{Emperor’s bride}

By Maya J.A

~~~~CHAPTER 25&26~~~~

•••••(wanted) •••••

Taehyung watch everything from afar in tears as his hand begin to remove steams

The curtain behind him slowly caught fire without anyone noticing,not even him!!.

The elder perceived a burning thing and their eyes widened when they saw its the curtains in the room.

Woobin broke the K!SS and quickly off the fire by the point of his index finger.

Taehyung saw what he did and he quickly left there..woobin and jisoo saw him leaving but the elder didn’t.

Jisoo breaths fast and bit her lips in anger.

How can this flirty emperor be taking advantage of her lips without her permission?.

“Sorry for what just happened, it’s an accident” he apologized and the elders gulp down nothing.

“So, I think the meeting has come to an end, if you don’t mind I have to take my loving pregnant concubine for a message”he said and walk out if the meeting court with jisoo who has this look that can strangle him within minutes.

He picked jisoo in his arms forvefily and exit the meeting room.

Soon they were already in his room and she jumped down from his arms.

“You should consider your self lucky, the last time I took a lady in my arms, I almost freeze her to de*th” he chuckled and jisoo gulp down nothing as she still maintain a hard face.

“You will have a lot to do today since you will stay with me for today” he said and move to his table consisting of steaming tea pot .

“Come make your emperor hot tea” he said and sit beside the table as he tried to maintain a serious face.

She stay steel, ignoring him.

“Trust me even if you really wanna end me and we make a deal, I know how to handle your type” he smirked and call his personal guard.

“Min” he called and the young man rushed in respectfully.

“I just want you to watch over us” he smirked and face jisoo.

“Now come make me a hot jazmine tea” he smirked and crossed his leg.

Jisoo eyes danced from him to his personal guard who had this fierce expression.

She walk to the table and begin to make the tea, few minutes later, she was done already.

“Feed me” he said and her brows creased together.

“Is he been serious or what?“

“Mwo!(what!)” she exclaimed and he rolled his eye ball.

“You heard me, feed me, don’t forget my personal guard is watching, he will sent the report of everything happening here to the queen.

She hesitated before moving her small hand to the tea cup.

She picked it and hold it in between her hand starring at it, wishing it could be poisoned.

She stretch the cup to his mouth but he move his head back and pout like a baby.

“I don’t take my tea like that, I take it with spoon” he pouted and jisoo feel like jumping on him and begin to rain punches on him.

She deeped the royal spoon inside the tea and fetch the a small quantity and thrust it to his lips.

“Its hot” he pouted.

“Blow it” she said sternly.

“No I want you to do it” he said while min watch them like its a live drama.

“Trust me, watching you in front of me, yet I haven’t achieved my aim, is just like having a football to your self but yet you can’t kick it with your leg” she gritted in between her teeth while she move closer to him like she is giving him the tea.

“I love you” he whispered back and she grit her teeth in anger.

She used her hand to pour the tea on his trouser but he was fast to freeze it in air before it’s could reach his trouser.

“Be careful and don’t hurt the emperor or we wont hesitate to punish you in front of Nami villagers” min said and she bit her cheeks to suppress her anger.

He controlled the tea back to the cup and melt it back.

“One more thing, have you ever heard of smile or laugh? Cause i have never seen smike since you came into this palace“ He said and jisoo look at him puzzled.

“Where is he diverting at?“ she thought in her head, giving him the silent treatment.

“Well,you have to smile or laugh while feeding me, that’s a command”he said and jisoo begin to breath fast in anger.

She felt like biting him right now.

“The emperor command’s you to laugh” min said and jisoo face woobin.

“Ha ha ha” she said not smiling or softening her face.

“Wait you can’t laugh.. Aigo(omg)..“ He said and burst into laughter.

“Then smile” he said.
Jisoo shine her teeth and creased her brow.

“Aigo(omg) my first concubine don’t know how to laugh..ouch its a shame though” he said and hold his chest teasingly.

“so our next level is massaging of my body” he said and smiled as he begin to undo his robe while jisoo lowered her gaze.

“Gosh, This flirty emperor won’t end her sight!!.


“So you are saying that taehyung and woobin are really the ice god and fire god?“ Left hand minister asked and the queen mother nod.

“And you are the leela the water goddess?“ He asked again and she nod with a wicked smirk.

“That’s why I asked you and the foolish myung(jisoo dad) to lure his wife into the warehouse and he stupidly agreed without thinking twice.

“i was sure he is de*d by now, even if he escaped, the forest animal should have finished him and the baby” she said and laughed like a maniac but she suddenly stopped and frown.

“but am surprised to see her back at the palace.. They all thought I don’t have a memory of the past, but if only they knew what’s coming for them “ she said and the left minister gulp down.

So he is in the front of leela, the great water goddess whom hate her own brother and end the life of the three immortals of the great mountain cause of jealousy!!.

“Am still going to pretend to be a dumby and master my water power, so I can become more powerful than before and then I will face the three” she said and smirk wickedly if only she know there is raya!!.

“And if anyone find out sooner that I still have my memories, then you are a dead meat” she threatened and left hand minister nod in fright.

“Tell bu yeon to come back to the palace tonight, I shall forcefully make her woobin third concubine and then she is into the game too.

“between her and kim jenny, the first to get pregnant become the empress of Nami, and the child become the heir of Nami and then I can end woobin.

“The greatest mistake he make was coming through me” she laughed and sigh.

“The door burst open and they dragged raya inside by the arm.

“Here she is tebbi mama”.

“how dare you burnt the emperor’s concubine Ɓụťť?“ the queen asked and raya rolled her eye ball secretly.

“Its was a mistake your Highness, I have never done this before, I promise its won’t repeat its self” she said feigning a pity face.

“You will be punished for this” she said sternly.

The door burst open and jay walk in.

“Annyeong tebbi mama (hi queen mother)” he said and shine his teeth.

”What do you want jay?“ she asked trying yo sound calm.

“Am here to defend the new maid” he said and raya turn to look at him clearly.

Woobin relaxed in the pool while he await the boiling jisoo to begin to massage his arms.

Jisoo dipped the towel into a warm water and brought it squeezing the water out.

She placed it on his arms and begin to dab his body roughly.

“Ouch do its carefully” he warned but she paid deaf ears to him.

The door burst open and min walk in worriedly.

“your highness, the guards of juseon is here, they said they are searching for one wonyoung, they said she lived between the outskirts of nami and juseon, they said they are searching for her to pay her dad debt and they had traced her here”he explained and jisoo eyes widened.

“They are approaching this room your Highness” min said sounding so worried.

Woobin was speechless at that moment.

Jisoo eyes grew wider when she heard the foot steps more closer to the door.

Without thinking twice she jumped into the pool and woobin gasped knowing he is Ɲ@kēɗ in the pool.

The door pulled open and the guards walk in angrily.



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