƙ ! I cursed as it stung .

” What is it ? She asked as her soft hands went to my face .

” Oh $h|t ” I cursed as I tried to open my eyes and the stung went deeper.

” What happened ? Did you put the water in your eyes ? She asked in pannick.

” Seriosely Emelio how old are you ? 8 ? In some countries even 6 years olds can watch plates ” she said and teasingly yet I could hear the pannick in her voice.

” It hurts Coure mio” I said and she helped me .

She blew air into my eyes with her mouth and I I couldn’t stop staring at her plump pink lips .

I felt the urge to ravish her like I did last night.

” Are you sure it’s still hurting ? She asked and I closed my eyes pretending like it was still hurting.

” My eyes they hurt so bad baby ! My brothers won’t spare you for hurting me ,you told me to do the dishes with you ” I said and her eyes widened.

” That’s a lie ,you said you’re a talented cook and dish washer ” she said defending herself immediately .

” well I am a talented one… ”

” Oh really and you blinded your eyes in an attempt to do the dishes ? If I’d told you to do something s£xu@l you’d definitely do it without any mistakes” she said and I smiled.

” But S£x is different from doing dishes . Doing dishes is more harder ” I said and she raised her eyebrows.

” Hahahaha are you trying to pull my legs or what ,S£x is the harder work Emelio you’re just being lazy ” she said and I bent to her level .

” What are you doing ? She asked as her voice shook .

” Can I K!SS you ? I’ve been staring at these cherry lips since this morning and I’m dieing to get a taste of them again ” I whispered her chest and her breath became shaky .

” Emelio….” She trailed as I moved in between her her soft thighs and carried her up in my arms against the slab.

I could hear her heart beating against her chest crazily.

” You’re scared ….you’re scared of the dirty things that you want us to do right now and you know it ” I whispered softly and her lips parted in a Mõ@ɲ.

” Emelio ..” she Cried like a whisper as I trailed my lips on her lower lip and ate into her sweet mouth .

Immediately out lips met ,my heart cried out as her smart fingers trailed my silky hair .

Hmmns and awhs escaped her lips as I sent my hands into her top I groaned when I realized she had no ьѓä on .

I remember when this woman told me she’s never going to let me touch her ,but here she is letting me touch her in unholy ways .

She might not say it ,but I know what I mean to her ,I know she likes me and I Fůçƙing feel the same way about her .

” Emelio please” she cried out as I trailed K!SSes on her beautiful thighs .

” Calm down Coure mio ” I whispered softly and she stared into my eyes with pannick.

” It won’t hurt ,I would never do anything to hurt you ” i said and she opened up a bit .

I sent my hand inside and pulled down her P@ŋties.

” Emelio …” She tried to close her thighs immediately.

” Shhhhhhhh …just relax ” i said and she gave a nod as I trialed K!SSed on her gorgeous body .

I’ve almost imagined what she would look like beneath those clothes and here she is ,spread before me so Sweetly.

” Fůçƙ Emelio ” she cried as I buried my face in-between her thighs and ate into her sweetness.

” Jeez …oh my Goodness”

” Holy Fůçƙ Emelio ” she cried my name as it echoed in the foor walls of the room as I held her thighs in one place .

” Eme. .Fůçƙ ” she cried literally had tears running down her cheeks at the intensity of the intimacy.

The rawness the sweetness,this woman is just too innocent.

” So sweet …you’re so beautiful ” i said and pumped in one finger going faster I added another until she got off her high .

” Emelio I ..I..huh ” she cried out as I pulled off and K!SSed her lips.

She sent her hands downwards and released me of my short .

Her eyes widened again when she met it .

” Scared ” I teased and she blushed red .

” It’s okay , we can do it whenever you’re ready” i said and she K!SSed me .

” I hope you guys are decently dressed because I can year your Mõ@ɲs from South ! I heard Sergio’s voice and her eyes widened.

” I wore my shorts and went outside.

” What are you doing here Sergio ? I asked and he laughed.

” Oh please don’t start ,you guys Cöçk block me many tines too, the Royce guy isn’t fully English ,he’s half Italian and yes he knows Dragon …our Question is what does your girlfriend Kate have to do with Dragon ? He asked.

” Her name isn’t Kate bro ” I said and he raised his eyebrows as he drank dri. The glass in his hands.

” What’s her name then ? He asked curiously.

” Her name is Harmony” I said and he chocked on his glass of water and started coughing badly .


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