December 2, 2023

[Strings of love ]
# 5 in the DE LUCA SERIES]

♟️ Spark’s libary 2023


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love ,Cold ,Hot , £řøťic , maid , billionaires , Ruthless , Music , forbidden.

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” So girlfriend huh ? Finally Decided to give someone the famous tag ” Sergio teased immediately Kate went upstairs.

” I see the reason though ,she’s so beautiful ” Dylan teased and I ran my fingers on my hair .

” She’s a handful ” I said and Sergio raised his eyebrows.

” Interesting , that’s a trait in all De Luca daughter in laws” he said and I rolled my eyes.

” Whoever said I’m gonna marry her ? I asked and he shook his head immediately.

” You can’t talk like that Emelio ,Kate seems right , every relationship shouldn’t just be about the fun in the bedroom try to know her better you might fall inlove eventually” he adviced .

” I like her I didn’t say I don’t ” I said and he chuckled.

” Like her or her body Emelio ? He asked and I looked away.

” What’s with my younger brothers trying to advice me ? For your peace of mind Kate hasn’t let me get physical with her , and I’m not pressurising her about it because I want to make her Comfortable . Stop seeing me as the badguy” I said defending myself immediately.

” Lies Emelio ,I know you , immediately that girl says yes you would have had your way with her immediately” Sergio teased .

They both burst out laughing and when they noticed I wasn’t laughing ,they stopped and stared at me .

” Wait you’re not joking ? Sergio asked.

” Ya I’m not ,to be honest Kate doesn’t wanna be in a relationship with me ,she doesn’t like me and Well I wanted a girlfriend ASAP since mom was coming ….” I trailed .

” So you blackmailed her ? Fůçƙ you’re crazy ” He said and Dylan just stared at me like I’ve lost it .

” No wonder she wouldn’t let you get in between her legs ,she knows you’re a player ” Dylan said and I lay on the opposite couch properly.

“She’s gonna let me ,I’m being patient because I don’t wanna scare her ,if I’m serious about wanting it she can’t resist me ,no woman can ” I said and they shook their head at the way I said it .

” So how’s everyone at home ? I asked Curiously.

” Good , but we have a new problem ” Sergio said and threw some files on the table .

” Problem ? I asked as I picked the files .

” I thought we where done with this Armani issue ? The last time I checked they where all done ? I asked in shock .

” Of course they where done , but the thing is before his death the F*cker was in contact with Dragon ” Sergio Explained as he lit up a stick from where he sat .

” Dragon ? Who the Fůçƙ is Dragon ? I asked feeling irritated by the minute.

I hate the fact that we always Encounter one problem or the other ,it’s Sickening.

” Dragon is a Childtrafficker and Drug Lord . He has a number of illegal businesses to back that one, but is major Business is buying and selling innocent kids .

” He has an underground Den where little kids wrestle as a source of Entertainment for sick for old men .

” Jeez for money ? I asked feeling Irritated .

How could someone so something so Disgusting .

” Yes to top it all it’s a fight to the death ” he said and I rubbed my face immediately.

” We know about Dragon because , Neomi has a connection with the F*cker ”

” She used to be one of the kids in his custody before Dominico Valentino Adopted her ,but in reality he knew she was his daughter from the onset ” Sergio Explained everything.

” So why are you guys hunting for dragon ? I asked and Dylan rubbed his face .

” Dragon is raising a more powerful greater than that of the Armani’s , whatever he’s planning towards the familia is not good ” Sergio said and I frowned .

” For now we have no idea what he’s up to , but Neomi’s brother and I , are trying to get an Eye in his group . Hopefully we would be able to get him soon and put an end to his nonsense” he said and Dylan chuckled.

” For now we don’t have leads yet ,but we’ve heard he has a connection with a guy from a Dirty club Called Wild rose ,I’m hoping you know the place ” he asked and I frowned .

” Wild rose ? I have no idea where that place is , but I will ask Gary my right-hand man I’m sure he would have a lead ” I said and Dylan gave a nod.

” How did you guys find out about his connection to wild rose ? I asked Curiously.

” Neomi ,you know how dangerous that woman can get right ? She wanted to come with us but I changed my mind . The last thing I want is to put my woman in danger ” he said and I shook my head with a smile on my face .

Both Sergio and Neomi are smart people , thinking of how Dangerous they but are in the mafia , I won’t be suprised if their children take after them .

” I’d just text Gary ,let’s hope we’d have a lead soon ,for how long are you guys staying here ? I asked.

” For some days ” Dylan said and I gave a nod .

” Heard you’re getting engaged ? I asked Dylan who shrugged.

There was no Excitement in his eyes .

” And I wasn’t invited ? I asked immediately.

” It’s not like you weren’t invited ,it’s just .. .” He sighed softly.

” It’s just he’s getting married to someone else when he still has his eyes on Cora the dude is crazy ” Sergio said immediately.

” I no longer have feelings for Cora ” he defended himself Almost immediately.

” Why does it feel like you’re trying to convince yourself instead ? If Cora decides to spoil this relationship of yours ,you wouldn’t think twice before hurting Ivy ” Sergio said and he lit up a stick.

” I’m no longer into Cora ,she doesn’t want me I’ve been rejected to accept the fact that she doesn’t want me ” he said immediately and stood up .

” I’d be up in the guest room ” he said to us and walked away.

” Y’all just so stubborn” Sergio sighed and I rolled my eyes.

” You’re saying that because you now have Neomi in your life ” i said to which he chuckled.

” It’s not as easy as you think it is bro ,you’d know better when you fall for a broken woman . .. the Andrea you met isn’t the one i married the first time .

