December 2, 2023

[Strings of love ]
# 5 in the DE LUCA SERIES]

♟️ Spark’s libary 2023


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love ,Cold ,Hot , £řøťic , maid , billionaires , Ruthless , Music , forbidden.

©️ Copyright [ Do notcopy or Repost without permission from me the writer or else …You’d not like my actions ]





” Gary Called he said your girlfriend left the Estate ” Uriel said Smiling and I frowned as my eyes checked my watch .

“Kate left the Estate ? Where exactly did he say she was headed ? I asked Curiously .

” I don’t know but I also know Sergio has asked for you to meet up with him , he needs your help ” Uriel said drinking from a glass .

I stood up immediately and he raised his glass .

” Be careful man ” he said and I gave a nod .

I was Anxious as my mind Wondered what Kate must be up to right now .

When I got to the Address Sergio sent ,I noticed he looked disturbed.

” Where did you say you met Kate again ? I asked immediately I sat next time him and noticed Dylan scrolling through his phone.

” Wild rose ” he said immediately as he put off the Ciggerrate and blew out the smoke .

” What ? I asked and he smirked.

” That girl isn’t what she looks like bro ,she might look Extraordinarily beautiful and innocent ,but she’s not . I had my suspicions and they’ve intensified after I saw her walk into wild rose and watch her smoke” he said and my eyes nearly dropped from their socket .

” You think she’s part of a gang ? I asked immediately .

” Could be something more than a gang man , she could be part of a mafia family ” he said and my bl**d boiled with anger .

I knew it

I had my suspicions , that she had evil intentions , I knew that the moment she Walked into my Estate disguised as an old woman .

Pulling that off shows she’s Dangerous , and she came to wild rose one of the most Dangerous places for the underground business.

This is it , I will get my answers tonight itself .

Sergio and Dyl went inside and after some time Sergio came out with my fake girlfriend who looked so shocked to see me standing in front of the car .

Her Eyes Widened as she Ṣūçƙed on her cherry lips , a bad habit she has .

I didn’t say a word ,just stared at her then at Sergio .

” Thanks Gio ” i said to my brother and held her by the hand.

I could hear her heart beat against her chest in fear from the Tension of being caught red handed

I know she’s thinking of the lies to tell me when we finally get home .

So I didn’t drive towards my Estate , instead I drove towards one of my private properties which I only visit once a month .

I Drove in a very crazy speed as i bite on my lower lip in anger .

I parked my car in the garage and pulled her out of the car .

Immediately we got into my huge sitting room she pulled off her hand from my grip

” Mr De Luca ” she said immediately.

“Who are you ” I asked trying to control my Anger.

” What ? ” She asked in shock .

” Who the Fůçƙ are you woman and don’t you Fůçƙing lie to me ” I bursted Angrily and she froze .

” I don’t know what you’re talking about ” she said looking everywhere else but me .

” What do you mean huh ! You’re messing with my head . Everything I know about you is fake ! Everything” I screamed angrily and she flinched.

” You have no right to tell on me Emelio ,it’s my life and my Decision if I want to be fake or real ….” She bursted Angrily.

” And it’s my life woman head you’re messing with . You’re not an ordinary person and I know that already so why do Fůçƙ are you trying to hide that ” I asked and she Rubbed her forehead.

” I’m trying to hide that because I don’t need you Emelio ! I don’t need anyone your presence in my life would only bring me closer to those things I’ve been running from my whole life ! She bursted as tears rolled outta her eyes.

My heart squeezed in hurt from her outburst .

” Take that back Coure mio …” I said immediately as I walked towards her .

” You think I’m kidding you ? I’m not Emelio ! I know you’re part of a mafia family so you can stop pretending like I’m the only one with secrets to hide cause I’m not ! ” She screamed as angry tears rolled outta her eyes.

” So what if I’m from a mafia family ? I asked as as I removed my belt a bit a showed of the Deluca Tatoo .

” I’m proud of it ,it’s not something I’m ashamed of ” I said and she scoffed out tears .

” I can’t do this , just don’t ask me any questions please” she pleaded and tried to walk passed me but I pulled her back .

She winced as her back made contact with the walls .

” Emelio stop doing this, stop acting like this when you know you’re not ready for this ” she whispered softly as I K!SSed her neck Softly and trailed up .



” Open up to me …. please ….stop pushing me out it hurts ” he said and tears rolled outta my eyes.

My heart squeezed with hurt and I realized I was so into this man more than I even realize but I can’t .

I just can’t drag him and his brothers into my mess with dragon ” I thought as tears rolled outta my eyes.

” Let’s make this real ,I can’t pretend like I don’t want this anymore ,I don’t know why but I crave this every single day ….you in my arms ” he said and Ṣūçƙed on the delicate on my neck .

” Hmnn ” I Mõ@ɲed as I held his strong arms tight .

” Emelio ….” I trailed in want as his smart fingers roamed by body I pulled him in for a sweet K!SS .

” Huhn ” i Mõ@ɲed as we K!SSed hungrily.

My mind was drunk at that point and my brain fuzzy as he took the lead driving me deeper and deeper into his Naughtiness.

He carried me in his arms as K!SSed passionately ,out lips battling for Dominance .

The Room was suddenly so small and hot due to the dirty things we where up to .

This Attraction is forbidden , I’m not supposed to sleep with Emelio it will only complicate the Deal more than it already has .

I sent my hands downwards as I K!SSed him Sweetly while petting him down there .

He groaned out frustratedly as I broke the K!SS stared into his eyes the K!SSed him again .

