December 5, 2023

[Strings of love ]
# 5 in the DE LUCA SERIES]

♟️ Spark’s libary 2023


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


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The dim light from the moon outside shine into the dark room since his lights where off .

” Shhhhhhhh” he whispered against my neck .

‘” what are you up to ? He asked and my heart beat increased .

” Up …to what ? I asked my lips quivering.

” Why are you trying to get in my head ? He asked and I gasped as his soft lips trailed my neck .

” You’re mistaken …I …” I tried to Escape and he pinned my head deeper to the wall .

What is wrong with him ?

” I’m not mistaken ,I know you’re up to something . What do you want from me ” he asked dangerously and I pushed him off as I tried to catch my breath.

” You’re definitely mistaken Mr Emelio if you feel ,I’m up to something . I don’t want anything from you ,when this month is over I’d be leaving your life like I never existed in the first place ! I Fired angrily.

He trailed K!SSes on my neck and I closed my eyes .

” We had a deal Mr De Luca , you gave me your word ..” I said and he let go off me as he rubbed his nose .

He matched towards the opposite side Entered the bathroom and bolt the door.

I stared into space as my heart beat against my chest crazily.

At that point I was scared to my bones .

He thinks I’m up to something., Why ? Was it because I helped him massage his head and cooked dinner today ” I did all those things because I wanted to ,not because I’m trying to get in his life .

I was already on the bed when he came out of the bathroom and he didn’t return to the bed .

I was so worried about him and I didn’t want a replay of what happened earlier so I just stayed silent .

He walked out of the room and I heard the Distant sound of his guiter as tears rolled outta my eyes .

I Ṣūçƙed on my bottom lip as I cried .

This man is so broken ,he pretends to be fine ,but he’s not fine .

S£x has been his escape , I noticed due to the way he wants to bed me so bad .

As much as I am attracted to Mr De Luca ,I can’t bring myself to be his escape in forgetting ma’am Sophie.

He’d take all I have to Offer and dump me like I never existed.

I can’t …I just can’t ,I’ve been through my fair share of $h|t in this life and being Emelio De Luca’s Mistress is the last thing I want .

I listened to the soft sound of his guiter and after a while I felt him deep on the other side of the bed .

He pulled me into his Arms from behind and my heartbeat crazily .

His sweet smell Engulfed me as I closed my eyes and sucombed into the Night rest .

The Next morning when I woke up , Emelio was still fast asleep on the bed. I guess he’s tired .

I Freshened up and changed into a pair of Skinny jeans and Crop top .

” Good morning Ma’am Giovana ” I greeted his mom as I went into the kitchen to get him breakfast.

” Good morning sweetie ,you are looking so Gorgeous .

” you say that Everytime ma , you’re just flattering me ” I said and she laughed.

” I’m serious dear , I’m pretty sure my son can’t keep his hands off you , with this Wide hips and preety face . Let’s not start talking about your @$$ and Ɓø0ɓs . Plus you are an amazing wife material ” she said and I blushed red .

” Emelio would soon be up Aunty , let me go ahead and check on him ” I said and escaped from her immediately .

This woman, is just so full of life , I mean who tells her son’s boyfriend that she’s sure he’s Enjoying me . For goodness sake it’s so Embarrassing .

I got to our room with the tray and he was still sleeping .

His phone rang on the nightstand and I walked over to it .

It was a call from someone Named Sergio .

I stared at the Caller ID and I got on the bed and shook him softly.

” Hey … Emelio ” I shook him softly and he pulled me close .

” Emelio stop …” I said and he smirked .

” Stop being Naughty your phone is ringing ” I said and he rolled his eyes.

” Good morning Mr De Luca ” i said and tried getting up but he pulled me back again

” What did I tell you about calling me by my name? He asked and I rolled my eyes.

” You’re my Boss , it’s only normal that I called you by your surname” I said and he smirked.

” Right now you’re my Girlfriend for a month not the other way around . You can’t call me by my surname , you’re giving away the fact that we are fake dating ” he said camly .

” Well of course we are fake dating” I snapped immediately.

” Don’t tempt me Teroso mio ” he said playing with the Strings of my top.

” Fine I’d call you Emelio just let me go ” I said and he chuckled .

I gasped as he flipped us over and I landed on the bed with him untop.

” Let me go Emelio ,or I’d scream r*pe ” I said and he burst out laughing.

” Seriosely ? Your screaming wouldn’t even pass this d**rs Coure mio. I can be buried deep in your sweetness and no one would hear your m*ans outside this Doors ” he said and my jaws literally dropped as my eyes widened.

Did he just say what I thought I just heard ?

” Get your mind out of the Gutter Mr De Luca , you’re the last man I’d ever sleep with ” I said and he burst out laughing.

” Are you daring me Amore mio ? He asked and my breath came out in cuts .

I was so nervous and I hated the fact that I could feel him so close to my middle.

” I’d never sleep with you so wake up from that dirty dream of yours” I screamed angrily and he chuckled.

