{Emperor’s bride}

By Maya J.A

~~~~CHAPTER 7&8~~~~

•••••(plan goes wrong) •••••

“Yaa(hey)” the person snapped and she flinched as she turn around with the tea and it fell from her hand to the floor splashing all over the lady’s big gown.

“How dare you?“ Kim jenny gritted in anger as she ruhsed towards wonyoung.

“jebal Mi-anhe jebal(please am sorry)” she said and move back in fright as she use her hand to cover her face to avoid slap..her face is already hurting from the slap she received earlier.

Jenny grab her clothes by the chest and drag her closer.

“For doing this, am gonna let you into this palace as maid so you could rip the seed of what you just did” she spat and freed her.

“Make another tea, I wanna test” she said and walk out.

“Aigo…she is so rude!“ Wonyoung said and smacks her tongue.

“You all should wait till I now have a stand in this kingdom” she smirk and begin to do another tea.

She finished and took the tea to her leader.

She taste it and nod…

“Not bad but the emperor liske lemon tea more” the girl said and wonyoung nod.

“Jisoo right?“ She asked.

“Am going to keep you, you will be the one to be making the emperor’s tea whenever he wants” the girl said and wonyoung joy new no bond.

Gosh she is so happy right now.

“You preparation as a maid begins now..we don’t have time and also you will be dressed before night so you can serve the emperor as early as possible tomorrow” the girl explained and wonyoung nod happily.

“Sister” lalisa called and wonyoung turn to her.

“I have been selected Lisa” she jibbed and Lisa sighed sadly.

“Well you are lucky, well I was not selected so am leaving”lisa said making a sad face but quickly turn it into a happy one.

“Am happy for you, I will ask always come to check on you” Lisa cooed and pecked wonyoung making her emotional.

She has never received such treatment from anyone close to her age.

“Thanks sis, see you soon” she replied as all her intestine jubilate for her success.

“so we are going to bath you and dress you in the royal maiden cloth” the girl cooed.

“Am rose, come with me” the girl smiled and walk away while the other girls followed.

Wonyoung stared at the palace in awe.

Soon they got to the room where they are getting dressed.

They pull her clothes and begin to wash her up.

She tried rejecting their request of bathing her but they insist.

They bath her and give her the royal maid clothes.

she put it on and was looking gorgeous.

👥”wow, finally, in years there is a new maid who is cute than Kim jenny”

👥”you are really right?

👥”so true”

👥”why do I feel she deserve a position bigger than being just a maid?“

Won young ignored their compliment and collect the new clothes with her while they direct her to her room.

Her mind draft to their night plan.

Woobin sat in front of his mirror admiring his self.

“Darn it, am so cute”

“Bet every maiden can kill for me”

He said and smile examining his face in the mirror.

Kim jenny walk in with some food.

“Your majesty” she said and bowed.

“Now tell me Jenny, am I cute?, am I everyone’s dream?“ He asked seductively and kim jenny felt weak at the knee immediately.

She dropped the food and face him

“Yes your majesty..you are every woman’s dream..every woman can do whatever thing in their power to make you theirs even if its means hurting the flesh closer to their skin” she said with a bow.

“So you mean even if I ask to do anything for me now, you will do it?“ He asked and she nod foolishly.

“Okay then, am gonna freeze you till I wish to release you, agree?“ He asked grinning.

“Anything for you your majesty” she said still bowing.

Woobin smiled and freeze her in that position.

“She look good like that though” he said and raised his head up proudly.

“This power seem so good as it getting stronger, I wish dad was here to see that” he smirked.

A young maid run into the room.

“Your majesty, the queen has arrived with the second master” the girl said and he frowned.

“That’s his half brother seem to be more closer to his mom than him” he thought and walk out before she comes in to meet he froze jenny for fun.

He met his mom outside coming in with taehyung his big brother.

Well taehyung is older than him but he is a product of one of the king’s concubines.

Taehyung is 28 years while woobin is 25 years.

The law of Nami state that only the king child of the king’s wife can rule the land.

And unluckily his mom died while giving birth to him.

He was raised by the queen mother also known as woobin mother.

Well let say taehyung is the opposite of woobin..he has the power if fire.. He is just a descendant though not any fire god.

He is known to be funny, non flirty guy and also short tempered may be because he has the power of fire.

While woobin is known to be so annoying,flirty, rude, proud and cunny.

They don’t usually stay in one place…cause woobin loves to annoy taehyung, he can do that for day without been tired.

Taehyung rolled his eye balls and followed another dimensions to avoid woobin troubles..

He won’t want to blow up while he is just returning from a journey.

He bump into a lady and he held her waist to protect her from falling.

“Am sorry ..si..your..your highness” wonyoung stuttered not knowing what to call him at first but seeing his royal clothes, no one need to tell her he is a prince!.

“What’s your name?“ Taehyung found his self asking.

“Jisoo” she replied.

“What your maid poat here?“

“Emperor’s tea server” she replied.



“Be my night tea server” he blurted and her eyes widened.


“Yes..so I will be expecting you tonight” he said and walk away smiling at her revealing his cute smile to her.

She won’t lie he is so cute,cute than the guy that saved her as* earlier .

“Get your self together you are not here to see cute people” she cautioned and breath in.

Taehyung smiled as he walk into his room.

He know he had short temper, so he stay away from women but this one seem to have a magnetic force.

Wonyoung watch the back view of the queen mother walk towards her chamber with the emperor beside her.

Jeeze why did she miss the opportunity to see that his face?.

She is so he is so ugly than anything.

She palmed her forehead and look around to see if anyone is giving her any suspecting look.

Its getting late already and she had big plans, so she is not making tea for any darn prince.

She has to take her vengeance and leave as soon as possible before anyone suspect her.

The queen mother chamber and the emperor chamber are kinda closed.

She smirk and walk back to her room.

She brought out the black clothes from her bag and sighed before taking off the one she was wearing.

Its night already, so she can start her plan now.

She put on the black assassin clothe making sure the black hood covers her face well.

She step out tiptoeing slowly.. Knowing everyone has settled down.

“so I will be expecting you tonight” the prince words ring in her head but she waved it off

Just few steps to the emperor’s chamber, she heard footstep and her eyes widened

“Woobin” she heard the queen mothers voice and her heart flew down her chest.

She is so doomed.

She was so confused and afraid at the same time.

A hand suddenly pulled her to a corner and covered her mouth.

Her eyes widened when it got locked with the person’s eye.



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