” Fůçƙ ” he groaned out as he trailed his hands on my laps as I strandled him .

” Oh ….$h|t ” he mo*ned out immediately I shook myself up while on his back .

” Oh my goodness…
” He cried out and I K!SSed him immediately.

The sight of Emelio in pleasure is one of my best memories right now , the way such a powerful man cries out for me makes my insides yearn .

But I’m not a fool ,I know Mr Emelio is Sexually attracted to me and that’s what makes him come close .

Because I don’t want to genuinely believe he cares for me only to get hurt at the end .

He slammed his lips back on mine and I cried out as he sent his hands to my chest .

” I’ve always wanted to do this ” he said and I gasped as he took off my Ɓụťťon and sent a finger inside .

My eyes shut tight as my lips drop open , and soft cries of pleasure left my lips.

” Eme…lio ” I mo*ned and he smirked sweetly as he K!SSed my lips .

I felt discomfort at the intrusion of his long thick finger ..I tried to join my legs back together and he widened it a bit and started to work it in and out .

My eyes widened as he played me like his guiter.

” Easy tesori mio ,try to breath ” he cooed softly while making a bit faster ,he added another one my jaws dropped .

” Emelio mmm” I threw my head backwards and cried his name in pleasure over and over again.

My vision blurred as his tried add another one and he K!SSed me sweetly.

” When I want something ,I always get it and what I want is you and I’m gonna get you ” he whispered as he slammed in faster .

This man is so dirty ,why is he punishing me like this ?

” Are you ready to tell me what I want to know ? He asked and I heard the same amount of hunger his voice . I know he was holding it from Taking me against the couch in this position.

I cried out and pulled him back into a K!SS . We both sweating from our forehead .

He K!SSed my shoulders and I stopped him . ” Stop …Emelio ” I said and cried out as he stared deep into my eyes and increase the pace with his fingers .

My head dropped back as I came from my high .

” Sleep sweetheart goodnight ” he said K!SSing my forehead.

” Huh ? I asked as my body shook from the Intensity of the make out.

” Go to bed Coure mio” he whispered softly and a smile graced my lips as I started feeling drowsy.

I was already half asleep when I felt him wipe my under with a warm towel .

” Goodnight ” he said and joined me . Immediately I fell asleep ,he pulled me deeper in his protective arms.

The next morning a smile grace my lips When I felt his soft lips on my forehead.

” Good morning ” he said and I stared at him tiredly.

” Good morning Mr …” I trailed and he placed his finger on my lip .

” We talked about this right ? You shouldn’t call me by my surname” he said and I gave a nod .

” What’s your name ? Please don’t tell me Kate ,I know that’s not your name ” he said and I stared at him .

” Emelio I can’t ….” I trailed .

” I’m not pressurising you to tell me anything else , just tell me your name ” he said and I stared into his eyes searching for any bit of lie .

” Harmony my name is Harmony” i said and he sat next to me .

My heart beat increased by the minute in pannick .

” Emelio say something” I said when I noticed he just kept staring at my face .

” You have such a beautiful name ” he said and I gave a nod .

” What where you doing in wild rose last night ? He asked and I stared at him .

” Emelio I don’t want to talk about it ” I said immediately.

” But we need to ,we need to talk about this because I know you’re hiding something which you think you can solve on your own , I want to help you get through this ,I wanna be there for you . ” He said trying to come close .

” Stop , stop it okay ,you can’t help me no one can because all those that tried to ended up loosing their lives in one way or the other ! I bursted Angrily as tears rolled down my eyes.

” I’ve lost people really close to my heart and nearly died . What makes you think I’d survive the guilt of dragging you into my mess ? I asked and he stared at me speechlessly.

” You think I’d get hurt ? I’m not an ordinary person Harmony I’m from a mafia Family one of the most Dangerous in the world .

” I’m not innocent you should know by now that I’m not scared of getting hurt ” he said and my eyes widened.

” I’m not letting you face this problem with me , Besides I’m just your fake girlfriend ” I said and he stared at me .

” Is that what you still feel about this relationship ? You think it’s fake ” he said and I rubbed my forehead.

” Emelio stop doing this ,stop trying to make me open up to you when you don’t know what you want yet . Because if I open up I’d end up getting hurt when you don’t return my feelings please” i said and he rubbed his forehead.

” Isn’t it already obvious that I like you ? I really like you Harmony . I don’t go around telling every woman that , neither do I go around forcing women go date me ,can’t you see it ? He asked hurt .

” You still wear your Engagement ring Emelio ,you still have her pictures everywhere in your house …” I trailed .

” Don’t bring Sophie into this please ” he said and my eyes stung with tears .

” See ? You can’t even bear it that I’m talking about her and you want me in your life ? To do what ,try to win your heart when you gave it to just one woman ? I asked as tears rolled outta my eyes.

” You’re complicating this Harmony” he said biting his pink lip.

” I’m not complicating $h|t Emelio ,you’re the Fůçƙing coward here ” I slammed and he rubbed his face.

” I’m not a coward harmony …you think this is easy for me …she lost her life because of me Damm!t . She would have been here today if she didn’t get involved with me …

” If you can’t bear the fact that I want you in my life and Sophie still matters to me then I don’t think I want to be with such a woman …any woman I would end up with must understand that Sophie would always matter ” he said and at that point I was already a crying mess .

” I’m sorry melio ,I can’t be a man’s second option , I’m sorry” I said and removed my hands from him then walked into the bathroom immediately I shut the door ,I burst out crying badly .


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