” I don’t have to dream baby girl ,I know where to touch you and you’d be the one asking for it . I’m only playing fair ,I don’t wanna play the game of S£duction, I don’t wanna hurt you ” he said and I stared at him in shock as he released me and strolled into the bathroom as if nothing just happened.

This man is a devil I swear .

When he got out from the bathroom ,I stared at him without blinking.

His hair was wet with droplets of water trailing from his chest down to where the neat white towel lay dangerously .

He strolled into his closet and when he came back ,I stared at him in shock .

He was clad in a all white Attire .

A pair of Costly Designer joggers . He wore White Diamond laid Canvas and on his hair was a White hair band .

He looked Like an Angel yet still managed to look sexy .

He had A trap bag on his chest and He raised his eyebrows at me when he noticed me staring.

” Go and Change ” he said and I raised my eyebrows.

” Why ? What do you mean ” I asked and he picked both his phones.

” I want you to come with me , I’m going to meet up with my Brother ” he said and I Frowned.

” Your brother ? Then why do want me with you ” I asked immediately.

They where part of a crime Family, and he wants me to see his brother . What if he’s a business partner of Dragon and has evil intentions towards me .

” Mr De Luca I can just keep your mother Company instead ” I said immediately.

” Don’t tempt me ,the last thing I want is my brothers knowing I’m faking this relationship . He’s here for a Business Deal with My younger brother Dylan . I want him to meet you , Sergio is a Genuis so please make sure he doesn’t find out ” he said and I gave a nod reluctantly.

The last thing I wanted was to get into a fight With him again.

” This wasn’t part of the deal. ..” i trailed and he walked passed me .

” I don’t know why and what you’re hiding Coure mio ,but don’t Stress me ” he said and walked out of the Door then Bolted it Angrily.

I stared into space and walked into the Walk in closet to change.

I just hope I’m safe and things don’t get worse than they already are .

I got out After changing into a pair of matching Joggers .

This pretend girlfriend stuff is really starting to get to me and it’s stressing me .

I hate that when he touches me , my body reacts like a moth to a flame.

It’s Scary .

” We would not be back today mom ,yes Take care ” I heard him saying to his mom who K!SSed him softly on the cheek.

We won’t be returning home tonight ? Where is he taking me ? To a Quiet place where he can have is way with me ” I wondered in pannick.

” Have fun guys ,I’d be home ” his mom said and I walked infront as Emelio send his hand to my waist .

We got into his car and his Driver Drove off . When we got to a Beach house , they let us in immediately after Bowing in Respect .

” Good morning Mr De Luca you’re Welcome ” They greeted and when we got into the Luxirous building ,I heard the distance sound of male laughter.

” Hey superstar ” I heard the voice that sounded so much like Emelio’s.

Just that the voice had a very thick Italian Accent unlike Emelio’s that now had British one misked with his mother tongue.

I guess it has something to do with him Residing more in Newyork.

“Sergio ” Emelio said and when the Guy turned my jaws literally dropped.

I stared at the two brothers hug each other and they seemed to the obvilous of the fact that I was in shock here .

Is Emelio a twin or what ? I wondered in shock .

” So this is my woman Kate ,Kate meet my younger brother Sergio and they youngest Dylan ” he said pointing at the one on the other end scooping ice cream like he was starving.

” Hey Kate I’m Gio , the smartest Deluca Brother , probably the Sexiest too ,you can ditch your husband and let’s Elope bad thing is my wife Would kill the both of us ” he said and I burst into laughter.

” Nice to meet you ” i said and he stared at me Awe struck .

” Fůçƙ you Just scared the $h|t outta me when you laughed , your eyes they sparkled like My wife’s ” he said and both Emelio and Dylan facepalmed themselves.

” You definitely need to go back to Italy man ,it’s barely a day and you’ve started seeing Andrea everywhere” Dylan teased .

” Fine y’all won’t believe me ,but I swear it gave me that feeling” he said and Emelio chuckled.

” You guys twins ? I asked and Sergio laughed.

” Nope I’m actually out father’s illegitimate son , we’re not from the same mother , so it’s actually a mystery ” he said and Emelio frowned at him .

” He’s my mother’s son , we’re all my mother’s children” Emelio said immediately to which Sergio raised his hands in surrender not wanting to irritate his brother further.

” Come here Coure mio ” he said and pulled me into his laps.

This man ” I tried to get up and he pulled me back .

Sergio signaled his brother and They smiled at me as I decided to give them space to talk .

I guess whatever they wanted to talk about must be really serious .

I just hope everything is fine and I don’t get into more trouble.

I sat on the bed and tried to sleep off when my phone rang .

I stared at the Caller ID in shock as I looked around and walked over to the other end as I picked the call .

” Hello Mi princesseca” I heard his voice and my bl**d ran cold immediately as my body shook in fear .

” Did you miss me ? He asked and I cut the call immediately.

Oh my God

Oh my goodness . How did he find me ? What does he want ? Questions filled my mind as I broke my phone on the floor ,thread on it till it broke in million pieces.



I hugged myself close in pannick.

My mind went over to the one place that had me covered all this time .


Wild Rose


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