December 2, 2023

[Strings of love ]
# 5 in the DE LUCA SERIES]

♟️ Spark’s libary 2023


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love ,Cold ,Hot , £řøťic , maid , billionaires , Ruthless , Music , forbidden.

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I Cried out in pleasure , I don’t know what Emelio was doing at that point ,it was like I was drunk or something because all I remember was the throbbing feeling down there ,the worse thing was I didn’t need someone to tell me I had soaked my P@ŋties I knew .

I wanted it ,my whole body wanted it ,but I had to remind myself that this man doing this to me was my Boss , A player at that who was not planning to move on from his Late fiancee anytime soon .

Immediately his hands trailed Downwards i held it immediately .

” Kate …” He said and I stared at him in shock .

He looked like he had been drenched with water .

” Stop it sir …” I said and he looked like he would faint anytime soon .

” Sir ? Seriosely are you trying to kill me ? You can’t call me sir not after we just …” He trailed ,he looked high like he’d faint if he doesn’t get in between my legs .

” This shouldn’t be happening ,oh,oh my goodness” I said in pannick and he ran his fingers in his hair.

I felt so guilty and shocked ,the whole thing was scaring me Already .

” What do you mean this shouldn’t be happening ,I want you . I want to Fůçƙ you Kate. I’d do anything you want ,just stop Making me crazy ” he said suddenly Getting angry .

” I’m not a wĥõrë okay ,this was a mistake Mr De Luca I have a lot on my mind ” i said and he stared at me like I’ve lost it .

” You’re kidding Me right , Kate you want me , you can’t even lie about it ” he said Angrily.

” I said I don’t want you ,get over it ” I said tied my robe immediately .

I could feel his soft lips around my Ɲīpplës and I groaned In frustration.

I’ve never been so Sexually Aroused my entire life .

My Inside was hot and Wet .

I rushed into the bathroom for a cold shower after which I Refused to join Emelio in the room just yet .

I was scared he’d come for me again and I won’t be able to resist him .

I stroll to his kitchen to get a bottle of water and I heard Someone laughing in the kitchen.

” It’s not like that mia Cara , okay fine I’d come back to you immediately I’m done here ,that’s if you tell me how much you’re missing me ” He added and I walked into the kitchen.

” Good evening Sir Sergio ” I greeted immediately I got in the kitchen.

” Kate I’m not an old man call me Sergio ,you’re my older brothers girlfriend” he said teasingly.

If only he knew .

” You’re with Emelio’s Girlfriend , my peace can I talk to her please ,Bella told me about her and I’m excited ” she said and a smile appeared on my face .

” What do you wanna talk to her About ? I hope you’re not trying to add her to your Dangerous ladies club ? He asked and I raised my eyebrows in Amusement.

” Mia Cara ”

” Give her the phone ” came the sweet voice and He handed me the phone.

” Hey I’m Andrea De Luca Sergio’s Wife ” she said over the phone and my heart skipped a beat .

I froze with the phone close to my ears as my heart warmed up immediately.

” Are you there ? She asked and I gave a nod .

” Ya …I’m here ,I’m Kate Emelio’s Girlfriend” i said and she Chuckled.

” Can’t wait to meet you in person , everyone is so excited Already mom has been talking about you non stop in her video calls ,hope you’d be coming for Dyls Engagement” she asked and I stared at Sergio who shook his head at his wife’s Excitement.

” I don’t know yet ” I said and she sighed .

” I’m personally inviting you , I’m sure Melio would bring you with him anyways..can’t wait ” she said and I smiled.

” Can’t wait to see you too ” I found myself saying and for some Odd Reason I felt so connected to her just from hearing her voice .

I handed the phone to Sergio and moved over to the fridge where I got a bottle of water .

I drank from it And went back to the room . Emelio was on the bed Already in a Sweat shirt and P@ŋts .

He looked cute yet Șëx¥ . Immediately his eyes met mine ,he looked away immediately.

I went to the bed and he shifted from me like I was poison.

” Goodnight Mr De Luca ” I said and he didn’t bother to reply .

I stared at him in Amusement as he scrolled through his phone silently.

Is he avoiding me because I didn’t let him Fůçƙ me ? Or what ? I wondered.

” Good night Mr De Luca ” i said again .

” Good night miss Hanson” he said and I stared at him tongue tied .

So now he’s giving me the cold shoulder ? So this is what he would have done if I stupidly let him have his way with me .

Thank God I did not let my Emotions get the better of me .

I made a mental note to be careful so the incident does not Repeat itself.

The last thing I want is for Mr De Luca to get Obsessed with me , Dragon is enough problem let’s not mention Royce .