” She was a walking Demon , she stabbed me and left me at the point of death ,the drama that followed wasn’t an easy one but we are together today and I seriously don’t want anything else ” he said with a happy smile on his face .

” Glad to see you happy bro ” I said and he laughed.

We both decided to hang out for a while , I texted Gary about the stuff and we Decided to play chess.

Kate walked passed us and into the kitchen after a while .

” What’s your babe up to ? Sergio Asked and I chuckled.

” Probably cooking , I’m sure she’s making Dinner ” I said and his eyes widened.

” 😂😂😂 You found someone who can cook , Bella Grace and Neomi can’t cook to save their lives , they’re taking cooking classes though ,Aria is the only De Luca daughter in-law that can cook ” he said in between as he laughed crazily.

” Stop laughing ” I said and he laughed.

‘ if you don’t fall inlove with her because of her beauty and sweetness you’re definitely getting whipped with how much of a wife material she is ” he teased .

” Can we continue with the game bro ? I asked with a frown and he chuckled.

Dylan joined the game as we laughed and joked together .

” Hey guys Dinner is ready ” Kate called and we all went over to the dinner table .

” You know how to make Italian dishes ? I asked immediately we opened the plates .

” Hmmn ” she gave a nod as she helped us serve .

We ate in silence and the Guys couldn’t get Enough at her cooking skills.

I stared at her beautiful face as she smiled at my brother’s.

” Where did you learn to cook so well ? Sergio teased.

” From a family Chef back in the place I grew up in ” she said and he didn’t push further ,it was preety obvious she didn’t like talking about it .

I made a mental note to still ask .

After Dinner the guys retired to the guest room and I went upstairs to my room .

Took a shower and lay down on the bed .

Not too long Kate joined me in the room , she went in and I noticed she was now in a black Nightwear ,it was short with a robe that stopped before her knees .

Her Attractive Ɓụťťs stood firm and I stared at her tiny waist and full chest .

I imagined running my lips on her sensitive neck as I taste her sweetness.

Fůçƙ I groaned in frustration.

This girl is messing with my head and she doesn’t even know it ,I’m so hard just staring at her .

I’ve never Lū$t about a woman like this ,even with Sophie .

Yet Kate was Killing me. I watched her comb her long silky hair in front of the mirror.

She had very healthy hair that stopped on her shoulders .

I got down from the bed and walked over to where she stood in front of the mirror.

Her eyes widened when she Noticed me from the mirror.

” You look Beautiful..Tesoro mio ,very beautiful” i whispered against her ears from behind and her cheeks stained with a blush .

” Mr De Luca ” she called under her breath as she tried to resist me .

” Why are you doing this to me Kate ? I asked as I placed an open mouthed K!SS on her slender neck , increasing the s£xu@l Tension between us .

” I …I…don’t know what you’re talking about Emelio ” she said and my fingers trailed the Hem of her Nightwear .

” Emelio ….” She whinned cutely as she turned to my direction.

A smile graced my lips playfully ax she tried to escape me .

” What are we ? Teenagers ? I asked Teasingly as I caged her hands behind .

” Eme..
” She trailed as I pathed her soft thighs.

” Just let me taint you ,let me spoil you so bad you’d want me everywhere” I whispered and Ṣūçƙed on her neck Softly.

” aahn ” she Mõ@ɲed as her hands went against my neck to stop her wobbling legs.

My breath laboured as I walked inbetween her Beautiful legs .

” Emelio ….” She cried out as I played with her laps Naughtily .

I ran my hands on her hips dirtilly as she shut her eyes tightly.

Giving in to my sweet totore .

” Coure mio ” I whispered as sent my hands to her firm Ɓø0ɓs from the Nightwear and massaged softly.

They where so soft and beautiful I groaned hungrily .

” Please ….” She Cried as I untied her robe her eyes fluttered open .

Her lips parted in a Mõ@ɲ as I brought out one of her Soft Bossom .

She was indeed so beautiful , her Ɲīpplës so pink I was afraid I would hurt her if I dared to move further .

Her soft Huns and aahs filled the room as beads of Sweat rolled out of our bodies .

I bent down and took in one . immediately my mouth made contact with her Hard moulds she cried out in pleasure .

” Fůçƙ melio ….” She cried and I swore I just heard an Italian Accent.

I took it roughly as her fingers moved in to my silky hair .

” Ahhn …..” She mo*ned as I left it with a pop and slammed my lips on her strawberry lips .

She sent her hand over my neck and K!SSed me back with equal Passion.

I always knew having something S£xual with Kate would be mind-blowing.

I’ve always wanted this …to taint every part of her delicious body .

Immediately my hands trailed Downwards she held it immediately .

” Kate …” I said and she stared at me in shock .

” Stop it sir …” She said and I nearly fainted.

” Sir ? Seriosely are you trying to kill me ? You can’t call me sir not after we just …” I trailed .

” This shouldn’t be happening ,oh my goodness” she said in pannick and I ran my fingers in my hair.

” What do you mean this shouldn’t be happening ,I want you . I want to Fůçƙ you Kate. I’d do anything you want ,just stop Makin g me crazy ” I said suddenly Getting angry .

” I’m not a wĥõrë okay ,this was a mistake Mr De Luca I have a lot on my mind ” she said and I stared at her like she has lost it .

” You’re kidding Me right , Kate you want me , you can’t even lie about it ” i said Angrily.

” I said I don’t want you ,get over it ” she slammed as she tied her robe .

I winced in pain , I think I’m gonna take a cold shower tonight .

This woman is a Demon .


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