Speaking of Royce does he have anything to do with Dragon ? I wondered in pannick.

Maybe I should stay away from Carmen and Wildrose for the time being .



“Please ”

” Please don’t do this m… No no no ” I heard her muffled screams as she cried in her sleep.


” Coure mio ”

” Kate Kate wake up ” I shook her and she screamed as she woke up with a jolt.

” It’s nothing ,it was just a dream ,breath in and out ….” I said and she Looked away.

” I’m sorry… I’m so sorry” she said over and over again as she burst out crying.

” It’s okay ,calm down ” I said as she curled in Embarrassment.

” Kate it’s okay” I said and she Faced the other side of the bed .

I stared at her tensed shoulders . I pulled her into my arms from behind and listened to her soft cries as she eventually fell asleep.

What are you hiding Kate ? What’s going on ” I wondered in silent .

I kept awake watching over her until I fell asleep too.

The next morning When I woke up ,she was still asleep on the bed ,she had stress lines on her forehead .

I Freshened up and brought her breakfast which Dyl made .

” Hey Babe …Kate ” i trailed and she Mõ@ɲed lazily on the bed .

” I’m tired ….” She whinned cutely and I smiled.

” I can see you’re tired ,but it’s morning and you need to wake up ” I said and she stared at me Amusingly.

” What’s with the early morning sweetness ? I thought you were angry at me last night ? She asked suspiciously .

” I was angry at you Kate ,no woman has done that to me before …I could have died ” I said meaning every single word of it .

” Died ? Because you didn’t …” She trailed as a blush stained her cheeks.

” What you did to me last night was unfair…you put me in a tight conner” I said and she smiled.

“I told you from the onset that I won’t sleep with you Mr De Luca ,the reason why that K!SS Happened was because I had a lot on my mind …”She said and my jaws dropped.

” Oh so K!SSing me was your way of freeing yourself from stress ? I asked trying not to feel hurt .

No woman has ever complicated my life like Kate ,one moment she’s being sweet to me and the next moment she wants nothing to do with me .

What exactly does she want from me .

” I’m sorry ” she said and I sighed softly as I placed the tray in front of her .

” Breakfast in bed ” I said and she Chuckled as she took the tray from me .

” We would be good friends if you at least try to be this nice everyday Mr De Luca ” she teased and I shook my head at her teasings.

” Thanks though” she mumbled Softly and I gave a nod as I walked out of the room .

” So ….you refused to leave the room without your Woman huh ” Sergio teased and I stared at him Amusingly.

” You should know better than teasing me with Kate ,I’ve told you that woman wouldn’t let me anywhere near her in that way ” I said and he burst out laughing.

” Guy for how long have you been Celibate ? Dylan asked walking in with a mug in his hand .

” Almost 2 months now and that woman nearly killed me last night …” I trailed as I explained everything my brothers burst out laughing.

” So what’s the plan for today ? I asked Sergio .

” Non for now ,but I’m preety sure there will be soon , because Dyl and I would be visiting Wild Rose tonight and hopefully We’d get a lead or something” he answered.

” I just want all this madness to end I don’t wanna end up losing someone again ” I voiced out my fears and they both gave a nod .

” Kate and I would be returning to my Estate to be with mom for the main time ,inform me if you need my help ” I said and went to check on Kate .

When I got to our room , she walked out of the Closet Clad in one of my Designer Dior shirt and Diamond laid slippers.

” Let’s go ” she said and pulled her hair in a pony tail .

” Where’s your phone ? I asked to which she looked away immediately .

” I don’t have a phone” she said and I stared at her like she has grown horn .

” You’re lieing ,I know you have a phone I’ve seen you with one before ” i said staring at her Amusingly.

” I said I don’t have a phone ,why are you being Adamant” she asked like she had something to hide .

” Don’t raise your voice Kate ,it’s okay if you Don’t have a phone I’d see what I can do …” I trailed .

” I don’t want a phone ,I don’t want your money ” she said defensively.

” I didn’t say you want any of that , I only said …” I trailed .

” And I said I don’t want it Mr De Luca ” she said Angrily and matched out of the room .

What is wrong with this gender ?

One moment they are happy , next they are behaving like dragons breathing fire .

I only wanted to help and now I’m the bad guy ? I wondered in confusion.

What is she trying to hide ? Is someone threatening her or what ? I know she has a past with abuse ,I noticed from her nightmares .

Is she being attacked Again ? Is that the reason why she doesn’t want a phone .

I’d get her a phone and get to the bottom of this ,I thought as my eyes trailed behind her .

I know she’s hiding a lot of things , for all I know her name isn’t Kate …that must be a cover up .

I should let Gio know about this mysterious woman .


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